Sep 03 05:36

The Downsides of Masking Young Students Are Real

Scientists have an obligation to strive for honesty. And on the question of whether kids should wear masks in schools—particularly preschools and elementary schools—here is what I conclude: The potential educational harms of mandatory-masking policies are much more firmly established, at least at this point, than their possible benefits in stopping the spread of COVID-19 in schools. To justify continued masking of schoolkids—with no end date in sight—we have to prove that masks benefit kids, and at what ages. States and communities that are considering masking policies just to be safe should recognize that being overly cautious has a cost, while the benefits are uncertain.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sep 03 05:16

Tucker: Democrats are doing everything they can to stay in power

Sep 03 05:07


This statement of fact, once regarded as “fringe,” is no longer disputable in the face of the evidence: Beginning in March 2020, the corporate state, aided and abetted by its media lapdogs, has waged all-hands-on-deck information warfare – what the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its People’s Liberation Army (PLA) call “unrestricted warfare”:

“The CCP has sought to control content and dominate discourse in China’s online environment, including through censorship and propaganda that is both internal and external in its focus…

For the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), psychological warfare is an integral element of information operations… to be undertaken continuously throughout peacetime and wartime across all domains…

Sep 03 05:06


An Air Force veteran who owns three upstate New York properties has been forced to live in her car because her tenants have refused to pay rent thanks to the eviction moratorium.

Brandie LaCasse told CBS News that she has been living at friends’ homes and out of her car with her young daughter. She said she is owed more than $23,000 in unpaid rent but cannot force her tenants to pay or leave because of federal and state moratoriums on evictions.

“I’ve cried many nights, like thinking, ‘Where’s my money?'” the single mom said. “I don’t understand how they can give my private property to somebody to live for free. I bought that property. I fixed it up with my blood, sweat and tears.”

She added, “I invested in these properties, never thinking I wouldn’t have a place to live. I just want my house. That’s it. I just want my house.”

Federal funds earmarked to help alleviate such situations during the pandemic have not been allocated, according to the US Treasury Department.

Sep 02 20:07

[Video] Stew Peters Show: Bill Gates Patent: Blockchain Will Track Vaxx Status, Prohibit Purchasing, Travel to Unvaxxed

lot of people have decided to get inoculated, choosing to get shot up with these injections being called ‘vaccines’. But many have also opted out. As we’ve told you, those people are being treated like criminals, even given a premeditated death sentence, as in the case with Dr. Courtney Bennett at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. Desperate people just wanting to live a normal life in an upside down world might even consider falsifying their papers in case the need should arise, if they’re asked by the brownshirts for proof of their jab status. But now we’re learning that those of you evading the gestapo with forgery are out of luck.

Sep 02 19:40

[Video] Stew Peters Show: Facebook, Google Caught Using Data, Manipulating KIDS to Get Jabbed!

Patrick Howley broke a story this afternoon at NationalFile.com, which exposes Google and Facebook, who has used a partner to compile a report that specifically targets people to push them toward a shot (falsely referred to as a 'vaccine'), specifically using language to break through any thoughts of hesitancy.

Sep 02 15:35

‘Like remote-controlling your arm against you’: Snowden says Apple WON’T DECIDE what it scans the phones for – governments will

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has dissected Apple's phone-scanning plan, saying it not only blurs the line between what is and isn't private, but will eventually enable governments to meddle into intimate details of one's life.

Snowden has been among vocal critics of Apple's plan to scan content on all iPhones for criminal evidence. The tech giant says it wants to identify child pornography stored on devices, but skeptics see it as the latest corporate move to encroach of people's privacy under the guise of protecting children. It goes one step further from what many companies already do when they scan files that users store in cloud storage on the providers' servers.

"Fundamentally, the distinction here is they are taking away that separation between what they own and what you own. And now they are telling your device what to look for," Snowden said on Thursday in an interview with Russian media.

Sep 02 14:31

Twitter’s ‘Safety Mode’ is just a new way to silence opponents to the tech giant’s woke social justice agenda

Ever keen to be seen doing more about online abuse among its users, Twitter has decided to nobble free speech with a novelty ‘Safety Mode’ button, which might reduce offence. Exactly what ‘offence’ means is up to the tech giant.

Something about Twitter has long irritated me, not so much the platform itself but the smug self-righteousness of a bunch of tech nerds adopting the moral high ground over the inalienable right to free speech.

I’m not just talking about Jack Dorsey and his Silicon Valley sidekicks who blocked Donald Trump’s social media account, but about their woke-fevered, sanctimonious, purse-lipped wowserish approach in imposing their own values in judging what should and shouldn’t be allowed to be said within their software apps.

Sep 02 11:49

Reddit Bans Vaccine-Skeptic Subreddit r/NoNewNormal - Days After CEO Said He Wouldn't

'Reddit is a place for open and authentic discussion and debate' - unless we don't like you...

Sep 02 11:28

Australia passes new controversial online surveillance bill

The new legislation expands the power of law enforcement agencies, notably the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC), in three distinct ways.

First, both agencies now have “data disruption power.” This means the AFP and the ACIC can modify or delete the online data of suspected offenders. Supposedly, they can only do this if the purpose is to prevent the “continuation of criminal activity by participants, and be the safest and most expedient option where those participants are in unknown locations or acting under anonymous or false identities.”

The second new power is called the “network activity warrant.” This gives the AFP and the ACIC the authority to monitor the online accounts and activities of suspected offenders to collect more information for an investigation.

Third, the “account takeover warrant,” grants these law enforcement agencies the power to take control of a suspected offenders’ online accounts.

Sep 02 11:14

Texas is about to pass a new law Republicans say will stop censorship of conservatives on Facebook, Twitter

Texas is on the verge of passing a new law that would crack down on social media companies Republicans say are censoring conservative speech.

The legislature passed the bill. It now heads to the desk of Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican who has publicly backed it and is expected to sign it.

The new law, passed in the final days of the second special session called by Abbott, would allow any Texas resident banned from Facebook, Twitter or Google's YouTube for their political views to sue the companies. The state attorney general also would be able to sue on behalf of a user or a group of users.

It is similar to a Florida law that was blocked by a federal judge one day before it was set to take effect.

