Oct 14 05:49

The Dallas Fed Board Is Now Complicit in the Robert Kaplan Saga

Last Wednesday, the Editorial Board of the Financial Times of London penned an editorial under a headline that read: “The Fed’s Trading Scandal Undermines Public Trust.” The editorial noted that the President of the Dallas Fed, Robert Kaplan, “held stakes over $1m each in 27 investments, and moved in and out of S&P 500 futures. The precise dates of his transactions are unknown as his form declaring financial interests merely gives ‘multiple’ as the timeframe.”

Last Friday, this headline appeared at the Wall Street Journal: “Boston, Dallas Fed Banks Pledge Cooperation With Stock-Trading Probe.” But then the article revealed this:

“The Dallas Fed has declined multiple requests to fully disclose Mr. Kaplan’s extensive trading activity. For example, Mr. Kaplan’s disclosures list ‘multiple’ for trades in stocks and other investments without specifying the dates of the transactions.”

Oct 14 05:40

Kemp: Beset By Coal Shortages, India's Power Grid Struggles To Meet Demand

India has experienced persistent electricity shortages since the start of October as power generators have proved unable to meet resurgent demand as the economy rebounds from last year's coronavirus-driven recession.

The country's power crisis stems from the same mismatch between rapidly growing demand and lagging supply that is also causing electricity shortages in China and soaring gas prices across much of Europe and Asia.

Generation shortages are manifesting themselves in blackouts and rotating power cuts as well as persistent under-frequency on the country's transmission system.

The crisis has been building for some weeks, first in the form of a slide in coal stocks, then a deterioration in grid frequency, and now most obviously in blackouts hitting parts of the country.

Oct 14 05:39

Supply Chain Disruptions Force White House To Ask Walmart, UPS, FedEx To Increase Output

Carriers of goods including Walmart, UPS, and FedEx are moving to work more shifts—including 24 hours per day, seven days per week—to address global supply disruptions that have contributed to a surge in inflation, the White House said Wednesday. The update was announced ahead of President Joe Biden’s meeting with the heads of Walmart, FedEx, and UPS to address the supply chain bottlenecks before the Christmas season.

According to a fact sheet released by the administration, Walmart said it would “increase its use of night-time hours significantly and projects they could increase throughput by as much as 50 percent over the next several weeks.”

Meanwhile, UPS said it would commit to use 24/7 operations “and enhanced data sharing with the ports” to move more containers out of ports, said the White House.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oct 14 05:12

Nuclear-Powered France Has Electricity Prices Nearly Half That Of "Green"-Powered Germany

France went all-in on nuclear power back in the 1970s and it's paying dividends.

Oct 13 18:29

Federal Judge in Texas Halts United Airlines’ Enforcement of Employee Vaccine Mandate

By Kyle Becker

A federal judge in Texas has halted United Airlines’ vaccine mandate enforcement. The company has been putting employees who claim religious exemptions to forced vaccination on unpaid leave.

“A U.S. judge in Texas on Tuesday temporarily restrained United Airlines from placing any employee on unpaid leave who receive religious exemptions from the company for COVID-19 vaccinations until Oct. 26.,’ Reuters reported. “The Judge also temporarily restrained the airline from denying any late requests for religious or medical accommodations.”

In September, United Airlines employees sued the company over its pre-emptive issuance of an employee mandate ahead of the Biden administration’s formal issuance of a federal vaccine mandate...

Oct 13 15:30

Evergrande shares suspended in Hong Kong amid acquisition rumours

Trading in shares of China’s troubled real estate giant Evergrande was suspended on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX) on Monday, as the world’s most indebted developer missed back-to-back interest payment deadlines and continues its attempts to pay off investors.

“Trading in the shares of China Evergrande Group will be halted at 9am today,” a regulatory filing with HKEX said, without stating a reason. “Accordingly, all structured products relating to the company will also be halted from trading at the same time.”

