May 20 05:58

Netanyahu: Military operation against Hamas will continue

May 20 05:12

“Today we are Nazis,” says member of Israeli Jewish extremist group

Israeli Jewish extremists used instant messaging services to organize armed militias to attack Palestinian citizens of Israel.

Voice messages, texts and other communications indicate they coordinated attacks in cities where Palestinians live in close proximity to Jews – including Haifa, Bat Yam and Tiberias in the north, and Ramla and Lydd – Lod in Hebrew – in the center, to Beersheba in southern Israel.

Settlers from Jewish-only colonies in the occupied West Bank also joined the coordinated attacks, with the apparent knowledge and collusion of Israeli officials.

They communicated via WhatsApp and Telegram, as well as Facebook groups.

In many cases, extremist organizers said they relied on either the active or passive support of Israeli authorities.

Israeli research organizations Fake Reporter and HaBloc intercepted messages from some of those groups and reported what they found to Israeli police as a “ticking time-bomb.”

May 20 04:56

Will Biden Stay in Bibi’s Pocket?

How about now? Will he see President Biden as a wimp, with Biden’s mealy-mouthed comment to Netanyahu earlier today that Biden "expects to see a significant de-escalation today on the path to a ceasefire" in Gaza.

If past is precedent, Netanyahu’s likely response will be a half-polite, "Joe, please take that and shove it … and oh, by the way, I meant to thank you for your proposed sale of $735 million-worth of smart bombs a couple of weeks ago. It came at just the right time for me."

Here’s Why

Netanyahu thought the camera/sound was off 20 years ago, when he spoke with unspeakable candor to a small private group, explaining, "America is a thing that can be easily moved … moved in the right direction. They [Americans] will not bother us."

Translation (based on the subtitles) follows, with Netanyahu in bold.

"The Arabs now are preparing a campaign [war] of terror, and they think that this will break us.

"The main thing is, first and foremost, to hit them hard.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Netanyahu is playing Biden for a complete fool; any attack against Iran (and I am sure that the IDF and MOSSAD have several competing scenarios for making this happen,) will potentially lead to a broader regional war, which could well translate into a world war right now.

May 20 03:46

What is behind Israel’s targeting of prominent buildings in Gaza?

Israel’s attacks on Gaza’s civilian buildings are an attempt to demoralise Palestinians and weaken their resolve.

Rami Aldraimli watched in disbelief as the building he had worked in for more than 20 years came crashing down.

Following a missile “warning”, Israeli fighter jets late on Tuesday afternoon bombed al-Awqaf building, the latest structure to be targeted by Israel during its relentless 10-day offensive on the besieged Gaza Strip.

The five-storey building in western Gaza City housed a number of offices, including of Mashareq, one of Gaza’s oldest and most prominent media production firms.

“It wasn’t just a company,” Aldraimli, Mashareq’s 43-year-old executive director, said. “It’s a dream I’ve been working on, building it up until we had 60 employees.”

Translation: The bombing of the building that includes the Mashareq Advertising Company and a stationery shop, in a move to destroy the Palestinian economy.

May 20 03:23

Ex-Israeli Pilot: ‘Our Army Is a Terrorist Organisation Run by War Criminals’

A former Israeli Air Force pilot, Yonatan Shapira, has described the Israeli government and army as “terrorist organisations” run by “war criminals.”

Captain Shapira who had resigned from the Israeli army in 2003 at the height of the Palestinian Second Intifada explained in an exclusive interview with Anadolu News Agency why he realized after joining the army that he was “part of a terrorist organisation”.

I realised during the Second Intifada what the Israeli Air Force and Israeli military are doing are war crimes, terrorising a population of millions of Palestinians. When I realised that, I decided to not just leave but to organise other pilots that will publicly refuse to take part in these crimes, he said.

“As a child in Israel, you are being brought up in very strong Zionist militaristic education. You don’t know almost anything about Palestine, you don’t know about the 1948 Nakba, you don’t know about ongoing oppression,” Shapira said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel may well be creating a 3rd intifada, but this time.... it may be a little more difficult to "control", no matter how many women, children, and the fragile medically elderly the IDF assassinates with impunity.

May 20 03:16

Israel kills boy featured in film about imprisoned kids

“Why are we so different from other children in the world? Why are we detained when we’re young and made to suffer, while others are happy playing sports, and with many opportunities that we don’t have?”

Those are the questions that Obaida Akram Abdurahman Jawabra, then 15, asks in the video above.

Israeli forces briefly detained Obaida a third time in April 2019.

Like most of the hundreds of Palestinian children detained by Israel each year, he was accused of stone throwing.

In the video, Obaida’s friend asks him if he fears going back to prison again.

“The problem is Route 60 and how to cross it to go to the camp. It’s controlled by the [Israeli military],” Obaida replies.

On Monday evening, Obaida was shot in the chest by an Israeli occupation soldier during a demonstration near the entrance of Arroub refugee camp.

He was demonstrating on the road he dreaded: Route 60.

May 20 03:12

Gaza faces food and medicine shortages without ceasefire: UN official

Shortages of food, water, fuel and medicine are growing more dire in Gaza, and further fighting will make them dramatically worse, Matthias Schmale, the Gaza director for the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) told Axios in a Zoom interview on Tuesday evening.

The state of play: The most urgent problem is the displacement of Palestinians, including the around 50,000 who left their homes near the border with Israel, fearing a ground invasion, and are now taking shelter in 60 UNRWA schools.

“Parents here are mainly worried for the security of their children. People here say that they sleep in the same room with their children so that if they die in an airstrike they will be together. This is what I hear from people. They are terrified and traumatized."
— Matthias Schmale, UNRWA

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And now, not even schools are safe:

May 20 03:00

Netanyahu Says ‘Conquering’ Gaza Is an Option for Israel

As Israel continued its bombardment of Gaza on Wednesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said “conquering” the besieged Gaza Strip is a possible option to achieve his goals.

“You can either conquer them — and that’s always an open possibility — or you can deter them,” Netanyahu said of Hamas during a speech at the Kirya military base in Tel Aviv. “We are engaged right now in forceful deterrence, but I have to say, we are not ruling out anything.”

A minister in Netanyahu’s Likud party also discussed the idea of Israel conquering Gaza on Wednesday, something he said was an inevitability. “There will be no way to avoid one day temporarily taking over Gaza,” Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz told Ynet on Wednesday. “That day has not arrived for all kinds of reasons. I think the day will come, if not now then in the coming year,” he added.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

At what cost to the Palestinians; total genocide?!?

May 20 02:50


Ansar Allah, who has enjoyed staggering success in staving off the wholesale invasion of their country by the U.S.-backed Saudi military, is eager to export its resistance mentality and battlefield knowledge to Palestine.

By Ahmed Abdulkareem

n Yemen’s capital city of Sana’a, hundreds of thousands of residents from the suburbs and neighboring towns gathered at Bab al-Yemen, the city’s main square, carrying Palestinian flags and holding banners encouraging Hamas to continue its campaign of pressure against Israel. In Hodeida, hundreds of thousands of protesters took to the streets despite the ever-present threat of incoming artillery shells, snipers’ bullets, and Saudi warplanes hovering above.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is only so far one can push people, without those people pushing back; unfortunately, Israeli hubris will prevent this realization from happening until it is acutally too late to change the outcome, and may wind up bringing them to an horrific set of costs at the peace negotiation table.

