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Jacinda’s Fakebook Post — 30,000 Comments Expose Vax Injury and Deaths

My friend had written to me and said, “You must read some of the comments”. I scanned through them, and it is clear, it has become a vaccine injury reporting forum. I have added some below. There is no way I am going through 30,000 comments, so the “first grab” selection.
Kim L. Coppersmith

My Father had a heart attack one week after his first shot. He was helicoptered to Waikato in a serious condition. Admittedly he is 81 however he had had a thorough heart check six weeks previously and had been advised his heart was in excellent condition for his age. He is/was extremely active and cycled 40 kilometres 5 days a week. The heart attack was due to blood clots. He is not going to get his second shot.
Al Jonson Kim L. Coppersmith Sending much love to you and Daniel and your Dad. The lies must stop.
Julie King

One of our drivers father had heart attack 2 days ago one week after Jab. Our friend got half paralized one month later he still not feeling right
Stace Da Ace Thompson

But no one is able to tell us what might happen in a year, 5, 10 years from now can they? Only time will tell and if 90% of the country is vaccinated we should all be safe? Even the 10% who aren’t like Police , Politicians who aren’t required to?
Nimmi Valia