Glenn Greenwald: "Professional jealousy" keeps media "silent on Assange" | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Glenn Greenwald: "Professional jealousy" keeps media "silent on Assange"

Glenn Greenwald, the co-founding editor of The Intercept, slammed the lack of coverage of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's case in mainstream media, saying that "professional jealousy" as well as a desire not to criticize the Biden administration has kept several news outlets "silent."

Greenwald joined Hill.TV’s “Rising,” on Tuesday to weigh in on Assange's case after the WikiLeaks founder spent his 50th birthday in jail as calls for his release mounted.

"I don't think [the media] likely are going to start paying attention to this case in large part because they don't regard Julian Assange as being part of their club and therefore don't understand or don't care about the grave press freedoms posed by this indictment and the precedent it could set that could allow them and their own work could be criminalized," Greenwald said.

He went on to compare the coverage of Assange's case during former President Trump's time in office to its coverage now that President Biden is in office.