Sep 02 11:06

Gladys Berejiklian Takes Over The World

Resentful and bitter after being criticised over her leadership during the latest lockdown, Gladys decides it's time to take things to the next level and declare herself the eternal leader of NSW.

Sep 02 11:04

Leftists now calling to strip all medical licenses from doctors who question COVID vaccine safety

Leftists are now demanding that physicians who either question the ‘accepted science’ (not the real science) regarding COVID-19, COVID vaccines, masks and other aspects of the pandemic be stripped of their licensure in the latest attempt to use the virus to forward their countercultural revolution.

And of course, the garbage ‘mainstream media’ is in the tank for these leftist revolutionaries because they believe they’re going to have some sort of special place in the ‘new’ authoritarian American.

The New York Times gave us a glimpse of what’s going on:

Standing before a local school board in central Indiana this month, Dr. Daniel Stock, a physician in the state, issued a litany of false claims about the coronavirus. He proclaimed that the recent surge in cases showed that the vaccines were ineffective, that people were better off with a cocktail of drugs and supplements to prevent hospitalization from the virus, and that masks didn’t help prevent the spread of infection.

Sep 02 11:03

Vaccine-Induced Covid Variants: The More the Scarier, the Better to Force Your Acceptance of a Tyrannical Form of Social Control

Universal vaccination to control a viral pathogen during a pandemic assures the emergence of mutant viral strains that evade vaccine-induced immunity. It works like this: the antibodies induced by the vaccine kill the dominant viral strain, which makes the infected person an ideal host for the multiplication and spread of mutant virus particles resistant to the vaccine-induced antibodies.

So what is almost every national government doing during the Covid pandemic? They are seeking to force the vaccine on every member of the human race, including infants and pregnant women.

And what do we see as a result? Variants that have achieved immune escape, which is to say resistance to the antibodies induced by the vaccine, the latest such variant being called Mu, for mutant.

But not to worry: Big Pharma will produce booster shots, engineered to deal with the scariest variant.

But what happens as the variants multiply?

Sep 02 07:15

56-minute video: Need to Know news for lucid analysis and commentary on current events (September 1, 2021)

Professor Emeritus Jim Fetzer and I discuss current events here on BitChute and (censored on YouTube).

Want to learn more about false flags and conspiracies? For ~25 years I’ve learned from Professor Fetzer’s academic work; he offers 24 free video presentations from the False Flags and Conspiracies 2020 Virtual Conference.

Context: American Revolution 2.0 2020: PATRIOTS vs. LOYALISTS

I’m a professional historian with degrees from Berkeley and Harvard, helped craft and deliver ~300 policy briefs for Members of Congress on ending poverty that led to two UN Summits for heads of state, have written ~1,000 articles since 2009 with ~50 million page views that include published research, and was recognized by two Los Angeles Mayors as among the very best high school teachers among ~20,000 teachers in Central L.A.

Sep 02 06:42

Taibbi: NPR Trashes Free Speech. A Brief Response

The guests for NPR’s just-released On The Media episode about the dangers of free speech included Andrew Marantz, author of an article called, “Free Speech is Killing Us”; P.E. Moskowitz, author of “The Case Against Free Speech”; Susan Benesch, director of the “Dangerous Speech Project”; and Berkeley professor John Powell, whose contribution was to rip John Stuart Mill’s defense of free speech in On Liberty as “wrong.”

That’s about right for NPR, which for years now has regularly congratulated itself for being a beacon of diversity while expunging every conceivable alternative point of view.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sep 02 06:30

Oregon Vaccine Mandate Could Lead to Mass Exodus of Firefighters and Paramedics Across the State

On August 19, Oregon Governor Kate Brown announced sweeping new mandates in response to the delta variant of COVID-19. The new order, administered by the Oregon Health Authority (OHA), mandates masks in all indoor and outdoor settings, regardless of vaccination status. The mask mandate exempts the homeless, children under five years old, people engaged in competitive sports, and those delivering an outdoor speech or performance. The Democrat governor also mandated COVID-19 vaccines for all health care workers, along with teachers and staff in K-12 across the state. The mask mandate took effect on August 19. The vaccine mandate must be completed by October 18, or affected workers would face the prospect of termination.

Just two weeks prior, Brown had announced that school districts would retain local control over health care mandates, and health care workers would maintain their personal choice over the vaccine.

Sep 02 05:28

They Feel So Threatened By The Truth | Graham Hancock

Sep 02 05:16

Most people on Germany’s Islamist watchlist hold German or dual citizenship 

More than a half of the hundreds of individuals on Germany’s Islamic extremist watchlist are the country’s own citizens, a report says, citing government data.

The data came from the government’s response to an inquiry by the right-wing anti-immigration party Alternative for Germany (AfD).

Out of 330 individuals listed as threats on the basis of “religious ideology” as of July 1, 186 were either exclusively German nationals or held a second citizenship in addition to the German one.

Sep 02 05:13

The Elites' Battle For The Future America

America's elites are fracturing along multiple tectonic fissures: while the conventional media focuses on the ginned-up bread and circuses of Red and Blue political games (i.e., The Purple Empire), the real conflicts are within the camps running the Red and Blue games, the Imperial Project of global hegemony (a.k.a. The Deep State), the New Nobility of Big Tech attempting to overthrow the Old Nobility, the Nationalists versus the Globalists and the Financial Gamesters versus The New Foundation.

These are my informal acronyms, of course, but the conflicts are real and intensifying as extreme policies reach new extremes and the risks of breakdown increase.

Sep 02 05:11

Chase Bank Unveils New “Reputation Risk” Campaign, Targeting Loyal Customers For Their Political Beliefs

Over the weekend a stunning image made the rounds online. The photo showed a letter from Chase Bank to Lori Flynn, the wife of Gen. Michael Flynn, informing her that her credit cards were being canceled due to the “risk to their reputational risk” she created for the company.

Some on the left initially suggested the letter might be a hoax, before concluding that Chase’s decision was legitimate and something to celebrate.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Chase has reversed course on Michael Flynn, reactivating them and apologizing.

I guess Chase was worried about risk to their reputation! :)

But that does not mean Chase will not do the same to us "lesser" mortals.

