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Top Fake News stories that fell apart in 2021

The top whoppers that fell apart in 2021

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Dr. Robert Malone says he’s been “multi-dimensionally red-pilled” on covid, Great Reset, Big Tech censorship and more

“It’s been a series of epiphanies that have made me realize that there’s no upside to just being circumspect and trying to be a nice guy in this environment,” Malone said. “This is full-on media warfare, information warfare, political warfare, 21st century like we’ve never seen before, and coordinated globally.”

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CNN To Reportedly Fire "Good Number" Of On-Air Talent, Staff In Major Shakeup

After CNN ratings crashed through the floor once again in October - with not one single show averaging at least 1 million viewers, a major shakeup is in the works at the network.

According to Deadline, Discovery chief David Zaslav - who is widely expected to assume stewardship of CNN after its merger with WarnerMedia is complete - has kept his public comments on the failing news network close the the vest. When asked by Deadline what he thinks will happen with honcho Jeff Zucker, Zaslav said "Jeff’s a good friend and I like him a lot."

Jan 04 06:54

Joe Rogan joins Gettr after Twitter bans Republican congresswoman

Podcaster Joe Rogan has asked his 7.8 million Twitter fans to join him on Gettr, a competing platform founded by an ex-Trump adviser, after Twitter deplatformed Marjorie Taylor Greene for supposedly spreading ‘misinformation’.

Rogan surfaced on Gettr on Sunday with a call for his followers to do the same, posting “Just in case s**t over at Twitter gets even dumber, I’m now here as well. Rejoice!” Swarms of fans followed him to the platform, which was founded in July by former Trump adviser Jason Miller with an eye toward creating a politically-independent, free-speech-friendly alternative to the increasingly heavy-handed and partisan Twitter.

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They’re Hiding The Facts From You! | Dr. Robert Malone 2022

Jan 03 22:01

64-minute video: Need to Know news for lucid analysis and commentary on current events (January 3, 2022)

Professor Emeritus Jim Fetzer, Joe Olson, and I discuss current events to sharply discern objective reality fit for news from corporate media bullshit to herd sheeple: here on BitChute (censored on YouTube).

This is my best “shot” to explain, document, and prove the “Covid” + “vaccine” narrative are Crimes Against Humanity: a 4,700-word essay I sent to ~100 teacher colleagues.

Want to learn more about false flags and conspiracies? For ~25 years I’ve learned from Professor Fetzer’s academic work; he offers 24 free video presentations from the False Flags and Conspiracies 2020 Virtual Conference. The 2021 False Flags and Conspiracies Conference is here.

Context: American Revolution 2.0 2020: PATRIOTS vs. LOYALISTS

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Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is the interview social media is trying to hide from you.

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Watch: Drunk & Loose Don Lemon Gets Unhinged On New Years Eve

CNN host Don Lemon went on a drunken rant about his "haters" during the network's live New Year's Eve celebration stream.

Lemon, 55, a veteran of CNN's New Year's Eve Live, rang in 2022 for the central time zone on Friday, hosting from New Orleans alongside fellow anchor Alisyn Camerota and comedian Dulce Sloan.

As the clock near midnight, Lemon, who appeared boisterous and more outspoken than usual, spouted: "I don't give a — what you think about me, what do you think about that."

Jan 03 11:22

Twitter Suspends Grabien Media’s Account for Posting Video of GOP Rep Criticizing Big Pharma

On New Year’s Eve Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) went on with Lisa Boothe on The Ingraham Angle to discuss Big Pharma and the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

During the discussion, Rep. Biggs criticized Big Pharma for not considering cheap treatment alternatives like HCQ and Ivermectin.

This was too much for the Twitter mob. The tweet was deleted and Grabien was temporarily suspended from the Twitter platform.

Jan 03 11:12

The Mainstream Media Is Losing The Fight Of Its Life...All Thanks To Joe Rogan

A couple of things all happened together over the last 48 hours.

First, I came up with the idea of writing 100 predictions for the year 2022 – a blog post that I might still wind up finishing at some point. And second, I listened to the Joe Rogan Experience podcast interview of mRNA inventor Dr. Robert Malone, M.D., hours after the doctor was banned from Twitter for having opinions on Covid that stood at odds with the mainstream narrative.

The opinions that Malone echoed during his Rogan appearance included, but were not limited to:

Calling the government “out of control” and “lawless” in their Covid response

Stating mandates of “experimental” vaccines are “explicitly illegal”

Noting that India had success in treating Covid early with drugs like ivermectin

Saying “half a million” excess deaths have occurred due to government actions

Arguing those with natural immunity have higher risk of vaccine adverse events

Jan 03 11:03

Must See: MRNA Developer Speaks After Being Banned From Twitter

On Thursday, Dr. Robert Malone, a contributor to mRNA vaccine technology, told Newsmax that he is focused on "telling the truth" after being booted from Twitter a day before.

Malone, appearing on "Stinchfield," mentioned that he is actively fact-checked by Reuters, who he states "has links" through "inboard relationships" with the vaccine producer Pfizer.

