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May 11 03:31

Single Mother Arrested and Cuffed in de Blasio’s New York City for Protesting the Lockdown (VIDEO)

A single mother was arrested in New York City on Friday for protesting against Mayor Bill de Blasio’s endless lockdown.

May 11 03:31

Dr. Fauci and the heads of the CDC and FDA will testify remotely to committee headed by Senator Lamar Alexander who is also in isolation after one of his staffers tested positive for COVID-19

Three senior health officials in the Trump administration who are in self-quarantine after coming into contact with someone infected with coronavirus will testify remotely before a Senate committee whose chairman is also in isolation.

May 11 03:31

New York's coronavirus 'patient zero' breaks his silence: Attorney who sparked the New Rochelle cluster claims doctors didn't mention the virus during his first check-up and he thought 'it was just a winter cough'

A New York City lawyer known as 'patient zero' has opened up about contracting the coronavirus earlier this year.
Lawrence Garbuz, 50, was among the first to be diagnosed with coronavirus in New York and passed it on to dozens, after he commuted between the city and his home in Westchester County.

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May 11 03:30

Andrew Cuomo FINALLY Reverses Order Forcing Nursing Homes To Take COVID Patients, Demands Testing For Care Workers

After months of deadly outbreaks that gave rise to nearly a third of all coronavirus-related deaths in New York state, governor Andrew Cuomo finally reversed a state order Saturday, requiring nursing homes and other long-term care facilities to take COVID-19 positive patients.

May 11 03:30

YIKES: White House Advisor Says Unemployment Rate Could Rise Above 20%

White House economic adviser Kevin Hassett told CBC’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday that he believes the unemployment rate could rise above 20% if the coronavirus-related lockdowns, which are now keeping millions of Americans out of work, continue for more than a few more weeks.

May 11 03:30

Mexico's president calls for investigation into Obama-era Fast and Furious Operation

Mexico's president asked the United States for answers and an apology for the Obama-era gun-running operation known as "Fast and Furious." On Friday, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador called for an investigation into Operation Fast and Furious to prevent it from happening again.

May 11 03:30

Schools will start to reopen from June 1 'at the earliest' as reception, Year 1 and Year 6 pupils lead the way – but unions immediately dismiss 'reckless' plans and one demands children are DISINFECTED at the gates

Boris Johnson has revealed schools will start to reopen from June 1 'at the earliest' as he outlined his plan to lift the coronavirus lockdown last night - though teaching unions immediately slammed the proposal as 'reckless'.
The PM said pupils in reception, Year 1 and Year 6 will be the first to go back from the start of next month as part of a staged process.

exmarketplace 2
May 11 03:29

Atlanta's Dem mayor pins responsibility for Ahmaud Arbery shooting on President Trump

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, a Democrat, is attempting to pin responsibility for the tragic shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery on President Donald Trump.

May 11 03:29

Queen 'may NEVER return to frontline duties': Monarch, 94, could remain quarantined in Windsor 'indefinitely' until a vaccine is found

The Queen may remain in self-isolation 'for months' and never return to regular frontline royal duties as the government looks to ease the coronavirus lockdown over the coming weeks.
Her Majesty, 94, who has put all her public engagements on hold as she resides with her husband Prince Philip at Windsor Castle, may not be allowed to return to her public duties due to the risk of catching Covid-19 'for years' to come.

May 11 03:20

'I can see thousands of strangers in parks but I can't see my sons?' Piers Morgan says Boris Johnson's lockdown plans are 'complete nonsense' as he returns to GMB after week off sick

Boris Johnson eased several lockdown restrictions in an address last night
However, he failed to mention when Britons can reunite with their whole families
Piers Morgan led backlash today saying the new measures were 'nonsense'

exmarketplace 3
May 11 03:19

Mystery of the UK choir whose members had virus symptoms in DECEMBER... after singer's partner returned from Wuhan

Coronavirus may have been in Britain two months before the first confirmed cases, after choir singers were struck down following the return of a member's partner from Wuhan.
Jane Hall, who sings in the Voice of Yorkshire choir and All Together Now community choir, said friends in both groups had fallen ill in January with one member experiencing symptoms consistent with Covid-19 as early as late December.