Sep 02 05:06

Australia: New Law Allows Feds to Hack and Control Online Accounts of Political Dissidents Without a Warrant

The Australian parliament has recently passed one of the most egregious attacks on privacy rights and civil liberties in the world.

The Surveillance Legislation Amendment (Identify and Disrupt) Bill 2021 was rapidly snuck through with little debate or fanfare in a 24 hour window. The piece of legislation has the support of both the Liberal and Labour parties.

The law is a radical departure from due process. The new powers allow Australian Federal Police (AFP) to hack and take over the personal accounts of targets they label as “terrorists,” which in recent years has meant white people who advocate for nationalist beliefs, as well as other dissenting opinions.

Sep 02 05:04

Lockdown Under

This sort of brutal state power has never been seen in Melbourne before. Not even when hundreds of African migrants fought pitched battles in the Melbourne CBD during the annual Moomba festival, the city’s premier family event, in 2016. When tens of thousands of BLM protesters swarmed in defiance of lockdowns last year, none were arrested or even fined. Instead, police joined in the ritualistic abasement of “taking the knee.”

But the brutality of premier “Dictator Dan” Andrews, the Australian equivalent of a governor in Melbourne’s state of Victoria, is only the tip of the medically induced dictatorship that has seized Australia in the wake of the Wuhan pandemic.

Like Soviet citizens, Australians are prevented from even leaving their country. After 230 years, Australia has reverted to being an island prison.

Sep 02 04:12

DHS: White Americans Support The Taliban And Are Poised to Carry Out Terror Attacks At Any Moment

Homeland Security head Alejandro Mayorkas together with his underling John Cohen and the propagandists at the Anti-Defamation League went to CNN on Wednesday to drop a new blood libel smearing White Americans as "domestic violent extremists" in line with the Taliban who are poised to start committing terrorist attacks at any moment.

Webmaster addition:

Sep 01 12:48

There's No One Coming: It's Up to Us to Check the Feds

Sep 01 10:43

The Road To Totalitarianism Is Paved With "Vaccine Passports" - RonPaulLibertyReport

As time goes on, the insidious nature of "vaccine passports" continues to come into view. Should such a "system" be adopted worldwide, totalitarianism would exist like never before. We're already starting to see that the "fully vaccinated" can once again be considered "unvaccinated," as the number of shots required increases. Who's to say that the "passports" must be limited to vaccines in the future? Once in place, can't people be restricted from movement for any other reason that governments desire?

Sep 01 07:23

Covid TYRANNY: Judge rules child must be taken away from mother because she isn’t vaccinated

For the “crime” of refusing to get “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), a Chicago mother has been separated from her son by a fascist judge.

Judge James Shapiro from the Chicago’s Daley Center decided to strip Rebecca Firlit of custody of her son after Firlit chose to preserve her God-given DNA by not allowing it to be permanently altered with mystery chemicals from Donald Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” injection arsenal.

“I miss my son more than anything,” Firlit told a local Fox affiliate after her son was stolen from her by the court. “It’s been very difficult. I haven’t seen him since August 10.”

Sep 01 07:22

Arkansas Medical Board investigates doctor for SAVING thousands of lives with ivermectin… because only VACCINES and ventilators are allowed

For the “crime” of saving thousands of lives, an Arkansas doctor is under investigation by the Arkansas Medical Board after he was caught successfully administering ivermectin to sick Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) patients.

Dr. Robert Karas, who provides medical services to the Washington County jail, started prescribing the off-patent anti-malarial drug last October after it was determined to be a safe and effective remedy for Chinese Germs. Not a single person treated by Dr. Karas has died, by the way, and yet the Arkansas Medical Board wants him stripped of his medical license for refusing to prescribe “vaccines” instead.

Sep 01 07:02

COVID Propaganda Roundup: The War Down Under (Australia Today, America Tomorrow)

All-out war – literal war, according to the government — rages south of the equator. The former British penal colony has apparently returned to its roots.

Sep 01 06:20


The Army wants to use facial recognition and advanced machine learning algorithms to monitor kids at base Children Development Centers and plans to launch a pilot program at Fort Jackson in the near future.

Army contracting officers posted a solicitation to SAM.gov for a vendor capable of developing a facial recognition and video analytics system and integrating that with the Fort Jackson CDC’s closed-circuit television system.

If successful, the system will be used for “monitoring the health and well-being of children in the CDC,” according to the performance work statement.

“The use of close-circuit television video-recording is common in CDCs for security purposes, however these feeds are not continually monitored during all hours of operation in live time,” the solicitation notes. “Instead, CDC staff log scheduled hours by watching the live video feeds periodically throughout the day for the mandated metrics.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Another good reason to home school.

Sep 01 05:16

Digital documentation of COVID-19 certificates: vaccination status: technical specifications and implementation guidance, 27 August 2021

This is a guidance document for countries and implementing partners on the technical requirements for developing digital information systems for issuing standards-based interoperable digital certificates for COVID-19 vaccination status, and considerations for implementation of such systems, for the purposes of continuity of care, and proof of vaccination.

Sep 01 05:12

THE GREAT RESET: Davos & the Plot to Cancel Trump

Sep 01 04:45

Protesters Take to Streets of Berlin to Rally Against COVID-19 Restrictions

German police on Saturday detained 78 people during an unauthorised march against COVID-19 restrictions in Berlin.

Sputnik is live from Berlin as people take to the streets to protest against COVID-19 restrictions. According to the organisers of the protest, the rally calls for “freedom and the restoration of people’s fundamental rights” amid the COVID-19 restrictions.

The German parliament extended the regime of the "epidemic situation of national significance" on Wednesday, allowing the government to take measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic.

In early summer, the Bundestag extended the COVID-19 emergency for three months as Germany had seen a surge in cases. While the measure would have automatically expired in September, the decision has been extended it for another three months.

Sep 01 04:41

WATCH: Man mauled by police dog during arrest at Newcastle protest against UK Covid-19 vaccine passports

A protest against Covid-19 vaccine passports in Newcastle, England, turned ugly after police showed up with horses, batons drawn and attack dogs, one of which mauled a man who was being tackled and subdued by several officers.