Jan 03 09:36

Technocrats Go On Censorship Rampage In Desperate Attempt To Prevent Total Narrative Collapse — Sunday Night Live

Guest host Harrison Smith breaks down the panicked actions by Big Tech to censor anyone who calls out the COVID narrative – mostly recently Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene or Dr. Robert Malone – which faces total collapse as humanity wakes up to the medical tyranny takeover.

Jan 03 09:24

'Churnalism': What AOC & The Media Did To Ron DeSantis Is Sickening

Democrats and Liberal media activists declaring Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis "inexplicably missing" were the ones missing the fact DeSantis was in the office every day and was attending his wife Casey's cancer treatments, according to his press secretary.

"Churnalism," Christina Pushaw tweeted on New Year's Eve. "WFLA posted this story AFTER it was disclosed that on 12/29 Governor accompanied First Lady for cancer treatment, & they failed to report that governor was at Capitol every day this week but Wed. They made sure to include accusations by liberal activist Demings though."

Jan 03 08:54

Direct Hit: YouTube Begins Removing Uploads of Dr. Robert Malone’s BOMBSHELL Interview With Joe Rogan From Its Platform

The now-viral episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, featuring guest Dr. Robert Malone, is officially being purged from Google-owned YouTube.
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The episode was posted in full to an account not affiliated with Rogan’s podcast, but is now labeled as unwatchable because the video “violated” Youtube’s guidelines.” For now, the 3+ hour podcast, including the video, can still be found on Spotify, here.

An archive of the since-removed youtube video can be found using the way-back machine.

After this latest takedown, YouTube has now removed the Joe Rogan interviews of both Dr. Malone and the world-renowned cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough for sounding the alarm over the tyrannical public health regime’s Covid response.

Jan 03 08:41

Andy Cohen 'Overserved' on New Year's Eve While Anderson Cooper Lands New Parenting Show on CNN+

Elsewhere on Friday, CNN announced that Cooper will host a new show called Parental Guidance, which will air on the network's upcoming streaming service CNN+. The program will follow the host as he learns from experts about living life as a working parent to son Wyatt Morgan, 1½, alongside viewers.

Jan 03 08:39

USA Today labels 2A activism, gun shows as “gateway to extremism”

Concern trolling is the art of undermining an issue or topic of discussion by expressing insincere concerns about it. USA Today’s Will Carless took this art to a maestro level in a “news” story Wednesday titled, “??Down the barrel of a gun: How Second Amendment activism can be a gateway to extremist ideologies.” (Archived). Carless starts by priming the pump with fear porn for readers who aren’t familiar with gun shows.

Jan 03 08:30

Armed Defense at Home, at Work, in the Car and in Public

You probably didn’t see these stories covered by the mainstream news media, but again last week, responsible gun owners defended themselves and the people they love.

Jan 03 08:29

Dr. Robert Malone hits it out of the park on Joe Rogan today

Right before my friend Dr. Robert Malone left on a plane for Austin for his Joe Rogan interview, he was permanently de-platformed from Twitter. He had 512K followers.

He may have lost 512K followers, but with Joe Rogan interview he’ll likely reach 100X as many with a 3 hour message. It wouldn’t surprise me if this episode is the all-time record-breaker (the previous record-breaker was Peter McCullough).

Here’s the link for the episode. You can listen audio only or video. I listened to most of it while on the ski slopes today and finished it at home. I don’t think he could have done a better job. I can’t recommend this episode enough. One friend of mine said he has been listening to Rogan for years and thought this was the best episode ever.

And here’s the meme that goes along with the episode. It’s that good.

Jan 03 07:52

The Death Of Truth

Without freedom of speech, all of our other freedoms will rapidly become meaningless. -- Sadly, at this point freedom of speech in the United States is getting pretty close to being completely wiped out. -- Our Republic is rapidly dying, and millions upon millions of Americans are cheering as it happens. -- The big tech companies have become the arbiters of truth, but most of the “truths” that they are relentlessly pushing are actually lies.

Jan 02 09:01

Top Fake News stories that fell apart in 2021

10 Asian Hate /Racially motivated Parlor shooting/

Asian Hate was trending in the beginning of 2021. Apparently there was an epidemic of violence towards Asians. There wasn’t one. The crisis was created based on two incidents. In one a white guy got beat up after he attacked a Chinese woman in California. The context of why he did that was never given. Secondly a sex addict shot sex workers on the East coast some of his victims were Asia, some were not. This was good enough for CNN because the perpetrator was a white guy.

Jan 02 08:33

The Fall Of The Mainstream Media And The Biggest Lies They Told In 2021

While there have been a few shining examples of independent and mostly unbiased journalism in the MSM, these moments are as rare as Loch Ness Monster sightings and almost as unbelievable. The public has been lied to so consistently that sometimes we ignore legitimate journalism when it pops up because it’s safer to assume the media is disingenuous at all times.

I’ve personally noticed a wash of commercials lately paid for by major legacy media platforms like the New York Times desperately trying to convince the public that they are still relevant. The message is that they are the only “true source” of news information while they beg people to start subscribing and reading their hot garbage once again. Leftist media is crumbling, with online propaganda peddlers and click-bait prostitutes like Buzzfeed and Vox imploding. The lack of profits is obvious and the layoffs have been aggressive.

