Florida governor signs state’s social media ‘deplatforming’ bill into law | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Florida governor signs state’s social media ‘deplatforming’ bill into law

In February, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis proposed , a measure that sought to forestall tech firms from “knowingly” deplatforming politicians. Following profitable journeys by way of each the state’s legislative home and senate, DeSantis has now (through ).

Now that it’s in place, the law bars firms from banning Florida politicians, within the course of giving the state’s Election Commission the ability to fine them up to $250,000 per day for takedowns involving public office candidates. It permits all residents of the state to sue tech firms in the event that they really feel they’ve been handled “unfairly.” Additionally, these firms might want to element how they resolve on bans. Exempt from the law is any company that owns a big theme park or leisure venue within the state. That’s an exemption officers mentioned they added to make sure Disney+ “isn’t caught up in this.” Governor DeSantis proposed the law shortly after Facebook and Twitter banned President Trump from their respective platforms in January.