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May 07 14:19

Moderna Expects Mid-stage Trials for Covid-19 Vaccine to Begin Shortly

Moderna Inc said on Thursday it expects mid-stage trials for its COVID-19 vaccine to begin shortly while late-stage trials are expected to begin early summer, as the drug developer accelerates its efforts to combat the pandemic.

May 07 14:06

DISCOVERED: 20 Sealed Ancient Egyptian Coffins Near Luxor In Egypt

The heyday of the Egyptian archaeological dig may have come and gone, but the desert still holds secrets from the past. In 2019, one of the most surprising discoveries of 21st century occurred when researchers dug up more than 20 sealed coffins containing the remarkably well-preserved remains of people from 3,000 years ago.

May 07 13:54

US Begins To Implement WHO “Contact Tracing” To Forcibly Remove People From Their Homes?

By Spiro Skouras

This report is a follow-up to one where I cover how Michael Ryan of the WHO stated in a press briefing how the WHO (which is of course in the pocket of Bill Gates) now believes it is time to start removing people from their homes...

May 07 13:54

College student grieving father’s coronavirus death denied extension on assignment

A University of Maryland student distraught after her father’s death from coronavirus asked for an extension from a professor who requested that she instead finish her project by the deadline.

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May 07 13:21

'Despicable human being’: NYC nurse arrested for gassing up car with credit card stolen from dying coronavirus patient — cops

A Staten Island nurse was busted on charges of stealing a credit card from the hospital room of a dying coronavirus patient — and paying for grocery shopping and gas with the pilfered plastic, officials said Thursday.

May 07 12:59

Michigan House, Senate sue Gov. Whitmer after she extends state of emergency without their approval

The Michigan legislature is suing Gov. Gretchen Whitmer for unilaterally extending Michigan’s coronavirus state of emergency, House Speaker Lee Chatfield, R-Levering, and Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey, R-Clark Lake, announced in a Wednesday, May 6 news conference.

The lawsuit is going to the Michigan Court of Claims with hopes for an expedited ruling, Chatfield said. The House and Senate declined to extend the state of emergency last week, but Whitmer later announced it would be extended from April 30 through May 28 – citing a 1945 law allowing her to do so.

exmarketplace 3
May 07 12:58

Majority of Israel's Jews oppose West Bank annexation, survey says

According to Commanders for Israel's Security movement's poll, only quarter of all respondents support the move, while only third of Likud voters in favor of the initiative; 40% prefer a permanent two-state solution with the Palestinians

May 07 12:58

Joe Biden pledges to restore US assistance to Palestinians if elected president

Joe Biden says he will restore US aid for Palestinians that has been cut by President Donald Trump, as calls for resuming assistance grow louder in Washington amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Asked during a virtual fundraiser on Wednesday whether he would restore aid programmes for Central America and Palestinians that Trump terminated, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee answered affirmatively.

Biden also said he would restaff the State Department after its budget was reduced by the Trump administration in a move that critics say undermines American diplomacy.

May 07 12:56

AIPAC Finally Gets The Best Of Ilhan Omar

It looks like AIPAC, the most influential pro-Israel organization in the U.S., has gotten to Rep Ilhan Omar.

The Muslim-American congresswoman who had been targeted by the lobbying behemoth a year ago for her “anti-Semitic” comments about “dual loyalty” in regards to members of Congress supporting a ban on American’s boycotting Israel businesses (BDS), has now signed onto a typically loaded AIPAC letter calling for the extension of a UN arms embargo against Iran.

The move has her supporters and political observers scratching their heads. The wider sanctions regime against Tehran, by all reports, was crushing the Iranian people long before the COVID virus began spreading through the country. Oil revenues, imports of basic necessities, all have been brought to a grinding halt thanks to the Trump Administration’s “maximum pressure” campaign. Now Iranians are struggling for life-saving equipment and medicines in the wake of a pandemic.

May 07 12:55

US Scrambles to Buy New Missiles to Challenge China

With US-Chinese tensions at their worst level in decades, new military budget details reveal plans for the US to spend substantially on new guided missiles, particularly being sought as a way of catching up to China’s capabilities, and challenging them further in the Pacific.

Pentagon officials have argued there is a “missile gap” with China, a claim that seemed to be based on the idea of getting more funding for more advanced missiles. This has broadly been successful, even more so now that officials are emphasizing tensions with the Chinese.

Though the US spends vastly more than any other nation on its military, the Pentagon has long emphasized minor points of competition to justify massive outlays of additional cash. This has tended to work very well, which is why US military spending keeps growing.

May 07 12:55

Facebook deactivates dozens of accounts of Palestinian journalists and activists

Dozens of Palestinians logged into their Facebook accounts on 4 May, only to find out their pages were no longer active.

In the space of one day, more than 50 Palestinian journalists and activists had their profile pages deleted by Facebook, alongside a notification saying their pages had been deactivated for "not following our Community Standards."

"We have already reviewed this decision and it can't be reversed," the message continued, prompting users to read more about Facebook's Community Standards.

May 07 12:46

Justice Dept dropping Flynn's criminal case

The Justice Department on Thursday said it is dropping the criminal case against President Donald Trump's first national security adviser, Michael Flynn, abandoning a prosecution that became a rallying cry for Trump and his supporters in attacking the FBI's Russia investigation.

The move is a stunning reversal for one of the signature cases brought by special counsel Robert Mueller. It comes even though prosecutors for the last three years had maintained that Flynn had lied to the FBI about his conversations with the Russian ambassador in a January 2017 interview. Flynn himself admitted as much, and became a key cooperator for Mueller as he investigated ties between Russia and the 2016 Trump campaign.

In court documents being filed Thursday, the Justice Department said it is dropping the case “after a considered review of all the facts and circumstances of this case, including newly discovered and disclosed information.” The documents were obtained by The Associated Press.