Jan 02 08:28

Newspaper Cancels Poll Because They Didn't Like The Results

On December 15, The Guardian posted a piece about Time Magazine's decision to grant Elon Musk the title of "person of the year." At the end of the article was a poll, asking readers "Who would be your 2021 person of the year, and why?"

Responses surged in and world-renowned author JK Rowling soared into the top spot. Soon after, the poll was nixed. Rowling, still best known as the mind behind the Harry Potter series, has recently made a name for herself by standing up for women's rights and being criticized as "transphobic" for doing so.

Jan 02 08:00

Inconvenient studies get buried by the media

Had the study found the opposite, I have little doubt it would have been heralded from the hills. We’d have been inundated with reports about what the study proved. -- Instead, we get silence. -- Meanwhile, this same media is absolutely baffled that trust in them is so low. -- See, this is part of how media bias works. It’s not just how the stories are written/reported, but also what stories are reported. This one is, to steal from Al Gore, an inconvenient truth, so they’re hoping you’ll just forget about it.

Jan 02 07:44

Must Watch: 1619 Founder Calls American History A Bluff

New York Times reporter Nikole Hannah-Jones announced the American people will not "willfully" work to confront the "anti-Blackness" in society, saying that they have been "taught the history of a country that does not exist."

She suggested there has to be a "serious examination" after mainstream journalists "got caught up in the Republican propaganda campaign" to discredit the 1619 Project.

Jan 01 11:27

Lying Leftwing News Pays BIG

Dec 31 09:57

This is CNN : Second ex-CNN staffer under investigation for alleged crimes involving minors

A former CNN producer is reportedly under investigation for “serious allegations involving potential juvenile victims” — the second network staffer to be investigated for crimes involving minors.

Dec 31 09:18

CNN is Infested with Pedophiles

Dec 31 07:27

'Looks like you have too much to think': Twitter punks ban inventor of the mRNA vaccine

Looks like the ignorant, malevolent little Katzenjammer Kidz of Twitter are back at it.

This time they've banned a biggie, Dr. Robert W. Malone, the medical doyen whose research on the mRNA vaccine has been critical to the development of the vaccines for COVID.

He's the guy who probably knows more about these vaccines than anyone else.

His banning offense?

Warning about the risks and limits of the mRNA vaccines, based on his bona fide scientific research, which included studies of young athletes who dropped dead of heart failure after taking them, and a suggestion that the vaccines not be given to kids.

Dec 31 07:03

Permanently suspended on Twitter...

We all knew it would happen eventually.

Today it did. Over a half million followers gone in a blink of an eye. That means I must have been on the mark, so to speak. Over the target. It also means we lost a critical component in our fight to stop these vaccines being mandated for children and to stop the corruption in our governments, as well as the medical-industrial complex and pharmaceutical industries.

So, please spread the word - share this on your own twitter feed or whatever social media venue you wish.

My Substack sign-up is:

Dec 31 06:35

The Fall Of The Mainstream Media And The Biggest Lies They Told In 2021

If the past year has confirmed anything it is that the mainstream media is thoroughly dishonest. Yes, most people already suspected this, but the last 12 months have provided more confirmation than the past several years combined. 2021 has made it clear that the mainstream media is a propaganda arm of political and corporate elitists, from big government to big pharma.

Dec 30 21:07

69-minute video: Need to Know news for lucid analysis and commentary on current events (December 30, 2021)

Professor Emeritus Jim Fetzer, Joe Olson, and I discuss current events to sharply discern objective reality fit for news from corporate media bullshit to herd sheeple: here on BitChute (censored on YouTube).

This is my best “shot” to explain, document, and prove the “Covid” + “vaccine” narrative are Crimes Against Humanity: a 4,700-word essay I sent to ~100 teacher colleagues.

Want to learn more about false flags and conspiracies? For ~25 years I’ve learned from Professor Fetzer’s academic work; he offers 24 free video presentations from the False Flags and Conspiracies 2020 Virtual Conference. The 2021 False Flags and Conspiracies Conference is here.

Context: American Revolution 2.0 2020: PATRIOTS vs. LOYALISTS

Dec 30 09:27


The Machiavellian quote (sic) that “if you’re going to come at the king, you best not miss,” may be about to bite Mark Zuckerberg and his army of fact-checking mercenaries.

While Zuckerberg may feel omnipotent atop his opaque algo-world but the so-called ‘fact-checkers’ – so expert at shutting down any narrative-conflicting-information (on behalf of, and often at the behest of, the Biden administration) – may have met their match by claiming that one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious medical journals delivered “false information” that “could mislead people.”

As we detailed in early November, The British Medical Journal (BMJ) – a weekly peer-reviewed medical trade journal, published by the trade union the British Medical Association – published a whistleblower report calling into question data integrity and regulatory oversight issues surrounding Pfizer’s pivotal phase III Covid-19 vaccine trial.

Dec 30 07:45

Leftist Paper Avoids Lawsuits By Quietly Changing Titles

The Daily Beast silently apologized for a title about a claimed “Boogaloo” member after baselessly reporting that he had confessed to “posing as BLM supporter white shooting up Minneapolis cop station.”

