Nov 04 06:51

Vienna terrorist likely acted alone, ‘fooled’ de-radicalization program

Austrian police have arrested 14 people in raids linked to Monday’s deadly terror attack in Vienna and have found no evidence that a second shooter was involved, Interior Minister Karl Nehammer said Tuesday.

“There have been 18 raids in Vienna and Lower Austria and 14 people have been detained,” Nehammer told a televised press conference.

Nov 04 06:40

Vienna shooting: Terrorist released early from jail to slaughter four pledged allegiance to ISIS on Instagram

A TERRORIST shot dead in Vienna after opening fire on drinkers near a synagogue had announced his attack on Instagram and pledged allegiance to ISIS.

Terror gunman Kujtim Fejzulai was revealed as a 20-year-old dual citizen of Austria and North Macedonia who had previously been jailed for trying to travel to Syria.

Nov 04 06:31

‘End to misunderstood tolerance’: Austria’s Kurz doubles down on vow to fight ‘political Islam’ following Vienna attack

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has said he expects Europe to abandon what he called “misunderstood tolerance” in the wake of a terrorist attack in Vienna while calling for an EU-wide effort to combat “political Islam.”

“I expect an end to the wrongly understood tolerance … in all European countries,” Kurz told Germany’s Die Welt newspaper, adding that the ideology of “political Islam” endangers “our freedom” as well as the very “European model of life.”

The chancellor maintained that the issue is grave enough to require a Europe-wide response, adding that he already raised this topic in phone calls with many European leaders and also plans to make a fight against “political Islam” an issue on the agenda at the upcoming EU summits.

Nov 04 06:29

'No Time for Grief and Forgiveness': Sweden Democrats Want to Close Down Terror-Supporting Mosques

Amid a wave of Islamist terrorism that has swept Europe, national-conservative Sweden Democrat leader Jimme Åkesson has called for the throttling of grant money, the closure of mosques that support terror, and that the Swedish citizenship of those involved be revoked whenever possible.

Following the Islamist terrorist attack in the Austrian capital of Vienna, Sweden Democrat leader Jimmie Åkesson has demanded harsh measures against Islamists expressing extreme views in Sweden.

In a video he published on social media, Åkesson lamented the recent terrorist act, but called for forceful action against Islamism. Åkesson emphasised that his party already a decade ago warned that Islamist was the biggest threat to decmoracy.

Nov 03 16:01

EU Polices on Farming will Create a Famine

Nov 03 11:07

Belarus cranks up 1st nuclear plant; Lithuania is fearful

November 2, 5:36:56PM ET
MOSCOW -- Belarus' first nuclear power plant began operating Tuesday, a project that has spooked its neighbor Lithuania, which immediately cut off importing electricity from Belarus at the news.

The Russian-built Astravyets nuclear power plant, 40 kilometers (25 miles) south of the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius, has been connected to Belarus' power grid and has started producing electricity, according to Belarusian electricity operator Belenergo.

Lithuanian authorities long have opposed the plant's construction, arguing that the project has been plagued by accidents, stolen materials and the mistreatment of workers. In line with the country's law banning electricity imports from Belarus once the plant starts, Lithuania's Litgrid power operator cut the inflow of electricity from Belarus upon receiving data that the Astravyets nuclear reactor had started producing energy.

Nov 03 10:57

Suspect In Vienna Shooting Tried To Join ISIS, Was Released From Prison Early After Terrorism Charges

The suspected gunman in an attack in Vienna on Monday was an Austrian man with dual citizenship who had previously attempted to join ISIS in Syria, numerous sources reported.

Kujtim Fejzulai, 20, was shot dead by police after the beginning of the attack that left four dead 14 injured Monday evening, according to the Wall Street Journal. Fejzulai was sentenced to 22 months in prison in April 2019 after trying to join ISIS in Syria, but was released early in December, according to the Associated Press. He also had North Macedonian citizenship and was born to ethnic Albanians, the Journal reported.

Nov 03 08:10

EU chaos: Macron on alert as violent riots over economic crisis spread across Europe

LEADERS across the EU are on alert as violent protests erupt across major European capitals, following fears concerning the economic impact of severe and lengthy coronavirus lockdowns.

Emmanuel Macron imposed a second national lockdown in France last night, declaring that a sudden and “brutal brake” on virus transmission was needed. However, the French President acknowledged the threat of violence and riots exploding on French streets against the lockdown measures, saying that he would take "full responsibility for the reactions this the lockdown will cause". There are growing fears that the number of violent anti-lockdown protests recently seen in Italy and Spain will follow in France.

Nov 03 07:30

'Conflict Between Civilisation & Barbarism': Sebastian Kurz Vows to Fight Terror After Vienna Attack

The shooting on Monday evening has claimed four lives, one of the suspected attackers was killed, authorities confirmed. Earlier in the day, it was reported that two people had been arrested in the city of St Poelten in connection with the Vienna attacks.

It's been confirmed that the attack in Vienna had an Islamist motive, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said, adding that his country will find the people behind the attack.

"It is not about a dispute between Christians and Muslims or between Austrians and migrants. It is about a struggle between civilisation and barbarism," Kurz added.

Nov 03 06:50

Live Updates: Austrian Interior Minister Confirms That 4 Civilians Died in Vienna Attack

On Monday evening, Austrian media reported that shots were fired at a synagogue in the center of Vienna, leaving several people injured and, according to conflicting reports, either one or seven people dead. Vienna police confirmed that the shooting took place and "there are persons injured", however, without providing additional details.

