the new anerican flag should rid it's self of the red in the flsg. | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

the new anerican flag should rid it's self of the red in the flsg.

the red in the flag represents the rothies in our flag..the red shield was around when betsy ross designed our flag..

i suspect that the betsy ross was jewish and they asked her to put the red in our flag..

america was created to rid ourselves from the british bankers and the iron grip over the countries that they dominated..

nobody else has a chance to directly challenge them, and keep on living.
a clown with a tin-foil hat is the only person that can run for the president and tell the truth.

I, RRR.. (my initials).. am running for potus.. I am developing the clownparty usa and have a facebook page.. my real name is richard robert reinke.

I have been a street busker in clown make up for fifty years.. I am one of the best patriot speakers, and audience handlers for over fifty years..

mike.. do you remember l. a. in the late sixties.. i orchestrated and got the permits for dozens of the outdoor concerts the the public parks..griffith, alesian,
the beach at venice.. on easter sunday in 1970 one of my eleisian park concerts had 30,000 people.. if you want to check who signed for the concert permissions.. i'm shure they will let you see the can check it out..i
i'm not bullshitting

i was the singer front man for a seattle band in the early sixties..I played live at the seattle colisium whith the front of 10 thousand, the other bands were the kingsmen, and paul rever and the raiders..I have been in front of audience for over fifty years.. and my skills as a public speaker with no microphones is un matched by anyone i have ever seen.. and as a singer entertainer..I kill 'em every time.. i played altamont, filmore, and dozens of big shows for over fifty years..i toured with merrily rush..

I'm a r&r clown.. I have been such since 1970..befor that I was a hollywood guru.. charles manson ruined the hippie movement.. It was bad ju.ju to be a I went on ellit mintzes tv pilot as punky the clown.. and then when the sex pistols came out in 1977.. everybody said " oh.. you are trying to get in on the punk movement.

a r&r clown are the same kind of thing as a rodeo clown when every thing is turning to shit.. between band setups..they need someone or something to sooth the audience..
i have done this for close to 50 years..

after killing them on the gong show..I did don rod stewarts "hot legs" in clown drag with net nylon...100 million showed twice here in america..and well as the european showing

i am probably the most experienced r&r clown in the world.

why am i not famous?.. because the powers that be never allow real leaders.. especially performers that have a germane surname to have any fame..

In my idea of democracy..the meetings will have no microphones..the audience for their b.s. will be restricted to maybe 200 people.. I am really loud.. I can hold onto 500 people without a microphone.

I am a natural...

the true leaders of america are never given a platform to speak.. only phoney leaders..who are leading us into the new world order.. (new world tyranny) are allowed to be in politics or given social prominence.

the trouble with microphones that they allow you to lie very easily.. when you hear someone speak without a and I and everyone else can tell if they are lying or not.. there in something about the timber in a human voice unamplified.. that does't sound right.

only us old farts remember how america was before they killed the kennedies.. (bush and the cia did it)..

I'm on dialysis.. i don't have much time left.. do i want to go out with a whimper or with a roar?.. I'm sure there are many more who will put on the face paint and run for every elected office in america..

the clownparty is on it's way.

if you think "democracy" is sick joke.. run for office as a clown.

that will piss them off.. they will false flag us.. if we are successful in telling the truth to the american people.

we are all living under the tryrany of a murderous is time for a total change in government.

my first act will be a public hanging of the thousands of people.. senators, congressmen, and our fbi and cia traiters,and those in the military who new 911 was coming.

my second act would be to allow the public to grow opium poppies.

I believe that if growing opium poppies was legal.. the drug cartels that launder their drug money thru our public elections.. would be put out of business..

they could regulate it like the legalizing of pot here in washington state.. where anybody could have up to maybe twenty plants..for pain medicine..

it would be illegal to refine opium.

I would stop other countries from flooding us with their sick, their criminals.

i would shut the doors of immigration for awhile.. and let things cool out for awhile.

I will step up to the plate..and run for are some of my credentials
I have never voted, and i have never been above the poverty level.. i am a man of the people.. and when you hear my voice.. you will know i am telling the truth..

that's what i'm up to..