"There's Idiots Running The Fed" - Palantir Co-Founder Fears The 'Fetishism' Of Experts In America | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

"There's Idiots Running The Fed" - Palantir Co-Founder Fears The 'Fetishism' Of Experts In America

Never one for understatement, Palantir co-founder Joe Lonsdale appeared on CNBC this week to discuss cryptocurrencies and the world's central banks efforts to re-centralize control of what the establishment is clearly losing control over.

So, is it any surprise that the loss of faith in those "who control the money" has sparked a decentralized "control" of the money - cryptocurrencies - that are, for all intent and purpose above both political and legal interference.

And that is where we hear from Mr.Lonsdale as he reflects on the disruptive success of various DeFi platforms and calls from establishmentarian types like JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon demanding more regulation (of these upstarts):

"Well, Jamie Dimon is terrified of the fact that he can't keep his best people... the most talented people don't want to be in banks because aren't allowed to be creative... because regulators have made their lives really hard."

So, for the brightest people looking to do all the fun and cool stuff "are leaving Goldman Sachs to join startups."

"This means the old financial legacy of capitalism is being sucked dry and destroyed by this centralized government regulatory system as all the smartest people are fleeing to do creative things."

And that's why Jamie Dimon wants regulatory crackdowns, "to make it more difficult for [the startups] to innovate... and stopping those people from doing what they want is not good for our country."