May 20 02:29

Biden Condemns Erdogan's Gaza Tirade As "Anti-Semitic" & "Reprehensible"

On Monday Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave a fiery speech to supporters which blasted Biden's "inaction" over the Gaza crisis, addressing Joe Biden to specifically say the US president has "blood on his hands". He was further reacting to the recent reports that Biden approved a $735 million dollar weapons sale from the United States to Israel, essentially accusing the US of supporting genocide against the Palestinians. Erdogan had also lashed out at Europe, accusing Austria in particular trying to make Muslims "pay the price of their own genocide against the Jews" - after an Israeli flag was seen flying over a federal building.

In response the State Department has come out swinging, condemning "Erdogan's recent anti-Semitic comments regarding the Jewish people" which the US finds "reprehensible," according to State Department spokesman Ned Price on Tuesday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks as though Biden is most furious against Erdogan, because Biden... is thoroughly impotent to get the killings of Palestinians to stop, as Netnayahu has nixed a cease fire any time soon.

Andven though Netanyahu has knocked out major commuications coming from Gaza or the West Bank, so people cannot see what the IDF is doing here, he cannot control what cell phones are able to see, witness and transmit; the optics here, well, not exactly wonderful for Israel's image.

May 19 08:35

First pictures from Palestine - Jerusalem historical impressions 1900 - 1918

May 19 08:34

Palestine before 1948

May 19 05:31

Watch “Gaza Fights for Freedom”

With the ongoing Israeli assault against Palestinians in Gaza leaving 213 dead so far, journalist Abby Martin has released her film Gaza Fights for Freedom online to watch for free.

The film presents the story of the Great March of Return protests, which took place between March 2018 and December 2019.

Those demonstrations saw Palestinians in Gaza, who are mostly refugees, peacefully protest for their rights on the boundary line with Israel.

Israel responded with brute force, including sniper fire, killing more than 215 Palestinians.

Another 30,000 were injured, many permanently maimed.

You can watch it in the video player above. It can also be watched on YouTube, although the platform has age-restricted the film, meaning users must enter credit card or ID details.

On The Electronic Intifada podcast in 2019 we talked to Abby about her film.

May 19 05:31

Rachel Maddow has mentioned Gaza on her show just 6 times over the past decade

Last week Ali Velshi used the a-word.

“Palestinians are at best third-class citizens in the nation of their birth,” the MSNBC anchor told viewers. “The idea that it’s even remotely controversial to call what Israel has imposed on Palestinians a form of apartheid is laughable.”

“After more than seven decades of not just being deprived of land from which they were evicted, Palestinian frustration runs deep,” he continued. “It may be worth going deeper than what you hear inside your bubble and understanding the depth to which the Palestinian people are subject to apartheid in their own land, deprived of basic necessities, and subject to relentless civil rights violations. This is not a secret. It’s out there for you to see, you just have to look for it.”

May 19 05:30

Israel warns it will bomb Gaza schools as strikes escalate

May 19 05:16

After Declaring That ‘Palestinian Lives Matter,’ Facebook Immediately Closed My Page

Given that the vast majority of the mainstream U.S. media are pro-Israel, the only place that people like me can express their sympathies for the Palestinians is social networks. Thus, I turned to my Facebook page to write about the situations. In the first two posts I emphasized that,

May 18 15:18

Palestine 1896

First film footage taken in Palestine (Lumier Bros.)

Webmaster's Commentary: 


May 18 07:08

Refusing Erasure: Palestinian Resistance, Israel’s Hopeless Fury, and a Coming Cataclysm

There hadn’t been much talk of the Israel-Palestine conflict. Nor had there been serious attempts at diplomacy, of Washington brokering a settlement. The reasons were manifold: part apathy, part outrage-exhaustion, part Donald Trump’s intentionally ditching the illusion of America-the-honest-broker and decisively swinging support to one side (Israel), and part Joe Biden’s desire to avoid the controversy of getting embroiled in seemingly hopeless Mideast conflict third-rails. Yet despite increasingly right-wing Israeli intransigence, and American apathy or antagonism, the Palestinian people – not their divided and corrupt Fatah or Hamas "leaders" – refused to be silenced. Few Western commentators counted on that. They should have.

May 18 07:07

Israel-Palestine: Gaza hospitals targeted in heavy Israeli bombardment

A week's worth of heavy bombardment in Gaza has obliterated a number of buildings and roads, impeding emergency service access to locations affected by the attacks.

According to Palestine's Ministry of Information, over 1,000 residential units have been damaged due to Israeli air strikes, as well as 36 schools and primary healthcare clinics.

The Ministry of Information estimates that $18m worth of damage has been done to streets and infrastructure in the besieged Gaza Strip.

May 18 07:07

For 3rd Time, US Blocks UN Security Council Statement Urging Gaza Ceasefire

For the third time within one week, the US blocked a statement at the UN Security Council condemning Israeli violence against Palestinians and urging a ceasefire in Gaza. Israeli bombs have killed over 200 people since last Monday, including over 60 children.

The latest statement blocked by the US was introduced by Norway, Tunisia, and China after an emergency Security Council meeting on Sunday. According to a draft obtained by The Times of Israel, the statement expressed the Security Council’s “grave concern regarding the crisis related to Gaza and the loss of civilian lives and casualties, and called for de-escalation of the situation, cessation of violence and respect for international humanitarian law, including the protection of civilians, especially children.”

Despite the US’s unwillingness to pressure Israel, other countries still want to push for a ceasefire at the UN. The UN General Assembly is set to discuss the Gaza onslaught on Thursday morning.

May 18 07:02

In Gaza, one baby survives Israeli air strike that killed 10 family members

As Israeli jets rained down bombs across Gaza on Saturday, families persevered in trying to celebrate the end of Ramadan.

In the al-Shati refugee camp that morning, Israeli jets struck a residential building, killing 10 members of the same Palestinian family, including eight children.

"They put on their Eid clothes and went to celebrate it with their uncle, just like any innocent children would do. They were celebrating Eid. They [Israeli forces] targeted the house without prior warning," said Muhammed al-Hadidi, the step-brother of the house owner.

The three-storey building belonging to the Abu Hatab family was targeted by Israeli F16s without prior warning while its residents were sleeping at dawn, eyewitnesses told Middle East Eye.

May 18 07:01

‘Screams under the rubble’: 42 said killed in Israeli airstrike in Gaza City

At least 42 Palestinians, including a 1-year-old baby and a 3-year-old toddler, were killed in an Israeli airstrike in Gaza City early on Sunday morning, the Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry said.

Dozens remained trapped under the rubble of collapsed buildings in Gaza City’s upscale al-Rimal neighborhood, according to the Palestinian Civil Defense organization. Paramedics and rescue crews continued to seek to extract the dead and survivors.

“We’re hearing screams under the rubble,” a member of the Civil Defense told the Al-Jazeera network as the search and rescue operation continued behind him.

Palestinian doctor Ahmad Abu al-Aouf, who served as director of internal medicine at Gaza’s al-Shifa Hospital, was reportedly killed in the bombing. A number of his colleagues held an impromptu funeral near the hospital on Sunday morning, reciting Quranic verses over his body.

