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The War on Antisemitism Gains Momentum

It has frequently been observed how Jewish organizations in the United States and Western Europe exploit their claimed perpetual victimhood to excuse their own ethnocentric manipulations while also providing cover for Israeli war crimes. What they refer to as the “Holocaust” is, of course, central to the effort, complete with a standard narrative that has more holes in it than a slice of Swiss cheese. To suit their purposes, Jewish suffering has to be unique, which has in the past led to successful efforts to deny the reality of other genocides, including those in Armenia/Turkey in the First World War and, more recently, Rwanda. Ironically, the Israelis themselves, without any shame, have engaged in something akin to genocide against the Palestinians, described by the victims as the Nakba, beginning in 1948, followed by the wholesale occupation of Palestinian and Syrian land subsequent to 1967 and the current incremental efforts to increase Arab suffering and drive them out of their homes.