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On Geert Wilders and the Dutch elections

Geert Wilders has Indonesian/jewish/Dutch roots. His schoolmates used to call him "the negro of Venlo'. He started his career as a government official, entered politics in 1990, and has never had 'a real job'. As a young adult he went to Israel where he worked for 2 years and received Mossad training. He also once claimed (while drunk) that he had an Israeli passport and that his marriages were arranged by Israel. He was investigated for spying for Israel in 2009.

In 2004 he left PM Rutte's party the VVD, taking his seat in parliament with him, and started 'group Wilders', the party that later morphed into 'the PVV'. The PVV is not a real party because it has just one member, Wilders himself. The PVV became a 'one issue party', and the issue was Islam. Wilders truly believes that Islam is the root cause of all Dutch problems. He is a traumatized man. When the Dutch left Indonesia they had to take a lot of Indonesian Christians with them, for obvious reasons, and these refugees and their children encountered the usual problems.

To call him a fascist or far-right extremist is taking it too far. The flood of muslim immigrants in the Netherlands that started in the 60ties has been causing problems from day 1. The cultural differences between West and East have a tendency to increase with every new generation instead of decreasing. For decades many - left and right - warned and all were silenced by the velvet glove 'multiculti' cuddlers. It is thanks to Geert that people felt free to talk about the problems they had with these minorities. The majority of the original Dutch population has no outspoken religion; less than half is somewhat Christian and the rest is more or less atheist, but there are hardly any tensions between these groups. Churches stand empty. As a result, nobody expected the Islamic inquisition.

Still, Islam would not have been such a problem if the multiculties had not invited, sponsored and cuddled the most conservative and tyrannical sects among Islam to make their new voters *feel at home*, this either by utter stupidity, blackmail, corruption or by design. So now the Dutch face 3rd and even 4th generation Turks and Moroccans, themselves and their parents born and raised in the Netherlands, taking off to Syria to kill "apostates" and/or misbehaving horribly at home, targetting any and all 'non-muslims'. Most of them are addicted. Religion is used as an excuse. These people hardly speak Dutch, but their control of the language spoken at home is minimal as well, and most do not speak Arabic let alone read it. Other double passport holders of course succeed, but the segration between muslim communities and the rest of the Dutch, physical and mental, continues unabated and few manage to truly bridge the gap unscathed. There are plenty of no-go area's, almost as bad as in Sweden or France. The flood of muslim refugees and illegal migrants exacerbates the problems.

These days it looks like Geert Wilders has lost Israel's support and the support of his American sponsors (Horowitz), and that his *controlled opposition* days are over. Reality has overtaken propaganda. One does not have to be anti-Islam or Islamophobic to understand the muslim-disaster now happening in Europe. The aboriginals here are threatened openly, spit on, abused, raped, robbed, murdered, targetted, punished. Non-muslims are kaffirs, goys. This is Islam's newly developed dark side, brought to you courtesy of Saudi Arabia et al. Geert's anti-Islam crusade is now harming the interests of Israel (or the bankers), blocking the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan, but Geert won't let go. His courage is undeniable. No one insults Islam and gets away with it; as a result Wilders lives like a prisoner, isolated and guarded 24/7.

Wilders started off on the wrong foot with his loyalty to Israel. His one-member-party is unusual, but the party-system is so rigid and frozen that membership of a political party is at an all time low - less than 300,000 in all on a population of 17 million, and declining. A small cabal sets the party policies and all members have to toe that line or leave. No party dares to oppose the EU or refuse migrants. Instead of a democracy the Dutch have a particracy; Geert's one-member-party simply emphasizes that ridiculous development. To say Wilders is controlled opposition is too easy. All parties are controlled opposition these days, because all of them oppose we-the-people except for a few small ones and the new ones - for now. A Wilders-win tomorrow may just save all our Dutch behinds. If anything, Wilders' PVV is a good place to park a sabotaging vote, because it will be impossible to form a government with him for reasons of political correctness, and also impossible to form one without him, such is the system. A system that needs to go.