Vienna police confirmed on Monday that the shooting took place "in the Inner City district" and added that "there are persons injured" without, however, providing additional details.

Police called on people to "KEEP AWAY from all public places or public Transport".

Nov 03 06:48

‘Heavily armed and dangerous’ terrorists on the loose after Vienna attack – Austrian interior minister

Austrian Interior Minister Karl Nehammer has said that special forces have been on a hunt for “presumed terrorists” who wrought havoc in Vienna, killing at least one, describing the attackers as “heavily armed” and “mobile.”
“We have brought several special forces units together that are now searching for the presumed terrorists,” Nehammer told Austrian broadcaster ORF.

He added that the manhunt is no longer limited to the area around the Stadttempel, Vienna’s Jewish synagogue dating back to the 1820s, near which multiple attacks unfolded on Monday evening.

Nov 02 16:30

'Seven dead' and several injured in Austrian terror attack: Police launch huge manhunt for 'multiple suspects' as gunman rampages through streets near synagogue and 'another blows himself up'

At least seven people are thought to have been killed with several others injured in multiple gun and suspected suicide attacks near a synagogue in Vienna.

A huge manhunt is currently underway for several attackers armed with rifles with police confirming shootings at six different locations, starting near the synagogue at 8pm local time.

One attacker is thought to have 'blown themselves up' during the rampage with another arrested and one shot dead by police. A police officer is also thought to have been shot and seriously injured.

Nov 02 08:41

Japan's Nidec Plans $2 Billion EV Motor Factory in Europe

TOKYO (REUTERS) - Nov. 1, 2020 NIDEC Corp will spend 200 billion yen ($1.9 billion) on a new plant in Serbia to build motors for electric vehicles as it seeks to win more business from automakers turning away from internal combustion engines, the Nikkei newspaper reported.

Nidec founder Shigenobu Nagamori has said he wants a 35% market share for energy-saving electric motor technology know as e-axle or e-drive by 2030, which is expected to have grown ten times by then to as much as $30 billion a year.

Nov 02 08:01

Faced with the reality of a winter surge, Sweden is finally bringing in some harsher restrictions after months of being one of the few countries with no lockdown

November 2,2020, 2 hours ago
Sweden has introduced new guidelines for regions as its coronavirus cases surge in line with other European countries. The country famously didn't introduce much of a lockdown during its first wave, and its death rate surged to one of the world's highest. The new guidelines, which include the capital city Stockholm, represent a change in approach, but it's still less strict than many European countries and it has also eased some of its earlier rules. The county's state epidemiologist, warned last month that Sweden was approaching a "critical point" as the number of new cases reported a day rose by 70% in a week. Some Swedes worry the new changes won't have much of an effect.

Nov 02 06:21

Afghan Muslim Arrested After Shouting ‘Islamic Slogans’ in Vienna Catholic Cathedral

A young Muslim man burst into Saint Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna on Saturday morning shouting “Islamic slogans” until he was subdued and arrested by police.

Security officials cordoned off the cathedral and the surrounding area after the incident in preparation for Sunday’s Christian feast of All Saints’ Day.

Vienna City Police Command reported that the 25-year-old Afghan man made a “confused impression” on the police but that no weapons or questionable objects were found on his person or in the church building during a search. Nonetheless, the State Office for the Protection of the Constitution and Combating Terrorism was alerted and is carrying out an investigation of the case.

Saturday’s incident followed a disturbance on Thursday at Vienna’s St. Anthony of Padua church, when a mob of nearly 50 young Turkish Muslims entered the church and began kicking the pews and confessionals.

Nov 01 16:39

September 2020 Least Deadly Month Ever In Sweden

According to the state authority Statistics Sweden (SCB) data, september 2020 was the least deadly month per capita ever in Swedish history.

So far the year 2020 has been the third least deadly year per capita ever in the country, despite the [alleged] tragic and global Covid-19 pandemic.

September 2020 was the least deadly month ever in Sweden, at least so far back as the data from SCB:s public database provides data.

There were 63.07 deaths per 100 000 people in September 2020, and the previous record low was 64.24 in June 2019, and before that 65.13 in June 2018.

Nov 01 08:03

Barricades in Madrid, clashes in Barcelona, looting in Logrono as anti-lockdown protests grip Spain

Spain has been gripped by violence as anti-lockdown protesters clash with police in multiple cities, including Madrid and Barcelona, over the state and regional governments’ move to toughen Covid-19 restrictions.

Protesters torched garbage containers and erected makeshift barricades on Gran Via, and reportedly smashed several store fronts elsewhere in central Madrid on Saturday night.

Nov 01 07:19

Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania find out real reasons for closure of Belarusian borders

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, together with colleagues from Poland and Lithuania, is investigating the real reason for the closure of the borders by Belarus. This was announced by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba on the air of Freedom of Speech show, reports RBC Ukraine.

"They did not close it (the border. - 112 International) with Russia. We are now consulting with Poland and Lithuania. If it turns out that the reason was not Covid, but big politics, we will react. We are now looking into this decision," Kuleba said.

The Minister recalled that Belarus announced closure of the border with three neighboring countries - Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania. In Minsk, the official reason for this decision was referred to "the current epidemic situation in neighboring countries."

Oct 31 07:04

'We will destroy this revolution' – Polish patriots and right-wing groups create 'National Guard' to defend churches

Since the weekend, Poland saw several vicious attacks against churches and harassment of Catholics attending mass, but now Polish patriots and right-wing groups have created a defense group to defend Catholics against left-wing aggression.