Footage posted on social media from Sunday’s protest shows a police dog biting a man near the base of his neck while he’s being taken to the ground and arrested by at least three officers. In the video, the canine continued to maul the man for about 15 seconds, until another officer finally pulled the dog off the prone suspect. A woman standing near the scene pointed at the dog and repeatedly screamed at police to get the animal off the man.

Sep 01 04:40

The Manufacturing of a Mass Psychosis - Can Sanity Return to an Insane World?

Sep 01 04:40

New Zealand: A One Horse Race in the Zero COVID Sweepstakes

By now, most sensible and sober people can agree that there is something seriously wrong going on in New Zealand, and that it’s got nothing to do with a coronavirus.

In this latest episode in a series of highly calculated, albeit reactionary moves by the government, New Zealand declared a new “snap lockdown” in the country after public health officials claimed to have discovered a ‘case’ of COVID-19. Yes, you heard that right. One single case.

Apparently, it was the first alleged ‘infection’ recorded in six months, said to have emerged in the country’s most populous city, Auckland.

In ordering this shutdown, Ardern has established what can only be described as a post-modern standard for declaring the existence of a ‘pandemic.’

Sep 01 04:39


Let’s be under no illusion the whole premise of Vaccine Passports is to merge with digital ID systems, more so than ever before and combine that digital data with real time physical movements all captured and tracked, historized against everyone.

The passports are a linchpin to the creation of a new system of information domination, where everything you do is tracked, traced, and evaluated for its conformity to global rules. Eventually connected to digital currency, you buck the rules, you lose access to your money.

Anyone who refuses to live as a digital slave by putting the tracking apps on their phone’s that converts them to a walking QR code, will find themselves targeted for persecution. The stakes couldn’t be bigger.

Vaccine passports are creating a dangerous precedent by tracking users, determining whether they can engage in basic human activities based on civic behaviours, this is a mass social control project.

Sep 01 04:38

Julian Assange’s Warning: Humanity’s Last Stand

As the U.S. loses face in the Afghanistan debacle, a video of Julian Assange speaking in 2011 about the goal behind the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan went viral on social media. While war criminals walk free, Assange who exposed the U.S. government’s war crimes in the Middle East and its illegal torture in Guantanamo, is in jail – tortured, suffering and isolated.

The U.S. government’s attempted prosecution of the WikiLeaks publisher is an unprecedented attack on press freedom. With this celebrated journalist behind prison walls, this war on free speech now continues to expand, turning the internet into a battleground.

Aug 31 10:36

1984: Biden Admin Turning Into Big Brother, Will Freedoms Suffer?

A recent Government Accountability Office (GAO) poll reveals that at least 10 federal agencies have intentions to expand their use of facial recognition technology over the next two years—a prospect that alarms privacy advocates who have concerns about a lack of oversight.

The GAO published the results of a survey of 24 federal agencies, finding that 18 of them use facial recognition technology. Fourteen of those agencies practice the tech for routine activity, like unlocking agency-issued smartphones, while six reported using facial recognition software for criminal investigations and five others use the technology for surveillance, the Aug. 24 report discovered.

Aug 30 19:38

New York Wages War on COVID Unvaxxed

By Neenah Payne

The Statue of Liberty has long welcomed into the New York harbor people escaping tyranny from around the world and has symbolized not only New York, but America as the “Land of the Free”.

However, she is now witnessing a growing loss of liberty and a growing exodus from the Empire State amid various forms of pushback against mandates and other restrictions...

Aug 30 10:25

UK Goes Full Totalitarian, Uses Attack Dogs on Covid Protesters

Aug 30 10:11

Love Your Servitude - Aldous Huxley & George Orwell

Aug 30 06:19

Ukraine Shuts Down Independent Media

Since the start of this year, the Ukraine has mounted an accelerating campaign to shut down all “pro-Russia” (apostrophes because more often than not they’re not so much explicitly pro-Russian, as merely less anti-Russian and more oppositionist than the mainstream) media. Examples include:

This February saw the shutdown of three TV channels (112 Ukraine, NewsOne and ZIK) linked to Viktor Medvedchuk, an opposition leader, in a move that was praised by the US Embassy in Kiev. He is now under house arrest under treason charges based on undisclosed evidence from the security agencies.

Popular anti-Maidan blogger Anatoly Shariy was charges with treason and hate speech and now has political asylum in the EU.

Aug 29 22:47

Chase Bank Closes Gen Mike Flynn's Credit Card Account Citing 'Reputational Risk'

Former General Mike Flynn reportedly has had his credit card account with Chase bank closed to punish him for his political views.

Aug 29 22:45

Israel Will No Longer Consider Double-Vaxxed 'Vaccinated' -- Only Triple-Vaxxed

Israel will soon no longer consider the double-vaccinated to be "vaccinated" under their vaccine passport system and will only lift restrictions for the triple-vaccinated.

Aug 29 17:14

Challenging our public school district’s obedience of county ‘health’ ‘orders’: Attorneys discussing my case + district Assistant Superintendent who disciplined and censored me emailed my proposed next message to all my school’s teachers (25 of ?)

Perhaps the most helpful communication is a summary of events to the most recent article, the specific updates when they occurred, and preview of coming events (articles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25).

Aug 29 05:27

“Don’t Take Me for Granted”- Freedom in America, and throughout the world, is in decline. In fact, it has been in decline for many years.

Freedom in America, and throughout the world, is in decline. In fact, it has been in decline for many years.

Perhaps a little freedom lost in exchange for security and comfort may seem like a fair trade in certain cases. But caution is advised. As the idea of what freedoms are acceptable to give up expands, the air of freedom becomes polluted.

Small losses of freedom, whittled away incrementally, add up. You may not notice it from day to day. Yet over time the sum losses have resulted in a world that’s dramatically less free.

Compulsory seatbelt requirements or drivers licenses may not be a big deal. One could argue this government regulation is a small sacrifice that’s intended to provide public safety. Yet maybe the world would be a better off without it.

And what about body scan searches to board an airplane? Or proof of vaccination to enter an indoor business or to cross state lines? What about vaccine passports?

