Jan 27 11:59

Tucker: China is the certain winner here

Tucker Carlson gives his take on escalating tensions between Ukraine and Russia on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.'

Jan 27 06:35

Payoff? Major Donor To University's 'Biden Center' Is China

Peter Schweizer's new book "Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win" includes the story of how contributions from Communist China to the University of Pennsylvania nearly tripled after the University established a "Biden Center" in 2017 and gave former Vice President Joe Biden a professorship.

As the book lays out in detail, the Biden family has a very extensive business relationship with Chinese Communist Party elites, and those elites were not shy praising Joe Biden's election in 2020 as a golden chance to further develop their influence over American government agencies and institutions.

Jan 27 06:12

Ex-Australian PM blasts Britain as 'deluded' and claims Liz Truss is 'demented' over China

Paul Keating, who served as Prime Minister from 1991 to 1996, penned a piece for the Pearls and Irritations blog which directly called out comments made by UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss on China. The former Labor leader wrote: "Remarks by the British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss that China could engage in military aggression in the Pacific, encouraged by Russia’s contingent moves against Ukraine, are nothing short of demented.

Jan 27 05:22

Your daily dose of BOOGA BOOGA! China's Scientists Warn of Potential ‘High Fatality, Transmission Rate’ of Coronavirus NeoCoV

The NeoCoV virus discovered in South Africa and currently actively discussed in media reports is not new and has been around for some time. The virus is related to the Middle East respiratory syndrome MERS-CoV, outbreaks of which were recorded in 2012 and 2015.

Jan 26 21:42

Two Shortages That Threaten To Absolutely Eviscerate The Global Economy In 2022

So what is going to happen to our economy if China invades Taiwan and our main supply of computer chips gets completely cut off? -- I have been warning for years that military conflict with China is coming, and now we are closer than ever. -- What is our economy going to look like if a Chinese invasion of Taiwan this year instantly puts us into a state of war with the Chinese? -- How in the world will we even be able to function as a society? -- You might want to start thinking about such questions, because what was once “unimaginable” threatens to become reality in 2022.

Jan 26 12:18

US Preps Export Rule That Hammered Huawei To Target Russia's Access To Global Electronics

The White House has informed the US chip industry that it must be prepared for potential new restrictions on exports in the event Russia attacks Ukraine, according to Reuters, as the Biden administration is still mulling the unprecedented move of preventing Russian consumers from getting US phones, computers, and cars - which would be an expansion of the Foreign Direct Product Rule previously used by Trump against Chinese telecoms firm Huawei.

"We have been very clear that if Russia further invades Ukraine, the United States is looking at a range of options – with allies and partners – to deliver severe costs to the Russian economy," a White House spokeswoman said, after being asked about a phone call made Friday with the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), the foremost chip lobbying group in D.C.

Jan 26 12:06

Deep State Takes Direct Aim At What It Calls America’s “Gun Culture” ~ VIDEO

The fundamental, unalienable, absolute right of the people to keep and bear arms, as codified in the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is deeply rooted in our culture. There is no doubt about that. No one can reasonably deny this. In fact, the Communist Chinese and the Deep State both readily acknowledge the import of the right codified in the Second Amendment even as they abhor and disdainfully object to it. -- But, the use of the specific phrase ‘Gun Culture,’ is a political fiction, a wholly made-up terminology, no less so than is the expression ‘Assault Weapon.’ Both are manufactured phrases that Neo-Marxists and Neoliberal Globalist propagandists concocted to use and exploit against the American people in order to hobble, demoralize, and disrupt American society and America’s noble institutions.

Jan 26 11:52

Israel holds high-level tech summit with China, seeks to avoid U.S. backlash

To avoid tensions with Washington, Israel coordinated with the Biden administration in advance of a high-level tech and economy summit held virtually with Chinese officials on Monday, two Israeli officials tell Axios.

Why it matters: Monday's summit, led by Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid and Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan, followed low-profile consultations on China last month between the U.S. and Israeli governments — a sensitive issue given U.S. concerns about Chinese investments in Israel.

During Monday's meetings, which included representatives of several government ministries on both sides, Israel and China agree to a three-year plan for cooperation on the economy, science, research and development, and technology.
Many of these issues are at the center of the Biden administration's concerns. Both the Trump and Biden administrations have expressed concern in particular over Chinese investments in Israeli infrastructure projects.

Jan 26 09:19

GT: US Plots to Authorise Departure of Staff From Embassies in China Over Epidemic Ahead of Olympics

The US Department of State is mulling to approve embassies and consulates to authorise the departure of their US employees in China, citing reasons for "China's epidemic situation," a source familiar with the matter told the Global Times on Tuesday.
Such authorised departure needs to be approved by senior officials from the State Department, which aims at specific emergencies for US institutions overseas.

Authorised departure gives US government employees at US embassies the option to depart if they wish and their departure is not required.

Since the early outbreak of COVID-19 in January 2020, the US unilaterally announced a temporary shutdown of the US consulate in Wuhan, Central China's Hubei Province and evacuated its staff. Recently, the US has been conducting a number of acts in instigating and sabotaging the Winter Olympics in Beijing.

Jan 26 08:43

How deep are Russia’s ties with China?

The strategic partnership between Russia and China has been growing stronger. Though both countries eschew alliances, Chinese President XI Jinping recently said that the “relationship even exceeds an alliance in its closeness and effectiveness.”

Both Russia and China were reluctant to accept the reality of a new cold war or the intensifying of hostility with the West, but there is no doubt that that reality accelerated their relationship. Their relationship has benefited from the personal rapport between their two leaders. Russian President Vladimir Putin has called Xi “a very reliable partner” and told an interviewer that Xi “is probably the only world leader I have celebrated one of my birthdays with.” Xi has called Putin “my best, most intimate friend.”

Jan 26 08:26

Concerns as China builds bridge on lake at disputed India border

China is building a bridge across the Pangong Lake in the frontier region of Ladakh in Indian-administered Kashmir, raising fresh security concerns in India.

The 400-metre-long and 8-metre-wide bridge being constructed near the Line of Actual Control (LAC), the de facto border between the two nuclear powers, was spotted through high resolution satellite images, Indian media reports said last week.

Jan 26 08:25

US to study Chinese military’s recruitment to assess battle readiness

The US is commissioning a study of China’s military recruitment, including identifying its weaknesses, to assess how confident the country is in its capacity to carry out missions.

