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Largest Since the Cold War: Massive US-Led War Games Move to the Balkans

The DEFENDER-Europe 2021 military exercises led by U.S. Army Europe and Africa which began a month and a half ago and are scheduled to run through June, are now concentrating on the Balkans. In all the Pentagon has reported that the drills were to occur at thirty locations in twelve nations, and involve anywhere from 28,000 to 31,000 to 37,000 troops from as many as 27 nations. By the very nature of such exercises we only learn what military press releases and their news agencies rewrites choose to disclose, but it’s evident that the DEFENDER-Europe exercises underway may well be the largest U.S. and allied war games in Europe since the Cold War.

Again, the exact location of each component of the exercises is not generally divulged, but it can be gathered by what has been released that airborne, missile defense and other drills have occurred or will occur from the Baltic to the Black to the Adriatic Seas; along Russia’s western sea borders (with Ukraine in between).

Though an annual affair, this year’s iteration of DEFENDER-Europe is not only unprecedented in its size and scope but also by the fact it’s being held against the backdrop of the current Ukraine-Russia crisis, with the West unanimously arrayed against the second nation. And it’s occurring as Russia has just concluded snap military exercises across the country with the participation of 300,000 troops – 30% of the nation’s total military forces.