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THE GREAT RESET: Davos & the Plot to Cancel Trump


I did read their "You Will Own Nothing and Love It" blurb...


...they actually published it as an article in Forbes. So you can read it too.

Their article strikes me as an attempt to address, without daring to mention it, the metastasis which their financialization caused: the unaffordability of everything after its price was gouged to the stratosphere for investor profits. Hey Plebeies, can't afford shit from your slavery wages while us billionaires rocket to space? Use even less, timeshare everything! Your ride, your bedroom, your pasta maker, even the clothes on your back. So we can get even richer.

How? Free energy, which is nowhere in sight as of 2021 will power the drones that deliver everything instantly in 2030, eg. the underpants you need in the morning. Unless the drone's Windows 12 works as well as our Covid vaccines, then you'll have to run bare-butt through town to the pants warehouse to get one. And what's wrong with time-sharing your bedroom, you don't like your pillow to be crackling-hard from someone's dog j*zz? It's well-known that any shared property is quickly ran into the ground because no user upkeeps it, but how would rich people ever know this? They never shared anything with us except our own incomes.

I saw many get-rich-quick scams, but this Davos delusion is the first stay-poor-slow scam. Someone either snorted too much illegal substance to think this will fly, or this is just Davos humor. "Ha ha."

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