HKEX did not specify the reasons behind the halt or who initiated the suspension. However, it has intensified speculation over a potential acquisition in the company’s property management unit, as the cash-strapped company has been making attempts to raise money to meet its dues.

Oct 13 12:49

“A Huge Deal”: Amazon, Google Workers Demand Companies Sever Ties With Israeli Military

By Kenny Stancil

Roughly 400 Amazon and Google workers on Tuesday condemned their employers for contributing to the surveillance and dispossession of Palestinians by selling cloud services to the Israeli military and government and urged both companies to cut ties with the oppressive regime.

“We have watched Google and Amazon aggressively pursue contracts with institutions like the U.S. Department of Defense, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and state and local police departments,” wrote the “employees of conscience,” who chose to remain anonymous due to fear of retaliation.

“These contracts are part of a disturbing pattern of militarization, lack of transparency, and avoidance of oversight,” says the letter, which had been signed by nearly 100 workers at Google and more than 300 at Amazon when The Guardian published it just after 12 pm ET...

Oct 13 12:25

An Epic Struggle For Freedom Is Quietly Happening All Across America

These mandates are so bad for our country.  We are already facing the worst worker shortage in the history of our country, and the mandates threaten to make it much, much worse in the months ahead. -- So I greatly applaud those that are brave enough to take a stand and try to stop them while there is still time. -- If you are in a position to do so, I would encourage you to join them.  We are witnessing an all-out assault on many of our most important liberties and freedoms, and if people choose to lay down and do nothing they will soon be completely gone.

Oct 13 12:15

Americans Are Going To Be Absolutely Shocked By The Empty Shelves That They See

If you believe that America is headed into a new golden age of prosperity, you are getting lonelier with each passing day, because many others that were wildly optimistic about the economy earlier this year have been jumping ship. In fact, even the White House is now openly admitting that there will be significant shortages this holiday season. To many Americans, these shortages have come as a complete shock. Most of us have never experienced such shortages, and most of us never even dreamed that they were possible. But those that have been following my work for an extended period of time were not surprised by any of this. We were warned over and over again that shortages and rampant inflation were ahead of us, and now they are here with a vengeance. Unfortunately, the truth is that what we have gone through so far is just the beginning.

Oct 13 09:10

Supply shortages aren’t unintentional – they’re actually planned

Supply chains around the world have been facing shortages in recent months due to several factors. However, book author and blogger Charles Hugh Smith argues that the shortages are actually intended to increase the profits of global companies. He adds that the shortages are designed to prevent potential competitors from entering the market and undermining revenue streams.

Smith notes in his Of Two Minds blog that not all scarcities arise from cartels limiting supply to keep prices high.

“Many of these scarcities can be traced back to the stripping out of redundancy or multiple suppliers of industrial essentials to streamline efficiency and eliminate competition,” he writes. “Global corporations didn’t go through all the effort to establish quasi-monopolies and cartels for our convenience. They did it to ensure reliably large profits from control and scarcity.”

Oct 13 08:27

The World's Fastest Trains... Are Not In The US

Ever since the invention of the steam locomotive in 1802, trains have been a driving societal force.

Invented in Britain at the height of the Industrial Revolution, steam trains gave the empire an unparalleled advantage in transporting goods and people. Soon it spread around the world as other nations scrambled to build their own railway networks to facilitate growth and commerce.

But just as nations rushed to build more railways, they also tried to build faster trains. As Visual Capitalist's Omri Wallach details below, Japan’s T?kaid? Shinkansen or “bullet train” in 1964 was the first high-speed rail system, achieving a speed above 124 mph or 200 km/h.

How do other countries and trains compare?

Let’s dive into the fastest trains in the world using data from Travel and Leisure magazine.

Oct 13 08:22

Corn, Soybean Futures Dip After WASDE Forecasts Bigger Reserves

Soybean and corn futures dipped in Chicago this afternoon following the World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) report revealed the US raised estimates for domestic stocks.