May 18 07:01

Israel kills Gaza families in their homes on Nakba Day

More than 17,000 Palestinians in Gaza are experiencing yet another episode of displacement as Israel escalated its attack on civilian infrastructure on Saturday, the 73rd annual commemoration of Nakba Day.

At least 145 Palestinians in Gaza, including 41 children, have been killed since Israel began bombing it on Monday. Around 1,000 more have been injured.

As entire families were laid to rest on Saturday, Palestinians stressed that the Nakba had never ended and 1948 was only the beginning, as the human rights group Al-Haq observed.
At least 70 massacres were carried out against Palestinians between 1947 and 1949, according to Al-Haq. More than 500 Palestinian towns and villages were depopulated and destroyed by Zionist forces around the time that the state of Israel was declared in 1948.

Palestinians refer to those series of traumas as the Nakba or catastrophe.

May 18 06:58

Police say they were ‘underprepared’ for Jewish-Arab violence engulfing cities

Police Commissioner Kobi Shabtai on Saturday conceded that forces were underprepared for the violence that swept through Jewish-Arab cities this week, particularly amid the ongoing threat of rocket fire from Gaza.

“There were a number of events we weren’t prepared to respond to simultaneously,” Shabtai told reporters. “Today we are prepared with greater intensity, with a concentration of forces, and there [will be a] response [to events].”

Tensions between Israel’s Jewish and Arab communities have spiraled into mob violence, turning some ostensibly ethnically integrated cities into veritable war zones as police have appeared unequipped to handle the most serious internal unrest to grip the country in years.

Shabtai had reportedly accused extreme-right MK Itamar Ben Gvir of being responsible for the ongoing riots and fanning the flames.

May 18 06:56

Israeli Troops Invade Al-Makassed Hospital

The Israeli military invaded the Al-Makassed Hospital in East Jerusalem on Friday, in direct violation of international law and the Fourth Geneva Convention, which forbids military forces from invading hospitals and medical centers.

The Israeli troops had invaded the town of al-Tur in East Jerusalem and attacked the Palestinian civilians of the town. Local youth responded by throwing stones at the invading army, and some youth burned a police car.

Some Palestinians were injured in the Israeli attack, and were taken to the al-Makassed Hospital. The Israeli soldiers pursued the injured Palestinians into the hospital grounds, where they reportedly fired sound bombs.

Patients at the hospital were impacted by the sound bombs. Al-Makassed is a major hospital center in East Jerusalem.

May 18 06:55

Biden Approves Sale Of $735M In Missiles to Israel, Including Same Type Used to Strike Gaza Tower

The Biden regime has signed off on the sale of $735 million in precision-guide missiles to Israel, including the exact type used to blow up a civilian tower housing international media outlets and others in Gaza.

May 18 06:44

Video: Huge Fire Rages at Alleged Israeli Offshore 'Gas Rig' Near Haifa

Last week, military actions resumed between Israel and the Hamas Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, following clashes in Jerusalem after several local Arab families came under a threat of eviction from their homes.

A huge fire broke out at an alleged natural gas rig near the Israeli city of Haifa on Monday evening, according to videos shared by users on Twitter.

Israeli media also reported on the incident, saying that a torch was releasing gas, which is "not something out of the ordinary".

The fire purportedly was caused by a "technical malfunction," according to Israeli media and social media reports.

No casualties or victims were reported.

May 18 06:44

‘Shame on You’: Israel Slams Bella Hadid For Joining Pro-Palestinian NY March

Amid the escalating Israeli-Palestinian conflict, daughter of a Palestinian real-estate developer, US supermodel Bella Hadid, showed up at a demonstration to support Palestine in the Bay Ridge neighbourhood of NYC, sporting a traditional dress, Keffiyeh and face mask while waving a Palestinian flag and flashing a peace sign.

May 18 06:42

Israeli strikes on Gaza hit Red Crescent building, killing 2, aid group says

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have carried out more strikes against targets in Gaza on Monday, destroying at least two buildings, while Palestinian armed group Hamas fired almost 200 rockets into Israeli territory.

At least two people were killed and 10 others wounded following an Israeli attack on a commercial building in Gaza, which hosted, among others, the offices of the Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS). The building was “severely damaged” by the strike, the group said, with the humanitarian office there being “destroyed.”

“Targeting civilian objects is a blatant violation of the humanitarian law,” QRCS said in a statement. Despite the incident, the QRCS added it will continue to “provide relief aid to the affected people in the Gaza Strip.”

Earlier, the IDF announced it had hit what it claimed were the headquarters of Hamas’ Internal Security in northern Gaza, among other targets, and posted a video of a collapsing building on Twitter.

May 18 06:41

Secretary of State Blinken says US working ‘behind the scenes’ to end Israel/Palestine violence… despite new $735mn arms deal

US Secretary of State Tony Blinken has said that the Biden administration is working “behind the scenes” to end the violence in Israel and Palestine. Yet the administration intends to sell Israel $735 million worth of bombs.

Amid global calls for restraint, Israel and Palestinian militant group Hamas have continued to trade rockets and missiles for the past week. 10 Israelis have been killed, and around 200 Palestinians, including at least 58 children, have lost their lives, according to Palestinian sources.

May 18 06:37

Listen to the media expertly SPIN the Israel/Palestine conflict

The mainstream media proves to us more and more each day how desperate it is to spin news stories to match its political agenda. The ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine is no different. Glenn explains how the AP and NPR did everything they could to hide the FACTS.

May 18 06:20

The Mask of "Liberal Democracy" Falls with a Bang

Nakba, May 15, 2021. Future historians will mark the day when Western “liberal democracy” issued a graphic proclamation: We bomb media offices and destroy “freedom of the press” in an open air concentration camp while we forbid peaceful demonstrations under a state of siege in the heart of Europe.

And if you revolt, we cancel you.

Gaza meets Paris. The bombing of the al-Jalaa tower – an eminently residential building which also housed the bureaus of al-Jazeera and AP, among others – by “the only democracy in the Middle East” is directly connected to the verboten order carried out by Macron’s Ministry of Interior.

May 18 06:18

US helping Israel kill more children with more precision: Zarif

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif issues a strong-worded tweet, reflecting on the US’s approving sales of hundreds of millions in surgical armaments to the Israeli regime right in the middle of Tel Aviv’s slaughtering Palestinian children in the Gaza Strip.

“As US-made munitions rain down on innocent Palestinians, US gives another $735M in ‘precision’ missiles to Israel to kill more children with more precision,” Zarif tweeted on Tuesday.

May 18 06:17

Ramallah rises up in arms in support of Gaza

Palestinian armed groups start holding protests in the city of Ramallah in the Israeli-occupied West Bank in support of their fellow Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, who have come under a hugely deadly escalation by Tel Aviv.

The al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, a coalition of Palestinian armed groups in the West Bank, announced the decision on Monday.

They said they were holding the protests in solidarity with the resistance groups in Gaza, where a total of 212 people, including 61 children and 36 woman, have been martyred and 1,400 others been injured during the escalation.

The West Bank-based groups said they had been absent from the battle against the occupying regime for long, but were now springing back into action. They also warned the Israeli regime about the dire consequence of their actions.

The Israeli regime’s latest attacks have attacked the central and northern parts of the Gaza Strip.