Aug 28 09:02

We’re One Step Closer to Dictatorship

Aug 27 10:20

Pentagon orders ALL members of the armed forces to be vaccinated, essentially ordering thousands to die from blood clots and vascular damage

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin on Wednesday, Aug. 25, issued a memorandum directing the secretaries of all military departments to “immediately begin full vaccination of all members of the armed forces,” and “impose ambitious timelines for implementation.”

“With the support of the president, I have determined that mandatory vaccination against the coronavirus disease is necessary to protect the Force and defend the American people,” Austin said.

Aug 27 07:32


Renegade liberal journalist Glenn Greenwald recently appeared on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight where he explained why the fake news media desperately wants troops to be put back into Afghanistan.

He explained why he believes the media is turning on Joe Biden, who removed troops abruptly from Afghanistan with the Taliban taking over even faster than anyone could have predicted. It is because the deep state controls the fake news media, and liberals support the nation-building effort of spreading democracy abroad through bombing campaigns and occupations of foreign lands.

“They really do believe constantly in militarism and war. Their closest relationships in the media are with the CIA, are with the Pentagon, are with the national security state. They constantly cheer for war. They constantly want more war,” Greenwald said about the fake news media.

Aug 27 07:05

Australian Media Celebrates News Of ‘Renewal In Freedoms’ From COVID Lockdown

For as unprecedented and, some argue, Orwellian the COVID response has been in the U.S., a look to our Western cousins in Australia proves that it can get much, much worse.

The Australian media are celebrating a “renewal in freedoms” following COVID lockdowns that sparked mass protests and police crackdowns as officials in one state announced vaccinated-only residents will soon be allowed “one hour” of extra recreational time.

And they’re darn proud of it. Just look at this news report:

Aug 27 06:47

Feds ‘Purposely Tricking’ Americans to Give Up Rights to Refuse Vaccine Says RFK, Jr.

This, according to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Dr. Meryl Nass, M.D. of the Children’s Defense Fund, warns us against media’s distortion of reality.

“Buried in the fine print of Monday’s approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration of the Pfizer Comirnaty COVID vaccine are two critical facts that affect whether the vaccine can be mandated, and whether Pfizer can be held liable for injuries.”

While the media taints the facts in full propaganda mode, things are not what they want you to believe.

Aug 27 06:10


Aug 27 05:48

“Pledge to Teach the Truth: Despite New State Bills Against It.”: THOUSANDS Of Teachers Across America Sign Pledge To Violate Law And Teach Critical Race Theory

Thousands of teachers have pledged to violate the law and indoctrinate children on critical race theory, regardless of whether or not the law prohibits it.

We all know what critical race theory does. It teaches students of color to hate white students, and white students to look down upon students of color. It only seeks to divide the masses.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Fire them!

Aug 27 05:44

Paypal shuts down conservative, veteran-owned company – freezes nearly $100k in their money

One thing we’ve learned about the tech tyrants…they have ZERO sense of humor. While the ability to market so-called “fake” items…otherwise known as novelty items has been going on forever (think Spencer Gifts), certain novelty items are apparently off limits.

A company called “FakeMaskUSA” was marketing facemasks online marketed as:

“Guess what? Much like all other cloth face masks, these masks to nothing at all—except get you into schools, and work, and airplanes, and let you breathe.”

Pretty amusing actually.

Now the company tells Law Enforcement Today that PayPal, the online payment service, shut down their ability to collect payments.

Aug 26 19:24

Capitol Police Officer Says He 'Saved Countless Lives,' 'Showed The Utmost Courage' By Executing Unarmed Air Force Vet Ashli Babbitt

Capitol Police officer Lt Michael Byrd praised himself during an interview with NBC News released on Thursday for showing "the utmost courage" and "saving countless lives" by executing unarmed 14-year Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt in the Capitol Building on Jan 6.

Aug 26 12:41

VIDEO: French Protest Vax Passports by Picnicking Outside of 'Vax-Only' Restaurants

Video out of France shared Wednesday on social media shows protesters picnicking in the streets in front of restaurants that require vax passports to enter.

Aug 26 09:43

Covert Intel – Homeland Security: Vaccine Cards with Chip Coming to USA; Can’t even buy Gasoline without Vax

A source informs me as follows: The US Department of Homeland Security is working on a chip-equipped vaccine passport card for use by Americans for buying ANYTHING.

It will be integrated into cash registers (like a credit card reader presently is) and in order for the register to even be able to ring up a sale, the card will have to be presented and inserted.

In the words of one guy “you won’t even be able to buy gasoline without it.”

Moreover, the card will be updated with any vaccine Boosters they decide to require. No booster means no update which is then classified as “unvaxxed.”

Aug 26 09:22

What Can We Learn About Covid Tyranny From Australia And Afghanistan?

Op-Ed by Brandon Smith

Despotic people tend to telegraph their future actions like inexperienced fighters tend to telegraph their punches; it’s not as if the intentions of totalitarians are obscured or hard to predict. In some cases they may even believe that they can be as obvious as they wish because they assume no one will ever try to stop them. They’ve been destroying lives for so long they adopt a sense of superiority, as if they are untouchable.

Aug 26 07:46

Illinois governor is set to announce all eligible students and school staff must be vaccinated and wear masks as part of new state-wide mandate: Children over two will also be forced to wear masks indoors

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker is set to order all teachers from kindergarten to college to take vaccines as schools reopen amid surging cases of the Delta variant.

Pritzker also plans to force all children over the age of two to wear masks in class, as well as mandate face coverings for university students and teachers.

The Democrat's announcement is expected later on Thursday and comes after the FDA on Monday approved the Pfizer vaccine for over-16s - taking it beyond its emergency phase.

Aug 26 06:37

REVEALED: Naturalized Americans could have their citizenship revoked if secret DHS program hosted by Amazon flags their social media or other personal data as a threat

Naturalized Americans could have their citizenship revoked thanks to a computer program that searches for concerning activity - with broad categories including anything deemed 'derogatory'.

The program, called ATLAS, is used by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and is hosted on servers owned by web e-commerce giant Amazon.

DHS stated on their website in a November update that ATLAS was created 'to automate, streamline, and support accurate exchange of data' among immigration authorities and the DHS, and 'to support biometric and biographic-based screening and vetting of immigration requests.'