Soybeans fell as much as 2% to $12.00 per bushel after domestic stocks will be around 320 million bushels at the end of the season, compared with an earlier estimate of 298 million. Corn fell as much as 2% to $5.22 per bushel after domestic stocks were larger than expected, at around 1.5 billion, compared with an earlier estimate of 1.418 billion.

Oct 13 07:59

Republicans Warn Biden's IRS $600 Disclosure Plan Could Lead To "Surveillance State"

Republicans are sounding the alarm over a proposal tucked inside the Democrats’ 2,500-page $3.5 trillion Build Back Better Act that would expand the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and allow the agency to have access to any bank transaction of $600 or more.

The proposal would give the IRS further access to anyone’s financial information, which Republicans say amounts to federal overreach and a “surveillance state.”

“How can you possibly justify to the American people that the IRS should be snooping around in their bank, retirement, or investment accounts,” said Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) said on Oct. 7 from the Senate floor.

“There’s only one explanation, and it’s simply terrifying: The Democrats want to control how you spend your money.”

“I want to be very clear what President [Joe] Biden’s proposing here is as close to policy from communist China that we’ve seen in the United States,” Scott added.

Oct 13 07:43

Quietly, the Fed Releases the Names of Banks that Got Billions in Emergency Repo Loans in 2019

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York has quietly posted the names of the banks that grabbed billions of dollars under the Fed’s emergency repo loan operations that commenced on September 17, 2019 – months before there was a COVID-19 crisis anywhere in the world.

The emergency repo loans were made via Open Market operations at the New York Fed. Under the Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation of 2010, the names of the banks, dollar amounts borrowed, interest rate and collateral posted must be made public “on the last day of the eighth calendar quarter following the calendar quarter in which the covered transaction was conducted.” Since the emergency repo loans were initiated in the third quarter of 2019, that meant eight quarters had passed and the public was entitled to the information for at least the month of September 2019. (The Fed has the power to release the information earlier if it chooses.)

Oct 13 07:41


What I am going to share with you in this article is extraordinarily alarming, but I want my readers to clearly understand what time it is. It is human nature to procrastinate, and when we aren’t faced with a fixed deadline there is a tendency to assume that there is always “more time” to get something done.

Over the years, I have begged and pleaded with my readers to get prepared, and some took that advice but many others didn’t. Now I am getting emails from readers that are deeply alarmed by all of the craziness that is erupting all around us, and all of a sudden they want to play catch up. I am glad that they are starting to wake up, but there is only so much that can be done in a limited amount of time, and in this environment, it has become much more difficult to get your hands on certain things.

Oct 13 07:07

New ATH! (of difficulty finding workers)

Oct 13 06:47

Fed says inflation isn’t transitory? What?!

Oct 13 06:03

'I think you all could do a better job of selling it': Nancy Pelosi reprimands the MEDIA for not publicizing Biden's $3.5T spending plan in a positive light: Insists plans for the IRS to snoop on Americans will STILL be included

During a news conference, a reporter told Pelosi that banks were 'starting to get calls' from customers worried about the IRS proposal tucked into the bill that would have banks hand over all transaction data on accounts over $600.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Which means Yellen's claim that individual transactions will not be examined is a lie!

Oct 13 06:00

Biden's holiday nightmare: White House warns supply chain will NOT be fixed by Christmas and urges parents to get gifts now - as toy companies race to get trapped dolls out of Chinese warehouses 

The White House is warning American shoppers that they won't be able to get key items like popular kids toys for Christmas due to the ongoing supply chain nightmares that are strangling retail stores.

Stores across the country are becoming increasingly barren thanks to a series of bottlenecks in the global supply chain.

Many goods that are made in China - like toys, clothes, home appliances and more - are stuck either in factories there or in containers on board cargo ships off the coast that are waiting their turn to dock.

Oct 13 05:59

'I think this proposal has been seriously mischaracterized': Janet Yellen defends plan for IRS to snoop on accounts with more than $600 and claims it will help make billionaires pay more tax

The Treasury Secretary has defended plans to monitor bank transactions of more than $600, insisting that the scheme was designed to end 'tax fraud' by billionaires, and would not mean Americans' accounts were recorded.