At a press conference organized in front of Warsaw’s Holy Cross Church, Robert B?kiewicz, the head of the Independence March Association, announced that Poland is currently facing a neo-Bolshevik revolution, according to

He stated that patriotic groups will not allow those "against civilization" to attack Catholics. He said he and groups he is aligned with were establishing a "Catholic and civic" self-defense group which will be known as the “National Guard”.

Oct 31 06:58

Swedish Democrat Leader After Beheadings in France: 'Liberal Left Have Blood on Their Hands'

As France was described as the eye of the storm in the confrontation between secular societies and Islamist terrorism in the wake of recent attacks, Sweden Democrat leader Jimmie Åkesson accused the liberal left of allowing Islamism to grow and flourish across Europe.

In a scathing commentary on the latest terrorist attack in Nice, France, where three churchgoers were brutally murdered on Thursday, Sweden Democrat leader Jimmie Åkesson has accused the liberal left leaders of the West of treacherous behaviour, incompetence, and unrealistic worldview, which, according to him, led to the rise of Islamist terror.

"Terrorism is on the rise in Europe again. We must fight back against this with force. We must protect our communities and citizens", Åkesson said in a Twitter clip.

Oct 31 06:57

Some 50 Young People With Turkish Background Rampage in Catholic Church in Vienna – Reports

Some 50 young people with a Turkish background have rushed into the St Anthony of Padua Church in the Austrian capital of Vienna and staged a rampage there, Austrian media reported.

According to the Kurier newspaper, the incident took place on late Thursday, with the young Turks kicking benches and a confessional, as well as shouting "Allahu Akbar!"

A priest called the police but the assaulters had left the site before the officers arrived. The regional department of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution and Counterterrorism believes that the group of radical Turkish extremists, which is operating in the area, is behind the incident.

Both Interior Minister Karl Nehammer and Chancellor Sebastian Kurz have condemned the incident.

Oct 31 06:38

Germany is sure of a Trump victory as Merkel calls for US and EU to unite against China

Oct 29 06:06

After 4 years of chaos, many Euro leaders want rid of Trump… but President Biden could make life very difficult for some

Having dumped treaties, insulted leaders and formed unlikely alliances, Donald Trump has upset many in Europe as US president. But a Joe Biden election win could present its own issues, in particular for Britain’s Boris Johnson.

If Joe Biden does overcome Donald Trump in the US election, then from Wednesday next week until the moment he’s handed the keys to the Oval Office on January 20, 2021, he’d better hit the phones hard – because there are a few bruised egos out there that need to feel loved.

For a Biden victory would not only mean a tremendous pivot in the US, where clearly there are a lot of fences – and the issue of one big wall – to mend, but a complete reboot on the relationships with key historical allies across the Atlantic.

Oct 28 09:39

BT signs 5G deal with Ericsson to help phase out Huawei equipment - Wed, Oct 28 2020 7:50 AM EDT

LONDON — Sweden’s Ericsson on Wednesday announced it had been selected to supply BT with 5G radio equipment in London and other major cities in the U.K.

It comes after the British government decided to block Huawei from its fifth-generation mobile networks. The move — a reversal from a previous decision to allow “non-core” equipment from the Chinese technology giant — means U.K. carriers will have to strip out Huawei gear from their infrastructure entirely by 2027.

Ericsson is one of Huawei’s fiercest rivals in the race to develop 5G network infrastructure. The rollout of 5G has been a key issue in a technology spat between the U.S. and China, with Washington pressuring its allies to remove Huawei from their 5G networks over espionage concerns.

Huawei has frequently denied its network kit could allow China to spy on sensitive communications, insisting it is independent from the government in Beijing.

Oct 28 09:01

The ECB has found itself pushing on a string

Oct 27 09:15

Sweden Refuses to Impose New Lockdown Measures, Saying People Have Suffered Enough

Health authorities in Sweden have refused to follow the rest of Europe by imposing new coronavirus lockdown measures on their population, arguing that those beset by loneliness and misery of being isolated have suffered enough.

Oct 27 05:53


I don't think anyone questions that there are major realignments under way in the globe, from the emergence of "The Quad" or what I've been calling the "Quadruple Entente", to BREXIT, the increased tensions between the USA and China, and now, between Russia and the E.U., and for the latter, one may conveniently substitute "Germany" for the E.U., that is, at least according to this article by Tom Luongo shared by V.T.(a big thank you for doing so):

Oct 26 09:13

Sweden Refuses to Impose New Lockdown Measures, Saying People Have Suffered Enough

Health authorities in Sweden have refused to follow the rest of Europe by imposing new coronavirus lockdown measures on their population, arguing that those beset by loneliness and misery of being isolated have suffered enough.

Despite Sweden mirroring other countries on the continent with rising coronavirus infections, the government has held firm in refusing to lockdown its population, weighing the untold misery and health impacts of isolation against the threat of COVID-19.

Oct 26 05:22

The More The EU Tightens Its Grip, The More Countries Slip Through Its Fingers

It finally looks like the four-and-a-half-year saga of Brexit is coming to an ignominious end. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called the final bluff of the incompetent bureaucrats in Brussels, walking away from trade talks while leaving the door open.

But that door is only open if the EU is willing to crawl in on its knees and give the UK what it wants, a minimal free trade deal, Canada-style, which was offered by then President of the European Council Donald Tusk.

The EU played hardball giving zero ground for four years while undermining the UK from within its own political and bureaucratic structures. It was as transparent as it was cynical, but it couldn’t sway the British people and that gave Johnson the political will to just say no.