May 07 12:45

Assange’s US Extradition, Threat to Future of Internet and Democracy

On Monday May 4, the British Court decided that the extradition hearing for WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange, scheduled for May 18, would be moved to September. This four month delay was made after Assange’s defense lawyer argued the difficulty of his receiving a fair hearing due to restrictions posed by the Covid-19 lockdown. Monday’s hearing at Westminster Magistrates’ Court proceeded without enabling the phone link for press and observers waiting on the line, and without Assange who was not well enough to appear via videolink.

May 07 12:44

Captured US Mercenary Says In Video 'Confession' Trump Ordered Plot To "Abduct" Maduro

The nutty 'Bay of Pigs invasion Venezuela edition' which appears to have been an utter failure and half-baked scheme nearly from the start just took a few more bizarre turns.

Two days after Venezuelan armed forces captured two US former special forces soldiers turned mercenaries along with others that made up a Venezuela 'defector force' allegedly trying to 'invade' the county to topple Nicolas Maduro, state TV has aired a "confession" video featuring 34-year old captured American Luke Denman.

May 07 12:44

China Readies Unveiling Of Stealth Nuclear Bomber Capable Of Reaching LA

President Trump is preparing to 'turbocharge' deglobalization by removing critical supply chains from China could be seen with new rounds of tariffs to strike Beijing. Heighten tensions between Washington and Beijing are expected to develop over the summer months as the "evolution of the pandemic and economic crash appears to be deepening geopolitical tensions" between both countries, we noted Monday.

In response to rising tensions, China decided to leak via "military sources" that it will unveil the Xian H-20 supersonic stealth bomber later this year, effectively doubling its country's striking range. The bomber is expected to make its first public appearance in November at the Zhuhai Airshow, reported South China Morning Post (SCMP).

May 07 12:43

Beijing May Dump US Treasuries In Response To US Hostility, Start Its Own QE: Chinese Media

In response to recent media speculation that as the blame game over the origins of the coronavirus pandemic escalates the US may cancel some of its $1.1 trillion debt owed to China, the South China Morning Post reported today that China may "move to reduce its vast holdings of US Treasury securities in the coming months" in response to a resurgence in trade tensions and a war of words between the world’s two largest economies.

While analysts have also said that the US was highly unlikely to take the “nuclear option” of cancelling Chinese-held debt, with Larry Kudlow himself refuting this suggestion on several occasions last week, the "mere fact that the idea has been discussed could well prompt Beijing to seek to insulate itself from the risk by reducing its US government debt holdings", the SCMP writes.

May 07 12:37

Top Trade Negotiators From US, China To Meet As Trump Threatens To Scrap Deal

As we noted earlier, Secretary Mnuchin was clearly dealing with some serious stress last night as President Trump stormed about the possibility of cancelling the US-China trade pact, fuming about the uncertainty surrounding whether China plans to honor the agreement.

As the bilateral relationship deteriorates to its most caustic point since Nixon met Mao, Bloomberg reports that Chinese and US trade negotiators will speak as soon as next week on progress in implementing a phase-one deal after Trump threatened to "terminate" the agreement if Beijing didn't move to swiftly adhere to its terms.

The news was broken at around 330ameT, overnight in the US, but mid-afternoon in China. It comes as Beijing once again threatens to dump its Treasury holdings, a threat that carries added weight as US borrowing soars.

May 07 12:37

Facebook's New Censorship Czar Is Anti-Trump Leftist Who Made Barron A Punch Line

One of Facebook’s new “content oversight board” members who will decide what information is censored by the social media giant is Pamela Karlan, a leftist who infamously made Barron Trump the punch line of a joke.

May 07 12:36

Oil Surges After Saudis Slash Price Discounts In Bid To Prop Up Market

After slumping much of yesterday, Brent soared on Thursday morning, after Saudi Arabia stepped in to prop up the recovery in the energy market by raising crude prices for its customers worldwide. Saudi Aramco increased pricing for most of its grades for shipment in June.

According to a price list seen by Bloomberg, Aramco raised its official selling price for flagship Arab Light crude to buyers in Asia by $1.40 a barrel, to a discount of $5.90 below the Middle East benchmark. The company was expected to reduce its official pricing by $2.50 a barrel, to a discount of $9.80, according to the median estimates in a Bloomberg survey of seven traders and refiners. By increasing pricing for Asia, Aramco is also indicating it sees demand beginning to recover in its largest regional market. The company is reversing three consecutive months of reductions in pricing for the world’s largest oil-consuming region.

May 07 12:30

"It's Devastating": Kashakri Says Real Unemployment Rate Is As High As 24%

Minneapolis Fed president, Neel Kashkari, said that Friday’s jobs report will likely understate the real unemployment picture as it will only reflect people who are "actively looking for work", a nearly impossible task in a time of nationwide lockdowns, and that the country should steel itself for a “long, gradual” recovery.

"It asks people are you actively looking for work? And a lot of people who have just lost their jobs and were all sheltering in place — they’re not actively looking for work," Kashkari, who oversaw the Treasury bank bailout program after the 2008 Wall Street crash, said on NBC’s “Today” show.

May 07 12:29

The Harder They Fall: Trump Attorney Moves Against Stormy Daniels And Michael Cohen

Trump counsel Michael Cohen from current Trump counsel Charles Harder.

Cohen has been getting the word out that he is writing a tell-all book in his latest effort to cash in on his scandalous career.

He then received a letter from Harder that he will sue Cohen if he violates... you guessed it... his nondisclosure agreement (NDA).

The same grounds that Cohen used against Stormy Daniels. Speaking of Daniels, she also received mail from Harder, who is seeking hundreds of thousands of dollars for attorneys fees used to represent Trump against her (also a threat made by Cohen in prior litigation). There are two critical differences in all of this.

May 07 12:28

Neiman Marcus Files For 'Prepack' Bankruptcy, Joining J Crew

Just three days ago, we reported that Neiman Marcus - aka "Needless Markups" - was on the cusp of striking a deal with creditors for financing that would help tide it over through bankruptcy.

Well, it looks like the big day has finally arrived. Bloomberg reports that Neiman Marcus Group has officially entered into a Restructuring Support Agreement with a significant majority of its creditors to undergo a financial restructuring and file for "voluntary prearranged" bankruptcy protection.

