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What Happens When Doctors Buck Government Narrative on COVID?

In the latest episode of “Doctors and Scientists” on CHD.TV, host Brian Hooker, Ph.D., P.E., interviewed Dr. Alvin Moss on the threats medical professionals and scientists face when they step away from the mainstream narrative.

Moss is director of the West Virginia University Center for Health Ethics and Law at the Health Sciences Center in Morgantown, West Virginia. A professor of internal medicine, Moss has published more than 150 scientific peer-reviewed articles and published more than 20 book chapters in medical textbooks.

Hooker and Moss sorted through the latest developments in the COVID pandemic, including the federal response to the current wave of the Delta variant.

Hooker asked Moss about his progress working with West Virginians for Health Freedom. Moss said it’s becoming increasingly difficult to opt out of the childhood vaccination program across the U.S.

“Even physicians who used to write medical exemptions in the state no longer do so,” Moss said. In West Virginia, he explained, “we are tied for last in the percentage of kindergartners who actually have medical exemptions. It’s 0.1%. We are as low as you can get. The national average is 2.7%. So if you’re really interested in health freedom don’t move to West Virginia unless you plan to homeschool.”