May 11 03:02

NY Officials Remove Order to Re-admit Coronavirus Patients Back into Nursing Homes from State Website after 4,900 Nursing Home Deaths

At least 4,900 seniors have died in New York State nursing homes from the coronavirus so far this year.
Around 20 percent of all New York state deaths were in nursing homes.

May 11 03:01

Ignored by National Media: 29-Year-Old Black Man Guns Down Married Couple in Their 80s in Delaware Veterans Memorial Cemetery

For some reason the national mainstream media did not play up the color of the shooter, nor of the victims, in this horrific double murder.

May 11 03:01

Georgia man, 20, arrested for threatening Ahmaud Arbery protesters and supporting the suspects on a fake Facebook page after bikers and armed activists demonstrated at the spot where the black jogger was 'lynched'(28 Pics)

Georgia state investigators announced on Sunday that they have arrested a 20-year-old man suspected of creating a fake Facebook account and using it to post a 'hoax' threat against protesters angry over the killing of unarmed black man 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery.

May 11 03:00

Experts fear the US coronavirus death toll could be DOUBLE the official figures at up to 160,000 due to inconsistencies in reporting and ongoing testing shortages as Trump champions reopenings

Experts have warned that the true US coronavirus death toll could be double the official figures due to delays and inconsistencies in reporting, testing shortages and the likelihood that thousands of people have avoided seeking treatment for life-threatening conditions.

May 11 03:00

Mnuchin: ‘A Considerable Risk’ In ‘Not Reopening,’ Potential ‘Permanent Economic Damage’

On Sunday, Treasure Secretary Steven Mnuchin appeared on “Fox News Sunday” with host Chris Wallace to discuss the continuing economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, as well ways to “safely reopen the economy.”

May 11 03:00

WHO Brushes Off Responsibility for Poor COVID Response: 'The World Had Enough Time'

The World Health Organization defended its response to the coronavirus pandemic on May 1 and said that the “world had enough time to intervene.”

May 11 02:59

NY Police Assoc. Blasts Social Distancing Enforcement Duty, Politicians Behind It

A major New York police union is facing off with local and state politicians over directives to strongly enforce social distancing protocol amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

May 11 02:59

CA County Now Using COVID To Dictate How & Where People Can Drive

There’s a strange trend in United States history that nearly every decade or era is, in summary, labeled the “height” of one characteristic or another.

May 11 02:56

More evidence vitamin D can help against coronavirus: Study finds patients with a severe deficiency are TWICE as likely to die from COVID-19

More evidence has emerged which suggests COVID-19 patients with high vitamin D levels are more likely to survive the disease.
A study from the US found patients with a severe deficiency are twice as likely to experience major complications and die.

May 11 02:53

PICTURED: Gunman, 29, found dead after killing man, 86, and his wife, 85, at Delaware veterans cemetery

An 85-year-old woman and her husband, 86, were both killed in a shooting at a veterans cemetery in Delaware on Friday morning.
Delaware State Police on Friday night identified the victims as a married couple from Elkton, Maryland.

May 11 02:52

Media watchdog is under pressure to probe Channel 4 over Miriam Margolyes's sick 'I wanted him to die' jibe at Boris Johnson

The media watchdog has been urged to investigate Channel 4 after it aired comments by actress Miriam Margolyes in which she said she had wanted Boris Johnson to die from coronavirus.
Yesterday there was growing anger about the way the broadcaster has handled the hugely controversial remarks made on Friday night’s episode of chat show The Last Leg.

May 11 02:52

Cycling is bad for you(Picture)

May 11 02:52

Freak MAY snow storm compounds lockdown misery for New Yorkers with thousands taking to Twitter in disbelief as flurries fall in Central Park and parts of the state seeing more snowfall than all of February(20 Pics)

A freak May snow storm compounded lockdown misery for millions of New Yorkers over the weekend, with many taking to Twitter in disbelief after snowfall in Central Park.
Mother's Day weekend got off to a chilly start Saturday thanks to the polar vortex bringing cold air down from the north.