May 07 12:27

Peter Schiff: The Fed Can Never Take The Easy Money Drug Away

The Federal Reserve is creating a massive amount of money out of thin air and injecting it into the economy. Pretty much everybody believes this is the only choice given the economic emergency we face. But we’re told once the emergency is over, the Fed will take the excesses away. In his podcast, Peter Schiff explains why this will never happen. Once the drug addict is hooked, you can’t just take the drug away.

May 07 12:26

Turkish troops, allied militants cut drinking water supply to northeastern Syria

Turkish military forces and allied Takfiri militants have cut off drinking water from a pumping station to thousands of people in Syria's northeastern province of Hasakah, amid the novel coronavirus outbreak in the war-torn country.

The director general of Hasakah Water Company, Mahmoud al-Ukla, told Syria’s official news agency SANA that Turkish troops and their allies forced the Allouk water station to stop work on Thursday, leaving the provincial capital city of Hasakah and areas in the western environs of the province without water.

May 07 12:24

‘Unprecedented in modern times’: New research shows 1 in 5 children in US face food insecurity amid Covid-19 lockdowns

A new study has found that children in the United States are suffering the highest rate of food insecurity ever recorded in the country, as tens of millions of Americans are barred from working under coronavirus-induced lockdowns.

Food insecurity for American children was significantly worse in April than during any year since 2001, before which point no comparable data is available, according to research published on Wednesday by the Brookings Institution.

“Looking over time, particularly to the relatively small increase in child food insecurity during the Great Recession, it is clear that young children are experiencing food insecurity to an extent unprecedented in modern times.” wrote Brookings researcher Lauren Bauer, who called the findings “alarming.”

May 07 12:23

Welcome to the bungle: US treasury sec posts spectacular fail during Twitter row with G’n’R frontman Axl Rose

If anyone needed more evidence that things have gone a bit mad with the world under lockdown, Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose and US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin have thrown down in a Twitter spat.

In an online row absolutely no one saw coming, nor wanted to see coming to be fair, rocker Rose criticized secretary Mnuchin, declaring him “officially an asshole.”

“What have you done for your country?” Mnuchin replied with as much pith and vinegar as he could muster. Alas, his wry retort was undone by one critical detail... he included an emoji of the Liberian flag instead of the US flag.

May 07 12:14

US unemployment hits 33.5 MILLION, marking worst economic downturn since Great Depression

Another three million Americans have filed for unemployment benefits during the week ending May 2, which brings the total claims over the seven weeks of the Covid-19 lockdown to over 33 million.

Some 3.839 million initial jobless claims have been registered in the past week. Florida saw the highest number of initial filings, at an estimated 432,000 on an unadjusted basis, from 507,000 in the week prior.

California reported 328,000 claims – down from 528,000 in the previous week. Meanwhile, Georgia reported an estimated 265,000 and Texas 254,000.

“Initial jobless claims continued to moderate during the most recent week of data, despite remaining at an extremely elevated level,” Nomura economist Lewis Alexander wrote on May 1.

May 07 12:14

Tech Firms ‘Deepen Surveillance Apparatus’ With Bevy of COVID-19 Tracking Phone Tools

Cyber-intelligence firms are using the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to surveil citizens and threaten civil liberties, web developer and technologist Chris Garaffa and software engineer and technology and security analyst Patricia Gorky told Radio Sputnik’s Loud & Clear.

“We are seeing the coronavirus crisis being used as a way to further attack privacy and civil liberties, not just in the US … but around the world,” Garaffa told host John Kiriakou on Monday.

May 07 12:13

Special Forces Deficient British Army Launches Major Recruitment Drive

Despite the ongoing coronavirus crisis, he British Army's website makes clear the armed forces are still accepting applications - indeed is currently advertising for a number of "army jobs", including officers, mechanics and trainee intelligence analysts.

British Army commanders have launched a major recruitment drive for special forces soldiers and ex-veterans, as mysterious as it is high-priority.

To qualify, you must already be a soldier in the army, and aged between 18 - 28. Officers will earn an initial salary of £27,200, which can rise to £32,800 upon completion of a year's training, which includes free medical and dental health cover.

May 07 12:13

Bill Gates and His 'War Against Cash' Are a Threat to Our Liberty, Economist Warns

A consortium of powerful interests that include Visa and Mastercard, the International Monetary Fund, billionaire Bill Gates and the US Treasury have been slowly lobbying for cash to be abolished worldwide and replaced with digital only currencies.

Norbert Haering holds a PhD in economics and is co-founder and co-director of the World Economics Association, the second largest association of economists worldwide. Dr Häring is a financial journalist, blogger and author of popular books on economics.

His two most recent books covered the campaign to abolish cash. The latest "Schönes neues Geld" (Brave new money) published in German in 2018 just came out in Chinese.

May 07 12:12

New Bombshell Documents Raise the Question Why Obama Feared Michael Flynn So Much

As a result of AG William Barr's decision to review Michael Flynn's case new bombshell documents were unearthed and unsealed on 29 April shedding light on a potential FBI plot against the general. The exposure has triggered new questions about the anti-Trump "spygate" effort by FBI and DOJ officials, says Wall Street analyst Charles Ortel.

The newly unveiled written notes openly ask whether the bureau's goal was "to get" General Michael Flynn "to lie", so that the FBI could "prosecute him or get him fired". The files also indicate that the FBI's operation Crossfire Razor targeting Flynn had found nothing implicating the general in the "collusion" with Russia and would have been closed if then-FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok not intervened to keep the case open.

May 07 12:11

AP Exclusive: US shelves detailed guide to reopening country

The Trump administration has shelved a document created by the nation’s top disease investigators with step-by-step advice to local authorities on how and when to reopen restaurants and other public places during the still-raging coronavirus outbreak.

The 17-page report by a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention team, titled “Guidance for Implementing the Opening Up America Again Framework,” was researched and written to help faith leaders, business owners, educators and state and local officials as they begin to reopen.

It was supposed to be published last Friday, but agency scientists were told the guidance “would never see the light of day,” according to a CDC official. The official was not authorized to talk to reporters and spoke to The Associated Press on the condition of anonymity.

