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Colorado Adopts Mandatory Vaccinations for Children

While a Sunday afternoon may not seem an appropriate time for a legislative body to accept witness testimony or to conduct its legislative business unless there is a clear intent to limit public participation. That kind of strategy has a way of boomeranging with a loss of public trust and confidence; yet the Democrats had an intense legislative urge to codify SB 163 with as little public input as possible. The Dems control both Houses of the General Assembly as well as the Governor’s mansion; thereby controlling the State’s entire legislative agenda.

What the Democrats were not counting on was Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., on his way to becoming a national icon, who arrived to testify against SB 163. He was allotted two minutes to address the committee. What else the Dems were not counting on was a last-minute rally attended by 3,000 outside the Capitol that Sunday afternoon. Kennedy quoted one of the Democratic members of the Committee who told the media:

”If we can’t get a vaccination bill passed during a pandemic, then we’ll never get it passed.”

Speaking to the throng, Kennedy went on to call out the Democrats:

“I am a lifelong Democrat …what they are doing here today is antithetical to every value that the Democratic party has expressed in its 200 year history.”

Adoption of SB 163 was accomplished on a party line vote; beginning with Committee approval and through the Senate and House votes to adoption. During House consideration, a bi partisan amendment was added to allow for a voter referendum in the 2022 election but the majority on the Conference Committee removed that language.

In addition, much of the state’s MSM provided minimal reporting on the Dems slipping SB 163 through on a Sunday afternoon, Kennedy’s appearance before the Committee or the size of the last minute rally.

As its name implies, SB 163 mandates “immunizations“ for all children entering Colorado public schools; thereby taking the decision out of the parent’s hands and requiring a doctor to certify approval. The fact that the bill contains elements akin to Orwell’s 1984 Big Brother regime is disturbing

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