The US Congress’ website has invited tenders to compile a report for the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission (USCC) about the demographics of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and issues involved in its personnel recruitment and retention.

It said the top priority was to establish what Chinese leaders considered the most significant shortfalls in PLA personnel quality, and how this affected their confidence in the PLA’s ability to execute missions.

“Do Chinese leaders perceive variation in personnel quality between the PLA [ground forces], PLA Navy, PLA Air Force and other services?” the bidding document said.

Jan 26 07:59

RED-HANDED: $6 Million Biden Family Deal Was with Ye Jianming Who Had Ties to a Spy-Linked ‘United Front’ Group

A Chinese global energy company linked to a Chinese intelligence operation sent close to $6 million to Hunter Biden in 2017, according to the explosive new book Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win by Peter Schweizer.

The firm, now-defunct, was led by Ye Jianming, a wealthy and connected Chinese businessman who was chairman and majority owner of the global energy company, CEFC China Energy.

Biden had developed a close working relationship with Ye “on a number of fronts.”

Their relationship began around the end of 2015, when Joe Biden was still vice president. Associates of Ye and Biden, including the then-Serbian foreign minister, brokered the connection between the two men, Biden and Ye.

Jan 26 07:07

The U.S. Betrays Its Heritage by Threatening World War III Against Russia and China

Americans who cherish our country’s legacy are horrified by our headlong rush to war. America at its best was the very motor of world progress, higher living standards and peace.

That is our true national identity. We betray “the better angels of our nature” by making military threats against those who are advancing world powers, as we once were. We commit suicide when we dishonor historic agreements that keep the world safe from nuclear annihilation.

When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, the U.S. promised Russian leaders that the U.S.-led military alliance known as NATO would not be extended eastward toward Russia. The transatlantic Globalist war-making faction broke this promise. NATO has moved eastward with eight new members, heavily armed and hostile to Russia. The U.S. installed a far-right anti-Russian regime in Ukraine on Russia’s border, and armed them for conflict.

China has been similarly ringed by threatening U.S. fleets and military bases.

Jan 26 06:58

Ukrainian general names possible date for 'Russian invasion'

Russian tanks and troops could be just weeks away from rolling across the Ukrainian border and sparking an all-out conflict in Europe, one of Kiev’s top generals has alleged.

In an interview published in British newspaper The Times on Saturday, Lieutenant-General Alexander Pavlyuk said that the incursion could be staged in the days following the Winter Olympics, due to be held in Beijing next month. February 20 “is a date that concerns us,” he went on, arguing that Russian President Vladimir Putin would likely want to avoid offending China by overshadowing the games with a war.

Jan 26 06:57

US Navy reveals fate of fighter jet that suffered ‘mishap’ near China

The US Navy is working to recover a plane that fell into the South China Sea – which is claimed by China almost in its entirety – during a drill this week that left several sailors injured.

Three Navy personnel were transported to the Philippines for medical treatment, while another four were treated at sea on Monday after a US F-35C Lightning II stealth plane suffered a “landing mishap on deck while USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) was conducting routine flight operations in the South China Sea.”

While the pilot of the plane was soon rescued by a military helicopter after ejecting, the aircraft itself has not been recovered yet.

“I can confirm the aircraft impacted the flight deck during landing and subsequently fell to the water,” said US Navy spokesperson Lieutenant Nicholas Lingo on Tuesday.

Jan 26 06:48

Russia & China stage joint military drills (VIDEO)

As relations between East and West continue to spiral, Russia and China have conducted a joint naval exercise in the Arabian Sea, featuring large warships and one of Beijing's missile destroyer vessels, Moscow’s Ministry of Defense has revealed.

In a statement on Tuesday, military chiefs announced the details of the Peaceful Sea 2022 mission, which saw a squad of ships deployed from Russia’s Pacific Fleet, including the Varyag missile cruiser, the large anti-submarine ship Admiral Tributs, and the sea tanker Boris Butoma. Beijing deployed its Urumqi missile destroyer and the complex supply ship Taihu.

Jan 26 06:35

America is in danger of having more rivals than it can handle

As the Ukraine crisis rolls on, there is a growing fear among Western commentators and foreign policy elites that a “China-Russia” axis is consolidating, which will pose a gargantuan threat. With this thinking, many, especially on the right of US politics, have called for an effort to split Moscow from Beijing by courting Russia as an ally to tackle the threat of China.

While that is not yet the position of the Biden administration, it is reflected in its foreign policy goals somewhat, in its wish for a “stable and predictable” relationship with Russia, while seeking to prioritize China. However, owing to the unresolved dilemma of further NATO expansion along Russia’s borders, and a repetition of the flawed Obama-era logic that Moscow should be spoken down to as opposed to being treated as an equal, things haven’t worked out as planned.

Jan 26 03:24

Is Washington Under Alien Control?

The drama currently unfolding in which the Biden Administration is doing everything it can to provoke a war with Russia over Ukraine is possibly the most frightening foreign policy misadventure since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis and the 1967 Lyndon Johnson attempt to sink the USS Liberty and blame it on Egypt, either of which could have gone nuclear. I can well recall the Robert Heinlein sci-fi book The Puppet Masters, later made into a movie, which described how alien-slugs, arriving by way of a flying saucer landing in Iowa, invaded the earth and parasitically attached themselves to the central nervous systems of humans and became able to completely control their minds...

Jan 25 14:56

America Is in Danger of Having More Rivals Than It Can Handle

The Biden administration has neither the leadership, political will, nor gambit to do what Richard Nixon did 50 years ago with his historic visit to China to meet Chairman Mao and to make a move which would benefit US interests – and the world’s interests – in the long run. No, it is all seen through the dangerous prism of continued American dominance – bow down to us, or we will hurt you. -- This zero-sum and universalist rendering of US foreign policy means there are some hard lessons ahead, as well as more potential crises as Washington pursues its crusades on multiple fronts. An America in denial of its fading place in the world is the true danger to peace, and there’s little inclination Washington is about to have an epiphany about that, as it seeks to impose its policies on the Middle East, the Indo-Pacific, Eastern Europe and the Korean Peninsula.