May 07 12:10

The Hybrid War on Venezuela Moves to a New Stage of Aggression

In the early morning of last May 3 Venezuela has witnessed the first attempt of a raid by speedboats with armed mercenary forces on the central coast of Venezuela, just a few kilometres from the capital city, Caracas. The response by the Venezuelan armed forces and the almost continuous updates about the action including photos and videos were quick.

Just a couple of hours later, while the defensive operation was still underway, Venezuela’s Minister of Interior Nestor Reverol issued an initial statement,

“A group of terrorist mercenaries attempted a maritime invasion, entering Venezuela with speedboats via the coast of La Guaira. Their aim was to assassinate leaders of the Bolivarian Revolution and carry out a coup.”

The suggestion that the raid – already a grave act of aggression – had such menacing consequences was not farfetched, given past attempts to overthrow the Maduro government, including attempted assassinations.

May 07 12:09

Mercenary Confesses Failed Plot Was to Bring President Maduro to US

Former United States ex-green beret Luke Denman, that was captured Monday by Venezuela’s Armed Forces, confessed Wednesday that his group aimed at kidnapping President Nicolas Maduro as part of ‘Operation Gedeon’.

“I was expecting anywhere between US$50,000 to US$100,000,” Denman admitted, confessing he arrived in Colombia on Jan. 16 in Rioacha in order to train Venezuelan deserters.

While Maduro said there is no doubt that Colombia’s President Ivan Duque was involved in the military incursion that U.S. mercenaries attempted to accomplish on Sunday.

He also confirmed that Duque ordered the expulsion from his country of people involved in acts of destabilization in Venezuela

“Juvenal Sequea, Hernan Aleman, and Alexander Russo -the one who armed the drone to kill me- are now in Bogota. Ivan Duque will expel them because he wants nothing to do with those who failed,” the Venezuelan leader said at a press conference from Caracas.

May 07 12:08

Balkans are on path to EU membership - statement

The European Union’s 27 leaders on Wednesday gave their “unequivocal support” for the six Balkan countries to eventually become members of the bloc and offered more financial support to help the region deal with the coronavirus crisis aftermath.

After a summit by video with the leaders of Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia and North Macedonia, EU chiefs promised a “robust economic and investment plan for the region” in their final declaration.

May 07 12:07

Trump’s draft ‘Artemis Accords’ for moon mining are the lunar version of ‘Scramble for Africa’

Mining the Moon sounds like a grand vision of the future, but the way the US reportedly proposes to go about it conjures some of the worst blunders in Earth’s history instead, from the 2003 Iraq War to 19th century colonialism.

As most of America is still stuck indoors cowering before the “invisible enemy” Covid-19, President Donald Trump’s administration seems to have set its sights on the stars. Mere hours after Reuters revealed the existence of a secret treaty to partition the Moon, the US Space Force released its first recruiting ad, telling prospective space cadets that their future on this planet may in fact be off-planet.

May 07 12:06

US Government KNEW about Venezuela coup training camps: 'DEA source reveals agency told Department of Homeland Security about guns being smuggled to jungle training bases by ex-Green Beret'

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency informed the Department of Homeland Security that the Venezuela coup plot ringleader was smuggling guns to training camps, it has emerged.

A DEA source has admitted that an informant tipped the agency off earlier this year that former Green Beret Jordan Goudreau, 43, was smuggling weapons into Columbia.

The anti-narcotics agency said a formal probe wasn't opened and it did not know who Goudreau was at the time.

The DEA official speaking to the Associated Press said the information was also passed on to the Department of Homeland Security.

May 07 12:04

BREAKING NEWS: 'There's a black male running down the street.' 911 call by white ex-cop who shot and killed unarmed black jogger Ahmaud Arbery revealed as his family call his death a 'lynching' and demand 'justice'

The frantic 911 call made just minutes before the fatal shooting of unarmed black jogger Ahmaud Arbery was revealed Thursday.

'Hello. Err, I'm out here in Satilla Shores. There's a black male running down the street,' says the caller, believed to be former Georgia cop, Gregory McMichael, 64.

'I don't know what street we're on,' he adds, distracted and out of breath, when the operator asks him for the exact address within the Satilla Shores neighborhood in Brunswick, Georgia.

McMichael breaks off the call suddenly with an inaudible shout, adding: 'Goddamn it, c'mon, Travis.'

May 07 12:03

'It's their own fault': HHS Secretary Alex Azar says meat processing workers' 'home and social conditions' are to blame for rapid spread of coronavirus - not their working conditions 

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar dismissed concerns about the spread of the coronavirus at meat packing plants, saying workers were more likely to catch the deadly disease at home or in social situations.

Azar's remarks were made on a phone call with Democratic and Republican lawmakers and came after President Donald Trump invoked the Defense Production Act to keep meat plants open amid fears of a food shortage.

But the plants have also had high outbreaks of the coronavirus among workers - more than 10,000 have tested positive nationwide with at least 45 deaths.

May 07 12:02

Crowdfunding Raises $350G for Jailed Texas Salon Owner's Legal Fees

A Dallas salon owner jailed for seven days for refusing to shut down her business has received over $350,000 for her legal fees from supporters on a GoFundMe page.

Shelley Luther, owner and operation of Salon A La Mode, was sentenced to seven days in jail and a $7,000 fine by Judge Eric Moye, after she refused to admit to the judge that her motivation in keeping her salon open was “selfish," Town Hall reported.

Moye told her, ““If you would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge that your own actions were selfish, putting your own interest ahead of those in the community in which you live,” Moye said, he would consider giving her only a fine, but Shelley didn’t budge, CBS News Dallas reported.

Moye also told her she was to apologize and keep her salon closed until Friday, when it could open legally.

May 07 12:01

America Has No Plan for the Worst-Case Scenario on Covid-19

In the midst of the constant up-and-down of coronavirus news, both from science and the markets, it’s easy to lose sight of the scariest scenario of them all: the one where there’s no magic bullet. In this entirely plausible situation, there would be no effective Covid-19 vaccine or transformative therapy; the combination of testing and contact tracing wouldn’t successfully suppress the outbreak; and herd immunity would come, if at all, only after millions of deaths around the world.