Aug 25 11:09

DHS Notice Is Concerning

On The Angry Truth Channel, we are going to discuss the DHS notice that was a bit concerning. We need to stay aware of situations like this a things are going to get interesting over the next few weeks.

Aug 25 10:33

The World's 10 Most Free Countries

Freedom is one of the most sought after human rights in the world. Most people want to live in a country where they are assured the freedom to voice their opinions, express their religious beliefs and have them accepted, and be appreciated by other people with different beliefs. For a long time, the US was one of the freest countries in the world. However, other countries have risen to the top regarding personal and economic freedom for residents. The freedom of a country was measured by the Freedom House Organization for their adherence to the guidelines set out by the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US doesn't even make the top ten!

Aug 25 10:26

InfoWars Host Owen Shroyer Released After Turning Himself Into The FBI: ‘Political Persecution Is Now Happening On A Mass Scale’

The FBI and Joe Biden’s Justice Department is escalating its eight-month manhunt on Americans who dare protest the fraud-ridden election of Joe Biden by attempting to make an example of InfoWars host Owen Shroyer.

Shroyer was released hours after he turned himself in on Monday morning, after learning the FBI issued a warrant for his arrest on Friday.

“They held me for a couple of hours. I got in front of a judge and was able to negotiate the terms of my release. I have very strict conditions on that release” Shroyer said on a Monday broadcast of The War Room. “I am going to abide by them. As far as any details go, I am going to say I am not going to talk about it. You’ll have to address any questions or concerns to my attorney. I have a big legal fight ahead of me.”

Shroyer’s crime?

Attending Donald Trump’s speech alongside thousands of Americans and then walking around Capitol Hill.

Aug 25 09:12

How Totalitarian Societies Brainwash Their Citizens | Kate Wand

Meerloo has advice for those not living in totalitarian countries. We must avoid the personal mindset temptations that lead the way to totalitarianism:

“Free men in a free society must learn not only to recognize this stealthy attack on mental integrity and fight it, but must learn also what there is inside man’s mind that makes him vulnerable to this attack, what it is that makes him, in many cases, actually long for a way out of the responsibilities that republican democracy and maturity place on him.”

Aug 25 08:17

It's Not The Jab, It's The Precedent

If you knew someone who chose not to exercise, who ate too much not-good food, would you exult in the news of his having been diagnosed with diabetes or cancer? Most people would not and if any did exult, it would be considered evidence of a mental defect (sadism) by the rest.

Yet people – some people – practically celebrate when a person who questions the rightness of forcing people to submit to “vaccinations” gets sick – and practically dance on their graves if they die.

Aug 25 08:11

Australia rapidly collapsing into a large-scale medical PRISON as tyrants threaten to unleash “full force” of armed police against people seeking freedom

Tens of thousands of Aussies have taken to the streets in protest of their country’s latest Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) restrictions, and area police are responding like tyrants.

Video footage shows masked enforcers unleashing the “full force” of medical fascism on anti-lockdown protesters, spraying them with mace and battering them with sticks.

The protests started out peacefully until Australian police showed up to blast pepper spray at protesters and erect roadblocks. Some protesters were also arrested for making their voices heard against the repeated imposition of stay-at-home orders.

New South Wales (NSW) deputy police commissioner Mal Lanyon announced in Orwellian fashion that his officers’ response to the protests “is not about stopping free speech,” but about “stopping the spread of the virus.”

Aug 25 08:02

Medical Care for the Unvaccinated: Comply or Die!

For some time, the U.S. population has been consumed by the notion that socialized ‘health’ and medical care is a sacred right of all. This mistaken ideology has led to the creation of a medical system that is administered and fully controlled by the criminal state. The bulk of society has an instilled fear of being without what is mistakenly called ‘health care,’ and tends to make life decisions based primarily on this premise. Today, most of the entirety of this system is based on the dispensing of prescription drugs, continuous treatment, and surgery; which is germ theory idiocy, and the costs have become astronomical and completely unaffordable to the masses. This of course was a designed outcome, and one meant to enrich the few at the expense of all by creating a dependency on the state. It has been a grand success for the medical and pharmaceutical industries, and the political class, but a deadly nightmare for the rest of society, just as all socialistic endeavors tend to be.

Aug 25 07:58

Tyranny : BILL H.R. 4980

Bill H.R. 4980 is going to committee soon; it will require vaccination for domestic travel within the United States, preventing unvaccinated Americans from traveling freely within their own country. But there IS something that you can do to prevent this bill from becoming law. Please listen to the video and refer back to this section for links.

Aug 25 07:03


Aug 25 07:02


Aug 25 06:42

Washington state high school requires student athletes to wear TRACKING DEVICES for Covid-19 ‘contact tracing’ – reports

A high school in Washington state is reportedly forcing student athletes to don ankle-worn tracking devices during games and practice, as part of what administrators say is an effort to “contact trace” Covid-19 cases.

Eatonville High School will require both student athletes and staff to wear the monitors during the upcoming school year, according to local media reports. The school argues the devices are needed to track potential coronavirus outbreaks on campus, insisting they do not actually transmit wearers’ locations, instead only tracking players’ proximity to one another and how long they remain nearby.

“We are using these monitors for high contact and moderate indoor contact sports. The monitors are for both staff (coaches) and students on the field, regardless if they are vaccinated or unvaccinated,” the school said in a statement to local outlets, dispelling rumors that the tracking devices would be required for the unvaccinated only.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Won't that extra weight on the ankle slow the athletes down?

Aug 25 06:37

Virginia Dem governor hopeful calls on businesses to mandate Covid-19 vaccine to make lives of unvaccinated ‘more difficult’

Democratic gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe is facing backlash for calling on businesses to mandate Covid-19 vaccines after promoting efforts to make the lives of those who are unvaccinated more “difficult.”

McAuliffe called on “every Virginia employer” this week to mandate Covid-19 vaccines among all “eligible employees.”

“I have long said that the best way to defeat this deadly virus, keep our students in school and keep Virginia’s economy strong is by getting every eligible Virginian vaccinated as quickly as possible,” McAuliffe said in a public statement announcement, which followed the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officially approving their first Covid-19 vaccine, a Pfizer-BioNTech two-dose vaccine, on Monday.