Jan 25 13:48

The US is now doing to China what it's done in the build-up to every war

A recent article published by Joshua Kurlantzick in the Council of Foreign Relations dissects what he describes as the declining public image of China. At first glance, he isn’t wrong. Over the past two years, positive opinion of China has indeed collapsed in Western and US-aligned countries. But the reasons he states for why that has happened are as disingenuous as they are outright false. The piece goes off on a tirade listing all the ways he thinks China is bad. From Covid-19, to so-called “wolf warrior diplomacy,” to the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) “being a debt-trap,” to “aggressive and coercive behavior,” to Chinese vaccines apparently being “ineffective” and so on.

Jan 25 13:47

Taiwan Reports First Sighting of Two Chinese J-16D Electronic Warfare Aircraft Near Island

Taiwan’s de facto defense ministry said on Monday it had detected two advanced Chinese electronic warfare jets flying near the island for the first time. The fighters can jam enemy communications and radar systems, blinding air defenses to an incoming attack.

Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense reported tracking 13 Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) aircraft flying through its Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) on Monday: eight were J-16 multirole strike aircraft, one was a Y-8 anti-submarine warfare plane, two were H-6 strategic bombers, and two were J-16D electronic warfare aircraft.

Jan 25 12:12

Tucker: China is the certain winner here

Jan 25 10:02

Alert! “Grave concern” about Chinese foreign influencer at the heart of UK government… while we happily tolerate and even reward decades-long infiltration by the Israeli terror regime

"… we all remember the Shai Masot affair in which Masot, an employee of the Israeli embassy and probably a Mossad asset, plotted with gullible British MPs and political hangers-on to “take down” senior government figures including Sir Alan Duncan. 'The UK has a strong relationship with Israel and we consider the matter closed,' the Conservative government hurriedly announced.">>

Jan 25 09:32

Judicial Watch: New Fauci Agency COVID Emails Detail Discussions about Wuhan Institute; Describe Gates Foundation Placement of Chinese Representatives on ‘Important International Counsels’

Judicial Watch announced today that it received 129 pages of records from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) which include “urgent for Dr. Fauci ” email chain which cites ties between the Wuhan lab and the taxpayer-funded EcoHealth Alliance. The government emails also report that the foundation of U.S. billionaire Bill Gates worked closely with the Chinese government to pave the way for Chinese-produced medications to be sold outside China and help “raise China’s voice of governance by placing representatives from China on important international counsels as high level commitment from China.”

The new production of records also includes a January 6, 2020, “Wuhan Pneumonia Update” report which details how Peter Daszak, president of EcoHealth Alliance, was tied to the Wuhan lab and was “funded for work to understand how coronaviruses evolve and jump to human populations.”

Jan 25 08:48

CBP Agents Seize Large Shipments Of Fake U.S. Driver’s Licenses From Hong Kong

On Friday, Customs and Border Patrol agents seized several containers carrying more than 1,000 fake American driver’s licenses in Indianapolis that had recently been smuggled into the U.S. from Hong Kong.

Another shipment seized last week contained more than 1,200 fraudulent driver’s licenses. The containers were bound for addresses in Chicago and New York. The contents were labeled as “Game Card” with a value of $20.00. The three containers held 358, 482, and 367 fake identifications.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"The GOP wants voter ID, we'll give them voter ID!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Jan 25 07:42

China Builds 27 Empty New York Cities

As of 2016, China’s empty apartment units could house New York City 27 times over.

What does this mean to you? There are a lot of carry-on effects from wasting so many resources. As you delve into a thought exercise to get more acquainted with the ruinous consequences of credit bubbles, be grateful that you don’t really have to worry about malicious genies magically tagging you with mortgaged deeds.

That could be scary. Imagine that some cruel genie took a perverse dislike to you. What worse instance of malevolent magic could the genie perform than to present you with deeds to the astonishing inventory of 70 million empty apartments structures accumulating dust throughout China.

You might think it would make you a billionaire, a real estate magnate on par with Donald Trump. But think again.

Jan 25 07:35

US sends aircraft carriers and assault ships to the disputed South China Sea while Chinese planes - including an anti-submarine Y-8 - continue to lurk in Taiwan's airspace: Island nation reports 13 Chinese planes on Monday

Two US aircraft carrier groups have entered the disputed South China Sea as Chinese Air Force planes continue to fly near Taiwan, which China also claims.

The US Navy says two carrier strike groups, led by the USS Carl Vinson and USS Abraham Lincoln, began operations in the South China Sea on Saturday.

The aircraft carriers were pictured on the Philippine Sea, east of Taiwan and west of the US territories of Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands. They were joined by two US amphibious assault ships and a Japanese helicopter destroyer.

Jan 25 07:34

Biden Family Recieved Some $31 Million Dollars from Individuals Linked to Chinese Intelligence While Joe Was VP

The Biden family made $31 million from Chinese spies during Joe’s term as Vice President.

Peter Schweizer reported on the Mark Levin Show on Sunday night the following:

One of the most startling things we uncovered is the simple fact that the Biden family, while he was Vice President of the United States and continually while he became president received some $31 million from Chinese individuals who are linked to the highest levels of Chinese intelligence.”

Breitbart shared:

Breitbart News senior contributor Peter Schweizer on Sunday revealed how the Biden family have profited from business with individuals “linked to the highest levels of Chinese intelligence.”

Jan 25 07:25

Why we’ll end up eating bugs

It’s that special time of year when the global elites gather together at Davos. Or rather it would be, if it weren’t for Covid. Thanks to the Omicron wave, the World Economic Forum 2022 has been postponed.

But don’t despair. Instead of the annual jamboree that you probably couldn’t afford and wouldn’t be invited to, there’s an online event called The Davos Agenda. This opened on Monday with a “special address” by Xi Jinping.

What could be more Davos than China’s communist dictator telling a bunch of virtual capitalists that we should “remove barriers, not erect walls”? Inspirational stuff — and I’m sure a great comfort to the people of Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Tibet.

Jan 25 07:21

Russia and China hold joint naval exercises in Arabian Sea

Russia and China held joint military exercises Peaceful Sea-2022 in the Arabian Sea, the press service of the Russian Defense Ministry said.

"The joint Russian-Chinese naval exercise Peaceful Sea-2022 was held in the western part of the Arabian Sea," the ministry said in a statement.

"During the exercise, the Russian warships, together with the Chinese Navy, carried out tactical maneuvering and search operations on a conditionally seized cargo ship — the Boris Butoma tanker.