The new proposal requires financial institutions to annually report the total amount that went in and out of the bank as well as loan and investment accounts if within that year the accounts hold a value of at least $600 or if the total transactions are $600 or more in a year.

More simply, this means that if total funds flowing in and out of a credit or debit account equal at least $600, banks have to report those figures to the IRS. This includes paychecks or money transferred from apps like PayPal.

Amid the backlash in Congress, some proposed raising the threshold from $600 to $10,000.

But Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen insisted on Tuesday that there was a lot of unwarranted panic.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If the issue were really billionaires, then a $10,000 threshold would be sufficient (along with cracking down on off-shore accounts). This is about spying on ordinary Americans.

Oct 13 02:35

Yellen Says Spying On All Bank Accounts Over $600 Is A Way to Hold Billionaires Accountable

Treasury secretary and former Fed chief Janet Yellen, who is actively overseeing the largest wealth transfer from the middle class to the billionaire class in history, told CBS News on Tuesday that spying on all Americans' bank accounts over $600 is a way to hold billionaires accountable.

Webmaster addition: This is about monitoring everything people buy, since renters and mortgage payers will have more than $600 in their accounts.

The billionaires will simply have off-shore accounts.

Time to go back to a cash-only economy!

Oct 12 20:20

Why Is PayPal Denying Service to Palestinians?

By Jillian C. York

For many years, Palestinian rights defenders have championed the cause of Palestinians in the occupied territories, who are denied access to PayPal, while Israeli settlers have full access to PayPal products. A recent campaign, led by Palestinian digital rights group 7amleh, calls on PayPal to adhere to its own code of business conduct and ethics, by halting its discrimination against residents and citizens of Palestine. 7amleh has also published a detailed report on PayPal’s actions in Palestine.

This is not the first time PayPal has denied service to a vulnerable group; the company routinely cuts off payments to those engaged in sex work or the sale of sexually explicit content, and last year, PayPal division Venmo was sued for blocking payments associated with Islam or Arab nationalities or ethnicities...

Oct 12 15:32

Nancy Pelosi admits Dems will have to cut Biden's $3.5T spending plan and blames the MEDIA for not 'selling it' - but insists plans for the IRS to snoop on Americans will STILL be included

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she is 'very disappointed' Democrats will have to trim down their $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill after moderates balked at the number, and said the IRS proposal for banks to hand over transaction data would still be included.

'I'm very disappointed that we're not going with the original $3.5 trillion which was very transformative,' the California Democrat told reporters Tuesday upon returning from a trip to Europe to meet with G-20 leaders.

But she promised: 'Whatever we do well make decisions that will continue to be transformative about women in the workplace.' She cited proposals such as universal pre-kindergarten, funding for child care and home health care and child tax credits.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Time to go back to a cash-only lifestyle!

Oct 12 14:15

Democrats Fume That $1,400 Checks Didn't Buy Them Public Support

Democrats are angry that the $1,400 checks they gave out to placate the public amidst the biggest wealth transfer to the super-rich in history hasn't bought them any public support.

Oct 12 12:16

Court Delivers Setback for Ben Shapiro Free Speech Suit

By Alexa Schwerha

The Eighth Circuit denied an appeal from conservative plaintiffs on Monday in their lawsuit against the University of Minnesota.

Both YAF and ADF told ‘Campus Reform’ the groups are considering next steps in the suit after the opinion was delivered against their case...

Oct 12 11:49

Now A U.S. Government Official Is Telling Us That The Supply Chain Nightmares Could Potentially Last For “Years”

The truth is starting to come out, and a lot of people aren’t going to like it.  When the supply chain problems and the shortages began, government officials repeatedly assured us that they would just be temporary, and most of us believed them.  But now it has become clear that they aren’t going to be temporary at all.  In fact, during a recent interview with Bloomberg, U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg admitted that some of the supply chain problems that we are currently facing could last for “years and years”.  I don’t know about you, but to me “years and years” sounds like a really long time.