Oct 25 07:05

Europe: Banks Now Canceling Accounts of Racial-Nationalists

THIS WEEK the British-based bank HSBC closed down two accounts linked to the new racial nationalist political party Patriotic Alternative — a personal account belonging to one of PA’s leaders Laura Towler, and the party’s official business account.

H&D understands complaints are being made to the relevant banking oversight authorities.

HSBC is the sixth largest bank in the world and the largest in Europe. It was founded in 1865 as the Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, making its initial fortune from opium trading.

Oct 25 07:00

Anti-lockdown protesters smash police cars in Naples after new Covid-19 restrictions announced (VIDEOS)

Protesters defied curfew and attacked police vehicles in Italy’s third-largest city of Naples. The anger was sparked by the governor’s call for a new lockdown after the spread of Covid-19 hit a new daily record.

Chanting “Freedom!” the angry crowds marched through the city streets on Friday night, with some hurling bottles, smoke bombs and other projectiles at the officers. Others attempted to erect barricades using garbage containers and set some of them on fire. Police deployed tear gas as they tried to disperse the rioters.

Videos posted on social media show groups of people attacking police vehicles, forcing the officers to leave the scene.

Oct 25 06:38

Southern Italy Declares Lockdown, Curfew. People Pour Out in Protest, Clash With Police, Instead

The Campania region, which includes Naples, announced it would go into lockdown on Friday as the number of COVID-19 cases [test positives] soared.

Demonstrators threw flares and other missiles at police who responded with tear gas.

There were unconfirmed reports protestors stormed local government offices.

Jakub Wondreys posted a video of the disorder on Twitter with the caption: “Big anti-regional government COVID-19 restrictions protests are happening right now in Naples, Italy.

Oct 25 06:32

Ex-Rosneft CEO Says Rothschild Drained His Funds Via Kickbacks

A former chief executive of Russian oil company Rosneft has accused one of Europe’s oldest banks of conspiring with New York brokers in a kickback scheme that caused him to lose more than half of his $150 million investment portfolio.

Sergei Bogdanchikov accused banking group Edmond de Rothschild of steering his funds to a pair of New York firms that he says lost money on bad investments and charged inflated fees to kick commissions back to the bank. The bank also used the now-defunct Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca to form shell companies to hide the scheme, according to a lawsuit Bogdanchikov filed in New York state court on Wednesday.

Oct 25 06:16

Escobar: 'Business As Usual' Is Over Between Russia & The EU

When the European Union speaks as a superior, Russia wants to know: Can we do any business with the EU?"

Sergey Lavrov, Russia’s Foreign Minister, is the world’s foremost diplomat. The son of an Armenian father and a Russian mother, he’s just on another level altogether. Here, once again, we may be able to see why.

Let’s start with the annual meeting of the Valdai Club, Russia’s premier think tank. Here we may follow the must-watch presentation of the Valdai annual report on “The Utopia of a Diverse World”, featuring, among others, Lavrov, John Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago, Dominic Lieven of the University of Cambridge and Yuri Slezkine of UCLA/Berkeley.

Oct 24 07:59

Barnier Claims UK and EU Have ‘Huge Common Responsibility’ to Stop Full Brexit

Brussels’ chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier has claimed that it is the UK’s and the EU’s “common responsibility” to agree on a deal and stop a clean-break, no-deal Brexit.

Just last week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson had declared that negotiations with the EU had failed over the bloc’s intransigence on issues like anti-competition rules and fishing, and that the UK should prepare for a no deal.

However, Mr Johnson did not officially withdraw from trade talks, instead his proxies stating in the following days that negotiations could restart if Europe were willing to compromise. EU insiders interpreted the prime minister’s threat of no deal as mere bluster, with one saying that “if the UK would really not care about having a new deal, it would have left the table long ago”.

Talks recommenced in London on Thursday, with Mr Barnier telling Reuters: “I think it’s very important to be back at the table.”

Oct 24 06:30

Violence erupts on Poland’s streets as people protest near total abortion ban

Police fired pepper spray at hundreds of demonstrators in Warsaw as they opposed a court ruling almost completely banning abortion in the country.

Several hundred people gathered in front of Poland’s Constitutional Court and marched towards the residence of the Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the leader of the country’s ruling Law and Justice Party (PiS), to protest a court decision that essentially outlaws abortion.

Police used pepper spray to disperse the crowd. In response, the protesters threw rocks and attempted to break through the cordon around the house.

Oct 23 06:49

Iron Curtain still separates Russia and the EU

Sergey Lavrov, Russia’s Foreign Minister, is the world’s foremost diplomat. The son of an Armenian father and a Russian mother, he’s just on another level altogether. Here, once again, we may be able to see why.

Let’s start with the annual meeting of the Valdai Club, Russia’s premier think tank. Here we may follow the must-watch presentation of the Valdai annual report on “The Utopia of a Diverse World”, featuring, among others, Lavrov, John Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago, Dominic Lieven of the University of Cambridge and Yuri Slezkine of UCLA/Berkeley.

It’s a rarity to be able to share what amounts to a Himalayan peak in terms of serious political debate. We have, for instance, Lieven – who, half in jest, defined the Valdai report as “Tolstoyian, a little anarchical” – focusing on the current top two, great interlocking challenges: climate change and the fact that “350 years of Western and 250 years of Anglo-American predominance are coming to an end.”

Oct 23 06:11

Trump Regime Threatens New Sanctions on Firms Involved in Russia’s Nord Stream 2 Construction

Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to Germany will be completed and become operational in early 2021.