May 18 05:54

Palestinian resistance fighters target Israeli warship off Gaza coast as fighting enters second week

Palestinian resistance fighters have targeted an Israeli military vessel off the coast of the Gaza Strip as the Tel Aviv regime continues its bombardment of the besieged enclave and the violence enters a second week with no sign of an end to the hostilities, despite growing international concern.

The Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas resistance movement, announced in a statement on Monday afternoon that an Israeli battleship had been hit off the coast of the Gaza Strip, with a barrage of missiles, the Arabic-language Palestine al-Aan news agency reported.

The statement added that the missile attack came after the Israeli military launched fresh series of air raids on the Gaza Strip early on Monday.

May 18 05:53

Children in Gaza console one another during Israeli air strikes

WATCH: Children in Gaza try to remain calm and console one another as the bombs continue to fall over the city.

May 18 05:52

Israeli forces shoot and kill Palestinian teenager north of Hebron

In several parts of the occupied West Bank there is a palpable sense of frustration and anger following a heavy-handed crackdown by Israeli forces on ordinary Palestinians and protesters.

The tension comes as Israeli soldiers shot dead a Palestinian teenager on Monday at the al-Arroub refugee camp, north of the occupied West Bank city of Hebron.

According to local sources, the Israeli army prevented ambulances from reaching the man, identified as 18-year-old Obaida Akram Jawabra.

Jawabra was transferred to a medical facility in the town of Beit Fajjar, some 10km away, in a privately owned car, but was pronounced dead on arrival.

May 18 05:44

Israeli airstrikes on Gaza resume as Tel Aviv thanks Biden administration for blocking UN statement calling for ceasefire

The Israeli military conducted a new series of air raids on Gaza after Israel’s defense minister expressed gratitude to the US for blocking a UN resolution calling for a ceasefire for the third time in a row.

Israeli warplanes pummeled the Palestinian enclave overnight on Monday, local media reported.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) hit buildings near Al-Qatiba Square in the western part of Gaza, according to the Jerusalem Post, while local reports suggested that an office for Palestinian Prisoners' Affairs was targeted, as well as agricultural lands.

Footage purporting to show the bombardment and its aftermath has been shared on social media.

May 18 05:42

Netanyahu Warns Biden Not to Get Involved

An interesting recent article by international lawyer John Whitbeck suggests that the billions of dollars that the United States gives to Israel annually is not technically “foreign aid” as the Jewish state is as measured by per capita GDP the 19th wealthiest in the world, ahead of countries like Germany. It is, instead “tribute,” which is defined as the “payment made periodically by one state or ruler to another, especially as a sign of dependence.”

May 18 05:38

Gaza in the dark after Israel bombs power lines

Human rights groups are calling for an urgent investigation by the International Criminal Court as Israel’s merciless pounding of Gaza enters its second week.

More than 200 Palestinians in the Strip have been killed since last Monday, including 60 children and 34 women, according to Al Mezan, a human rights group based in the territory.

Three of the women were pregnant when they were killed, according to the UN’s human rights office.

The fatality count is expected to rise as people remain under the rubble and unaccounted for two days after heavy airstrikes on residential areas of Gaza City overnight Saturday.

May 18 05:38

Palestinians between Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea call for general strike

Palestinians in Israel, occupied East Jerusalem and the West Bank have called for a general strike on Tuesday to show unity amid ongoing Israeli bombardment on the Gaza Strip.

The Arab Follow-up Committee, which coordinates between political parties inside Israel, called on Sunday for Palestinian citizens of Israel - who at almost 1.6 million make up 20 percent of the country - to mobilise for a general strike. It is named the Karameh (Dignity) Strike.

Palestinian political factions, the Palestinian Authority (PA) and civil organisations have also responded to the call, announcing a general strike in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem.

The strike is the latest example of Palestinian unity across historic Palestine and beyond seen in the past week since Israeli crackdowns in Jerusalem spilled into a conflict in Gaza.

May 17 13:18

The US Democratic Party’s big mistake – support for Israel

Dan Lieberman shows how the US Democratic Party's – and President Biden's – support for Israel not only undermines US interests worldwide, but also serves to bolster chauvinists and racists all over the world.>>

May 17 11:32

Israel Knowingly Bombed AP Office in Gaza

An Israeli airstrike destroyed a high-rise building in Gaza City that housed offices of The Associated Press and other media outlets on Saturday. All AP employees and freelancers evacuated the building safely.

AP President and CEO Gary Pruitt has released the following statement:

We are shocked and horrified that the Israeli military would target and destroy the building housing AP’s bureau and other news organizations in Gaza. They have long known the location of our bureau and knew journalists were there. We received a warning that the building would be hit.

We are seeking information from the Israeli government and are engaged with the U.S. State Department to try to learn more.

This is an incredibly disturbing development. We narrowly avoided a terrible loss of life. A dozen AP journalists and freelancers were inside the building and thankfully we were able to evacuate them in time.

May 17 11:29

Tax-Exempt US Non-Profits Fuel Israeli Settler Push to Evict Palestinians

On May 6, right-wing Israeli officials descended on Sheikh Jarrah, a neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem, to show their support for the settler movement’s push to displace Palestinian residents and take their homes.

One of the officials was Aryeh King, a deputy mayor of Jerusalem and settler who lives in the Palestinian neighborhood of Ras al-Amud. In an exchange caught on camera, King mocked Palestinian activist Mohammed Abu Hummus for being shot by Israeli forces in his backside, and then, pointing at his head, said, “It’s a pity it didn’t go in here.” It was a wish for the death of a Palestinian.

May 17 11:28

Israeli Air Force, Navy Say They've Struck Hamas 'Submarine' Near Gaza Coast - Video

The conflict between the Israel Defence Force (IDF) and Hamas militants entered its second week on Monday. The past seven days have seen the militant group firing hundreds of rockets into Israel, and the IDF launching hundreds of airstrikes inside the beseiged enclave.

The Israeli Air Force and Navy have attacked a Hamas submarine off the coast of Gaza, the IDF said in a statement on Monday.

"Today, using aerial reconnaisance and the Navy, the IDF spotted several suspects on a vessel believed to be a Hamas submersible weapon. The vessel was being taken to the coast, presumably to carry out a terror attack in Israeli waters. Some time ago, an Israeli Navy warship and aircraft carried out strikes against the vessel's operators and the weapon itself to eliminate the threat," the military said.

The IDF released footage showing the destruction of an "unmanned diver vessel" in the northern Gaza Strip, with the footage said to be filmed Monday.

May 17 11:27

Live Updates: Israel Strikes at HQ of Hamas Internal Security Service in Northern Gaza - Video

Armed hostilities between Israel and Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement which serves as the de facto government of the Gaza Strip, which has continued throughout the past week.

The current escalation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict started earlier this month, when unrest began in East Jerusalem over an Israeli court's decision to evict several Palestinian families from the area.

As of Sunday evening, some 3,100 rockets have been launched from the Gaza Strip into Israel and about 1,210 of them have been intercepted, while the Israeli Air Force has struck what it claims are Hamas infrastructure buildings in Gaza.

The situation on the border have resulted the death of nearly 200 Palestinians, including 58 children. Israel, meanwhile, has reported 10 people killed and 50 others seriously injured, while the Palestinian Red Crescent says that more than 1,300 Palestinians have been injured amid tensions with Israel.