Even raising this possibility is a big downer. But the fact that an outcome is terrible doesn’t make it impossible.

May 07 11:59

Fed Is Propping Up Companies It Had Warned Banks Not to Touch

For years, the Federal Reserve warned that too many highly risky companies were engaging in fuzzy accounting that bumped up their earnings -- making it easier for them to obtain loans. The practice was driving up corporate debt to excessive and worrisome levels, regulators chastised.

But now, in its latest effort to keep credit flowing, the Fed has done a remarkable about-face. It essentially endorsed the dubious practice with a program that may serve to bail out some of America’s most leveraged companies.

The Fed move “rewards the worst abusers,” said Mark Carey, a former Fed official and co-president of GARP Risk Institute, the research arm of an association of risk managers. “People will see this as a backstop and in the future they will be encouraged to take on really high leverage.”

May 07 11:58

U.S. Debt Sales to Hit Record With Deficit Headed to $4 Trillion

The U.S. Treasury is boosting the amount of debt it plans to issue in the coming quarterly refunding auctions to a record $96 billion to provide government funding as the economy heads into a recession caused by the coronavirus.

The department said Wednesday it anticipates auctioning the first re-booted 20-year bond on May 20, with an expected initial offering size of $20 billion -- larger than most analysts projected. It also unveiled plans to boost overall issuance with a focus on increases to longer-term debt.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s plans for unprecedented debt issuance come as the Trump administration braces for what it sees as a 40% contraction in economic growth in the second quarter. The federal deficit is set to surpass estimates of $4 trillion for this year as lawmakers discuss additional economic stimulus.

May 07 11:47

How Facebook’s oversight board could rewrite the rules of the entire internet

Facebook's audacious experiment in corporate governance inched closer to reality Wednesday with the announcement of the first 20 members of its oversight board. But while much attention has been paid to how the board stands to rewrite Facebook's own rules, an equally important question is how it stands to rewrite the rules for every other tech platform, too.

The board's founding members include a former prime minister of Denmark, a Yemeni Nobel Peace Prize laureate, and a former federal judge nominated by President George W. Bush. If all goes according to plan, this Supreme Court-style body will be up and running by the fall, hearing cases and issuing decisions on what content should or shouldn't be removed from the world's largest social network.

May 07 11:46

Inside the secret DHS lab testing how long coronavirus can survive on shopping carts and in sunlight

For scientists working at the Department of Homeland Security’s biodefense research laboratory, the directive from senior agency officials was unprecedented: drop everything and focus on one target, the coronavirus.

As the number of positive cases in the United States tops 1.2 million and deaths exceed 70,000, those scientists have been working 15 hours a day, seven days a week trying to crack the COVID-19 code.

“This is the most urgent thing we have worked on since 9/11,” said Lloyd Hough, a senior official and biology expert with Homeland Security's Science and Technology Directorate.

May 07 11:44

US Special Forces hostage Luke Denman, 34, is paraded on Venezuelan TV, admits to plot to capture Maduro and holds up coup contract, as Pompeo denies US involvement and says if he'd been 'directly' involved it would have 'gone differently'

A former U.S. special force soldier arrested in Venezuela was paraded on Venezuelan TV Wednesday as he 'admitted to a plot to capture President Nicolas Maduro'.

Luke Denman, 34, was arrested Monday alongside fellow American Airan Berry, 41, and six Venezuelan mercenaries as part of the foiled coup that he said was commanded by President Donald Trump through an ex-Green Beret named Jordan Goudreau, 43.

'The only instructions I received from Jordan were that I should make sure to take control of the airport for safe passage transfer of Maduro and receiving airplanes,' Denman said.

'Take Maduro back to the United States'.

May 07 11:43

US will use ‘every tool’ to get ex-soldiers back from Venezuela: Pompeo

The US will use “every tool” available to secure the release of two former American soldiers believed to be held in Venezuela, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Wednesday.

Venezuelan officials claimed this week that two former US special forces soldiers — Luke Denman and Airan Berry — were among the mercenaries taken into custody after a botched coup attempt to overthrow Venezuelan socialist strongman Nicolas Maduro.

Pompeo stopped short of confirming the two Americans were being held in the South American nation, calling it a “consular matter.”

May 07 11:42

Researchers Use Computer Chip In Patient’s Brain To Restore Sense Of Touch After Spinal Cord Injury

A scientific breakthrough has given a man in Ohio the chance to reclaim a major part of his life after a devastating injury.

Ian Burkhart suffered a severe spinal cord injury in 2010 while on vacation from Ohio University. He dove into a wave and struck an unseen sandbar that paralyzed him instantly. Since 2014, researchers at the nonprofit, Battelle, and the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center have been working on new technologies to help restore the use of Burkhart’s right arm.

In a new report, published in the journal Cell, the researchers have succeeded in connecting neural signals between Burkhart’s brain and arm. The breakthrough system is able to harness signals that are usually too small to perceive, enhances them, and sends them to the patient.

May 07 11:41

"Biblical" Wave Of Bankruptcies Is About To Flood The US

One of the silver linings of the coronacrisis to date is that despite the unprecedented collapse in the broader economy and the 30 or so million unemployed, the pace of bankruptcy filings has been relatively steady compared to the pre-covid levels, as the following Goldman chart shows.

May 07 11:41

Thousands Donate To GoFundMe For Jailed Salon Owner Who Stood Up To Judge In Viral Video

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton expressed their opposition to Luther's imprisonment and have called for her immediate release.

Xmas w/o borders
May 07 11:41

Rosenstein Asked Mueller To Investigate Already-Discredited Steele Dossier Allegations, Memo Reveals

Allegations in August 2017 scoping memo instructing special prosecutor to investigate Carter Page came from dossier that had already been discredited...

Then-Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein instructed Special Counsel Robert Mueller in August 2017 to investigate allegations against former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page that originated with the Steele dossier and had already been discredited by the FBI, a newly declassified memo showed Wednesday night.

