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Israel and Iran Tensions Spiraling into a Direct Confrontation

Against the background of a possible return of the United States to a “nuclear deal” with Iran, Tel Aviv has recently demonstrably intensified the actions of its intelligence services to undermine Tehran’s nuclear program and damage not only this industry, but the Islamic Republic as a whole. And at the same time, Israeli officials make no secret of their displeasure with US President Biden’s desire to revive the nuclear agreement that his predecessor abandoned in 2018. On April 11, Benjamin Netanyahu said that the fight against Iran and its “satellites” as well as against Iran’s arms buildup is the “enormous task” of the Jewish state.

Considering Iran its main adversary, Israel has previously sabotaged Tehran’s nuclear facilities and developments in a variety of methods, from cyber attacks to direct assassinations, including eliminating a number of Iranian nuclear scientists and ambushing a key developer of its nuclear program last November.

And in its subversive actions against Iran, Tel Aviv has always had the support of Washington, with a long history of clandestine cooperation to disrupt Iran’s nuclear program, starting with the administration of President George W. Bush. Perhaps one of the most famous operations in this collaboration, codenamed “The Olympics,” was the cyber-attack during the Obama administration. As a result, about a thousand centrifuges at Iran’s Natanz nuclear center were taken out of service, which set back Iran’s uranium enrichment program for many months.