May 17 08:42

Worldwide protest against Israel over Gaza violence

May 17 08:36

Israel Airstrikes Flatten 3 Gaza Buildings, Kill 42 As Netanyahu Says "War Will Go On"

The fourth war between Israel and Palestine escalated on Sunday when Israeli airstrikes on Gaza City flattened three buildings and killed at least 42 people, Palestinian medics said. Yet despite international efforts to broker a cease-fire and the rising death toll (mostly on the Palestinian side) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu signaled the fourth war with Gaza’s Hamas rulers - which was sparked by unrest in Israeli-annexed east Jerusalem, and has seen the death toll in the densely-populated Gaza Strip rise to 181, and to 10 in Israel - would rage on.

May 17 08:30

Israel Isn’t Entitled to “Self-Defense” Against the People Under Its Occupation

As Israel continues to pummel the Palestinian people with bombs and artillery shot into Gaza from troops amassed along its borders in preparation for a ground invasion, the Biden administration has reaffirmed its unwavering support for Israel’s war crimes and crimes against humanity against the Palestinians.

Israel could not commit its crimes without the overwhelming support of the U.S. government. U.S. officials are aiding and abetting Israel’s crimes with massive military aid and scotching any criticism of Israel in the UN Security Council.

President Joe Biden said he didn’t think Israel’s attack on Gaza has been a “significant overreaction.” He expressed his “unwavering support” for Israel’s“right to defend itself” from rocket attacks from Gaza, but he did not condemn Israel’s airstrikes that are killing Palestinian civilians and destroying residential buildings, or the Israeli attacks on worshippers at the Al Aqsa Mosque.

May 17 08:14

Israeli settler’s attempt to justify forcible takeover of a Palestinian home sparks online anger

May 17 07:55

Condemning Israel’s savagery, Leader’s aide says Iran will continue to support Palestine

A senior advisor to Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says all Muslims across the world are duty-bound to support the Palestinian people in the face of the Israeli regime’s barbaric attacks, reiterating the Islamic Republic’s support for Palestine.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has fulfilled its duties in the past and will continue this path to give its all-out support [to Palestine] under the leadership of [Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei],” Ali Akbar Velayati said in a phone call with Ziyad al-Nakhalah, the secretary-general of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, on Sunday.

Velayati, who is also secretary general of the World Assembly of Islamic Awakening, condemned the Israeli regime’s brutal attacks on the Palestinian people, saying that the divine promise on the liberation of all Palestinian occupied lands and Jerusalem al-Quds will finally come true.

Israel has been relentlessly bombarding the besieged Gaza Strip for the past seven days.

May 17 07:53

Gaza hits Israel's prestige despite Tel Aviv's claim to being 'superpower'

With its different Palestinian factions, Gaza collectively consecrated the state of Palestinian consciousness of all Palestine and achieved its goal of breaking the prestige of Israel, despite Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s claim that it had become “a superpower, not just a regional power.” This new Palestinian awareness was achieved following the Israeli escalation and aggressive campaign against the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood (read below the entire story) inhabited by more than 38 Palestinian families threatened with eviction from their homes. Israel also savagely attacked al-Aqsa Mosque demonstrators.

The destiny of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood has become an international issue that raises global awareness and solidarity with the oppressed Palestinians. The Palestinian cause had been absent from the international arena following the Arab and Islamic countries’ normalizations and when [former US President] Donald Trump offered all of Jerusalem to Israel.

May 17 07:53

Israel committing gravest intl. crimes amid UNSC’s deadly silence: Iran envoy

Iran’s permanent representative to the United Nations says the Israeli regime is busy committing the full range of gravest international crimes amid United States-enabled silence on the part of the UN Security Council (UNSC).

Majid Takht Ravanchi made the remarks on Sunday, speaking at an emergency UNSC meeting held to address the heart-wrenching bloodletting and destruction that has been brought about across the Palestinian territories as a result of the regime’s brutality.

Tel Aviv, he said, was simultaneously engaged in genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and the crime of aggression against the Palestinians owing to the Security Council’s mum on the savagery.

The envoy said the Council’s inaction had increasingly emboldened the regime in the atrocities.

‘Systematic US support’

Takht Ravanchi cited the US’s patronage for the brutal regime as a key factor behind its sustained avoidance of accountability for the atrocities on the international arena.

May 17 07:52

China: US choking criticism of Israel at UNSC

China’s foreign minister blasts the United States for choking any criticism of the Israeli regime’s barbarity against the Palestinians at the United Nations Security Council.

"Regrettably, simply because of the obstruction of one country, the Security Council hasn't been able to speak with one voice," Wang Yi told an emergency meeting of the Council on Sunday.

Since Monday, as many as 192 Palestinians, including 58 children and 34 women, have died during a significant escalation in the Israeli military’s attacks against Gaza, according to Gaza’s health ministry.

One strike recently slew a 10-member family, including eight children.

More than 1,200 others have also been injured so far.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has, however, said the regime’s strikes against Gaza were to continue “with full force.”

"We are acting now, for as long as necessary,” he said, claiming that the aggression was necessary “to restore calm” and “will take time" to cease.

May 17 07:44

All international airlines halt air service with Israel - radio

All international airlines performing flights to Israel have stopped air service with this country for safety reasons due to continued missile strikes from the Gaza Strip, Israel’s state radio Kan reported on Saturday.

According to it, the airlines from the UAE were among the last ones to suspend the flights to Israel.

An exchange of missile strikes between Israel and Palestinian radicals from the Gaza Strip began on May 10. Since then, about 2,300 missiles have been fired from the Gaza Strip upon Israeli cities.

May 17 07:42

Clashes break out at massive pro-Palestinian rally in Toronto (VIDEOS)

A large pro-Palestine rally has been held in Toronto, Canada amid the escalation between Israel and Gaza. The gathering was met by a small pro-Israel group, and the two sides engaged in scuffles despite a massive police presence.

The rally, organized by the Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM), was held in central Toronto on Saturday. The organizers urged the participants to show their support towards the Palestinian cause, condemning the past and ongoing “ethnic cleansing of Palestine.”

May 17 07:42

IDF Confirms Gaza on the Verge of Running Out of Electricity

The ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip was triggered by court rulings to evict Palestinian families from the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood of East Jerusalem and the ban on Palestinians visiting certain holy sites during Ramadan.

The Gaza Strip is slated to experience a power outage on Sunday (16 May) due to the lack of fuel for its power plant, which is expected to run out soon, the Israel Defence Forces said.

“They’ll have trouble operating their power plant because they don’t have fuel. This will have a significant effect on the amount of electricity in Gaza,” IDF Spokesperson Zilberman told the Times of Israel.
On Thursday, an anonymous Israeli official told the Times of Israel that Gaza will run out of fuel for its electricity generators by Sunday partially due to Israel’s closure of the Kerem Shalom Crossing, through which Gaza receives most of its fuel.

May 17 07:32

In pictures: Protesters in Washington condemn Biden's support for Israel

Hundreds of protesters gathered in downtown Washington in solidarity for Palestinians amid unquestioning support from the US government to Israel

May 17 07:31

Activists project pro-Palestine messages on AIPAC building in Washington

The poetry collective 'Homemade' took political activism to new heights this week, after they projected a livestream of poetry readings and messages of support for Palestinians onto the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)'s building in Washington D.C. to mark the anniversary of the Nakba.

