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Kamala Harris is calling for 'commonsense' gun control. She means confiscation

Kamala Harris marked the eighth anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting earlier this week by calling for “commonsense” gun control. But she already told us what commonsense measures she supports, chief among them is confiscation.

Before being selected as Joe Biden's running mate, Harris tried to stake out the furthest left-wing positions in the Democratic primary on a number of issues. This was most evident on gun control, where she praised Eric Swalwell’s “mandatory buybacks” during a Democratic debate. She liked the idea so much that she eventually adopted it as her own.

“We have to have a buyback program, and I support a mandatory gun buyback program,” Harris told the anti-Second Amendment group March for Our Lives in October of 2019. You’ll remember the March for Our Lives as the group that thinks that anyone who supports private gun ownership is placing a price tag on student lives. Just like the group, Harris has opposed the individual right to gun ownership secured by the Second Amendment.


If the govt can do . .

michael mazur

a buyback using the police, door to door, can the people do a buyback of police guns?

michael mazur

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