The Justice Department's release of the unredacted version of Rosenstein's so-called investigative scoping memo provided the first declarative evidence that Mueller was asked to investigate widely suspect allegations from Christopher Steele's opposition research conducted for the Clinton campaign and Democratic Party back in 2016.

May 07 11:40

Supreme Court tosses Bridgegate convictions of two officials for ex-N.J. Gov. Chris Christie

New Jersey’s infamous ‘Bridgegate’ scandal was no crime, the Supreme Court ruled Thursday, tossing the convictions of two officials who caused a traffic jam as political punishment to then-Gov. Chris Christie’s enemies.

May 07 11:40

China Considers Dropping GDP Growth Target Range For 2020 

Well, it seems after China's magical V-shaped recovery in PMIs amid the rest of the world crashing into recession, if not depression, as a result of coronavirus lockdowns, a new report via Bloomberg suggests Chinese leaders are contemplating "the option of not setting a numerical target for economic growth this year given the uncertainty caused by the global coronavirus pandemic."

After a dramatic rebound in PMIs for the second consecutive month after the February crash, artificially engineered, of course, the fakery is not likely to hold, hence why to the prospects of not setting a growth target this year is reportedly being discussed by officials.

May 07 11:39

Nearly 1.5 Million More Tuberculosis Deaths Expected Due To Coronavirus Lockdowns

Since the coronavirus outbreak forced doctors and hospitals around the world to delay most other medical care to focus 100% on combating the outbreak, lapses in vaccination routines have led to the reemergence of diseases like polio and measles. Alarmed by this trend, one ER doctor and coronavirus survivor in the Bronx warned that the US might as well end its coronavirus lockdowns now due to the impending wave of ancillary health issues.

May 07 11:38

Trump Resisted Pressuring China To Be More "Transparent" About Coronavirus Outbreak Back In January: Report

In a must-read piece detailing the evolution of the US-China relationship from productive partnership to bitter rivalry, WSJ reported that back in January, President Trump resisted pressing China to be more transparent about the emerging virus, and the risks it might pose to the global community.

Since President Trump revoked funding for the WHO last month and a British newspaper appeared to confirm that western intelligence agencies (including US intelligence) were investigating the possibility that the virus might have leaked from a biolab in Wuhan, hostilities between Beijing and Washington have taken off, with China's Foreign Ministry on Wednesday prodding Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to show 'proof' that the virus came from the Wuhan lab.

May 07 11:37

Belgium Accuses China Of Bio-Espionage; Biological Warfare Program And Vaccine Experts Targeted

Belgian intelligence suspects Chinese spies of targeting biological warfare and vaccine experts, according to Belgium's security service, which also believes Beijing is targeting the Belgium office of British pharmaceutical giant and vaccine manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) as well as domestic high-tech firms, according to EU Observer.

May 07 11:37

What Will Schools Look Like After COVID?

If you’ve been wondering what it will look like when the kids go back to school, one school in Quebec has released their new guidelines and they’re shocking.

Apparently, schools are going to look a lot like prison camps.

May 07 11:36

Weaponizing The Dollar In A Post-COVID Cold War

Don’t worry, we’re still talking virus, just from a slightly different angle. I was going to do something completely different, but then I saw an article at the South China Morning Post (SCMP) today that made me think “I don’t think that’s true”, realizing that at the same time many people would think it is.

Foreign holdings of US Treasuries are a misty environment for perhaps not just many, but most people. What triggered the SCMP piece is Trump’s threat, if it was ever meant to be one, to default on US dollar-denominated debt owned by China. Which by one estimate consists for about 70% of Treasuries.

And there are entire choirs full of voices willing to tell us that China can simply start dumping the -estimated- $1.2 trillion in Treasuries it holds, and threaten if not end the USD reserve currency status that way, if the US doesn’t “behave”. There’s little doubt that China would want this, but that doesn’t make the idea any more realistic.

May 07 11:35

IRS Orders The Dead To Return Stimulus Money

One week after Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said that dead people aren't eligible for stimulus check after it emerged that an unknown number of recently deceased Americans had received a $1200 tax credit as part of the coronavirus helicopter money package, the Internal Revenue Service made sure that the dead will only be allowed to vote instead of stimulating the economy, when it announced that individuals who got a $1,200 stimulus payment intended for someone who’s deceased or incarcerated should return the money. It wasn't clear how the IRS will "enforce" collecting from the dead or their relatives.

May 07 11:34

Police Are Complicit In Politicians' Disregard For The Rule Of Law

People of a certain age might remember the old John Birch Society slogan "Support your local police!" The idea here is that your local policeman is a liberty-loving buddy of yours who would only ever support just laws and constitutional mandates. Only those bad guys in the FBI or BATF would ever consider violating your rights.

May 07 11:33

While Pandemic Destroys Lives, The Surveillance State Celebrates

If we don’t fight back against the secretive surveillance state growing steadily around us, your wife/husband may find out you love a Cinnabon more than you love her/him. And that might be just the beginning of it.

May 07 11:31

The joke is on all of us(Picture)

May 07 11:31

Police Try To Shut Down Restaurant Defying Stay-At-Home Order, Community Shows Up Anyway

Imagine following the governor’s orders to a tee and getting rewarded for it by nearly losing everything.

May 07 11:30

An Immigrant Who Tested Positive For The Coronavirus Has Died In ICE Custody

A 57-year-old man from El Salvador who had tested positive for COVID-19 died in Immigration and Customs Enforcement Custody in Southern California on Wednesday, according to an internal government report obtained.

May 07 11:25

Trump Admin Wins In Appeals Court, Preventing Release Of 250 ICE Detainees

A panel on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has overruled a lower court’s order to reduce the detention population of an Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility by the hundreds.

May 07 11:24

Cruise ship dancer couple break down as they reveal they've been stranded in the Bahamas for 54 days and forced to stay inside their rooms for 21 hours in a 'hostile environment' where 'many are suffering mental health issues'

A couple who have been stranded on a cruise ship in the Bahamas for 54 days have given an emotional account of their harrowing experience during a live appearance on This Morning today.
Lauren Carrick, 29, from Norwich, and her dancer fiance Joseph Harrison, 27, from Hull, are on the Celebrity Infinity ship alongside around 900 other crew members, and have been unable to return home since the pandemic hit.