On Wednesday, Russia’s Energy Minister Alexander Novak announced the following:

“Nord Stream 2 will go operational by the end of 2020.”

“One of the ships that can be used to finalize it is now in the Far East. Some time will be required for extra preparations.”

Earlier after the Swiss-based pipe-laying firm Allseas pulled out of the project in response to threatened US sanctions, Novak said Russia is able to complete pipeline construction on its own — without help from foreign contractors.

When operational, it’ll deliver 55 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually to Germany and other European countries annually.

Oct 22 11:02


As is often pointed out by prolockdown publications like the New York Times, Sweden has experienced covid-19 deaths at a rate above that of some of its neighbors that imposed relatively strict lockdowns, such as Denmark.

What is rarely mentioned, however, is that Sweden's deaths per million are also similar to or lower than many countries that did impose harsh lockdowns. For example, as of October 18, the deaths per million in the United Kingdom were 643 in the UK for only 585 in Sweden. Meanwhile, Belgium's death rate was 897 per million, and Italy's rate was 606. Moreover, while cases and deaths are increasing in the UK, Spain, Italy, and Belgium, deaths are apparently flatlining in Sweden. Sweden has reported fewer than ten deaths in the past week.

Clearly, this trend calls into question the official narrative, which is that any country without harsh lockdowns will experience far higher death rates than the countries that lock down.

Oct 22 10:27

Moldova could be the next target of Western-backed color revolution to pressurize Russia

Washington could be organizing a color revolution and mass protests in Moldova like the ones that have already gripped Belarus and Kyrgyzstan. The Moldovan elections are scheduled for November 1 and have eight presidential candidates participating. The main rivals however are current President Igor Dodon, considered “pro-Russian,” and former Prime Minister Maia Sandu, considered “pro-European.”

There is a combination of internal and external factors at play in Moldova, something that has come to typically define the post-Soviet space. There is constant internal instability when considering the breakaway region of Transnistria, weak statehood, many conflicting ideological interest groups, and active attempts to get Moldova into the NATO and EU sphere of influence. This is what makes Moldova at high risk of experiencing a color revolution after the upcoming presidential elections if Dodon is re-elected.

Oct 22 06:01

Europe Gears Up For Another Military Intervention In Libya

The story is very apocryphal now, but it holds that in 146 BC, Rome capped off the Third Punic War by sacking Carthage and salting the earth so that nothing would ever grow there again. It probably never happened, which is sort of a shame, because it’s an excellent metaphor for European activity on Africa’s Mediterranean Coast.

Wherever Europe’s attention turns in northern Africa, that region is the worse for it. In recent years, this has meant Libya, where the destruction of the Libyan government during the 2011 NATO intervention there is now set to give way to direct European Union intervention.

NATO was quite pleased with its 2011 handiwork, which saw Moammar Gaddafi removed from power and quickly killed. The assumption was that this would lead to an orderly transition of power. Instead it led to a civil war that’s continued to tear the country apart ever since.

Oct 21 17:28

Germany's health minister tests positive for Covid-19 and has 'cold-like symptoms,' but no other Cabinet members will be isolated

German Health Minister Jens Spahn has developed “cold-like symptoms” after testing positive for coronavirus, but no other members of Chancellor Angela Merkel's cabinet will be isolated to avoid spreading the virus.

Spahn was immediately moved into self-isolation after testing positive for the virus on Wednesday. Earlier in the day, he met with other cabinet members, but a government spokesman reportedly said the German ministers gathered “in compliance with hygiene and distance rules, which aim to ensure that even if a person who later tests positive were to participate, quarantining of other or even all participants would not be necessary.”

Oct 21 07:05

Russia’s Dialogue With the EU Is Coming to an End

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov dropped a bombshell on Tuesday, warning that Russia might halt all dialogue with the European Union. Mr. Lavrov offered no explanation for what was probably the most severe public statement on the EU of his career. Perhaps he was reacting to extended talks he recently held with EU Foreign Minister Josep Borrell — talks that, by all appearances, did not go well.

Naturally, the EU will respond to his statement with great displeasure and indignation, but Lavrov’s comment was actually rooted in a process that began long before the current crisis, all the way back to when Russian-EU relations looked positively upbeat and promising.

Oct 21 05:20

Poland Strikes $18 Billion Nuclear Power Deal With US

The United States and Poland closed a nuclear power deal potentially worth $18 billion as the Central European country seeks to reduce its reliance on coal and Russian natural gas.

While the deal is not yet final, there is a pretty good chance that Warsaw will pick the U.S. over its main competitors on the international nuclear energy scene, namely China and Russia.

“We are hopeful that the ultimate decisions that are made by Poland ... over a period of time will result in them choosing U.S. technology,” Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette told reporters as quoted by Reuters.

Oct 19 06:24

A Geopolitical Time Bomb In Europe

In a week when several major oil and gas reports were released, most notably the IEA World Energy Outlook 2020 and OPEC’s World Oil Outlook, a regional conflict is now on the brink of spiraling out of control.

The toxic combination of a military confrontation between Azerbaijan and Armenia, supported by Turkey and Russia respectively, and the confrontational stance that Ankara is taking in the East Med conflict are threatening to upend European energy supplies.

Oct 19 05:51

Macron in last-ditch Brexit punishment with threat to devastate UK with energy blockade

EMMANUEL MACRON confirmed that the EU would launch a devastating energy embargo against the UK if Boris Johnson refuses to give in on fisheries.