Dec 30 06:59

Must See: Brian Stelter Tells AP To Attack Republicans

Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter encouraged Julie Pace, Executive Editor and Senior Vice President of the Associated Press, to "call out GOP extremism."

Leading up to the question Stelter posed on Sunday, he pressed Pace on what the biggest story of the year was "beyond the pandemic if that's possible."

Dec 30 06:39

Guardian ‘Person of the Year’ Poll Deactivated After J.K. Rowling Takes Lead

An online poll conducted by the staunchly left Guardian newspaper seeking nominations for “Person of the Year” has been turned off, sparking speculation it was shut down when author J.K. Rowling took the lead.

The poll was launched on December 15 and posed a simple question: “Who would be your 2021 person of the year, and why?” It can be found here.

As of Wednesday it was no longer live, launching conjecture from a number of sources that the fact author J.K. Rowling was such a dominating choice the outlet had no option left other than to stop accepting nominations.

It still exists but comes with the caveat This form has been deactivated and is closed to any further submissions.

Reactions online have been straight to the point.

Dec 29 12:12

Facebook, Instagram reportedly banning quote by American revolutionary Thomas Paine

According to Facebook and Instagram users over the past week, the social media platforms have been punishing the accounts of those who share a quote by Thomas Paine, an American political theorist who was one of the leading minds behind the American Revolution.

Quillette managing editor Colin Wright was among the first to report the punitive action, when on Sunday when he shared Paine’s quote, “He who dares not offend cannot be honest” on Instagram. Wright tweeted a picture of the Paine quote and the subsequent notice from Instagram that the post was removed for “‘false information’ according to Instagram.”

Dec 29 11:39

Report: FEC Data Show Twitter Employees Made 99 Percent Of Political Donations Online To Democrats

The New York Post reported, “Twitter workers made 561 contributions through Actblue, the Democratic Party-linked payments processor, vs. just eight through its Republican counterpart, WinRed.”

Dan Gainor of the Media Research Center, the non-profit conservative watchdog group, told the Post, “The one percent shocks. They have somebody who actually gave to the GOP. I’m stunned.”

“Their day to day actions also contribute to that political party,” Gainor said of Twitter staffers, who have been accused of censoring conservative commentary. “There was a time when you could give to one political party and still be fairhanded, but that time is long past.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yes, Twitter is biased!

Dec 29 09:57

Randi Weingarten’s attempts to rewrite school-closings history won’t fly

American Federation of Teachers boss Randi Weingarten has learned an important lesson from the pandemic: Parents really resent the fact that she and the union she heads pushed to keep schools closed for so long at the expense of kids. So what’s Weingarten doing? Denying she did any such thing. And she’s got her media lapdogs backing her. Don’t fall for any of it.

“Rather than championing shutdowns, [Weingarten]’s spent much of her energy, both in public and behind the scenes, trying to get schools open,” New York Times scribe Michelle Goldberg wrote.

The AFT president told Goldberg she was “uncomfortable” acting “as a mediator between desperate parents grieving their kids’ interrupted educations and beleaguered teachers who feel they’re being blamed for a calamity they didn’t create.”

Dec 29 09:56

Back on June 18 Gateway Pundit Was First to Report on Deep State Plant Ray Epps at the J-6 Protests — Today the Ray Epps Story Finally Made the Mainstream Daily Mail

Back on June 18, 2021, The Gateway Pundit was the first national website to post on the mysterious Ray Epps and his bizarre antics caught on video in Washington DC on January 5th and 6th.

On the eve of the January 6th protests, a middle-aged man in a MAGA hat showed up, defended Antifa, and told the crowd they needed to “go into the Capitol” on Jan. 6. The man made the demands while standing next to Antifa organizer John Sullivan.

This was the night before the Trump rally of a million patriots. This was the day before VP Mike Pence stabbed President Trump in the back and approved the fraudulent 2020 election results.

The Gateway Pundit identified the man as Ray Epps from Arizona.

Dec 29 09:29

Media Seeks Trump Replacement As Ratings Continue To Tank

No Donald Trump in the White House to drive the news cycle means establishment media outlets are being neglected, 2021 year-end numbers published Monday show, as multinational corporate control of America’s news is rejected by the very audiences it seeks to engage.

AP reports cable news networks were the primary form of evening entertainment for millions of Americans last year. Now those legacy television outlets, alongside digital and print news organizations, are suffering big-time in a post-Trump world.

Dec 29 09:18

TikTok Tricks Teens Into 'Self-Diagnosing' Rare Mental Disorders

On top of inundating teenagers with content produced by wannabe hookers-in-training glorifying BDSM, kinky sex and other prurient subjects, much to the chagrin of responsible parents everywhere, TikTok is also facing criticism for convincing teenagers that they have (sometimes rare) mental disorders, everything from ADHD to Borderline Personality Disorder, and beyond.

The news initially appeared in WSJ, which spoke to several teenage high school students about their experiences with the app. One, a young woman named Samantha Fridley, who claims she was diagnosed with depression at age 10, told WSJ she had stayed up until 0300 in the morning while watching an endless stream of videos about BDP and other rare disorders like bipolar disorder and multiple-personality disorder.