May 11 02:51

German Intel Service Says Tedros and Xi Worked Together To Hide Outbreak for Weeks: Report

A new report claims that in January, China asked the World Health Organization to cover up emerging details about the spread of the coronavirus.

May 11 02:51

Attorney: Then-President Obama Was Involved in Plot To Set Up Flynn

The attorney for former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn claimed Sunday that top officials of the Obama administration, including former President Barack Obama, conspired against Flynn

May 11 02:50

Michelle Obama Dealt Sobering Blow by Critics After Netflix Flop

Former first lady Michelle Obama’s fans and supporters were excited for the May 6 release of her new Netflix documentary “Becoming,” expecting it to be as successful as her 2018 book was.

May 11 02:50

Despite Entering Quarantine, Fauci Still Plans To Leave His House

Health expert Dr. Anthony Fauci still plans to testify before a Senate committee this week, despite placing himself in a modified quarantine.
On Saturday, Fauci announced that he had been exposed to someone who has tested positive for the coronavirus.

May 11 02:44

China refutes 24 'lies' by United States over COVID-19, says Washington failed to act fast

China has issued a lengthy rebuttal of what it said were 24 "preposterous allegations" by some leading United States politicians over its handling of the new coronavirus outbreak.
The Chinese foreign ministry has dedicated most of its press briefings over the past week to rejecting accusations by U.S. politicians, especially Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, that China had withheld information about the new coronavirus and that it had originated in a laboratory in the city of Wuhan.

May 11 02:42

Wuhan reports first coronavirus cluster since lifting of lockdown

Wuhan, the original epicentre of the new coronavirus outbreak in China, reported on Monday its first cluster of infections since a lockdown on the central Chinese city was lifted a month ago, stoking concerns of a wider resurgence of the disease.
The new infections add a layer of caution to efforts to lower coronavirus-related restrictions across China as businesses restart and individuals go back to work.

May 11 02:39

House Intel Committee Ranking Member: FBI ‘Doctored’ Flynn’s 302 Interview Form, And It’s ‘Missing’

House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes (R-CA) told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo on Sunday that the FBI’s 302 interview form from its interview with former national security adviser Michael Flynn was “doctored,” as well as “missing.”

May 11 02:39

White House Trade Adviser: ‘The Chinese Communist Party’ Crashed America’s Economy In 60 Days

White House trade adviser Peter Navarro told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo on Sunday that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) essentially ruined America’s economy in just two months with their handling of the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan.

May 11 02:34

Idaho Beef Company Gives $8 Million Worth of World's Best Steak to Hard-Hit Communities

The food banks in San Francisco were bulging this month after an Idaho beef company made a massive donation of steaks as its way of helping Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic.

May 11 02:34

Camera-equipped robot patrols Singapore park telling people to social distance during COVID-19 pandemic

Last month, a drone flew around New York City and instructed people to practice proper social distancing guidelines. Drones have been used by police departments in San Diego and Connecticut to warn people of the dangers of the novel coronavirus. State and local entities around the country are using drones manufactured and donated by Chinese company DJI for coronavirus distancing enforcement.

May 11 02:23

Discovery: Autopsies Prove that COVID-19 is a Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation

It is now clear that the whole world has been attacking the so-called Coronavirus Pandemic wrongly due to a serious pathophysiological diagnosis error.

According to valuable information from Italian pathologists, ventilators and intensive care units were never needed.

May 11 02:22

Jay-Z's Roc Nation writes open letter to Georgia officials demanding justice for Ahmaud Arbery and seeking arrest of man who filmed killing as jogger's dad says he was 'hunted like an animal'

Jay-Z's Roc Nation has written an open letter to Georgia officials, signed by the rapper, Alicia Keys, Yo Gotti and Meek Mill, demanding swift justice for Ahmaud Arbery.
It also seeks the arrest of the neighbor who filmed the killing of the unarmed black jogger, after he was shot while running through Brunswick in February.

