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Eight Wise Doctors and Hopeful Common Sense on Covid

Some items remain clear in the combined judgement of this panel:

The gene-based ‘vaccines,’ narrowly focusing just on the spike protein, are causing variants, as well as damage to recipients. It is the spike protein that causes the damage in those sick with the ‘virus’. Choosing the spike protein molecule for the vaccine was a flat-out error.

The nature of ‘Covid’ is not a pulmonary problem per se, but an inflammatory and thrombotic problem, repeated by the action of the vaccine. (As some other doctors have astutely observed, they get us going in with ‘Covid’, which turned out to be ‘mild’, and if that fails, they surely get more of us with the ‘vaccine’.) Urso says that people who die of Covid do so because of inflammation / thrombosis, not the ‘virus’. These two features were already separately treatable.

The vaccine has caused more damage in 8 months than any other medical product left on the market for a comparable amount of time.

The vaccinated are getting sick.

Early treatment works, period.

The shocking, new finding for us concerns new-born babies:

Children born after January 1, 2020 show an IQ drop of 20 points because of social deprivation; their brains haven’t developed.