The navymen of the two countries also conducted exercises to free the conditionally seized vessel.

Jan 25 07:01

13 Million Chinese Finally Freed After 1-Month Lockdown In Xi'an As New Outbreak Detected In Shanghai

Finally, after a month of living with a brutal, Wuhan-style lockdown, the 13 million residents of Xi'an, the provincial capital of Shanxxi, are finally free to go about their business. The CCP announced over the weekend that it would end the lockdown after a month, having officially triumphed over the virus yet again (although other outbreaks are vexing authorities in Beijing and elsewhere).

On Monday, meanwhile, health authorities confirmed the first new confirmed case of COVID in Shanghai since the start of the latest round of outbreaks. While it's only one case for now (at least, according to what the CCP is willing to tell the public), COVID cases follow the cockroach theory: where there's one, there are more.

Jan 24 16:42

LUNATIC FRINGE? : Where will you be when the nukes start falling on America?

Last weekend’s rally in Washington D.C. was the turning point on all this. There were similar protests in over 170 countries around the world. The masses are awakening to the plandemic scam — and the vaccine death agenda — and time has run out for the globalists and their spike protein extermination scheme.

Hence, they are now preparing to unleash the next phase of this global war against humanity: World war.

Jan 24 11:14

The Moon’s Far Side Is Covered in Sticky Soil and Fresh Craters

The Chinese lunar rover Yutu-2 has been exploring the far side of the Moon for three years, making it the longest lunar surface mission in history. In a paper published today in Science Robotics, the Yutu-2 team reports on the rover’s progress and what it has revealed so far about the Moon’s far side.

Yutu-2 landed on the Moon in January 2019 as part of the Chang’e-4 mission, the first to ever land on the Moon’s far side. The mission’s goals are to study the composition of the basalt rocks on the Moon’s far side and to compare those volcanic rocks to the rocks on the near side of the Moon. Since its landing, the rover has traveled some 3,300 feet, analyzing the geology of our nearest celestial neighbor along the way.

Jan 24 09:04


THE FBI SOUGHT National Institutes of Health grant documents covering bat coronavirus research in Wuhan in spring 2020, according to emails obtained by The Intercept. The emails, released through ongoing litigation between The Intercept and the NIH, detail internal NIH conversations involving the New York-based nonprofit EcoHealth Alliance, which collaborated with the Wuhan Institute of Virology on research. The emails also contain previously unreported requests the agency made of EcoHealth Alliance as a condition for restoring a grant funding its research. While unable to provide some of the information requested by the agency, Peter Daszak, EcoHealth’s besieged president, fought fiercely to save the grant.

Jan 24 07:52

Communist China Brings Back Anal Swab Testing Just In Time For Winter Olympics

People arriving in China to watch the Beijing Winter Olympics are in for a rude awakening following the Communist Chinese regime’s decision to bring back anal Covid testing.

Jan 24 07:15

China launches 39 aircraft into Taiwan's air defense zone one day after the US and Japan put on show of naval force in the Philippine Sea

China sent 39 warplanes - mostly fighter jets - into Taiwan's air defense zone on Sunday, the island's government said, in the second-largest daily incursion on record.

Taiwan lives under the constant threat of invasion by China, which sees the self-ruled, democratic island as part of its territory to eventually be reclaimed, by force if necessary.

The final quarter of 2021 saw a massive spike of incursions from China into Taiwan's air defense identification zone (ADIZ), with the biggest single day coming on October 4, when 56 Chinese warplanes entered the zone.

Jan 24 07:09

Schweizer: Biden Family Received ‘Some $31 Million’ from Individuals Linked to ‘Highest Levels of Chinese Intelligence’

Breitbart News senior contributor Peter Schweizer on Sunday revealed how the Biden family have profited from business with individuals “linked to the highest levels of Chinese intelligence.”

Schweizer, the author of Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win, said Biden’s son Hunter, while the elder Biden was serving as both vice president and president, was engaged in deals with individuals tied to the highest levels of Chinese intelligence. He called the Biden family’s business dealings “unprecedented.”

“One of the most startling things we uncovered is the simple fact that the Biden family, while he was vice president of the United States and continuing when he became president, received some $31 million from Chinese individuals who are linked to the highest levels of Chinese intelligence,” Schweizer outlined on Fox News Channel’s Life, Liberty & Levin.

Jan 24 07:05

China’s Huawei Pays Tony Podesta $1 Million for White House Lobbying

Long-time Democratic power broker Tony Podesta has earned $1 million over the past half-year lobbying the Biden White House at the behest of a blacklisted Chinese tech giant, recent federal disclosures show.

Jan 24 06:59

Peter Schweizer’s ‘Red-Handed’ Exposes Communist China’s Silicon Valley Sympathizers

The New York Post recently published an exclusive excerpt of Peter Schweizer’s new book Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win, which outlines how American elites — including the Silicon Valley Masters of the Universe — purposefully aid the communist regime of China.

In his excerpt for the New York Post, Schweizer, who is a Breitbart News senior contributor, the president of the nonpartisan Government Accountability Institute (GAI), and the best-selling author of Clinton Cash and Profiles in Corruption, focuses on how money-grabbing Big Tech firms have placed the privacy of their users and U.S. national security at risk in an attempt to appease China.

The New York Post excerpt highlights some of the most egregious examples of U.S. tech giants colluding with China from Red-Handed, including Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg asking Chinese dictator Xi Jinping to name Zuckerberg’s child. The excerpt reads:

Jan 24 06:26

Chinese Air Force alarms Taiwan with massive flyby

The Taiwanese military scrambled fighter jets and prepared air defense missile systems after a fleet of 39 Chinese planes, including a bomber, were allegedly spotted entering its Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ).

Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense claimed that dozens of Chinese planes had crossed its southwest ADIZ, prompting the island to activate its military resources “to monitor” their activities.

The planes allegedly included dozens of J-10 and J-16 fighter jets, and a Xian H-6 bomber, as well as several Y-8 and Y-9 military transport aircraft.

Jan 24 06:24

China's Economic Coercion Of Australia A "Wake-Up Call" To World: UK Minister

The Chinese regime’s economic coercion of Australia has been a “wake-up call” to other countries, Britain’s Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has said.