Dec 29 09:10

CBS censors reporter slamming 'crushing impact' of COVID policies on kids

The iconic CBS Sunday morning news show “Face the Nation” edited out a network correspondent’s passionate criticism of COVID-19 policies for the harm they have caused children and teenagers who have a minuscule chance of suffering serious illness or death from the disease.

Newsbusters reported the remarks of CBS correspondent Jan Crawford were axed seconds before they would have aired Sunday.

“Face the Nation” host Margaret Brennan, in a special year-end show with a reporter roundtable, pivoted the discussion, saying, Well, I want to get to underreported stories as well, Jan?”

Crawford immediately responded, saying her to underreported story centered on an issue “my kids hear me rant about … every day, so I might as well tell you guys.””

“It’s the crushing impact that our COVID policies have had on young kids and children,” she said.

Dec 29 08:55

Challenging our public school district’s obedience to county ‘health’ ‘orders’: District removes my committee’s 2-month censorship after conceding addressing lockdown’s doubled failure rate was ‘aligned with district learning goals,’ ~50 students revolt

“The rules are simple: they lie to us, we know they’re lying, they know we know they’re lying, but they keep lying to us, and we keep pretending to believe them.” ~ Elena Gorokhova, A Mountain of Crumbs (also attributed to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn)

Perhaps the most helpful communication is a summary of events to the most recent article, the specific updates when they occurred, and preview of coming events (articles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39).

This is my best “shot” to explain, document, and prove the “Covid” + “vaccine” narrative are Crimes Against Humanity: a 4,700-word essay I sent to ~100 teacher colleagues in September, 2021.

Dec 29 08:36

TikTok Promoting "Proud Groomer Teacher" Videos

Rod Dreher at The American Conservative details the disturbing trend of school teachers openly bragging on popular social media platforms about indoctrinating young children in their classes with transgender and "sexual rights" instruction. "Call it confidence, or call it arrogance, but there are some young schoolteachers who brag on TikTok about telling the little kids in their class all about transgenderism and gender theory," Dreher writes.

It comes also as a number of media reports in the US and UK have correlated the amount of time children spend online consuming content on apps like TikTok and their willingness to "come out" as a different gender, at increasingly young ages. One recent Daily Mail article observes that "Campaigners have accused TikTok of helping children to be 'brainwashed' by hosting viral social-media videos that promote changing sex as 'cool'."

Dec 28 10:14

Newsweek: Armed Republicans will Overthrow Government if Trump Loses in 2024

There is fearmongering, and then there is Newsweek-level fearmongering. The once-respected news magazine – which a former reporter recently described as “a painful embarrassment to anyone who toiled there in its golden age,” which is now known for its incendiary click-bait – is at it again, blasting conservatives, gun owners and the Second Amendment, while warning its shrinking über-woke readership of a coming civil war. -- A recent story by their science writer, David H. Freedman, titled “Millions of Angry, Armed Americans Stand Ready to Seize Power If Trump Loses in 2024,” is so biased, so heavily spun and just so damn creepy, it defies belief that it was actually set into type by an alleged news publication, or what purports to be a news publication or, more accurately, what used to be an actual news publication.

Dec 28 10:06


While the mainstream media continues to either outright propagandize the masses, or make abstruse any semblance of factual reporting, The Free Thought Project stays dedicated to bringing you the information they refuse to talk about.

Time and again MSM pundits have demonstrated themselves to be stenographers of the State rather than the arbiters of critical journalism speaking truth to power — Particularly in this day and age where examples like this are innumerable. This is why publications like ours exist.

To that point, living in such an era of deliberate deception via the corporate press as we do, there remains a plethora of vital stories the public needs to know that tends to slip through the cracks.

Dec 28 10:03


Leaked documents have revealed a state-sponsored influence operation designed to undermine critics of the British government’s coronavirus policies by astroturfing a prominent founder of the BreadTube clique of “anti-fascist” YouTube influencers.

The project aims to conduct psychological profiling on British citizens dissenting against policies such as mandatory vaccination and lockdowns, then leverage the data to establish a YouTube channel that portrays these critics as dangerous “superspreaders” of “disinformation.”

Designed “to curb the influence of pseudoscience material online, with specific emphasis on Coronavirus-related ‘anti-vaxxing’ sentiment,” the operation is run by the UK’s Royal Institution, and dubbed “Challenging Pseudoscience.”

Dec 28 10:00

For Third Year, Committee To Protect Journalists Excludes Assange From Jailed Journalist Index

A record number of journalists are imprisoned throughout the world, according to the annual prison index released by the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ). But that number excludes WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

CPJ, which is based in New York, opposes the United States Justice Department’s prosecution against Assange. However, for the third year, the press freedom organization declined to classify him as a jailed journalist.

In the organization’s press release on the 2021 index, it states, “No journalists were jailed in North America at the time of the census deadline.” That may be true, but it obscures what the U.S. government is doing to keep a journalist detained in the United Kingdom.

Reporters Without Borders (RSF), based in Paris, previously joined with CPJ on press freedom campaigns. They also keep an annual tally of journalists in detention, yet unlike CPJ, RSF included Assange in their 2021 round-up.

