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Watch: Smugglers Move Hundreds of Migrants Through South Texas Ranch

Nearly 100 miles from the border in Texas, one rancher is alarmed by the level of migrant traffic traversing her property almost daily. The rancher, afraid of retaliation from human smugglers, prefers to remain anonymous. The rancher says the events filmed on the property show migrants circumventing a nearby Border Patrol checkpoint.

The video shows a steady stream of smugglers guiding migrants in the darkness through the ranch. The ranch owner says things have changed dramatically this year. “The coyotes and illegals have created a new ‘highway’ right through our ranch in Sarita. They have come through the same location every other night except Saturdays. Just this morning, two came up to one of our houses,” the rancher told Breitbart Texas.

The rancher says in the last seven days they have counted 200 on one game camera. In this case, the camera serves more as a security measure to warn them of the presence of migrants and the smugglers on the property.

The rancher says the Border Patrol is notified of the incursions, but at times they are just too busy to respond in a timely manner. On some occasions, they are unable to respond at all. Like in other areas, the Border Patrol agents spend most of their time processing and caring for migrants in their custody. She also relies on Kenedy County Sheriff’s deputies for emergency needs.