May 11 02:22

NOW WE KNOW: John Podesta Admits in Testimony Both DNC and Hillary Campaign Split the Cost for Bogus Trump-Russia Dossier That Launched the Coup

Hillary Clinton and the DNC both claimed they knew nothing about the Trump-Russia dossier when it was published by Buzzfeed in January 2017.

May 11 02:21

Security Footage in Arbery Case Leaks, 2 New Videos Back Up Original 911 Call

Georgia investigators are reviewing new video evidence as they try to piece together the events that led to the Feb. 23 killing of Ahmaud Arbery.

May 11 02:20

Gov. Cuomo Threatened To Sue States for Quarantining New Yorkers, But Turns Out New Yorkers Were Ones Spreading the Virus

The left never tires of blaming President Donald Trump for coronavirus deaths. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, meanwhile, is a media darling.

May 11 02:02

BREAKING: Report Claims Pence Self-Isolating After Possible Exposure To Coronavirus. Pence’s Office Denies.

Vice President Mike Pence’s office is pushing back on a report from Bloomberg News on Sunday afternoon that said Pence was reportedly self-isolating away from the White House after one of his aides tested positive for the coronavirus last week.

May 10 20:45

Bill Gates' Plan to Vaccinate the World

In January of 2010, Bill and Melinda Gates announced a $10 billion pledge to usher in a decade of vaccines. But far from an unalloyed good, the truth is that this attempt to reorient the global health economy was part of a much bigger agenda. An agenda that would ultimately lead to greater profits for big pharma companies, greater control for the Gates Foundation over the field of global health, and greater power for Bill Gates to shape the course of the future for billions of people around the planet.

May 10 19:00

Police Officer Compelled To Speak Out Against Tyrannical Enforcement

I don't think this video will be around for long...

May 10 18:53

Lake County Illinois Sets Up Online Page to Snitch on Your Neighbors Who Violate Mandated Social Distancing Policies

Lake County Illinois is the latest locale set up on online snitch page to report on your neighbors when they are caught without wearing a mask or violating social distancing policies.

May 10 18:53

What a Hack! Atlanta Mayor Defends Joe Biden from Credible Sexual Assault Charges — Then Blames Trump for Shooting Death of Black Jogger Ahmaud Arbery

Last week Gregory McMichael and his son, Travis McMichael, were charged with murder and assault in the shooting death of African-American Ahmaud Arbery.

May 10 18:50

Democrat Governor Pritzker Says Citizens in Illinois Could be Ordered to Socially Distance, Wear Masks Indefinitely (VIDEO)

Illinois Governor J. B. Pritzker has the state in lockdown and businesses shut down until the end of May.

May 10 18:49

Mexican President Demands Clarity or Apology from United States over Obama’s “Fast and Furious” Gun Running Program

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador called on the US to apologize if it is confirmed US agents carried out the botched Fast and Furious gun running program during the Obama years.

May 10 18:45

Coronavirus: 'Plandemic' virus conspiracy video spreads across social media

Major social networks are rushing to take down a new coronavirus conspiracy theory video which has rapidly spread across the internet.

The so-called "Plandemic" video is edited in the style of a documentary, with much higher production standards than many conspiracy videos.

The video is filled with medical misinformation about where the virus came from and how it is transmitted.

Decide for yourself if the video is "medical misinformation" ...


Xmas w/o borders
May 10 18:33

"Unprecedented Crisis" - Global Luxury Goods Market Collapses, No Recovery For Years

New findings published in "Bain & Company Luxury Study 2020 Spring Update" this week suggest a collapse in the global luxury goods market is underway with no recovery for several years, shredding any hope that a V-shaped recovery will be seen in the back half of 2020.