Emmanuel Macron reacted furiously to Boris Johnson's claims that trade talks are "over" between the UK and EU. Mr Macron has played hardball in the talks on fisheries, insisting on Thursday that French fishermen would "not be sacrificed" for the sake of a deal. However, if the UK leaves the EU without a deal then French fishermen could faced being banned from British waters.

Oct 18 06:29

Affection is Evil (1984 Style) : Couple Fined Hundreds for Kissing Outside

The only exceptions are given to people living together but as the couple’s identification showed different addresses the exception was not granted to them, despite the man showing photographic evidence the couple had been engaged for over two years. The 40-year-old Italian man has launched an appeal against the fine.

Oct 17 11:10

Dutch government set to allow doctors to kill sick children

The ruling coalition government of the Netherlands is moving forward on allowing children 12 and younger to legally end their own lives in the form of state-sanctioned assisted suicide.

Health Minister Hugo de Jonge said he will draft legislation to change current rules to allow for kids to legally undergo doctor-assisted suicide with parental consent.

In an October 13 letter he wrote to the Dutch parliament, de Jonge cited a study that “shows that there is a need for active termination of life among doctors and parents of incurably ill children, who are suffering hopelessly and unbearably and will die within the foreseeable future.”

De Jonge claims the new rules are designed to help a small “group of terminally ill children who agonize with no hope, and unbearable suffering.”

The new Dutch rule that de Jonge is drafting will lift possible prosecution doctors could face if they take additional actions, such as sedative euthanasia.

Oct 17 08:19

EU gives Turkey until early December to de-escalate, chairman says

European Union leaders regret Turkey’s decision to send a natural gas exploration ship to contested waters in the Mediterranean, the bloc’s chairman said on Friday, reiterating that the EU would consider its options in December.

“We plan a summit in December. And we have planned, indeed, to tackle again and to assess the situation in the eastern Mediterranean and in Turkey,” European Council President Charles Michel told a news conference after an EU summit in Brussels.

“We deplore the unilateral actions and provocations by Turkey,” Michel said.

Oct 17 07:18

Zionist War on Palestinian Festival in Rome Is Ominous Sign of Things to Come

A Zionist-led war on a Palestinian cultural festival in Rome has exposed the fragility of the Italian political system when it comes to the conversation on Palestine and Israel. The sad truth is that, although Italy is not often associated with a "powerful" pro-Israel lobby as is the case in Washington, the pro-Israel influence in Italy is just as dangerous.

The latest episode began on September 24, when the Palestinian community in Rome announced plans to hold ‘Falastin – Festival della Palestina’, a cultural event that aims at illustrating the richness of Palestinian culture in all of its grandeur. The idea behind it is not to simply humanize Palestinians in the eyes of ordinary Italians, but to explore commonalities, to cement bonds and to build bridges. However, for Israel’s allies in Italy, even such unthreatening objectives were too much to bear.

Oct 16 05:19

Boris Johnson Threatens UK Will Leave EU With No Deal if Brussels Fails to Change Stance in Talks

London’s talks with Brussels to establish a trade deal have been deadlocked over the past few months. The situation grew increasingly complicated after the UK passed the Internal Market Bill in September, which the EU claims violates the Brexit conditions the sides earlier negotiated.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has cautioned the EU that unless it makes fundamental changes to its approach towards post-Brexit trade negotiations with the UK, London might choose a no-deal scenario.

"I have concluded that we should get ready for January 1 with arrangements that are more like Australia's based on simple principles of global free trade", the British prime minister said.

Oct 16 04:58

EU punishment plot: Brussels revenge plan to BLOCK key trade routes with UK exposed

EU hauliers are threatening to freeze out the UK from trading opportunities, a British haulage boss has warned, adding that the risk to the country's supply chains could be significant.

Oct 15 06:06

Populist Senator Matteo Salvini Wears ‘Trump 2020’ Mask in Italian Parliament

Populist senator Matteo Salvini sported a “Trump 2020” mask in Italian parliament on Tuesday ahead of remarks that he was set to deliver to the Senate.

“Greetings from the Senate, my speech in half an hour,” tweeted Salvini on Tuesday. “Good evening, friends.”

Oct 15 06:02

Populism in Europe is dead, you say? It’s not even sick! It’s gone mainstream – despite what the liberals would have you believe

While immigration may not be the primary issue gripping the continent at present, thanks to Covid-19, populist attitudes are now embedded in the national conversation, though those of a liberal persuasion may be loath to admit it.

The liberals are rubbing their hands with glee. They told us it wouldn’t last, that it would never take a hold and that, in the end, everyone would see things their way. But the idea that right-wing populism is dead is both misguided and premature. Because the bugbear of Europe’s political elite is actually stronger than ever.

Sure, the faces we associate with populism, such as Italy’s Matteo Salvini and the UK’s Nigel Farage, may not be plastered all over our newspapers or television screens like they were just a year or two ago, but the reason for that is the ideas they represented and trumpeted across the European political stage have taken root.

Oct 14 05:36

European Oil Companies Will Not Tolerate Poland's Attempt To Cancel Nord Stream 2

By handing out a €6.5 billion fine against Gazprom, Warsaw has obviously and massively miscalculated because it did not only antagonize the Russian energy company as was intended, but also European partners of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project, which the Polish government obviously had not considered.

Even leaders within the European Union were shocked at the huge fine that Poland is attempting to impose against Nord Stream 2.