McAuliffe’s statement brought renewed interest in recent comments the Democrat made in which he promoted mandates as a way to make “life more difficult” for those who are unvaccinated.

Aug 25 06:11

Socialist archbishop inspired architect of the ‘Great Reset’

Editor of The Remnant, Michael Matt, recently brought to light a personal link between the architect of the Great Reset, Klaus Schwab, and a Brazilian archbishop of the Catholic Church.

Schwab is the executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, an organization that focuses on a variety of globalist initiatives, including shaping the “COVID Era,” “shaping the future of consumption,” and “shaping the Future of the New Economic Society.”

An overarching initiative that encompasses the mission of the WEF is the so-called “Great Reset.” Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò wrote an Open Letter to Donald Trump in October of last year – just before the 2020 election – warning about the goals of the Great Reset. Viganò called the initiative a plan hatched by “a global élite that wants to subdue all of humanity, imposing coercive measures with which to drastically limit individual freedoms and those of entire populations.”

Aug 25 06:05

Virginia Democrat Governor Candidate McAuliffe Wants to “Make Life Difficult” for the Unvaccinated

Terry McAuliffe, the Democrat and former Virginia governor who is trying to get his old job back, made some rather revealing remarks about COVID and vaccinations during a recent conference on health.

McAuliffe said he wants to “make life difficult” for the unvaccinated. Is the promise to be a tyrant really a selling point for Democrats now?

Aug 25 06:00

Vaccine tyranny: Done being silent.

Aug 24 18:41

Judge Finds Army Sgt. Jonathan Pentland Guilty of 'Assault' For Defending Neighbors From Mentally Ill Criminal

Judge Diedra Hightower (pictured center) found hate hoax victim Army Sgt Jonathan Pentland guilty of third-degree assault on Monday for defending his neighbors from a mentally ill man who was accused of groping a woman and trying to snatch a baby in his neighborhood.

Pentland, a drill sergeant who served his country with honor and distinction, was thrown under the bus by the Army over an out-of-context 2-minute video, suspended from his job and brought up on charges based solely off the video and swiftly convicted.

Deandre Demetrius Williams, an accused serial harasser of women and children who was actively facing charges for trespassing and malicious injury to animals, was committed by his family and escaped all accountability but was allowed to testify in court against Pentland to have him railroaded.

Aug 24 10:13

Australia Shoots Rescue Dogs Dead To Keep People Indoors

A local government in Australia, under its interpretation of COVID-19 limitations, has opted to shoot and kill animal shelter rescue dogs to "protect" the community from the risk of virus transmission.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the Bourke Shire Council, in the state's northwest, slaughtered the dogs to prevent volunteers at a Cobar-based animal shelter from traveling to pick up the animals last week, according to the council's watchdog, the Office of Local Government.

"OLG has been informed that the council decided to take this course of action to protect its employees and community, including vulnerable Aboriginal populations, from the risk of COVID-19 transmission," a spokesman from the government agency announced in a statement obtained by the news outlet.

Aug 24 10:07

Covid POWER GRAB: Your Freedoms Gone FOREVER?!!

Governments around the world have used the pandemic to bring in new powers, while some are considering making coronavirus laws permanent – including the ability to impose lockdowns and restrict gatherings.

Aug 24 09:36

Canadian Pastor Who Faces 4-Year Jail Sentence For ‘Inciting’ Church Warns Americans: ‘The Enemy Is Not Hiding Anymore’

The Polish-Canadian pastor who faces a potential four-year jail sentence for holding church services in Calgary, Alberta, is warning Americans that the tyranny he saw growing up in communist Poland has spread to Western countries.

Pastor Artur Pawlowski, 48, recently spoke to The Daily Wire as he lingered in the Portland, Oregon, area following an attack on a prayer rally he arranged on the banks of the Willamette River. The event, which he organized with local churches, made headlines when black-clad members of Antifa rushed in to deploy tear gas, destroy sound equipment, assault worshipers, and scoff that God had abandoned them.

Pawlowski, who was maced in the face, claimed that Portland police watched the incident from their cars and did nothing.

Aug 24 09:35

Why Are Globalists & Governments So Desperate For 100% Vaccination Rates?

I don’t think I am the only person that has noticed it – There has been a sudden deluge of covid vaccination propaganda and vaccine passport propaganda in the past month, more so than I think we have seen since the beginning of this year. I am speaking of the US in particular, but it is important to point out that in the US the establishment is still desperately clamoring for a much higher vaccination rate. In places like Europe, the UK and Australia vaccinations rates are higher and governments have moved on to the vaccine passport phase of their agenda.

Aug 24 07:46

COERCION BY PROXY: After rushed FDA “full approval” of the covid vax, Biden calls for corporations across America to MANDATE covid vaccines for all employees

Resident Joe Biden of the White House nursing home for career criminals with dementia is calling on corporations all across the United States to mandate Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” for their employees now that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted “full approval” for the Pfizer-BioNTech injection.

Aug 24 07:40

2 New York Judges Ordered Defendants to Get Vaccinated. Can They Do That?

The defendant was charged with a number of minor crimes, including drug possession and shoplifting. He was prepared to plead guilty, and prosecutors agreed. But a Bronx judge approving the deal added his own unusual condition.

The defendant had to get a Covid-19 vaccine.

A week later, a Manhattan judge made the same order, this time of a woman seeking bail before a trial.

Neither defendant appeared to object. But legal observers said the two judges’ orders — made in different courts and for different reasons — raise important questions about the line between civic responsibility and civil liberties.

Aug 24 06:59

Australia – On the Brink of Total Fascism

Right now the Australian people are being cruelly subjugated due to the fake pandemic. The police there have been given extraordinary powers beyond what would be considered rational. These measures can be implemented without police officers having to reveal their identity.

