Following The 'Science'? CDC Shifts From "Impending Doom" To 'You're Free' In 6 Weeks | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Following The 'Science'? CDC Shifts From "Impending Doom" To 'You're Free' In 6 Weeks


At the end of March, amid absolutely no signs of trouble whatsover in "the data" - and after the establishment excoriated the "neanderthal thinking" of several red states for 'prematurely' and 'recklessly' lifting their COVID restrictions, freshly-appointed CDC Director Rochelle Walensky went "off-script" (though if one watches here eyes it appears she is very much reading a script) to warn the public about her "impending doom" following a very modest rise in COVID cases and hospitalizations.

"Right now, I'm scared," Walesky, choking back tears, exclaimed.

Fauci doubled-down with the doom finger-pointing...

"I think the reason we’re seeing this plateauing and the increase that I hope doesn’t turn into a surge is because we are really doing things prematurely right now with regard to opening up."

At the time we pointed out that Walensky's level of fearmongering is disgusting and disingenuous and the American people are growing more and more insensitive to such evocations.

Now, just 6 weeks later, as all the doomsaying, fearmongering, panic-inducing double-speak was proven completely misplaced, and amid political pressure from even the leftest of leftists to "do something", the masks are off and freedom (for the vaccinated) is offered back to 'we, the people'.

Just two weeks after announcing a mask revision on April 27 to allow people who are fully vaccinated to do most things outdoors, with some precautions - again amid political pressure from an increasingly confused American public - CDC announced it revised its mask guidance again, now enabling those who are fully vaccinated to forgo wearing masks both indoors and outdoors.

"Anyone who is fully vaccinated can participate in indoor and outdoor activities — large or small — without wearing a mask or physically distancing," said Walensky.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

These pronouncements were far less about the science, and far more about a a massive experiment in social control.

Mike and I did take the J & J jab, as I have a Mom in an assisted living facility nearby, and I knew it was only a matter of time before the people in admin demanded to see my "VaxPort".

But I resent like hell being an unwilling participant in Johnson & Johnson's Phase 3 trails, making me, and everyone else who took that jab, or the Moderna or Pfizer jab, their "lab rats" .

And I would like to remind our readers, that Pharmaceutical companies are "held harmless and indemnified" if one of their products causes severe health consequences, or even death.

There is something fundamentally wrong with this; vaccine timelines should make absolutely certain that any vaccine created, will be as safe as possible, once it is approved for use by the general public.