Dec 28 09:35

Outlets hurt by dwindling public interest in news in 2021

The presidential election, pandemic and racial reckoning were stories that drove intense interest and engagement to news outlets in 2020. To a large degree, 2021 represented the inevitable hangover.

Various metrics illustrate the dwindling popularity of news content.

Cable news networks were the main form of evening entertainment for millions of Americans last year. In 2021, weekday prime-time viewership dropped 38% at CNN, 34% at Fox News Channel and 25% at MSNBC, according to the Nielsen company.

The decline was less steep but still significant at broadcast television evening newscasts: 12% at ABC’s “World News Tonight” and the “CBS Evening News;” 14% at NBC’s “Nightly News,” Nielsen said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Actually, we are seeing the dwindling popularity of outright lies by corporate media!

Dec 28 09:20

MSNBC’s Wallace: Man Saying ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ to Biden Is the ‘Slow-Motion Insurrection’

MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace said Monday on “Deadline” that Jared Schmeck, the Oregon father who said to President Joe Biden, “Let’s go Brandon” during a Christmas phone call, was an example of the “slow-motion insurrection.”

Monday, during Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast, Schmeck said, “Donald Trump is my president and still should be president right now. The election was 100% stolen. I want to make that clear. ‘Let’s go Brandon’ is more than F Joe Biden. ‘Let’s go Brandon’ encompasses the entirety of our frustration with Joe Biden, the administration, the leftist mob, the cancel culture, the mainstream media. They are the ones who made this a thing. And we are able, as conservatives, we are able to find humor in this. but there is terrible things going on.”

Dec 28 06:45

NY Times Editor Dies of Heart Attack Hours After Moderna 'Booster'

Carlos Tejada, a 49-year-old editor at the New York Times, died just hours after mixing-and-matching his J&J shot with a "booster" from Moderna.

Dec 27 22:38

71-minute video: Need to Know news for lucid analysis and commentary on current events (December 27, 2021)

Professor Emeritus Jim Fetzer, Joe Olson, and I discuss current events to sharply discern objective reality fit for news from corporate media bullshit to herd sheeple: here on BitChute (censored on YouTube).

This is my best “shot” to explain, document, and prove the “Covid” + “vaccine” narrative are Crimes Against Humanity: a 4,700-word essay I sent to ~100 teacher colleagues.

Want to learn more about false flags and conspiracies? For ~25 years I’ve learned from Professor Fetzer’s academic work; he offers 24 free video presentations from the False Flags and Conspiracies 2020 Virtual Conference. The 2021 False Flags and Conspiracies Conference is here.

Context: American Revolution 2.0 2020: PATRIOTS vs. LOYALISTS

Dec 27 13:20

Washington Post Rushes To Defend Biden Over Supply Chain Crisis: ‘Americans Need To Lower Expectations’

The Washington Post received a fair amount of criticism after running an op-ed suggesting Americans shouldn’t complain about President Biden’s supply chain crisis and the consequent hit on our standard of living but rather, we should simply lower our expectations.

Supply chain issues have become so prevalent of late that White House officials admitted in regards to Christmas shopping this year, “There will be things that people can’t get.”

Businesses nationwide are short-staffed and food shortages are becoming so common that people are posting images of their local grocery store’s empty shelves and forcing Twitter hashtags like #EmptyShelvesJoe to trend.

None of that is Biden’s fault per se, writes Micheline Maynard for the Washington Post.

Dec 27 12:54

New York Times Editor Dean Baquet responds to NY Court Ruling calling NYT ‘Hit and Run’ Journalism

Dec 27 12:10

What! No Russian Invasion of Ukraine?

Dec 26 09:13

Western mass media consumers are as propagandized as North Koreans

What I find interesting is that it’s not just coming from complete mainstream normies; a lot of the pushback I get in my online notifications comes from people who’ve succeeded in seeing through other Western propaganda narratives on fronts like Russia, Syria, or Julian Assange. They’re just as brainwashed about China as any uncritical consumer of TV news, but because they get their information from people like Tucker Carlson and other so-called “right-populists” who have disputed those other narratives, they assume they are safe from mass media indoctrination.

Dec 26 08:41


It is often said that history repeats itself, but usually, it doesn’t happen quite so quickly. If you are getting a sinking feeling because current events bear such a close resemblance to early 2020, you are definitely not alone.

All over the globe, the Omicron variant is causing a wave of tremendous fear that is unlike anything that we have seen since the first half of last year. And based on the response so far, it appears that we haven’t learned much since then. We are witnessing so many of the exact same patterns play out, and that could have very important implications for the year ahead of us. Interestingly, many on social media are now reminding us that 2022 is pronounced “2020 too”, and that is certainly quite a depressing thought.

Do you remember all of those ominous projections that “the experts” were giving us back at the very start of the COVID pandemic?

Dec 24 09:13

New Poll Shows The Population's Distrust In Big Tech

Most internet users do not have faith in Facebook, TikTok, or Instagram with their data, a new survey shows.

About 72% of U.S. internet users do not trust Facebook to "responsibly handle" their personal information or data, according to a Washington Post/Schar-School poll of 1,058 respondents conducted November 4-22 with a margin of error of 4 percentage points.

