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G-7 Gives Japan Its Blessing For Moving Ahead With Tokyo Olympics

The head of the 20202 (2021) Summer Olympics recently acknowledged by both Japan and the IOC ware s reluctant to cancel the Olympics: At this point, too much time and money has already been invested, and even without legions of international travelers looking to spend money on souvenirs, meals and hotels, there's still too much money at stake. Not to mention the damage to Japan's national pride, particularly at a time when demographic decline has diminished its influence in the region, as its arch-rival China rises.

With the Olympics Games set to begin in roughly five weeks, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga managed to secure support from President Joe Biden and the other G-7 leaders for the hosting of the Tokyo Games next month, what Bloomberg described as a major boost for the Japanese government's decision to move ahead with the Games.

"President Biden re-affirmed his support for the Tokyo Olympic Games provided all public health measures necessary to protect athletes, staff and spectators are used. The White House also issued a statement relaying President Biden's "pride" with the US athletes who are preparing to compete.

The G-7 addressed a number of important issues in its post-summit communique: in addition to slamming China over its alleged treatment of the Uyghers in Xinjiang and chiding President Vladimir Putin for allegedly "tolerating" hackers wreaking havoc on American companies from afar, they also carved out some space for the Olympics.