China had been Australia’s top trading partner. But after Australia called for an independent investigation into the origins of COVID-19 in April 2020, the Communist regime retaliated by adopting a series of measures against Australian exporters, including arbitrary border testing and inspections, the imposition of tariffs, and unwarranted delays in listing export establishments and issuing import licences.

Truss, on a visit to Australia for talks on defence and security ties, discussed the threat posed by the Chinese regime in a speech at the Lowy Institute in Sydney on Jan. 21.

She said: “The situation with Australia—the economic coercion we saw—was one of the wake-up calls as to exactly what China was doing and the way it was using its economic might to try to exert control over other countries.”

Jan 24 06:18

Peter Schweizer: Joe Biden Directly Benefited From Hunter's Money From China

Jan 24 06:18

Putin would burst Xi's Olympic dream with a war in Ukraine

As the US and Europe mount increasingly frantic efforts to deter Russia from any invasion of Ukraine, it's Chinese President Xi Jinping who may have the biggest influence on Mr Vladimir Putin's timetable.

The Russian President has said he will join Mr Xi at the opening ceremony on Feb 4 of the Beijing Winter Olympics, where the Chinese leader has lavished billions of dollars to showcase his nation's superpower status to the world.

The last thing Mr Xi needs is for Mr Putin to overshadow China's big moment by triggering a global security crisis with the US and Europe.

That's especially the case given Mr Xi is looking to bolster his prestige at home as he seeks endorsement for an unprecedented third term later this year.

The nations have often had each other's backs on the global stage. They've worked in concert to block United Nations Security Council resolutions critical of either, and aligned on collective issues like North Korea.

Jan 23 16:52

Beijing’s Dilemmas

Jan 23 07:47

"Career Advancement Tied To Whether You Have Kids" As China's Birth-Rate Hits Record Low

After China's once-in-a-decade census had already corrected the number of births in the country downwards considerably in 2020, Statista's Katharina Buchholz reports that the latest release from the National Statistics Bureau of China (NBS) shows that in 2021, even fewer babies were born in the country.

The statistic only counted 10.62 million births in 2021, down from twelve million in 2020. Meanwhile, China's population stagnated at around 1.41 billion people.

Jan 23 07:12

'My hell in Beijing's sterilisation camp': Uighur Muslim incarcerated for three years at a 're-education' jail relives chilling ordeal as Prisoner No 9 and how she was cruelly tricked by captors into having a vaccine that left her sterile

One at a time, our warders led us into a makeshift infirmary where men in lab coats were waiting. There was no choice.

I was told by one of the superintendents: ‘You must be vaccinated. You’re 50 years old. Your immune system isn’t what it used to be. If you don’t do this, you might get the flu.’

Terrified of reprisals if I didn’t agree, I signed a document giving my permission. One of the men jabbed the vein in my arm. I was so stupid.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jan 21 10:11

China, Russia delay U.S. bid to sanction North Koreans at U.N.

China and Russia delayed a U.S. bid to impose U.N. sanctions on five North Koreans on Thursday, diplomats said, as Pyongyang suggested it may resume tests of nuclear weapons and long-range missiles.

Jan 21 07:08


Jan 21 06:58

Exclusive — Rep. Michael Waltz: ‘Swamp Is Lighting up’ to Protect Defense Department Contracts that ‘Pour Billions’ into China’s ‘Military Buildup’

Rep. Michael Waltz (R-FL) told Breitbart News on Wednesday that the “swamp is lighting up” to defeat legislation he introduced to implement a four-year ban on federal government contracting with business sponsors of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

“I made an attempt this year on the defense bill,” Waltz said on Wednesday’s edition of the Breitbart News Daily podcast with special guest host Jerome Hudson. “As we were creating the defense bill, I put an amendment in that said if you’re going to sponsor these Olympics and give our greatest adversary this global propaganda platform and turn a blind eye to all of these atrocities and, oh, by the way, pour billions in that’s funding their military buildup, then you can’t have Defense Department contracts and you can’t sell to the United States military.”

Jan 21 06:43

Exclusive-U.S. Seeks Way to Speed Delivery of New Fighter Jets to Taiwan

The United States is looking for ways to potentially accelerate delivery of Taiwan's next generation of new-build F-16 fighter jets, U.S. officials said, bolstering the Taiwanese air force's ability to respond to what Washington and Taipei see as increasing intimidation by China's military.

The officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said they have not yet come up with a solution on how to speed delivery of Block 70 F-16s, manufactured by Lockheed Martin and equipped with new capabilities. The aircraft are currently slated to be delivered by the end of 2026.

Jan 21 06:25

Joint naval drills reflect growing ties between China, Russia and Iran

Joint naval exercises involving Russia, China and Iran scheduled to begin Friday in the northern Indian Ocean have as much to do with global geopolitics as they do with warship capabilities and the fight against local sea pirates. In the face of growing pressure from the United States, the maneuvers are a particularly strong signal that some of America’s leading adversaries are moving closer together as relations with the U.S. deteriorate.

The exercises coincide with the visit this week by hard-line Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi to Moscow and proposals for a 20-year economic and security pact between the two countries. China agreed to its own 25-year “comprehensive strategic partnership” with Tehran in March even though the U.S. is still enforcing major economic and financial sanctions on Iran and its trading partners over its nuclear programs.

Jan 20 12:28

Chinese Made Crap Ruining People’s Lives

Jan 20 08:22

China ‘warns off’ US destroyer

The Chinese military said naval and aerial assets were deployed on Tuesday in response to a so-called freedom of navigation mission conducted by the guided-missile destroyer USS Benfold in the South China Sea.

The Arleigh Burke-class ship “illegally entered” the area near the Paracel Islands – which Beijing calls the Xisha Islands and claims are under its sovereignty – a spokesman for the Southern Theater Command of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) reported on Thursday. The command dispatched naval and air forces to follow and ultimately “warn off” the American warship, the spokesman, Colonel Tian Junli, said.

He said the passage of the ship “seriously violated China’s sovereignty and security” and warned that unless Washington ceases such activities, “it will bear the serious consequences of unforeseen events.”

Jan 20 08:12

Yuan rises in ranks of top global currencies

The yuan has now firmly placed itself among the world’s top five most popular currencies for cross-border payments, securing the fourth spot for the first time in six years.

When the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT) started tracking cross-border payment messages in 2010, the yuan ranked only 35th.