Dec 24 08:50


In those days, maybe because as a teenager conservatism seemed counterintuitive and Western institutions didn’t seem important, or maybe because the left wasn’t yet fully toxic, the concept of a War on Christmas was amusing, and seemed absurd.

By now, though, I have developed a deeper appreciation for turn-of-the-century GOP culture war talking points.

Christmas is about universal goodwill and holy communion – the exact opposite agenda of the ruling oligarchs, who prefer their peasants atomized and stultified with terror at all hours of the day.

The corporate media, accordingly, has some propaganda slop for the peasants to desecrate that day marking Christ’s birth.

Dec 24 08:43

Failure of US Media on Ukraine

We need to constantly remind ourselves about the US media. During the Cold War, there was the saying that the difference between the New York Times and the Soviet Pravda was that Pravda readers knew they were being lied to. Unfortunately, current coverage by the US media about the movement of Russian troops demonstrates the applicability of that saying today.

Lies by Omission

For example, the US public is continually being told that the movement of a large number of Russian troops is a major crisis-inducing provocation of the US and NATO over Ukraine. There is much speculation about whether or not Russia will attack Ukraine and how the US and NATO should react to an attack. This coverage portrays Russia as the initiator of this situation and that the US and NATO are being forced to react. Unsurprisingly, the US media fails to remind the public about recent history that provides vital context for current events.

Promise and Betrayal

Dec 23 22:26

69-minute video: Need to Know news for lucid analysis and commentary on current events (December 23, 2021)

Professor Emeritus Jim Fetzer, Joe Olson, and I discuss current events to sharply discern objective reality fit for news from corporate media bullshit to herd sheeple: here on BitChute (censored on YouTube).

This is my best “shot” to explain, document, and prove the “Covid” + “vaccine” narrative are Crimes Against Humanity: a 4,700-word essay I sent to ~100 teacher colleagues.

Want to learn more about false flags and conspiracies? For ~25 years I’ve learned from Professor Fetzer’s academic work; he offers 24 free video presentations from the False Flags and Conspiracies 2020 Virtual Conference. The 2021 False Flags and Conspiracies Conference is here.

Context: American Revolution 2.0 2020: PATRIOTS vs. LOYALISTS

Dec 23 08:24

Meet Ghislaine: Daddy’s Girl

Absent from mainstream discourse on Ghislaine Maxwell’s ongoing trial is any mention of the ties, not only of herself, but her family, to Israeli intelligence. Those ties, forged by Ghislaine’s father Robert Maxwell, are critical to understanding Ghislaine’s history and her role in Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual blackmail and trafficking network.

Dec 23 08:22

The Daunte Wright NYT Readers Don’t Know!

They’re doing it again. The New York Times is aggressively hiding relevant facts on a matter of public interest simply in order to promote the narrative of black victimhood.

OK, we didn’t get away with it last time, but we probably will this time. Let’s try!

Daunte Wright is the half-black man fatally shot by a police officer in Minnesota earlier this year. According to Nexis, he has appeared in well over 100 articles in the Times. But one thing Times readers will never be told is that Wright was facing criminal charges for trying to choke a woman to death while robbing her at gunpoint.

Dec 22 07:35

Addictive 'Brain Hijacking' Methods Of Social Media Platforms Harmful To Users, Especially Children: Insider

Addictive “brain hijacking” methods used by social media giants to keep users on their platforms have harmful effects, particularly on children, according to industry insider Rex Lee, who says the companies may be violating child protection laws and consumer protection laws by employing such techniques.

Lee, who has over 35 years of experience in the tech and telecom industry, recently testified before Congress, speaking to members about some of the deceptive practices used by social media networks—in particular, “brain hijacking.”

“The first time I’d ever heard of brain hijacking, I thought it was something from a science fiction movie,” he recently told EpochTV’s Crossroads program.

He said that social media apps, including those developed by Google, Meta, and Bytedance, are intentionally developed to be addictive.

Dec 21 11:02

Capitol Riot Officer Michael Fanone, Who Testified Before The Select Committee, Joins CNN

Michael Fanone, who testified before the select committee investigating the Capitol riot, announced his resignation from the police force on Monday. He is set to become an on-air contributor for CNN in January.

Fanone was dragged into a mob and beaten during the chaos at the Capitol on January 6th. The officer suffered a heart attack during the melee and later publicly denounced lawmakers and others who downplayed the attack.

Fanone, the Washington Post reports, was heavily criticized amongst his fellow officers for playing to the national media.

“Clearly there are some members of our department who feel their oath is to Donald Trump and not to the Constitution,” he said of those who felt he was seeking attention.

Dec 21 07:49

Every news media who secretly took Trudeau's $61M pre-election pay-off

Dec 21 07:41

WhatsApp’s New Privacy Policy After Huge Fine

Maybe you recall pop-ups warning you, in early 2021, to update WhatsApp.

While that didn’t cut off users completely, the app degraded over time, unless you accepted it – but this time around, their update of your terms and conditions with them is automatic.

Now, there’s a fresh debate over privacy issues, which we’re experts on – this time it’s scandalous.