The report says the plunge of travel and tourism in all key markets has triggered "an unprecedented crisis" for companies operating in the luxury goods space. Claudia D'Arpizio, a Bain & Company partner and lead author of the report, said jewelry, watches, cosmetics, clothes, and accessory sales will drop 25% in 1Q20, and continued lockdowns across the world will lead to further declines in 2Q20. Those declines, she noted, could be in excess of 50-60% in the three months ending in June. Her full-year estimate is a contraction between 20-35%.

May 10 18:20

Here Is The Real April Jobs Report: 42 Million Unemployed, 25.5% Unemployment Rate

While it is true that what the BLS reported that the April unemployment rate (UR) was less than expected (14.7% versus consensus of 16.0%) and the drop in payroll employment of 20.5 million was also less than the 22.0 million expected, Standard Chartered bank has calculated that adjustments to the headline unemployment rate push the effective number of unemployed to 42 million and the effective UR rate to 25.5%, higher even than the U-6 underemployment rate of 22.8%. Worse, if one treats underemployed in line with the U-6 methodology, the true April unemployment number would rise to an mindblowing 27.5%.

May 10 18:17

A COVID State Of Mind - America's Mental Health Suffers As Anti-Anxiety Drug Prescriptions Soar

"Americans are turning to medications for relief, demonstrates the serious impact COVID-19 may be having on our nation's mental health."

May 10 18:13

NZ astronomers find Earth-like planet in 'one in a million' discovery

A rare Earth-like planet has been detected in a "one-in-a-million" discovery by New Zealand researchers.

The astronomers at the University of Canterbury said the "Super-Earth" planet was one of only a handful that had been found with a size and orbit comparable to Earth.

The planet's mass was somewhere between that of Earth and Neptune. It orbited a host star which was about 10 per cent the mass of our sun.

Its smaller host star meant the planet would have a year of 617 days.

One of the lead researchers, Dr Antonio Herrera Martin, said it was an incredibly rare discovery.

May 10 18:01

Italian Politician Says The ‘Lies & Falsification’ Of COVID-19 Numbers Is Used To ‘Terrorize Italians’

“...Let us not make a parliament of lies… the science evoked here was saying that this virus is much more than the flu.

“That science is in fact the science that has been referred to and guided by this government. It was said and it was documented, don’t lie… don’t make this parliament a lie!

“At least here, let Gianbatist Vico’s principle, “Verum ipsum factum” apply! And then, you heard and gave the numbers, I want to give the numbers too… don’t talk about 25,000 dead here, not true!

“Don’t use the dead for rhetoric and terrorism! Data from the Italian Institute of Public Health say that 96.3 percent of people have died of other pathologies! Exact data. The numbers say it! It’s true, it’s true, go ahead and read them.

“Let us unite in the fight against hypocrisy, lies and the falsification of numbers, against false numbers given to terrorize Italians. The 25,000 dead… died of heart attack, cancer and other pathologies. ..."

May 10 17:16


Say hello to the "new normal" ...

May 10 13:59

PETER HITCHENS: Has our mad mass house arrest during Covid-19 saved even a single life?

We will not escape from this misery until the Government has been forced to admit that it made a foolish mistake and over-reacted wildly to Covid-19.

The Prime Minister is like a man who sets fire to his own pyjamas, while he is wearing them, to cure himself of hiccups.

Now he stands naked and scorched, as his house burns around him, and exults that his hiccups have indeed gone away. This is what I mean by getting things out of proportion.

Above all, he must stop pretending that his actions saved us from deaths that never happened, and people must stop believing this evidence-free bilge.

Till that moment comes, months and perhaps years of costly, painful stupidity will follow. The belief that the Panic Policy worked means it can never fully end. If, and when, you go back to your job – if you still have a job – you will be compelled to abide by ludicrous, impractical rules. You will be forced to wear pointless muzzles on trains and buses.

May 10 13:48

‘Aggressive confrontation’ between Indian & Chinese troops causes injuries on both sides, reports claim

More than a hundred soldiers were involved in a confrontation along the contentious Indian-Chinese border in the Himalayas, Indian media reported. The encounter allegedly left injuries on both sides.

