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F**k Joe Biden? Looks like US voters may do just that come next year’s midterms

Less than a year in power, Biden’s approval ratings are dropping like a rock amid controversial moves from his administration, including a compulsory vaccine mandate. This is paving the way for a major Republican resurgence.

Just below the high-fructose, Cheez Whiz surface of American society, there are warning signs that a mighty giant – a sluggish, overweight giant, but a giant nonetheless – is struggling to awaken from a media-induced slumber. And the rumblings are registering in some unexpected places.

Since the days of the Roman Empire, rulers have appreciated the need for bread and circuses as a means for keeping the hearts and minds of their subjects distracted, with gladiatorial matches mixed up with a generous amount of blood and beverage. And considering that there is no bigger circus in US society than American football, the Democrats may have some cause for concern.

College football fans have begun a new tradition of chanting not only obscenities at the opposing team, but at the sitting president of the United States. The chant “F**k Joe Biden” is echoing out from packed stadiums across the land, which probably suggests to the Democratic Party that, for its sake, the removal of anti-Covid lockdowns may have happened a bit too prematurely.

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Not unless we start seeing some vote riggers dangling from the trees!