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Michelle Malkin: Grant Napear's Life Matters

Should a peaceful, law-abiding man of faith be punished in perpetuity for publicly proclaiming his heartfelt belief that "ALL LIVES MATTER ... EVERY SINGLE ONE"?

The question is not merely rhetorical. It is now a legal matter for a California court and jury to decide. Grant Napear, radio talk show host and former announcer for the Sacramento Kings basketball team, filed a lawsuit last week against his former employer, Bonneville International Corp., after the Utah-based media conglomerate threw him under the bus last spring to mollify the un-mollify-able Black Lives Matter mob.

In case you had forgotten, hordes of lunatics across America lost their minds over the Minneapolis police–involved death of career criminal and drug addict George Floyd. Coast-to-coast riots caused nearly $2 billion in damages and cost scores of lives—all under the guise of "social justice" and "peaceful protest," of course. Those who dared stray from BLM orthodoxy—no joking allowed, no defense of law enforcement allowed, nothing less than full and immediate genuflection to the vengeful gods of "diversity" allowed—faced moral condemnation, social media persecution and even employment termination.

Napear suffered all three punishments. His crime? In response to NBA player DeMarcus Cousins' tweet to him asking "what's your take on BLM?" the veteran sports journalist answered with those fateful six words: "ALL LIVES MATTER...EVERY SINGLE ONE."