May 07 11:22

Hundreds of angry customers slam Groupon after being refused cash refunds when their orders didn't arrive during lockdown and offered 'useless' company credit instead

Hundreds of angry customers have slammed Groupon as the online retailer refused to give refunds on orders that they couldn't fulfil - claiming that due to coronavirus they could only offer 'unwanted' store credits.

May 07 11:15

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Issues New Title IX Rules To Protect Free Speech, Due Process for Accused Students

On Wednesday, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos formally announced the new rules related to Title IX—the federal statute that governs sexual misconduct in schools—thus completing a process that began more than a year ago, when the government first unveiled its proposed changes.

May 07 11:14

Native Americans Send Ireland $170 As 1845 Famine Aid, Ireland Gives Back By Fueling $2.9M COVID-19 Relief Fund In 2020

They say that people never forget kindness and generosity, especially if it comes at a time when nobody expected any. This time, 173 years have passed and people thought that now was the time to return the favor.

May 07 11:14

Oregon's People...(Picture)

May 07 11:07

The world asks: How did Britain get it so wrong on coronavirus? International headlines show how UK is seen as 'a problem child' responsible for the 'biggest failure in a generation'

The world's media has lined up to savage Britain's coronavirus response this week after the UK's death toll surpassed Italy's to become the worst in Europe.
Headlines describe the UK as a 'the problem child of Europe' and the policies of Boris Johnson's government as 'the biggest failure in a generation'.

May 07 11:06

Death toll among NHS and healthcare staff hits 150: Tributes paid to frontline workers as number of coronavirus victims passes grim milestone

The figure is still likely to be lower than the true number of workers who've died
Boris Johnson to announce easing of Britain's lockdown restrictions on Sunday
More than 30,000 people across the UK have fallen victim to the killer infection

May 07 11:02

They Want To Make "Social Distancing" A Permanent Part Of Our Lives

Humans are inherently social creatures, and that is never going to change. Within each one of us there is a fundamental need for connection with others, but now these coronavirus lockdowns have separated us from one another like never before. Thankfully, many states are now starting to end their lockdowns, but unfortunately this is definitely not the end for “social distancing”. Just as 9/11 greatly altered our society on a permanent basis, many of our social engineers now intend to make “social distancing” a permanent part of our lives. If they have their way, there will be written or unwritten rules about how close you can get to other people virtually everywhere that you go.

May 07 11:02

'Insulting Resolution': Trump Vetoes Congressional Measure Curbing Military Action Against Iran

US President Donald Trump has vetoed a bill that would have reined in his power to unilaterally make war against Iran. The bill was passed by lawmakers after the White House's January decision to assassinate a leading Iranian general without notifying Congress, bringing the region to the brink of war.

In March, federal lawmakers passed a resolution amending the War Powers Act of 1973 by requiring the president to obtain Congressional approval before ordering military actions against other states.

"Congress should not have passed this resolution," the White House said in a Wednesday news release on Trump's behalf announcing the veto decision.

"This was a very insulting resolution, introduced by Democrats as part of a strategy to win an election on November 3 by dividing the Republican Party," the statement read. "The few Republicans who voted for it played right into their hands."

May 07 11:01

Captured Mercenary Admits Plans to Kidnap Venezuela's Maduro, Take Him to US on Plane

The Venezuelan military thwarted an attempted naval invasion by heavily-armed mercenaries coming from Colombia on Sunday morning, neutralizing multiple fighters and capturing at least two US nationals among them. More mercenaries have surrendered in the days since.

Venezuelan television has broadcast footage of the confession of Silvercorp USA mercenary Luke Alexander Denman, one of the US citizens captured in the aftermath of Sunday's botched raid. According to the mercenary, the plan was to kidnap Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, get him on a plane and take him back to the United States for prosecution.

Speaking to his interrogator, Denman explained that the mission was "to meet Venezuelans in Colombia, train them and come with them to Venezuela to secure Caracas and secure an airport here for follow-on."

"The instructions that I received...was to ensure that we took control of the airport for safe passage of Maduro," he says later in the interview.

May 07 11:01

Israeli Police Compile Car Movement Info in Massive Secret Database, Report Claims

The project, known as the 'Hawk-Eye' program, was said to have begun secret operations in 2014, collecting data on Israeli-owned vehicles by using smart cameras distributed across all parts of the Middle Eastern country.

Israel’s police forces are gathering a huge secret database on the movement of cars belonging to Israeli citizens, including those not suspected of any wrongdoing, across the country without clear oversight, The Times of Israel reported on Wednesday, citing a local news outlet.

According to the report, police collect video of cars recorded by means of smart LPR cameras capable of identifying license plates to determine whether the vehicle is stolen or if its driver’s license is expired.

May 07 11:00

US Defense Chief: USS Kidd COVID-19 Outbreak May Have Started During Counternarcotics Operation

US Defense Secretary Mark Esper on Tuesday told reporters that the novel coronavirus outbreak aboard the Navy destroyer USS Kidd may have begun during a counterdrug mission the ship was carrying out while deployed in the Pacific.

"A theory is that they could've picked it up on a counterdrug mission where they pulled over a vessel possibly carrying drugs and they boarded the vessel and may have come in contact with somebody carrying the virus there," Esper told reporters, referring to a counterdrug mission near Central America.

The Kidd was deployed with the USS Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group in January but was later rerouted to the eastern Pacific for counternarcotics missions in US Southern Command.

May 07 11:00

Government by billionaires? Cuomo names former Google CEO to join Gates & Bloomberg in drafting post-pandemic ‘reforms’

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has appointed ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt to lead a panel on post-pandemic “reform” of health and education systems, despite criticism for taking other billionaires with conflicts of interest on board.