The reading series, which takes place every first and 15th of the month has chosen to highlight support for Palestinians in its latest poetry instalment.

Their latest livestream was posted on the Palestinian Youth Movement Instagram, prompting thousands to write in with support for the poets.

"This is the best thing I’ve seen in a while," one Instagram user posted.

"On AIPAC’s building that is genius," another user added.

Nakba Day or "The Catastrophe" was when the ethnic cleansing of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians by Zionist militias took place to create the state of Israel in 1948.

May 17 07:31

Facebook, Social Media Giants Admit to Silencing Palestinian Voices Online

In a video posted on activist organization Jewish Voice for Peace’s Twitter account, Muna El-Kurd explained why social media is so vital for the Palestinian cause.

“We rely on the honorable people standing in solidarity with us, people who tweet #SaveSheikhJarrah everyday,” Muna El-Kurd said. “Even a short tweet or post is a treasure.”

May 17 07:30

Israel’s Pogroms in Jerusalem Could Spark the Destruction of al-Aqsa

As the holy month of Ramadan comes to a close, it is becoming clear that the violence against Palestinians in Jerusalem has been ramped up in a coordinated effort by the Israeli government, the Jerusalem municipality, the Israeli police, and violent Zionist gangs.

These latest events must be seen in the larger context of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine in general, and of Jerusalem in particular. They should also be seen in the context of internal Israeli politics. Jerusalem is burning and Israeli politicians go on about their business of mud-slinging as if this was not their problem and not a single one thinks anything is wrong with the way the Israeli authorities are handling the situation.

Sheikh Jarrah

That the assault on the residents of the Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jerrah — which holds a particularly important historic, cultural and political significance to the city — is happening at this particular time is not a coincidence.

May 17 05:17

"What Were The Israelis Supposed To Do?!" CNN's Brian Stelter Defends Bombing Of Tower Housing AP And Others

CNN host Brian Stelter, whose entire shtick is crying incessantly that mild criticism of journalists is a form of violence, is defending the Israeli Defense Forces' blowing up a civilian tower housing journalists from the AP and a bunch of other media outlets in Gaza.

May 16 13:36

Israel’s Yom Kippur Syndrome revisited

Gilad Atzmon argues that the present carnage unleashed by Israel is rooted in an aspect of Jewish culture that is built on arrogance, hubris and the inability to introspect.>>

May 16 12:37

Israel Airstrikes Flatten 3 Gaza Buildings, Kill 42 As Netanyahu Says "War Will Go On"

The fourth war between Israel and Palestine escalated on Sunday when Israeli airstrikes on Gaza City flattened three buildings and killed at least 42 people, Palestinian medics said. Yet despite international efforts to broker a cease-fire and the rising death toll (mostly on the Palestinian side) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu signaled the fourth war with Gaza’s Hamas rulers - which was sparked by unrest in Israeli-annexed east Jerusalem, and has seen the death toll in the densely-populated Gaza Strip rise to 181, and to 10 in Israel - would rage on.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As part of that "growing chorus of sceptics", I am more than certain Netanyahu ordered this on-going attack as his "diversion" from his never-ending political scandals and the precarious state of the Knesset, post-election.

Look at the timing; a "hung Knesset", where no faction is able to cobble together a majority, and Netanyahu's legal woes are NOT going away any time soon. What better time to raid Al Aksa mosque, and rough up the worshippers?!? The timing, with an already suppressed, ticked-off (and for many good reasons) Palestinian population, couldn't have possibly been better, in Netanyahu's reasoning.

The timing stinks to high heaven.

In classical Greek mythology, hubris, translated as overweening pride, always triggering the downfall of someone who COULD have been a real hero.

In my world, Netanyahu is no hero for his people; he rules by fear, and loves to induce terror into the hearts of the Israeli people, deflecting any possibility of a morally honorable, or reasonable rapprochement with the Palestinians, and insures that any attempt to achieve this, is DOA.

I want to see a peaceful, thriving Israel, and a peaceful, thriving Palestine; unfortunately current leadership on both sides is preventing that from happening.

Both the Israeli and the Palestinian people, deserve better than this!!

May 16 06:21

What's Really Happening In Jerusalem w/ Robert Inlakesh

The first 1 minute of this You-Tube video from "The Last American Vagabond"
is an old interview with Golda Meir claiming that Palestine exists and she is a Palestinian with a Palestine passport. It's quite damning to the Israeli argument that Palestine never existed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

May 16 06:01

Hamas Warns It Will Hit Israel ‘Shell for Shell, City for City, Rocket for Rocket’ as Conflict Rages

The Gaza-based Palestinian militant group began firing rockets into Israel on Monday, just minutes after the passing of a deadline for its demand that Israeli forces be removed from around the Al-Aqsa Mosque complex. The Israeli military responded with a wave of missile strikes aimed at Gaza, and has threatened an outright invasion.

The Hamas strategy against Israel revolves around the principle of retaliation for every Israeli attack on the besieged Gaza Strip, a senior representative for the group has said.

“The Resistance Front has managed to implement an equation in the current round of confrontation with the theme of ‘shelling for shelling, city for city and missile for missile,” Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum said, speaking to Iran’s Tasnim News Agency.

May 16 06:01

Egypt sends ambulances to pick up wounded from Gaza

Egypt sent 10 ambulances into Gaza on Saturday to pick up casualties of Israeli bombardments for treatment in Egyptian hospitals, medical and security sources said.

The ambulances entered Gaza at the Rafah crossing, which is otherwise closed for five days over the Eid al-Fitr holiday and the weekend and is due to reopen on Monday.

A further five ambulances have been deployed to enter Gaza later and three Egyptian hospitals have been readied to provide treatment, the sources and local health officials said.

May 16 06:00

Israel-Palestine: Egypt prepares for cross-border influx of wounded Palestinians from Gaza

Hospitals in Egypt's North Sinai, near the border with the Palestinian Gaza Strip, and Ismailia, near the Suez Canal, have made preparations to receive the victims of Israeli air strikes on Gaza, Egyptian government officials told Middle East Eye.

Israeli air strikes, ongoing since 10 May, have so far killed over 120 Gaza residents, including 31 children, and wounded over 900, according to the Health Ministry in the besieged Palestinian coastal enclave.

May 16 05:58

Videos: Protests Against Israel’s War in Gaza Rock Over 65 US Cities on Nakba Day

Palestine solidarity activists have called for demonstrations in dozens of US cities on Saturday, protesting Israeli airstrikes in Gaza and the recent violence by Israeli police and citizens in Palestinian neighborhoods of Jerusalem. The protests fall on the 73rd anniversary of Israel’s declaration of independence in 1948.

While sizeable demonstrations have popped up in several US cities throughout the week, much larger protests are expected on Saturday as groups in more than 65 cities have signed onto a national call to action posted by the Palestinian Youth Movement and the Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (ANSWER) Coalition.

May 16 05:52

Police Use Water Cannons to Disperse Pro-Palestinian Demonstrators in Paris – Photo, Video

Rallies in solidarity with Palestinians as Gaza and Israel aim missiles at each other have been rocking Europe, the UK, and US this week.

