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Pakistani MP Calls for Nuking Jewish State

Foreign adversaries around the world are wading into the conflict in Gaza to denounce Israel's right to self-defense, with some openly calling for the use of nuclear weapons against the Jewish state.

Pakistan accused Israel of "war crimes" in a United Nations Security Council statement, but some officials are urging direct aggression. Pakistani member of parliament Maulana Chitrali advocated in a Tuesday televised speech for full-blown jihad against Israel, even urging the use of nuclear weapons to assist the terror group.

"Did we make atomic bombs to show them in a museum? We don't need missiles, atomic bombs or a huge army if they can't be used to liberate Palestine," Chitrali said.

Some adversaries are making good on their violent threats. Rockets from the largely Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon hit the northern Israeli city of Haifa on Wednesday. Israeli military officials said four missiles came from Lebanon, resulting in alarms throughout the city. Iron Dome defense systems intercepted one of the rockets, and no casualties have yet been reported.