The Biden family's Complex Ukrainian Relationship: | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

The Biden family's Complex Ukrainian Relationship:

“Our view going into this trip is that actions speak louder than words,” Jake Sullivan said this morning, speaking about Joe Biden’s upcoming swing through Europe. The national-security adviser explained that the administration’s work to lead the country out of the pandemic would deliver U.S. allies, and the rest of the world, that Washington is ready to lead.

He was responding to a servilely posed question about how Biden would turn the page on his predecessor’s infamously adversarial relationship with his European matches.

But if the administration were truly involved in showing America’s global partners that they matter, it would drop its half-hearted approach to dealing with the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

Last month, the State Department stated that congressionally mandated sanctions aiming at the Russian energy project should apply to the project’s corporate shell and Matthias Warning, the German Kremlin ally who works as its CEO — but that it opted to ignore them, citing America’s national interest.