Oct 12 10:35

How Sweden became a gangsters' paradise: Europe's most liberal country welcomed Middle Eastern refugees five years ago... but now it is being terrorised by migrant mafia clans - with police and politically correct government powerless

Just five years after the country welcomed refugees with open arms, criminal clans from the Middle East, north Africa and the Balkans are behind soaring crime rates in their once peaceful cities, police say, with 257 bombings and more than 300 shootings last year.

In one extraordinary incident in August, Gothenburg's most notorious crime family, the Ali Khan gang, set up roadblocks in the northeast of the city, shining torches into cars to hunt for members of a rival mob.

Police broke up the checkpoints and made 20 arrests. But in a move that was seen as symbolic of Sweden's 'soft touch', the suspects were released because prosecutors decided they hadn't broken the law.

Oct 12 07:52

European oil companies will not tolerate Poland’s attempt to cancel Nord Stream 2

By handing out a €6.5 billion fine against Gazprom, Warsaw has obviously and massively miscalculated because it did not only antagonize the Russian energy company as was intended, but also European partners of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project, which the Polish government obviously had not considered. Even leaders within the European Union were shocked at the huge fine that Poland is attempting to impose against Nord Stream 2.

Oct 11 06:27

2022: A Vaccination Passport. The EU Keeps Quiet Over Suspicious Documents

Surprise, surprise, the European Commission (EC) had a “Roadmap on Vaccination” ready months before the COVID-19 pandemic broke out.

The Roadmap should lead to a “commission proposal for a common vaccination card / passport for EU citizens by 2022”.

Last updated during the third quarter of 2019, the 10-page document was followed, on September 12th, by a “global vaccination summit” jointly hosted by the EC and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Oct 10 11:38

Europe And The New Sanctions On Iran

The U.S. has imposed new sanctions on Iran which will make ANY trade with the country very difficult:

[T]he Trump administration has decided to impose yet further sanctions on the country, this time targeting the entirety of the Iranian financial sector. These new measures carry biting secondary sanctions effects that cut off third parties’ access to the U.S. financial sector if they engage with Iran’s financial sector. Since the idea was first floated publicly, many have argued that sanctioning Iran’s financial sector would eviscerate what humanitarian trade has survived the heavy hand of existing U.S. sanctions.
Behind the move was pressure from the Zionist lobby. President Trump is in need of campaign funds and the lobby provides those. The move is also designed to preempt any attempts by a potentially new administration to revive the nuclear agreement with Iran:

Oct 10 06:00

Thanks, Europeans. Your overwhelming support for Biden means Trump’s now more likely to win. You just don’t understand us at all

Polls taken in seven European countries reveal they massively favor Biden there, by 67 percent to 14 percent for the incumbent. It just shows that continent’s ignorance of the US, and will make Americans more likely to vote Trump.

As an American who’s lived in Europe for the majority of my adult life (if Brexit Britain can still be described as being part of that continent), I am constantly amazed at how little people over here understand us Yanks and our country.

I am not sure whether that’s because of some underlying contempt from the old countries towards our still comparatively young nation, or a resentment of how America has overtaken them all to become the world’s leader, or just some snobbery about our supposed loudness, or arrogance, or cultural deficiencies. Or perhaps it's simply that Europeans tend, perhaps with the exception of the Brits, to be much more left-leaning than most Americans.

Oct 09 11:10

Europe's extra testing drives global coronavirus infections to the highest recorded level - but deaths remain flat and below peak levels across the world

A total of 338,779 cases of the virus were logged around the world on Thursday, up from 330,340 recorded on October 2, the WHO said.

This is being driven by an increase in positive tests in Europe, which logged 96,996 cases on Thursday, the highest one-day total for the region.

However, global figures show that deaths have remained flat over the same period and are below the first-wave peak, both in Europe and around the world.

This suggests that increased testing capacity is largely responsible for the higher figures, as moderate and mild cases that were missed during the first wave are now being detected.

Oct 08 06:36

NATO Increased Warship Presence in Black Sea by 33% Compared to 2019

By strengthening the presence of warships from non-Black Sea NATO members in the Black Sea, the military bloc is attempting to demonstrate its dominance in the region and the Alliance’s desire to neutralize and pressurize Russia’s influence in the area. Moscow’s Black Sea influence significantly increased after Crimea’s 2014 reunification with Russia. NATO’s military presence in the Black Sea is significantly strengthening, especially as warships in the area increased by 33% from January to September compared to the same period time last year. In 40% of cases, these ships are equipped with high-precision long-range weapons. This can be seen as a NATO attempt to intimidate Russia.

Oct 08 06:18

Gazprom Blasts $7.6BN Polish Antitrust Fine On NS2 Pipeline As Move To Kill It "By All Means"

Polish authorities have fined Russia's Gazprom a whopping and unprecedented $7.6 billion (or 6.5 billion euros) for constructing the controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline to Germany.

While Poland anti-trust authorities have claimed Nord Stream 2 is fundamentally a politically motivated attempt to punish Polish consumers while increasing European dependence on on Russian imports, Germany has stood by the project even amid the Navalny poisoning affair which has strained its relations with Russia over the past month.

Poland's Office of Competition and Consumer Protection decision seeks to legally force the six companies jointly building and financing the project to cancel their contracts, despite the gas pipeline being in its final phase of development. This includes European investors OMV, Wintershall, Engie, Shell and Uniper.

Oct 08 05:59

Has Barnier gone barmy? He says our seas are British but the fish are EU property! COMMENT

INTRACTABLE disagreements over British fishing waters hit a new and jaw-droppingly bizarre low today when the EU's chief negotiator Michel Barnier basically claimed our North Sea cod and mackerel were ardent Remainers. I'm not kidding.