Schmidt will head a ‘Blue Ribbon Commission’ tasked with “reimagining” New York's existing systems of healthcare and education, Cuomo announced on Wednesday during his daily coronavirus briefing. The decision to place such power in the hands of another unelected billionaire has riled critics already uneasy about the governor's post-Covid-19 plans.

May 07 10:59

Gutfeld on Gov. Cuomo and the nursing home scandal

May 07 10:58

Tucker: Policymakers just can't stop breaking coronavirus rules

May 07 10:58

Pro-Abortion Actress Rages on Ellen: Parents Who Won't 'Transition' Kids Feel They Are 'Disposable’

On Ellen DeGeneres’s daytime talk show Monday, the liberal comedian brought on celebrity couple, actress Gabrielle Union and retired NBA star Dwyane Wade, to praise them for their “supportive” decision to “transition” their pre-teen son into a girl. Along the way, the host and actress had some harsh words for parents who don’t share their same trendy views on parenting.

Although Wade appeared later in the show, Union began the interview talking with Ellen. While lavishing praise on the couple’s decision to let their 12-year-old change genders, DeGeneres encouraged the actress to bash less woke parents as heartless monsters who don’t really love their kids.

May 07 10:56

Tables at Europe’s finest restaurants, seats at La Scala & top West End shows – post-Covid-19 life’s looking fine & dandy

As we experience a frisson of excitement at soon being set free from lockdown, summer 2020 may yet prove to be a winner for those willing to venture out and savour the opportunities that exist in our ‘new normal’ world.

From the Highlands to Heraklion, people thought summer 2020 was going to be effectively cancelled, with many understandably hesitant about leaving their homes for a holiday abroad where they could be expected to endure the Mediterranean heat while sitting in a plexiglass box on an Italian beach, like a specimen in a museum.

But for those willing to brave the big, still largely deserted, outside, there are some fantastic opportunities beckoning, notwithstanding the demands of social distancing. It’s time to start work on that hedonist’s bucket list you’ve always promised yourself. The post Covid-19 one. Using all the money you’ve saved by not paying your mortgage, or commuting to work, or buying posh sandwiches from Pret.

May 07 10:56

‘Don’t teach us from your beautiful villas’: Social media slams celebs urging AGAINST return to normality after Covid-19

A group of renowned showbiz stars and Nobel Prize recipients, warned against prioritizing Covid-19 over the “ecological disaster.” The internet, however, fired back, accusing them of talking down to working-class people.

Juliette Binoche, one of France’s best-loved film stars, teamed up with astrophysicist Aurelien Barrau to issue yet another call to the world. Published by Le Monde newspaper, it features over 200 signatories, including actors Monica Bellucci, Cate Blanchett and Robert De Niro, singers Ricky Martin and Madonna, and over a dozen Nobel Prize laureates in physics and chemistry.

May 07 10:55

Covid-19 serial killer: By day he clapped for nurses, but by night illegal migrant butchered Barcelona’s homeless

The coronavirus pandemic has officially recorded its first bona fide serial killer with the arrest of a Barcelona football fan who went on a sickening random killing spree during the lockdown in the heart of Catalonia.

Even at a quick first glance, the illegal Brazilian immigrant – dressed in a Barcelona FC cap and black leather mittens – has the eerie demeanour of a psychopath in new footage that has emerged.

In a twisted irony, Thiago Lages can be seen here participating, albeit half-heartedly, in the nightly ritual of applauding healthcare workers risking their lives on the frontline in Spain. But there was certainly nothing half-hearted about the coldblooded killing spree he went on during the Covid-19 pandemic.

May 07 10:54

Europe again needs Washington to rescue it

While most of the world is engaged in the fight against the immediate fallout of the pandemic, analysts are trying to determine what the long-term consequences will look like and how to tackle them. The search for leaders of constructive reforms has been an important part of the conversation. At the same time, heads of government and leaders of international organizations have been undergoing intensive scrutiny.

The World Health Organization is generally considered to have failed the pandemic exam. The head of this UN agency is facing harsh accusations of tardiness, taking China’s side and spreading its narrative. The United States has already reacted and put on hold its financial support of WHO. Similar calls have started to emerge in Europe.

May 07 10:53

Video: US Air Force’s B-1B Bombers Make 24-Hour Flight for Live-Fire Drills Near Russian Border

Two of the US Air Force’s B-1B Lancer supersonic bombers flew from South Dakota to the Baltics to participate in NATO drills earlier this week, including live-fire drills just miles from the Russian border. It was just the latest globetrotting flight by the heavily overworked planes in recent weeks.

‘No Target is Too Far Away’

Earlier this week, two Lancers flying from Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota paid a visit to the Baltic Sea for drills with several NATO partners, according to a Wednesday news release by US Air Forces in Europe and Air Forces Africa. While the release gave no duration for the flight, Estonian Public Broadcasting reported it was a 24-hour round trip.

May 07 10:49

Covid-19 has damaged the trust Canadians have in their American neighbours, while U.S. residents collectively have more faith in their northern counterparts than they do in themselves, a new online poll suggests.

COVID-19 has damaged the trust Canadians have in their American neighbours, while U.S. residents collectively have more faith in their northern counterparts than they do in themselves, a new online poll suggests.

May 07 10:49

Revealed: Amazon told workers paid sick leave law doesn't cover warehouses

Amazon workers in southern California’s industrial heartland say the company’s policies are forcing sick employees to work and that warehouses are refusing to comply with a state paid sick leave law meant to prevent Covid-19 outbreaks.

May 07 10:48

Ambulance workers are blasted over TikTok coffin dance with coronavirus 'patient' that became online hit

Ambulance workers have been slammed as inappropriate over a TikTok 'coffin dance' video that went viral.
The footage, posted on social media app on Tuesday shows a man apparently unwell, coughing in the back of an ambulance, startling workers who were reaching for life-saving PPE.

May 07 10:47

Airbnb landlord looks on in horror as doorbell CCTV shows 12 revellers sneaking into his flat for drink-and drugs lockdown party

An Airbnb landlord was shocked to discover 12 revellers had snuck into his flat for a drink-and-drugs lockdown party on CCTV doorbell footage.