Oct 12 09:52

Peter Schiff: Stagflation Is Here!

Oct 12 08:03

Washington State Ferries cancels 157 sailings over crew shortage

Friday, Washington State Ferries saw more cancelations than they usually see in an entire year, according to officials.

Staff with WSF say there were 157 sailing cancelations on Friday. On average, there are about four cancelations per month.

Cancelations affected sailings throughout the week.

Ian Sterling, a spokesperson for WSF, says the cancelations are due to a lack of crew.

Sterling says it is an issue WSF has faced for months, and the problem is at a tipping point.

He says the lack of crew is due to a perfect storm of problems including a worker shortage, a wave of a retirements, and possible impacts of the vaccine mandate.

Oct 12 07:53

Kraft Heinz Warns Shoppers 'Get Used To Paying More For Food'

Global food prices are at fresh decade highs leading to even higher grocery bills for the working poor, and the supply chain chaos plus the emerging energy crisis are making things worse.

Food producers, such as Kraft Heinz Company, have struggled with shortages, supply chain woes, labor issues, higher energy costs, and rising ag commodity prices, all of which support higher food inflation.

BBC News spoke with the European boss of Kraft Heinz, Miguel Patricio, who warned that consumers must get used to higher food prices. He said, "we're raising prices, where necessary, around the world."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oct 12 07:26

Panic At Sea: Over 100,000 Sailors Stuck On Abandoned Cargo Ships Without Pay Or Food

Oct 12 07:05

"It's A Disastrous Day" - All Hell Breaks Loose In China's Bond Markets

The US bond market may be closed, but it was fully open in China, and locals took advantage of this fact to do one thing: sell.

In the aftermath of our viral post ""Catastrophic" Property Sales Mean China's Worst Case Scenario Is Now In Play", China property firms bonds were hit with another wrecking ball on Monday as Evergrande was set to miss its third round of (offshore) bond payments in as many weeks and rival Modern Land became the latest scrambling to delay deadlines.

Having already suffered the fastest drop on record, Chinese junk bond markets - where property developer issuers dominate - were routed once again as fears about fast-spreading contagion in the $5 trillion sector, which drives a sizable chunk of the Chinese economy, continued to savage sentiment. Meanwhile, China Evergrande Group's offshore bondholders still had not received interest payment by a Monday deadline Asia time, Reuters reported citing sources.

Oct 12 06:48

Shortest Stock Market Correction in History?

Oct 12 06:42

UK Readying New Law Mandating Home EV Chargers Be Shut Down During Peak Hours

As EV owners are starting to unfortunately learn, electricity to power your "green" vehicles has to come from somewhere.

This is a tough dose of reality that many EV owners in the U.K. could be facing next year now that a new law has been proposed to switch off home EV chargers during peak hours. The law seeks to prevent excessive strain on the grid, according to a new article from Inside EVS.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announced the proposed law that stipulates that EV chargers may not function for "up to nine hours a day" to prevent overloading the grid.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The push to get everyone into electric cars (electric mowers, electric whatever) has not been matched by the necessary increase in generating capacity!

Oct 12 06:31

The U.S. Banking System Is More Dangerous Today than in 1929, Thanks to the Fed’s Reg U and Swaps – Two Well-Kept Secrets from the Senate Banking Committee

Regulation U is a 1936 Federal Reserve rule, that is still in force today, that allows federally-insured, taxpayer backstopped commercial banks to make margin loans for speculating in stocks. Unlike 1936, however, Wall Street trading houses are today allowed to own their own federally-insured, taxpayer backstopped commercial banks. That has allowed a lot of mischief to occur in the making of margin loans for speculating in the stock market. We’ll get to the details of all that in a few moments, but first some necessary background.

Following the 1929 stock market crash, 9,096 banks that were holding deposits for average Americans failed as a result of insolvency between 1930 and 1933. (See chart above.)