Citing two high-ranking military sources, the Hindustan Times said that the incident occurred at a mountainous pass at a height of more than 5,000m (16,400ft) along the border with China in India’s northeastern Sikkim State on Saturday.

“Four Indian soldiers and seven Chinese troops suffered injuries during the confrontation that involved around 150 soldiers,” an unnamed officer told the paper, describing the incident as an “aggressive confrontation.”

Indian military sources also confirmed to ANI that the border conflict took place in the northern part of Sikkim, saying that “aggressive behavior and minor injuries occurred on both sides.”

Both outlets reported that the conflict was resolved at a local level.

May 10 13:46

‘Without preconditions’: Iran says it’s ready to discuss full prisoner exchange with US amid talks of new swap

An Iranian government spokesperson has said that the country is prepared to negotiate a complete prisoner swap with the US. The news comes after reports of talks about exchanging two detainees infected with Covid-19.

“We are ready to exchange all prisoners and we are prepared to discuss this issue without any preconditions, but the US has not responded yet,” Ali Rabiei said, as cited by Khabaronline.

May 10 12:57

Revealed: BBC ‘Charity’ receives MILLIONS in funding from Gates Foundation

Last week multi-billionaire ‘philanthropist’ Bill Gates appeared on the BBC and was also given extensive positive coverage across the vast billion pound taxpayer funded network.

During his interview Gates referred to himself as a ‘health expert’ and this went unchallenged.

Now we can reveal some startling links between the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the BBC.

Have you heard before of BBC Media Action?

May 10 12:55

Transgender inmates have carried out seven sex attacks on women in jail: Despite the risks, male-born trans convicts are still allowed to move into women's prisons

Official figures show for the first time the true scale of offending by criminals who were born male but were allowed to move into female jails after changing gender.

Yet despite the risks, prison governors are still allowing trans inmates to move into the jails. Male-born trans prisoners were first allowed to request a transfer to women's jails in England and Wales in 2016.

Just a year later the risks of the policy were made clear when a convicted rapist was moved to women's jail HMP New Hall and sexually assaulted two women inmates.

May 10 11:33

Federal judge gives churches major victory amid strict lockdown restrictions by Dem governor

A federal judge ruled Friday that all Kentucky churches will be allowed to hold in-person gatherings beginning this weekend so long as congregations abide by social distancing and other health guidelines from the CDC.

May 10 11:26

Yale professor blames Trump administration ‘monsters’ for thousands of COVID-19 deaths: This is ‘awfully close to genocide’ - 'What else do you call mass death by public policy?'

A Yale University professor said the U.S. response to the coronavirus is "close to genocide."
Gregg Gonsalves, a professor of epidemiology and law at the Ivy League institution, blamed the Trump administration and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for the novel coronavirus pandemic in the United States, calling it "awfully close to genocide by default."

May 10 11:25

Two people, including former deputy, to be charged in 'terrorizing’ incident

Two people, including a now former New Hanover County Sheriff’s deputy, will be charged with crimes in relation to an incident where a family says it was terrorized by a large group of people last weekend in Pender County, according to District Attorney Ben David.

May 10 11:24

Pennsylvania counties rebelling against Gov. Tom Wolf's stay-at-home order and will reopen

Several Pennsylvania elected officials are rebelling against Gov. Tom Wolf's shelter-in-place order. Some counties will allow businesses to reopen, while others have said they will refuse to enforce any order that violates constitutional rights.

May 10 11:24

Georgia cops say no string of burglaries and no robberies for weeks before Ahmaud Arbery shooting

Gregory McMichael and his son, Travis McMichael, reportedly told police they were pursuing Ahmaud Arbery because he looked like a suspect involved in a string of recent burglaries. However, Glynn County police are questioning that assertion because local police reports show there was no string of burglaries, and the most recent reported break-in happened weeks before Arbery was shot dead.

May 10 11:23

Bill Maher says Democrats should ignore Biden sexual assault accuser Tara Reade's claims because it could derail the 'only hope' they have of defeating Trump and 'believing everything makes you gullible'

Bill Maher is criticizing the media for focusing on Tara Reade's sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden and urging people not to let her 'victimhood' derail the 'only hope' Democrats have of defeating President Trump at the November polls.

