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One US State Already Has A De Facto 'Vaccine Passport' Requirement Just To Enter

Much of the American public might be surprised to find out that for months there's already been a de facto 'vaccine passport' policy in effect to enter one US state. And already there's been a handful of people busted at the "state border" (legal questions of Constitutionality aside) attempting to enter the islands with a fake vaccine proof card.

"People are pressing their luck entering Hawaii with fake vaccination cards or test results, an offense that can carry jail time," The Hill reports. It's the vacation paradise destination that the Chicago woman with the "Maderna" card got caught this summer trying to enter. Also initially a father and son from California marked the first case that gained national attention.


Do you know who supports vaccine passports in Hawaii mostly?



Uncle Sam screwed himself big time by picking Hawaii as the first vaxx passport location. "Oh, Hawaiians are so mellow, they'll be aloha about it." No, you idiot, it's not about Aloha. It's about the vocal secessionist minority going: "Yess! Uncle Sam is fencing Hawaii off from itself! Our time has come! Sure, we'll play along and pretend this is about Covid. As good a pretext as any."... "Yes, dear Uncle Sam, go ahead with your Covid passport. Please. No it won't bother us at all. We appreciate being safe. What, vaccines? F*** no." :D

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