Oct 12 06:06

JP Sears Has A Message For Big Tech...#Shorts

Oct 12 05:41

A fun one...

Oct 11 13:06

America's bare shelves: Walmart and Costco limit toilet paper sales while toy companies warn parents their kids' Christmas gifts won't arrive in time thanks to backlog at ports, rail yards and on the roads

Stores across America have empty shelves thanks to a series in supply chain problems that are prolonging inflation and could stretch into the new year, with some retailers like Costco and Walmart limiting the amount of toilet paper people in fear that they may soon run out.

More than 60 cargo ships are waiting to dock in California, carrying hundreds of thousands of containers, and may be stuck for months in a traffic jam after arriving from China and Asia. Millions of dollars of American goods are still sitting in warehouses in China, awaiting shipment.

There are similar problems with homegrown goods that can't be transported quickly enough by truckers or on freight trains.

Oct 11 10:31

Our Economy Is Starting To Break Down On A Very Basic Level

People need to wake up, because the times that we are moving into are going to be completely different from what we have grown accustomed to. -- It isn’t just the U.S. economy that is crumbling. Literally, the economic infrastructure of the entire globe is falling to pieces, and experts are warning that things will continue to break down in the months ahead.

Oct 11 10:18

The Time To “Get Prepared” Is Almost Over

Now I am getting emails from readers that are deeply alarmed by all of the craziness that is erupting all around us, and all of a sudden they want to play catch up. I am glad that they are starting to wake up, but there is only so much that can be done in a limited amount of time, and in this environment it has become much more difficult to get your hands on certain things.

Oct 11 06:54

How the Stock Market Loves to Trick Investors

Oct 11 06:53

Another Disaster: Joe Biden’s Economy Adds Meager 194,000 Jobs in September

The U.S. economy added 194,000 jobs in September and the unemployment rate fell by 0.4 percent to 4.8 percent, Labor Department reported Friday.

The September numbers are even worse than the disastrous report from August, showing only 235,000 jobs created. (August’s reported gains were revised up, however, from 235,000 to 366,000.)

The sluggish pace of jobs created surprised experts again, as they predicted about 500,000 jobs created, but the economy fell short again.

The jobs numbers were expected to rise significantly in September, as expanded unemployment checks from the federal government expired.

But the report shows that Americans continue to sit on the sidelines as the Delta variant of the coronavirus continues to spread.

The labor force participation rate ticked down to 61.7 percent from the 61.8 rate in August, but largely within the average since the pandemic hit.

Oct 11 06:47

Biden's Inflationary Policies Will Be Keenly Felt at Christmas

The Biden Blue Christmas is heading this way. So far, his tenure in the White House has been marked by successive, self-created scandals, especially at the southern border and the totally botched exit from Afghanistan. But the most lasting, broadest policy blunder of all is the Biden economic crisis that will culminate in a holiday season of shortages, frustration, and economic malaise.

Oct 11 06:05

Watch: Americans Taking Stand Against Mandates, 'Entire Industries At Risk' - (Videos)

The union representing pilots for American Airlines has issued a warning that the company could be faced with a staffing shortage ahead of the busy holiday travel season if it implements a stringent COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

The Allied Pilots Association requested that American Airlines find “alternate means of compliance with the Executive Order be made available for professional pilots” so as not to prompt mass firings and unpaid leave following President Joe Biden's September announcement mandating large employers to require vaccinations or an alternative weekly testing.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The start of a nation-wide strike?

Oct 11 05:22


Oct 11 05:22

Our Economy Is Starting To Break Down On A Very Basic Level

Do you remember how much optimism there was last January? Many Americans were entirely convinced that really bright days were just around the corner, but instead things have taken a dramatic turn into the dumpster over the last 9 months. The Afghanistan debacle was the worst foreign policy embarrassment in modern American history, the Biden administration is trying to deal with an unprecedented crisis on our southern border, and the way that our politicians are handling the pandemic is causing extremely deep divisions throughout our society. In addition, our economy is starting to break down on a very basic level. On a widespread basis, goods are not getting to the places they need to be when they need to be there, and services are often not available when people need them. As time has passed, the “malfunctioning” of our economy has spread, and now the coming mandates threaten to make things a whole lot worse.

