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The US Is Not Ready For An All-Electric Future

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The setting of a net-zero target by the Biden Administration was the first step toward decarbonization of the energy system and industry. But having a target is the easiest part of America’s energy transition. Now comes the much more difficult part of making all those proposals and ideas for a greener future work.

The U.S. is woefully unprepared to handle “the electrification of everything,” as Amy Myers Jaffe, a research professor at Tufts University’s Fletcher School, describes the drive to electrify transportation and buildings and parts of industry in The Wall Street Journal.

Increased electrification in all sectors will need huge investments in the electric grid, in battery storage to back up renewable power generation, in charging points for EVs, and in technologies such as green hydrogen to help those technologies to reach maturity and cost efficiency enough to start replacing fossil fuels.

President Biden’s climate policies may be a start, but the planned and proposed federal funding is just a fraction of what America would need if it were to decarbonize the power grid by 2035, slash emissions from the transportation and buildings sectors, and reach the net-zero economy-wide target by 2050.

Net-Zero America Needs At Least $2.5 Trillion Over The Next Decade
Moreover, major investment decisions must be taken now, and investments need to start pouring in decarbonization initiatives and grid resilience now if the U.S. wants to have a modernized grid capable of handling exponential growth in electrification in the coming decades.

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And with so much American governmental money invested in wars and WMDS, where the hell is this transformational "green money" going to come from?!?