When the police are given total freedom to impose injustices on a compliant population for a pandemic that never was it reeks of totalitarianism, and is the modern-day equivalent of Franco’s Spain, Mussolini’s Italy, Stalin’s Russia and Hitler’s Germany. Powers the Australian police have been given include:

forcible entry into buildings
preventing people from moving about
quarantining people
making people take tests and undergo medical treatment
compelling people to give information

Aug 24 06:17

The Not So Great Carbon Reset

The World Economic Forum's (WEF) Great Reset has been sold to the public as an opportunity to build a sustainable, carbon-neutral future. The ubiquitous sound bite of build back better, or "build back greener", as UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently rephrased it, suggests that recovery from the economic devastation, following the alleged pandemic, is a chance for the world to "reset".

Aug 23 15:39

FBI Informant Ran 'Neo-Nazi Terrorist Group' Atomwaffen Division, Got 'Paid Handsomely' to Radicalize Troubled Youth

FBI informant Joshua Caleb Sutter was "paid handsomely" by the feds to lead the "neo-nazi terrorist group" known as Atomwaffen Division, according to newly released court documents.

Atomwaffen Division under Sutter's leadership became a Satanic death cult that targeted troubled youth for radicalization so the feds could set them up to advance their false narrative that "white extremists" are America's greatest terror threat.

Aug 23 12:34

Teacher fined $1,000 after quitting over masks, critical race theory

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, we can't even quit?!?

Aug 23 12:08


Let's start with some basic concepts. You live in an age of lies. Every day of your life you are literally being drowned in lies. Lies by government. Lies by advertisers. Lies by the corporate media.

Truth has become such a valuable commodity that the government is economizing it!

Liars, meaning good convincing liars (i.e. sociopaths, who evince no guilt when they lie) , lie because they are able to get what they want from people, especially if those people are conditioned from childhood to tell and to believe that others will tell the truth.

It may seem that I am stating the obvious, but the point I want to make is that all ruling power is, is the willingness and ability to do things the ruled may not, or have been conditioned to believe they cannot do.

You are taught not to steal, yet government reserves to itself the right to steal, obfuscating the theft with words like excise, confiscation, pillage, taxation, and in the extreme, conquest.

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WRH Exclusive
Aug 23 09:26


Aug 23 08:37

H.R.4980: Permanent No-Fly Grounding for Unvaccinated


August 6, 2021

Mr. Torres of New York introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Homeland Security

A Bill

To direct the Secretary of Homeland Security to ensure that any individual traveling on a flight that departs from or arrives to an airport inside the United States or a territory of the United States is fully vaccinated against COVID–19, and for other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,

Aug 23 08:22

The Most Shocking Free Speech Experiment You Will Ever See

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Americans by and large are too dumb to realize what they are losing!

Aug 23 08:03



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Aug 23 07:25

Pregnant Princess Beatrice offers a rare glimpse inside the elegant St James's Palace home she shares with husband Edo - from the trendy statement mirror to the black-and-white family snaps

Princess Beatrice has revealed a glimpse into her St James' Palace home
Royal lives at central London palace with her husband Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi

Aug 23 05:06

Citing Covid threat, Australian council SHOT SHELTER DOGS dead instead of allowing volunteers to collect them

A government probe has been launched after officials in New South Wales, Australia, shot and killed shelter dogs that were due to be rescued by volunteers – allegedly in an effort to prevent the volunteers spreading Covid-19.

The dogs, one of which had just given birth to puppies, were housed in a pound in the northwest of the state, and were due to be picked up by volunteers from a Cobar-based animal shelter. However, the Sydney Morning Herald reported on Sunday that workers with the Bourke Shire Council had shot them dead last week.

The council ruled that having the volunteers come and collect the animals would somehow put council employees and the local community, including “vulnerable Aboriginal populations” at risk of catching and spreading Covid-19, the Herald reported, citing the Office of Local Government, the council’s watchdog group. The group is now investigating whether animal cruelty laws were broken by the council.

Aug 23 05:06

Police clash with protesters as Australia reports record COVID-19 cases

Australian police clashed with hundreds of anti-lockdown protesters in Melbourne and Sydney on Saturday as officials reported the country's highest ever single-day rise in COVID-19 cases.

Mounted police used pepper spray in Melbourne to break up crowds surging toward police lines, while smaller groups of protesters were prevented from congregating in Sydney by a large contingent of riot police.

There was no information immediately available on arrests. Police in Victoria had vowed to hand out fines of A$5,000 ($3,600) to any protestor they could identify taking part.

Sydney, a city of more than 5 million people, has been in a strict lockdown for more than two months now, failing so far to contain an outbreak that has spread across internal borders and as far as neighbouring New Zealand.

The vast majority of the 894 cases reported across Australia on Saturday were found in Sydney, the epicentre of the Delta variant-fuelled outbreak.

Aug 22 12:25

[Video] The world needs to witness what police did in Melbourne yesterday

Rebel News, August 22, 2021

"Free Australia" was trending on Twitter as police deployed pepper spray, fired rubber bullets, and tear gas into crowds of unarmed protesters and media in Melbourne.

Aug 22 11:22

PERMANENT TYRANNY: Scottish government wants emergency COVID-19 powers to become permanent

The Scottish government has made public a set of proposals to make some coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency powers permanent, including the ability to impose a lockdown.

Under current emergency powers granted to the incumbent Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP), the government is able to enact temporary laws forcing businesses and educational establishments to close their doors, as well as release prisoners from incarceration early if ministers deem the cause necessary.

The government proposed that Scottish ministers should be given “the same powers to protect the people of Scotland from any incidence or spread of infection or contamination, which presents or could present significant harm to human health in Scotland, not just COVID.”

Aug 22 10:43

Capitol Police Investigate Themselves, Find Themselves Not Guilty in Murder of Ashli Babbitt

Capitol Police have investigated themselves and found themselves not guilty of any wrongdoing in the murder of unarmed 14-year Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt.

[...] Babbitt's family attorney, Terry Roberts, on Saturday slammed the secretive investigation as a "sham."

"I have seen nothing to confirm that an internal affairs investigation by the Capitol Police was done or has been completed," Roberts said in a statement posted to Twitter. "But, if true, I challenge Capitol Police to release the detailed findings (if any) of its investigation."

"It's not enough to say that an officer did nothing wrong if it cannot demonstrate how it reached that conclusion," he said. "I say release the findings to the public so we can determine for ourselves if the investigation was thorough, competent and fair. It wasn't."