People have taken to the streets in Paris this Saturday to march in support of Palestinians amid the flare-up of tensions in Gaza.

Although the city prefecture and administrative court did not authorise the rally, crowds have gathered in the Boulevard Barbès in the 18th arrondissement of the French capital.

May 16 05:51

London March Over Israel-Gaza Violence Results in 9 Police Officers Injured, Police Say

Several police officers were injured at the demonstration held in support of Palestinians in London, the Metropolitan Police said.

"Nine officers were injured as they worked to disperse crowds outside the Israeli Embassy in Kensington this evening (Saturday, 15 May)," the police said.

A total of thirteen people were arrested in London on Saturday, according to Scotland Yard.

"Nine people were arrested on suspicion of violent disorder and a further four people were arrested on suspicion of breaching the Health Protection Regulations. They remain in custody," the police said on Saturday.

May 16 05:50

UN chief ‘deeply disturbed’ by civilian casualties & IDF bombing of Gaza media building, dubbed ‘TERROR TOWER’ by Netanyahu

UN head Antonio Guterres expressed dismay over growing civilian casualties in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and criticized the destruction of media offices in Gaza. The IDF claims the tower housed Hamas operatives.
“The Secretary-General reminds all sides that any indiscriminate targeting of civilian and media structures violates international law and must be avoided at all costs,” Guterres’ spokesman, Stephane Dujarric, said in a statement on behalf of the United Nations secretary general.

Guterres was particularly “dismayed by the increasing number of civilian casualties, including the death of ten members of the same family, including children, as a result of an Israeli airstrike last night in the al-Shati camp in Gaza, purportedly aimed at a Hamas leader,” he added.

READ MORE: At least SIX children & 2 women killed in Israeli airstrike on crowded Gaza refugee camp

May 16 05:44

Iranian Media Reveals How Some Hamas Rockets Have Been Defeating Israel’s Iron Dome

The Israeli military has long touted its cutting-edge air defences, with the Iron Dome, Arrow 3, Barak 8, and David’s Sling designed to protect the country from threats ranging from small rockets to long-range ballistic and cruise missiles. However, the ongoing firefight with Hamas in Gaza has shown that no air defence system is perfect.

The technical limitations of the Iron Dome, combined with the improving range and speed characteristics of Hamas’ rockets, are making it increasingly difficult for Israel’s advanced air defences to counter the militant group’s attacks, Iranian defence journalist Seyed Mohammad Taheri suggests.

May 16 05:43

Italians hold large rally in Rome in solidarity with Palestinians

On Saturday, thousands of people flooded Piazza dell'Esquilino, a square in the heart of the Italian capital, to voice their support for Palestinians facing relentless lethal bombing campaigns by the Israeli military over the past days.

The initiative dubbed "Save Jerusalem al-Quds from ethnic cleansing" was called by a number of Palestinian associations based in Italy.

Demonstrators were holding up Palestinian flags, chanting “Free Palestine” and “Stop the killing in Gaza.”

Tel Aviv's relentless aerial bombardment of Gaza has so far killed dozens of Palestinians and injured hundreds of others.

At the protest, representatives of anti-war and humanitarian groups have accused Tel Aviv of using abusive and wanton force against largely peaceful Palestinian protesters. Many fear the tensions in Jerusalem al-Quds will reverberate throughout the region.

May 16 05:41

Live Updates: IDF Says it Targeted Home of Gaza's Top Hamas Leader - Video

The situation on the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip, a Palestinian enclave, has been deteriorating for the past week.

For the past several days, tensions have been on the rise on the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip; around 2,800 rockets have been fired towards Israeli territory from the Palestinian territory, according to the Israel Defence Forces (IDF).

The rocket attacks have taken the lives of several civilians and at least one Israeli soldier. Israel has launched hundreds of aerial attacks at military targets in the Gaza Strip, with Palestine reporting over 140 deaths, including more than 40 children killed. According to the Palestinian Red Crescent, more than 1,300 Palestinians have been injured amid the current tensions with Israel.

May 15 07:11

Zio Media pretends Hamas Struck out of the blue for no reason

The MSM ALWAYS starts the story in the middle ignoring the Israeli provocations and acting like Hamas struck out of no where for no reason.

May 15 06:18

Palestinians in Israel now face far right mob violence backed by the state

With Jerusalem ablaze and Gaza on the brink of another major Israeli onslaught, it has been easy to overlook the rapidly escalating ethnic violence inside Israel, where one in five of the population is Palestinian.

These 1.8 million Palestinians - Israeli citizens in little more than name - have spent the past week venting their frustration and anger at decades of Israeli oppression directed at their own communities inside Israel, as well as at Palestinians under more visible occupation.

Already the protests, which have been sweeping Palestinian communities inside Israel, have been greeted with a savage backlash - a combination of official violence from Israeli police and vigilante-style violence from far-right Jewish gangs.

May 15 06:17

Morocco to send 40 tonnes of aid to Palestinians

Morocco's King Mohammed VI on Friday ordered 40 tonnes of aid for Palestinians to be shipped to the West Bank and Gaza following recent violence.

The aid includes food, medicine and blankets and will be carried by military aircrafts, the foreign ministry said in a statement.

Morocco also denounced "the violent acts perpetrated in occupied Palestinian territories," and reiterated support for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Morocco resumed ties with Israel in December as part of a deal brokered by the United States that also includes Washington's recognition of Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara.

May 15 06:17

With Jordan, Lebanon border violence Israel faces 4-front conflict

Lebanese protesters, likely urged on by Hezbollah, tried to breach an area of a border fence in northern Israel on Friday near Metulla. In Lod, Israel continued a curfew after nights of violence that had the city looking like it was suffering a civil war.

In Gaza the IDF struck another Hamas anti-tank squad, one of a half dozen such units targeted in recent days. On the Jordan border, demonstrators supporting the Palestinians tried to break through to reach Israel and the West Bank. Israel is now facing a four-front conflict – its internal strife, Gaza, Lebanon and Jordan – and possibly more violence in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

May 15 06:08

Israeli airstrike kills 8 children, 2 women from same family in Gaza

Eight children of a Palestinian family have been killed in an Israeli airstrike against a refugee camp in the besieged Gaza Strip.

The pre-dawn airstrike by Israeli warplanes against al-Shati refugee camp also killed two women from the Abu Hatab family and injured 15 others, the Palestinian Ma'an news agency reported.

The warplanes targeted their home near the al-Sousi mosque west of Gaza with three missiles, without prior warning.

The development came as Israel has been pounding the blockaded enclave with repeated airstrikes for the past several days.

At least 139 Palestinians, including 39 children and 22 women, have been killed and about 1,000 others injured in Gaza in the Israeli regime's latest round of aggression that began on Monday.

May 15 06:08

Israel Bombs Civilian Home in Gaza, Killing 8, Including 6 Children

Early Saturday morning, Israeli airstrikes targeted a residential building in the al-Shati refugee camp. According to the latest reports, the bombing killed at least eight people; two women and six children.

The airstrike wounded at least 20 other people, and the death toll could rise as rescue teams are searching the rubble of the three-story house, where several families lived.

A local resident said the Israelis dropped three bombs on the house without warning, giving the residents no chance to leave. “I saw the bodies of four people, including children, being rushed to the hospital,” said Said Alghoul, according to The Associated Press. “I could not endure and ran back to my home.”

