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CNN Woes Continue As One Week Viewership Failed to Reach 1 Million

Affectionately touted as the Communist News Network by some, CNN continues to experience new lows. We all know that CNN has continued its legacy of displaying low journalistic ethics while holding onto the award of the number one Fake News Network. One Fox report cited a Nielsen data report which showed that CNN went an entire week without reaching 1 million viewers from July 28 to August 3!

What was described as one of CNN’s highest viewership moments of the week, 930,000 viewers tuned in to see if Chris Cuomo would address the sexual harassment allegations agaisnt his brother, Democratic governor Andrew Cuomo. It’s no surprise that Cuomo avoided the topic altogether on his program. Despite being CNN’s highest rated show, Cuomo Prime Time averages a low 872,000 viewers.

To further highlight CNN’s new lows; its entire primetime lineup only averaged 858,000 viewers, which marks a 73% decline since January. It has been reported that CNN execs may be contributing their low-ratings to the controversy surrounding the Cuomo brothers as one article notes that CNN execs reportedly suggested that Chris Cuomo take a temporary leave. But regardless of the return of CNN’s chief legal analyst Jeffery Toobin, who was caught masturbating on a Zoom work call, we all know that CNN is simply a Fake News Network!