May 10 10:25

Want to thank grocery store clerks? Raise Florida minimum wage to $15 an hour

Joining the ranks of doctors, nurses, cops and firefighters are grocery store cashiers, home health aides, restaurant servers and fast-food cooks.

May 10 10:25

White individuals on average react positively to a Black person referring to them with the n-word

Racial slurs such as the n-word are sometimes adopted by the group they were once meant to insult — a phenomenon known as reappropriation. But what happens when a reappropriated slur is used by a Black person towards a White person? New research published in the Journal of Language and Social Psychology provides insight into the intragroup uses of reappropriated slurs.

May 10 10:21

What Prince Andrew REALLY did inside Jeffrey Epstein's New York mansion: Billionaire paedophile 'lined up three women to meet Duke who was given room nicknamed Britannica and had foot massage while watching King's Speech film', says woman who was there

Paedophile Jeffrey Epstein arranged for three young women to meet Prince Andrew at his notorious New York mansion, a former model who was part of the billionaire’s inner circle claimed last night.

May 10 10:13

Winning time NOW if ‘We the People’ finish strong! Patriots: bring the deceived gently into the Light

The American public has endured ongoing illegal rogue state empire for nearly 200 years. American Revolution 2.0 is exposing Deep State actors who knowingly lied to smear Trump as a “Russian asset” both as a candidate, then as President to “justify” impeachment.

This is now exposed lies for illegal overthrow of the American President, and transfer of power to the Deep State criminal liars.

The New York Post reports all 53 House Committee on Intelligence interview transcripts show no person at any time ever had any evidence of Trump campaign involvement with Russia in any way. The article also implicates corporate media for amplifying “Russia, Russia, Russia,” with zero evidence to substantiate the accusation.

May 10 09:54

Piers Morgan admits he has probably 'taken things a bit too far' with his criticism of Meghan Markle after Duke and Duchess of Sussex quit royal family

Piers Morgan says he has probably 'taken things a bit too far' with his criticism of Meghan Markle after she and Prince Harry quit the Royal Family.

May 10 09:54

More than 1,000 people form a half-mile long queue for free food in Geneva as coronavirus deals an economic hammer blow to notoriously wealthy haven for diplomats

More than 1,000 people queued up to get free food parcels in Geneva yesterday, highlighting the impact of the coronavirus epidemic on the working poor and undocumented immigrants even in wealthy Switzerland.

May 10 09:48

'Angel' nurse, 51, who died of coronavirus had previously warned about lack of protective equipment for frontline NHS staff

Onyenachi Obasi, 51, died on May 6 after spending five weeks on a ventilator
She worked as a nurse for 20 years and told her family it was her duty to help
Her niece Ijeoma Uzoukwu, 30, said she had mentioned not being protected properly

May 10 09:47

'Dedicated and loving' nurse, 51, dies of coronavirus after five weeks fighting for life on ventilator in intensive care

Onyenachi Obasi, 51, a health visitor and nurse had no underlying problems
She died at Queen's Hospital, Romford, after spending five weeks on a ventilator
Her family set up a fundraising page asking people to help pay for her funeral

May 10 09:47

Why the Second Wave of the 1918 Spanish Flu Was So Deadly

The first strain of the Spanish flu wasn’t particularly deadly. Then it came back i
n the fall with a venThe horrific scale of the 1918 influenza pandemic—known as the "Spanish flu"—is hard to fathom. The virus infected 500 million people worldwide and killed an estimated 20 million to 50 million victims—that’s more than all of the soldiers and civilians killed during World War I combined.

May 10 09:47

6 Legendary Lost Treasures of World War II

Human fossils, an amber room and a Raphael masterpiece all went missing
War has always brought chaos, and with it an opportunity for pillage and plunder. This was especially true during World War II, when countless pieces of priceless art, artifacts and other treasure were destroyed and spirited away from both Europe and the Asia