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The best way to beat the Delta variant

Enter the Covid-19 Delta strain, the latest evolutionary hop of the coronavirus to ever more transmissible variants. It is tearing through Europe and Asia, as well as everywhere else, and has established a significant presence in the US, accounting for more than half of all new infections.

Perhaps it is no longer safe to go back into the water.

Even with this latest incursion, the news still shouldn't be that bad. Studies so far show that the Delta variant is controlled by the current messenger RNA vaccines made by Pfizer and Moderna -- but its contagiousness means that everyone -- including teens and, as soon as it is proven safe, younger children -- must get vaccinated.

This includes the vaccine-hesitant. Perhaps reports of the Delta variant overwhelming lower-vaccinated communities and fears of local spikes may help convince people.
In addition to inspiring more people to receive the vaccine out of self-defense if nothing else, the Delta strain also may pressure the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) into a revision of their current guidance on masks and social distancing, following the lead of the World Health Organization and parts of the US. For example, Los Angeles County has also already reinstated masking in public indoor spaces, regardless of vaccination status.