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Grass-Roots Americans Revolt Against Critical Race Theory

Suddenly, ordinary Americans are rising to resist anti-white Cultural Marxist Critical Race Theory indoctrination in their schools. An authentic grassroots movement at the state and local level is forcing state legislatures and school boards to act against this poisonous Communist doctrine. Naturally, the Regime Media is speaking power to truth, trying to “explain” things to the peasants who don’t want their children harmed. But that this is even judged necessary is a very good sign.

Of course, if we were to take Journofa and academics at their word, Critical Race Theory would make Civic Nationalism completely impossible. If CRT really becomes the orthodox teaching of the American Global Empire, the Historic American Nation would need to break away in order to survive.

The scope of the anti-CRT movement should not be underestimated. Idaho has successfully banned Critical Race Theory from being taught in schools [Idaho governor signs bill to ban critical race theory from being taught in schools, by Mike Jordan, The Guardian, May 6, 2021]. Oklahoma has passed a similar law [Gov. Stitt signs bill that restricts teaching of critical race theory in Oklahoma Schools, by Hicham Raache, News4Oklahoma, May 7, 2021]. In Tennessee, Governor Bill Lee is expected to sign a similar bill passed by the legislature banning CRT [Race shouldn’t be taught in ‘divisive’ way, Tennessee governor says, by Jonathan Mattise and Kimberlee Kruesi, Chattanooga Times Free Press, May 8, 2021]. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who increasingly looks like a presidential contender, has condemned CRT [DeSantis condemns critical race theory, says it won’t be taught in Florida classrooms, by Brooke Singman, Fox News, March 18, 2021]. Finally, there is an effort to ban CRT in Texas, where it just passed the House [Texas House advances bill targeting ‘critical race theory’ over objections from education, civics, and business groups, by Talia Richman, The Dallas Morning News, May 11, 2021].