The Chinese currency’s transaction activity recently surged to its second-highest level on record, Reuters reported citing SWIFT. The yuan accounted for roughly 2.7% of global payments in December 2021.

Against the US dollar, the yuan posted its second straight year of gains in 2021. It also became last year’s best performing emerging market currency, rallying on surging exports, a growing trade surplus, and robust capital inflows into Chinese assets. Data shows global holdings of Chinese government bonds also hit a record high last month.

Jan 20 07:54

China Warns Olympic Athletes Over "Any Speech" Contrary To Chinese Laws

The same week that Western media outlets and privacy advocates have issued warnings that athletes who bring their personal smart phones to Beijing's winter Olympic games will leave themselves open to Chinese state surveillance, given that a new app developed by Beijing to track Olympic athletes' health data has been found to have several startling security flaws, top China officials have a message of their own...

"A member of China's Olympics organizing committee warned that foreign athletes may face punishment for speech that violates Chinese law at the 2022 Winter Games, spotlighting concerns about the country's restrictions on political expression," The Washington Post writes Wednesday.

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Like the US isn't doing the same thing with cancel culture...

Jan 19 14:21

China shuts down more ports due to “covid,” global supply chain collapse imminent?

China’s “covid-zero” policy means that consumer goods will now have an even more difficult time getting out of China to the rest of the world. Some of the supply is being rerouted through Shanghai, but it will not be enough to avoid the same types of congestion bottlenecks – or worse – that occurred last summer. -- The United States is still feeling the effects of this as at least 105 supply ships float off the West Coast with no end in sight. That number will soon skyrocket as China engages in more economic warfare under the guise of fighting “covid.”

Jan 19 13:22

Live Q&A: China Reports Community Transmission of Hemorrhagic Fever; Biden Has His ‘Worst Week’

It appears that another virus is spreading in China. It allegedly has patients bleeding from bodily openings, including the eyes and ears. Reports from Xi’an, where the government has locked down a city of 13 million people, some who are nearing starvation, claim there are now signs of community transmission of hemorrhagic fever. The state-run Global Times reported on this, and claimed the regime is urging quick vaccinations to stop the spread of the virus.

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Biological warfare?

Jan 19 13:22

Russia, Iran, China to hold joint naval maneuvers

The Russian, Iranian and Chinese navies will hold joint naval maneuvers, Russia’s Pacific Fleet reported on Tuesday.

"The Pacific Fleet’s naval group made up of the Guards Order of Nakhimov missile cruiser Varyag, the large anti-submarine warfare ship Admiral Tributs and the large sea tanker Boris Butoma has anchored in the roadstead of the Chabahar port in the Islamic Republic of Iran. In the port, the Russian Navy’s official delegation will take part in a planning conference on holding joint naval drills of combat ships of Russia, Iran and China," the Pacific Fleet’s press office reported.

The Russian naval ships will also replenish food, fresh water and fuel supplies at the port, the press office specified.

Jan 19 11:29

China's Covid Lockdowns Are INSANE

Jan 19 08:20

US Has Stepped Up Aircraft Carrier Deployments in South China Sea

Reflecting the Pentagon’s new focus on China, US aircraft carrier strike groups almost doubled deployments to the South China Sea in 2021 compared to the year before.

According to the Beijing-based South China Sea Probing Initiative (SCSPI), US carrier strike groups entered the South China Sea 10 times in 2021, compared with six times in 2020, and five in 2019.

“The US military have drastically reinforced their military deployment in the South China Sea since last year, in terms of training scales, sorties and scenarios,” SCSPI director Hu Bo said Friday, according to The South China Morning Post.

Hu said that the carrier training patterns have become “more complicated and unpredictable.” In the past, US warships typically entered the South China Sea through the Bashi Channel, a waterway between the Philippines and Taiwan. But Hu said over the past year, the US has diversified its routes, and the time span of the deployments varies.

Jan 19 08:05

Michelle Malkin: Blundering Billionaire Chamath Palihapitiya More Right Than Wrong

I'm not mad that some venture capital mogul (whom I'd never heard of before) said this week on a podcast (which I'd also never heard of before) that "nobody cares about what's happening to the Uyghurs."

I am, however, mildly (but not surprisingly) annoyed that this blundering billionaire backed down so quickly in the face of exactly the kind of virtue-signaling bloviators whom he so rightfully criticized in the first place.

Chamath Palihapitiya, who is apparently a former AOL and Facebook executive and founder of a Palo Alto investment firm called Social Capital, outraged the perpetually outraged mob by dismissing his co-host Jason Calacanis' praise for the Biden administration's "very strong" support of Muslim Uyghurs in China.

Jan 19 07:51

Do China’s ties to the Mideast run deep?

A burst of diplomatic activity between China and Middle East countries has kicked off 2022. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi last week hosted a delegation from the Gulf Cooperation Council, including the foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, and Bahrain, as well as the GCC’s secretary general. They were immediately followed by the Turkish and Iranian foreign ministers. Beijing also made small waves with the announcement that Syria had signed a cooperation agreement to work with China on the Belt and Road Initiative, or BRI.

It was indeed a major week in China-Middle East, North Africa relations, but not without recent precedent. In 2021, Wang made two substantive trips to the region, visiting Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, the UAE, Oman, and Bahrain in March, and then Syria, Egypt, and Algeria in July. Add to this State Councilor Yang Jiechi’s trip to Qatar and Kuwait in early 2021, and it is clear Beijing is devoting significant diplomatic resources in the region.

Jan 19 07:51

US Has Stepped Up Aircraft Carrier Deployments in South China Sea

Reflecting the Pentagon’s new focus on China, US aircraft carrier strike groups almost doubled deployments to the South China Sea in 2021 compared to the year before.

According to the Beijing-based South China Sea Probing Initiative (SCSPI), US carrier strike groups entered the South China Sea 10 times in 2021, compared with six times in 2020, and five in 2019.

“The US military have drastically reinforced their military deployment in the South China Sea since last year, in terms of training scales, sorties and scenarios,” SCSPI director Hu Bo said Friday, according to The South China Morning Post.

Hu said that the carrier training patterns have become “more complicated and unpredictable.” In the past, US warships typically entered the South China Sea through the Bashi Channel, a waterway between the Philippines and Taiwan. But Hu said over the past year, the US has diversified its routes, and the time span of the deployments varies.