Oct 08 05:56

How the Gas-Rich & Geostrategically Important Eastern Mediterranean Has Turned Into a 'Powder Keg'

Tensions remain high in the Eastern Mediterranean as two NATO allies, Turkey and Greece, are seeking a way out of the standoff triggered by Ankara's seismic vessel Oruç Reis engaging in gas exploration in the disputed waters. Egyptian researcher Mohammad Fawzi has shed light on the brewing conflict and the balance of power in the region.

Oruç Reis's dispatch to waters claimed by Athens, Ankara and Nicosia last month came in response to the 6 August Greek-Egyptian agreement demarcating exclusive economic zones (EEZ) in the Eastern Mediterranean between the two powers. Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis hailed the accords, adding that they had brought to naught the November 2019 memorandum of understanding between Turkey and Tripoli which delineated the sea in the interests of Ankara and the Government of National Accord (GNA).

Oct 08 05:51

Soros Scores Legal Win Over Hungary's Orban After Central European University Ruling

George Soros and his allies in the European parliament are currently celebrating a victory at the European Court of Human Rights against Hungary and its Prime Minister Viktor Orban after the ruling that the country's law that forced its Central European University out of Hungary contradicts the EU law.

This is only the latest of attacks on the Eastern European country and its leader mounted by Europe's various leftist parties and EU institutions in their ongoing crusade against the so-called illiberal states, which is how they describe Christian right-of-centre governments of countries such as Poland and Hungary.

Oct 07 19:43

Belgium closes cafes and bars for a month in Brussels as the country takes a step towards return to full coronavirus lockdown

The Belgian capital took a step towards restoring its coronavirus lockdown today when Brussels ordered cafes and bars to close for a month from Thursday.

Restaurants serving meals at tables will remain open, but bars and drinking alcohol in public will be banned until November 8, the regional government said, at which point the situation will be re-assessed.

The news follows Paris taking similar measures by closing all its bars from Tuesday, and Spain ordering Madrid into another lockdown on Friday - becoming the first European capital to re-enter lockdown.

Oct 07 10:59

UK, French, Belgian blanket spying systems ruled illegal by Europe’s top court

The European Court of Justice (CJEU) announced on Tuesday that legislation passed by all three countries that allows the government to demand traffic and location data from internet and mobile providers in "a general or indiscriminate way" breaks EU data privacy laws - even when national security concerns are invoked.

“The directive does not authorise the Member States to adopt, inter alia for the purposes of national security, legislative measures intended to restrict the scope of rights and obligations provided for in that directive, in particular the obligation to ensure the confidentiality of communications and traffic data, unless such measures comply with the general principles of EU law, including the principle of proportionality, and the fundamental rights guaranteed by the Charter,” the court decided.

In layman’s terms that means that a government can’t build a massive database of what everyone does and then query it later while investigating a case.

Oct 07 08:04

‘False’ positive Covid-19 tests saw non-contagious people counted as fresh infections & triggered 2nd wave alarm – Belgian media

Over a half of coronavirus infections revealed this summer by one of Belgium’s biggest labs were old and no longer contagious, but were still reported as new cases, local media discovered.

Belgian daily newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws examined the tests carried out by AZ Delta, one of the largest labs in the country, and made a stunning discovery. Almost half of all positive cases reported throughout June, July and August were actually people with an old infection.

The problem, it turns out, lies in the PCR Covid-19 tests. The paper reports that scientific data reveals virus particles can be detected up to 83 days after the actual infection. This led to instances where people were no longer contagious, but were still registered as positive cases.

Oct 07 06:31

European Union Institutions Accused of Being Too White

A European Commission report on staff diversity within European Union institutions has accused the EU of being too white and not having enough representation from minority communities.

The report has stated that while ethnic minorities make up at least 10 per cent of the population in the European Union, the number of ethnic minorities within EU institutions is far lower.

As a result, the European Commission has vowed to launch an investigation into the ethnic profiles of its own employees to set possible quotas for its recruitment policy, Le Figaro reports.

Oct 06 06:52

Russia will react to possible restrictions on access of its goods to EU market — Lavrov

Russia will respond to possible additional restrictions on the access of its goods to the EU market, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Monday. He was speaking at a meeting with the members of the Association of European Businesses (AEB).

Lavrov recalled that the European Commission had prepared a report on significant distortions in the economy of the Russian Federation for the purpose of trade defense investigations.

"The document is openly biased, fraught with additional restrictions on the access of Russian goods to the EU market, which, of course, will not remain unanswered, as you understand," the minister said.

Oct 06 06:15

Denmark Heads to Pre-COVID Normality: No Masks or Distancing in Schools, Just Common Sense

One of the more diabolical aspects of the protracted COVID ‘crisis’ in countries like the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia, is the intellectually dishonest claim that Coronavirus in their countries is somehow different from the Coronavirus in other western countries.

It’s like there are two parallel universes now. While the Anglosphere continues to ramp-up its emergency ‘pandemic’ measures and mandatory mask and quarantine policies, their Scandinavian counterparts like Sweden, Norway or Denmark have already returned to life as normal; no masks on public transport (although Norway just introduced a new rule today advising masks on crowded carriages), no obsessive social distancing rules, no snap lockdowns, and certainly no draconian laws and threats of £10,000 fines made by government leaders, or holding the country hostage until a wonder vaccine arrives in the spring. The contrast couldn’t be more extreme.