Oct 11 05:19

Supply Chain Disruptions And China's Power Crisis Threaten To Sour The Holiday Experience

As if the chaos and confusion caused by the COVID-19 pandemic were not enough, there is another crisis staring at the West as it approaches the start of the holiday season. A power crisis in the world's factory, China, and supply chain disruptions are predicted to lead to shortages for almost everything that we take for granted in modern life, from smartphones to computer chips to cars. Christmas presents, especially children's toys, are likely to be in short supply, leaving Santa with more sorrow than joy as he prepares to go from home to home.

Oct 11 05:13

Darkness Coming Dollar Falls – Bo Polny

Oct 10 11:19

COVID and The Amish: “there’s no evidence of any more deaths among the Amish than in places that shut down tight”

By B.N. Frank

President Biden and other like-minded individuals have referred to the current state of COVID-19 as a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”. The Amish see it very differently...

By FULL MEASURE STAFF Sunday, October 10th 2021

When it comes to actions taken to address the Covid-19 threat, hindsight is still very much underway. For your consideration: a story and outcome you probably aren’t hearing much about anywhere else. It takes place in the heart of Amish country.

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania: thousands of families lead lives largely separate from modern America.

The Amish are a Christian group that emphasizes the virtuous over the superficial. They don’t usually drive, use electricity, or have TVs. And during the Covid-19 outbreak, they became subjects in a massive social and medical experiment...

Oct 10 11:01

“The Trust Game” — New Limited Series Documentary from Truthstream Media

By Truthstream Media

Research and documentary duo Aaron & Melissa Dykes turn their focus to an intricate and long-winding path that connects the foundations of modern society with the rise of central banks – as the insipid but immensely influential policies of money issuance weave together the shadowy sinews of history’s most pivotal events.

From colonial expansion, to the creation of the Federal Reserve, up to our volatile age of cryptocurrency and digital authorization, the contentious battleground of finance has pitted presidents and congressional representatives alike against the unmovable power of lenders and moneymakers, who’ve worked to tip the scales towards centralized authority at the expense of individual sovereignty.

Attempting a greater context, The Trust Game is a 10-part, over 10-hour series aiming to sharpen global events spinning blurry in the rapid stages of development...

Oct 10 09:20

I Moved 4 Months Ago and am Still Barely Settled in—Because of Supply Chain Issues

By Brett Cooper

In June, my family and I joined the California exodus and sought refuge in Idaho. We had lived in California off and on for more than 30 years, but with the crumbling economy, tyrannical government, and dismal quality of life, enough was enough.

Though living in a free state has been the change we needed, my family is barely settled in… even though we moved over four months ago...

Oct 10 08:56

Prepare for power grid BLACKOUTS across the USA this Winter

Oct 10 08:50

Biden Backs MASSIVE Blow To Economy Due To Vaxx Mandate

oe Biden announced Thursday the 'bigger story' isn't that thousands of people are losing their jobs, though, that the new mandates are raising the percentage of Americans in the workforce who are vaccinated against COVID-19.

"These requirements work," Biden lauded throughout an address at a Clayco construction site in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.

Oct 10 07:18

DARK AGES Lebanon plunges into total darkness as ENTIRE country without light, heat or energy in mass blackout amid fuel crisis

LEBANON has been plunged into total darkness as 6million people were left without energy as power stations run out of fuel.

The Mediterranean country is battling one of the planet's worst economic crunches since the 1850s in the wake of last year's devastating blast that levelled a huge part of the capital Beirut.

The state electricity company confirmed the country's two main power plants have run out of fuel as it has struggled to import enough oil.

State electricity in most places is barely available for an hour a day amid rolling power cuts.

And meanwhile, the fuel needed to power private back-up generators is also in short supply.