The CHEKA comes again.

The CHEKA comes again.

A potentiality that no one has thought of in the blogosphere is the growing possibility that the state of Israel will fail. I'm sure there are those in Israel and here who have thought out this possibility.

In the wake of the losing wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere: i.e.the failed "war on terror" brand that was launched in the wake of 911 (inside job), its failed strategies based upon the hubris of the neocons who thought that the world was unipolar, with the United States and Israel sitting at the top; the looted U.S. economy that now threatens United States' position as the world's reserve currency nation, a position that had allowed the U.S. to run vast account deficits; the loss of the United States political integrity, and its beaten down population that has seen their jobs out-sourced overseas, their pension and their health plans looted, their constitutional rights shredded...the United States, Israel's sole benefactor, is quickly being reduced to 3rd world dictatorship that has lost its global pre-eminence.

In the wake of these events, who is Israel to turn to? To help them, allow them, to continue its apartheid regime that tweaks the noses of some 1 billion muslims? To continue to use its intelligence agency to undermine the nations of the world, setting seemingly disparate peoples agains themselves. Except for the Fox News-fed morons here in the United States, the world knows what really is going, what is really happening.

There is a potential end-game where israel may findtself alone, fending for itself, against a world of teaming hostility.

Ultimately, the zionist have to protect the apartheid state of Israel, and the Jews who live there and here in the United States. Even if that means wresting control of the police state mechanisms established by Bush & Cheney in the wake of the 911 false-flag operation. The potential end-game of the implosion of the Israeli state coudl most likely be amelioriated by a mass influx of Israeli population to the United States.

That is why this election and John McCain is of extreme importance to them. They need to have their man in the White House, if the wheels come off. That man is most likely Joe Lieberman.

Scenario 1: If McCain dies after they steal the election, despite the overwhelming evidence that Obama is the clear favorite, Palin will have to be thrown overboard to make way for their man Lieberman, who would run this country just like the Bolsehviks did in the early Soviet Union. The CHEKA comes again.

Scenario 2: if Obama wins, could the hate now being expressed by white extremists (covert black ops?) throughout the country be used as a pretext for removing Obama? We have seen the veiled threats of violence against Obama from the McCain campaign and even Hillary Clinton. The political upheavel that would be aroused in the wake of an assassination would fracture the country and would only benefit those in position to take advantage of it: those who run the banking, the media, have agents in place in the Pentagon, the Department of State, DOJ, and Homeland Security. Whites, of course, would be accused and roundly repudiated. The Republican party, the bastion of the conservative white, has been eviscerated and blamed for the mess that now is the United States.

If Israel fails. If there is a new diaspora, it would be here that the Israeli Jews would come. It would be here that there would be a ready-made apartheid state replete with a brand-spanking new police state tailor-made for a ruling cabal sitting on the top.

Tin-foil hat, conspiracy theories? Perhaps. But this website is the appropirate place to outline certain ideas, concepts, potentialities.