Jan 19 07:30

Putin to Brief China's Xi on Russia-NATO Talks, Kremlin Says

Russian President Vladimir Putin will brief his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping on Moscow's talks with NATO when he travels to Beijing next month, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday.

Putin is set to attend the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics on Feb. 4. Russia and China have moved closer together as both have come under increasing pressure from the West - Moscow over its military build-up near Ukraine and Beijing over trade and human rights.

Jan 19 07:07

China Is Chipping Away At America's Influence In The Middle East

Last week saw a series of meetings in Beijing between senior officials from the Chinese government and foreign ministers from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, and the secretary-general of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). At these meetings, the principal topics of conversation were to finally seal a China-GCC Free Trade Agreement and “deeper strategic cooperation in a region where U.S. dominance is showing signs of retreat,” according to local news reports.

Jan 18 09:54

China Blames Canada, Not Raging Domestic Outbreak, for Omicron Threat to Olympics

The Communist Party of China admitted on Sunday it had detected at least one case of the omicron variant of Chinese coronavirus in Beijing on Sunday, a less severe but more contagious iteration of the Wuhan disease.

The revelation that Beijing is now home to cases of omicron arrived less than a month before the beginning of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, whose Opening Ceremonies are scheduled for February 4. The Olympics have already prompted a global boycott movement as a result of China’s long list of ongoing human rights abuses against its own people, including genocide.

Jan 18 09:04

'Ebola-Like Hemorrhagic Fever Virus' Now Spreading In China, mRNA Vaccine Technology Inventor Reveals

Dr. Robert Malone, known as the inventor of mRNA technology used in the Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccines, recently spoke with Steve Bannon on "The War Room" to shed light on the latest viral outbreak in China, which the government he claims is hiding the truth about its origins.

In December, the Chinese communist government placed Xi'an city in northwest Shaanxi province under lockdown following reports of hemorrhagic fever cases.

According to WION, there had been "multiple community transmission chains" including hemorrhagic fever cases in the area. China's state-run Global Times described it as a "grim and complicated epidemic situation." The disease was also described as "[sharing] similarity in early stage symptoms with COVID-19."

Jan 18 08:31

Washington’s Bi-Partisan Russia-Bashers Are Determined to Start a War — Ron Paul

Incidentally, as soon as the regime change attempt was put down in Kazakhstan, Russian and allied troops began leaving the country. But, of course, the reflexively pro-war US media doesn’t report anything outside the narrative. --What to do about Russia? Stop backing regime change along Russia’s borders, including Belarus, Kazakhstan, and elsewhere. Stop meddling in foreign elections. Look at how we wasted four years on false claims that the Russians meddled in ours. End weapons shipments and all aid to Ukraine. End sanctions. Re-imagine the US defense budget as a budget to actually defend the US. It’s really not that complicated: stop trying to rule the world.

Jan 18 07:59

Beijing Faces Twin Variant Threat as Cases Rise Before Games

China’s highly guarded capital is seeing signs of further coronavirus spread, with new cases of both the omicron and delta variants found less than three weeks before the Winter Olympic Games. Beijing’s first omicron patient has passed the virus to at least two close contacts, according to the health commission.

Jan 18 07:34

China's Property Sector Is Crashing Again And This Time It Has Reached The Country's Biggest Developer

The crisis engulfing China's property sector - which has prompted Beijing to capitulate on its tightening ambitions yet again, and forced China to launch an increasingly more aggressive easing campaign, which so far culminated in the first rate cut in Chinese official rates in almost two years - has impacted the country's biggest developer, sending the shares and bonds of Country Garden Holdings - which is even bigger than Evergrande - plunging amid fears that a reportedly failed fundraising effort may be a harbinger of waning confidence.

Country Garden is one of the few remaining large, (arguably) better-quality private developers that had been largely unscathed by the liquidity crunch, even as peers such as Shimao Group Holdings - a recently investment grade developer whose collapse in December was viewed as "more devastating than debt crises at Evergrande and Kaisa" - dramatic reversals in their credit ratings.

Jan 18 07:28

China Halts All Foreign Mail Due To COVID Threat As Tianjin Reports 80 New Cases

With the Winter Olympics in Beijing set to start in just a few weeks, the CCP is still struggling to suppress a handful of small but alarming outbreaks of COVID, several of which have involved cases of the omicron variant.

And now, in the capital city, Beijing officials are warning locals not to order items and products from abroad, because they're worried that COVID might be carried into the country on the outsides of these packages. Or at least that's what they want the public to think.

Chinese authorities have been warning for years that COVID might be spread on the packaging of foodstuffs and other goods shipped internationally, something that many scientists have questioned, but that Chinese authorities have nonetheless kept alive with their state-controlled media.

Jan 17 13:23

Cuban Missile Crisis 2.0? Putin may put hypersonic missiles, troops in Cuba, Venezuela, as NATO deploys forces closer to Russia

The world has always been a dangerous place, but geopolitically speaking, it has become much more unstable under the ‘leadership’ of Joe Biden, a president who proves daily he is incapable of being commander-in-chief because he can barely speak and function. -- When Donald Trump was president, sure, he sent out ‘mean tweets,’ but he also quite obviously commanded respect from our enemies and near-peer competitors. Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping did not threaten their neighbors like they are now threatening Ukraine and Taiwan, respectively; North Korean leader Kim Jong-un met with Trump and did not advance his nuclear weapons program, but has since resumed it. Ditto Iran; Biden’s “strategy,” in fact, is to blame Trump. -- In fact, the Biden regime is so bad at geopolitics and foreign policy that America is now facing a Cuban Missile Crisis 2.0.

Jan 17 12:52

China Is Now Holding Americans HOSTAGE And The Mainstream Media Refuses To Cover It

China is banning people from exiting the country, including U.S. citizens and U.S. permanent residents, according to reports.

Jan 17 09:06

China landed on the moon and found water in dirt and rocks

Scientists detected water on the moon, and for the first time they can say they literally found it while on the lunar surface.

A Chinese lunar lander returned more than 60 ounces of soil and rock samples from its trip to the moon in December 2020. But before Chang’E-5 arrived back on Earth, the spacecraft used an onboard instrument to take measurements there on the spot. Based on the readings, scientists about 239,000 miles away on Earth knew it had likely encountered water.