Dec 20 16:17

66-minute video: Need to Know news for lucid analysis and commentary on current events (December 20, 2021)

Professor Emeritus Jim Fetzer, Joe Olson, and I discuss current events to sharply discern objective reality fit for news from corporate media bullshit to herd sheeple: here on BitChute (censored on YouTube).

This is my best “shot” to explain, document, and prove the “Covid” + “vaccine” narrative are Crimes Against Humanity: a 4,700-word essay I sent to ~100 teacher colleagues.

Want to learn more about false flags and conspiracies? For ~25 years I’ve learned from Professor Fetzer’s academic work; he offers 24 free video presentations from the False Flags and Conspiracies 2020 Virtual Conference.

Context: American Revolution 2.0 2020: PATRIOTS vs. LOYALISTS

Dec 20 13:48

Report: CNN ex-producer John Griffin’s personal devices seized several months before sex trafficking arrest

On Wednesday, December 15th, Fox News reported that a Nevada criminal complaint revealed officials initially learned of CNN producer John Griffin’s “depraved proclivities” 18 months ago.

Yet the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) did not arrest him until Friday, December 10th, in Connecticut for allegedly soliciting three mothers and their minor daughters for “training” in fetish sex.

The criminal complaint against the mom who pimped out her 9-year-old daughter to Griffin in Vermont discloses several new details about the disturbing arraignment.

Dec 20 11:00

Project Veritas Names CNN Producer Involved in Wednesday’s Tragic Story

There have been many requests from other journalists and media outlets to name the subject in Wednesday’s tragic story involving a CNN producer.

After ensuring the family involved is safe, Project Veritas has made the decision to release the name, Rick Saleeby.

Saleeby is a producer on The Lead with Jake Tapper.
Project Veritas reached out to CNN multiple times for comment, but as of this writing, they are yet to respond.

The mother of the children involved in this story sent Project Veritas the following heartfelt note. We have redacted some parts, to further protect their identity, and request everyone give them privacy during this difficult time:

Dec 20 07:42

Twitter censors account that alleged another CNN pedophilia scandal

Twitter has suspended an account linked to Project Veritas after the media outlet posted a video accusing a CNN producer of soliciting nude photos of an underage girl and fantasizing about molesting another child.

The account, called ‘@investigatecnn’, was suspended on Saturday for unspecified violations of Twitter’s rules. The move came two days after Project Veritas released a video in which former sex worker Janine Bonanni alleged that a CNN producer – later identified as Rick Saleeby – asked for nude ‘mother-daughter’ pictures with her 15-year-old child and spoke of the sexual things he wanted to do with the 14-year-old daughter of his fiancé.

Dec 20 06:58


Perpetual doomsayer Bill Gates has called for censoring social media in his latest effort to combat so-called “disinformation”.

On December 7th, Bill Gates released his 2021 Year in Review on his blog “GatesNotes”. In this annual blog, former Microsoft founder and “philanthropist” treats us to his personal review of 2021, as well as predictions for what to expect in 2022. There are a number of points worth dissecting, but first, let’s provide some background for those who might be wondering, “Who the hell cares what Bill Gates thinks?”.

Dec 20 06:53


Even this threadbare reckoning was too much information for Twitter, which banned a popular account reporting daily from Manhattan Federal Court. The new Twitter CEO has previously said the company is not bound by the First Amendment, and blocked posts that were drawing 500,000 views.The trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, former partner of Jeffrey Epstein, looks like it is being set up to fail. Prosecutors rested their case after nine days in which victims seemed barely prepared for cross-examination and co-conspirators were notable by their absence.

The touchy revelation seems to have been that hard drives removed from Jeffrey Epstein’s townhouse in 2019 already had FBI tags on them, suggesting they’d previously been seized and returned to the predator.

Dec 20 02:04

Manchin Shuts Down Build Back Better Boondoggle, Journos Hardest Hit

Journos were hoping they were going to get massive tax cuts and get paid nearly $2 billion to become de facto state media outlets thanks to a buried provision in the Biden regime's Build Back Better bill.

Dec 20 00:56

VIDEO: "15 Days to Slow The Spread," They Said...

How can anyone look back at how the narrative has shifted over the past two years and not realize what a transparent scam this all is?

Dec 19 10:35

CNN Could Face Bankruptcy After Judge Gives Gen. Flynn the Green Light To Sue Them Into Oblivion

CNN might be forced to write another huge check for failing to do its job properly, this time to relatives of former Trump national security advisor Michael Flynn.

Dec 19 07:38

Judge Hands Down Big Win to Gen. Flynn, Will Allow His Family to Sue CNN

CNN may have the opportunity to write another check for doing its job poorly, this time to relatives of former Trump national security advisor Michael Flynn for labeling them followers of the QAnon conspiracy theory.

You’ll recall CNN reportedly wrote a very large check to former Covington High School student Nicholas Sandmann last year after falsely claiming he had confronted and sought to belittle a Native American gentleman during a protest in Washington, D.C. It was actually that man who had approached and stood toe-to-toe with the teenager.

Sandmann was wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, and the establishment media read into the encounter what it wanted to see. But when video of the incident started circulating, CNN, The Washington Post and other left-wing outlets had to backtrack.