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Johnstone: Biden Is Everything The Democrats Are

Authored by Caitlin Johnstone via,

Joe Biden is not an “imperfect candidate” for the Democrats.

He is the perfect candidate, because he’s everything the party is: Demented. Decrepit. Bloodthirsty. Corrupt. Cronyistic. Authoritarian. Reactionary. Rapey.

He is exactly what they deserve. He is exactly what they are.

Joe Biden is the Democrat’s Democrat. He is the perfect representative of the party. They should even take it a step further and replace that donkey with Joe Biden.

Biden is to the Democrats as Trump is to the Republicans. Everyone’s just wearing their true face now.

If you’re willing to sacrifice all principles, all sanity and all morality to get rid of Trump, what exactly is the point of getting rid of Trump?

We know Biden is a liar. He’s been pinged for lying his whole career. Everyone is trying to undermine the victim’s character in order to discredit her while ignoring Joe’s character. We know he lies. He also has a history of unwanted sexual advances. His story is not credible.

Nobody actually believes that Biden didn’t sexually assault Tara Reade. Nobody’s actually confident that Creepy Uncle Hair Sniffer isn’t a rapist, they’re just pretending they are. I can understand saying “It’s possible but unproven”, but saying it’s false is so gross and dishonest.

They’re accusing Reade of lying for partisan reasons, when in reality that’s exactly what they are doing: they’re pretending they believe Handsy Joe Biden is incapable of shoving his fingers into a woman without her consent, and they are lying. Out of pure partisan loyalty.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What has me absolutely flummoxed, is the paupacity of choices Americans have, in terms of presidential candidates, come November's elections; but perhaps that is simply because individual US Presidential candidates are slightly different faces front for the US Deep State, which has, and continually pursues, its own agenda, no matter what We the People might want.

Politicians promise the world; and yet, nothing substantive actually changes in any way which could possibly construed as "positive"; the wars continue; the exploitation continues; the posturing against any country with a different way of governing (and tangible assets, Like Iran's or Venezuela's oil, or Equador's lithium) gets growled at as though it were simply "red meat", ripe for destabilization, with the US determining that all of its assets get sold only in US dollars.

I am extraordinary concerned, and angry, that war crimes have become "the new normal", by which the US government defines itself, be they sanctions, or the kinds of outright slaughter of civilians we are seeing with US "enabling" Saudi troops in Yemen.

I would love for Mike and me to be living in a country which did not define itself either through war or war crimes; unfortunately, we are both too old, and too broke, for that to happen.


What flummoxed me....

Ethan Allen and...

is all the fear porn and lies going up on this website. Millions are going to starve worldwide including children because of these lies!

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