Water is a rare resource in deep space. Given that it’s a vital, life-sustaining ingredient, the scarcity of it beyond Earth presents an obstacle for people to explore space. Scientists have been interested in whether the moon's tiny bit of water could be tapped for astronauts to use while away from the planet for a long time.

Jan 17 08:17

China Unexpectedly Cuts Key Rate, Adds Liquidity As Economic Growth Slowed, Retail Sales Slump

A busy night started with weakness in US equity futures (Nasdaq down 0.5%) and an unexpected cut in a key China policy rate and a modest addition of liquidity. This was then followed by a mixed bag of China macro with a GDP beat (but slowing growth) but ugly retail sales disappointment. All of which sent the Yuan lower...

As Bloomberg reports, China lowered a key interest rate for the first time since the peak of the pandemic in 2020 as a property-market slump and repeated virus outbreaks dampened the nation’s growth outlook. The People’s Bank of China cut the rate on its one-year policy loans by 10 basis points to 2.85%. That’s the first reduction since April 2020. It also slashed the rate on the seven-day reverse repurchase agreements by the same magnitude to 2.1%.

Jan 17 07:20

Video: Chinese COVID-19 patients confined to metal boxes in quarantine camps

Photos and videos from Chinese quarantine camps show that government officials are isolating residents in what looks like hundreds of metal boxes.

Twenty million Chinese residents from Xi’an, Yuzhou and Anyang are being confined to their homes as a result of China’s strict “zero-COVID” policy.

Additionally, China has set up quarantine camps with hundreds of metal boxes to house infected individuals to further halt the spread of the virus, according to the Daily Mail.

Jan 17 07:19

COVID 'COVER UP' China’s virus death toll could actually be 17,000% higher than admitted in Covid cover up, claims analyst

CHINA'S coronavirus death toll could actually be a staggering 17,000 per cent higher than admitted in a shocking cover-up, an analyst has claimed.

It's feared the country's true Covid fatality figure is around the 1.7million mark opposed to the 4,636 reported by Chinese authorities - despite having the world's strictest lockdown.

Jan 16 08:37

Weeks ahead of Winter Olympics, Beijing records first local omicron case, state media reports

Weeks ahead of its staging of the Olympic Winter Games, China's capital Beijing reported its first locally transmitted infection of the highly transmissible omicron coronavirus variant on Saturday, according to state media.

State television reported that the new infection had been identified as the omicron strain.

Lab testing found “mutations specific to the omicron variant” in the person, Pang Xinghuo, an official at the city’s disease control authority, told a news briefing.

Officials have sealed up the infected person’s residential compound and workplace, and collected 2,430 samples for testing from people linked to the two locations, a Haidian district official said.

Jan 15 08:26

This one-two punch from China and Russia marks the end of American adventurism

Damascus officially joined China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) on Wednesday, which will provide a massive lifeline to the country that has been torn to shreds after more than a decade of war and Western sanctions. But more than this, this development has set a precedent that will fundamentally change the geopolitical landscape.

This is because the decade-spanning Syrian conflict has hosted several proxy conflicts, which has invariably left the United States and its Western allies the losers.

Blinken’s blinkered vision of RussiaREAD MORE: Blinken’s blinkered vision of Russia
For starters, while the conflict itself was, at least initially, part of the Arab Spring in the early 2010s, numerous sources (including U.S. government sources published by WikiLeaks) suggest that the United States had been seeking regime change in Syria long before then. There are also countless reports by very good journalists, including on RT, that have dug up these connections.

Jan 15 08:24

US, China step up race for rare-earth dominance

A bipartisan piece of legislation to be introduced in the US Senate on Friday would force defense contractors to stop buying rare earth minerals from China by 2026, Reuters reports.

The bill will also require the use of the Pentagon to create a permanent stockpile of the strategic minerals. It essentially uses the Pentagon’s purchase of billions of dollars-worth of fighter jets, missiles and other weapons as leverage to require contractors to stop using Chinese rare earths and thus support revival of domestic output. Waivers are allowed only in rare situations.

Rare-earth metals – a group of 17 elements that are critical for a wide range of industries from consumer electronics to military hardware – have long been at the center of the US-China trade war. The US used to be the world’s number-one producer of those minerals, but is now heavily dependent on Chinese exports.

Jan 15 07:25

China blasts US sanctions on Iran with launch of strategic partnership

China has reaffirmed its opposition to unilateral sanctions by the United States against Iran as the Chinese and Iranian foreign ministers announced the launch of a 25-year cooperation agreement aimed at strengthening economic and political ties.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi met his Iranian counterpart Hossein Amir-Abdollahian in the city of Wuxi, in Jiangsu province on Friday, with a summary of the meeting posted on China's foreign ministry website on Saturday.

Wang, who is also State Councilor, said the US bears primary responsibility for the ongoing difficulties with Iran, having unilaterally withdrawn from a 2015 nuclear deal.

The United States reimposed the sanctions that the agreement had removed and slapped new bans under different labels.

Wang said China firmly opposes unilateral sanctions against Iran, political manipulation through topics including human rights, and interference in the internal affairs of Iran and other regional countries.

Jan 14 10:23

“Based” China

Jan 14 07:47

Global Economy Heading For "Mother Of All" Supply Chain Shocks As China Locks Down Ports

Over the past month, as Wall Street turned increasingly optimistic on US growth alongside the Fed, with consensus (shaped by the Fed's leaks and jawboning) now virtually certain of a March rate hike, we have been repeatedly warning that after a huge policy error in 2021 when the Fed erroneously said that inflation is "transitory" (it wasn't), the central bank is on pace to make another just as big policy mistake in 2022 by hiking as many as 4 times and also running off its massive balance sheet... right into a global growth slowdown.

Jan 14 07:22

House Democrat Calls for Legislation to Give Biden War Powers for Taiwan

On Wednesday, Rep. Elaine Luria (D-VA) repeated a call for legislation that would give President Biden authorization to go to war with China in the event that Beijing invades Taiwan.

Even though a military confrontation between the US and China should be unthinkable since it could easily spiral into nuclear war, Luria thinks the US must intervene if China ever moves to take Taiwan by force.

Luria is unhappy that Biden “doesn’t have the authority [under the law] to actually respond” should China attack. “If China were to invade Taiwan today, the president would have to come to Congress for authorization to respond,” she said. “We can’t lose [the] months that it would take in order for us to provide a response.”