Saturday marks the sixth day of airstrikes in Gaza. The Israelis rejected a ceasefire proposal from Hamas on Wednesday night and seem to have no interest in de-escalating. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Friday that the campaign “is not over yet.”

May 15 06:03

Thousands of Jordanians march to Palestine border

Thousands of Jordanian citizens have marched to the border with Palestine in support of those those standing against the occupation.

In an historical move, demonstrators cut through the fence dividing Palestine from Jordan and are marching through the Jordan Valley.

Initial reports have shown that Jordanians have made it past security forces and are attempting to reach the Israeli border.

According to reports by local media, the Jordanian protestors entered through a private farm in Al Shuna.

Unconfirmed rumours circulating on social media have also placed Hezbollah fighters at the Lebanon-Israel border waving Palestinian and Lebanese flags, with plans to march south.

May 15 05:59

Baroud to Anadolu: Israel targets media because it wants its propaganda campaign to continue

Israel targets the international media "because the battle for the truth is so critical and crucial at this stage," a Palestinian author and journalist said Thursday.

"Israel has won international support and solidarity based on deception and erroneous assumptions that Israel is a democratic state that it is fighting for existence against the hordes of Arabs and Muslims. Nothing could be further away from the truth," journalist and author Ramzy Baroud told Anadolu Agency.

Two Anadolu Agency journalists sustained injuries Thursday evening in an Israeli raid on northern Gaza.

Photojournalist Mustafa Hassouna and cameraman Mohammad al-Aloul were injured while covering an Israeli strike in the northern Gaza Strip.

Both journalists, whose injuries were moderate, were transferred to a nearby hospital for treatment.

May 15 05:57

‘Together we stand by Israel’s side,’ says Austria’s Kurz & flies Israeli flag. What about dead Gaza children? Twitter users ask

A post by the Austrian chancellor has received a mixed response online. While some, including the Israeli prime minister’s son, welcomed Austria’s condemnation of Palestinian “terrorism,” others slammed Vienna’s side-taking.

“Today was used as a sign of solidarity with #Israel the Israeli flag is hoisted on the roof of the Federal Chancellery,” Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz tweeted on Friday, adding “the terrorist attacks on Israel are to be condemned in the strongest! Together we stand by Israel’s side.”

His post, accompanied by a photo of the country’s Chancellery flying the Israeli flag, while supported by some, has drawn extensive criticism on social media, leading some to question ‘Austrian neutrality’.

May 15 05:56

Gaza: Israel's offensive kills pregnant Palestinian journalist and four-year-old son

Reema Saad had been hoping for a baby girl.

The 30-year-old Palestinian journalist was four months along in her third pregnancy, and was due to find out the sex of her baby a few days after Eid al-Fitr, marking the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

“When she found out she was pregnant, Reema was very happy,” Samar Saad, Reema’s sister, told Middle East Eye.

“Her son Zaid hoped the baby would be a boy so that he would call him Zain, but Mariam wanted a little sister, and cried every time we teased her telling her it was a baby boy.”

But at 1.50am local time on Wednesday, as the family was fast asleep in their apartment in the Gaza City neighbourhood of Tal al-Hawa, an Israeli air strike hit the residential building.

Reema and four-year-old Zaid were killed on the spot, while Reema’s husband, 30-year-old Mohammed al-Telbani, was taken to a hospital in intensive care.

Two-year-old Mariam remains missing under the rubble.

May 15 05:45

Israel is deliberately obliterating media buildings in Gaza to cover up the war crimes that will follow

The destruction of two important Gaza buildings housing 20 media outlets was both shocking and predictable. History shows that if the media aren’t around to document Israel’s war crimes, it’s a lot easier for it to commit them.
On Tuesday, Israel bombed the 10-storey Al-Jawhara Tower, causing it to collapse. Before doing so, it had ‘benevolently’ warned that the airstrikes were coming. The following day, it bombed the 14-storey Al-Shorouk Tower, also giving warning it was going to do so.

Most reports have the buildings as evacuated before being levelled. But without these media offices, reporting on Israel’s other war crimes will be left largely to what little media remain and citizen journalists.

May 15 05:36

Hamas Fires Iranian-Made Cruise Missiles for First Time, Five Israelis Killed

This places the latest escalation in violence in an entirely different context. No longer are we “merely” talking about Israel incitement against Israeli Palestinians over restrictions on access to their holy site, Haram al Sharif. Instead, Hamas has taken up the cause, broadening the conflict, possibly at the behest of Iran. The latter has many scores to settle with the Israelis: this includes key Israeli communication intercepts which permitted the US to locate and murder Qassem Soleimani; and even the assassination of the founder of the Iranian nuclear program, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh.

Iran has been itching for a fight.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Or, is it possible that members of Mossad, posing as Hamas, are using Israeli reverse-engineered missiles which look, and behave indentically to their Iranian counterparts, to be able to make the claim that they were Iranian, giving Israel the "alleged justification" for opening a war on a second front?

Is it Iran who really wants a war with Israel?!? Israeli government officials have been screaming forever, that the current form of the Iranian government needs to be taken out, and that Iran is an "existential threat" to Israel.

This article came out last Thursday; one wonders if internal/external Israeli poling have given Netanyahu's government the "traction", both domestically and internationally, it feels it needs to open a second front on this war agaisnt Gaza, this time against Iran.

May 14 15:13


The truth is that far from being the poor victim it likes to portray itself as, Israel is in fact the most aggressive and belligerent nation in the region, having invaded pretty much everyone it shares a border with.

The following maps show just who is wiping who off of the map!

May 14 13:43

Rockets launched from Syria amid Palestinian solidarity riots on borders

Three rockets were launched from Syria in the direction of Israel on Friday evening, according to IDF Spokesperson.

One of the rockets failed to launch, falling on the Syrian side of the border. The other two rockets fell in an open space, leading to only open air sirens to be sounded. No injuries were recorded.

May 14 11:25

Putin Calls Gaza Crisis "Direct Threat" To Russia's Security Interests; Merkel Condemns Anti-Israel Protests

At a moment the United States is blocking a UN Security Council meeting and statement on Gaza, delaying it further to next week given Israel shows no signs that it's ready for ceasefire talks following an earlier overture from Hamas, multiple world leaders have issued their own statements demanding "urgent de-escalation" and have called for ceasefire, particularly French President Emmanuel Macron, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Putin's latest statement Friday, being initially reported by Sky News Arabic, appeared especially forceful, calling the crisis a "direct threat" to Russian interests in the region.

He said the "current sharp escalation in Israeli-Palestinian conflict poses a direct threat to Russia's security interests," according to a translation. This after yesterday Putin along with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres appealed for an end to the fighting.

May 14 11:25

Hamas Targeting Dimona Nuclear Reactor & Oil Sites Among Other Sensitive Infrastructure 

Hamas' militant wing, the Al-Qassam Brigades, announced earlier this week that it is deliberately targeting Israel's secretive Dimona nuclear reactor site, known as the Shimon Peres Negev Nuclear Research Center, which lies east of the the Gaza Strip far into the Negev Desert.

It was on Wednesday that Qassam Brigade spokesmen said they were "directing a rocket strike involving 15 rockets for Dimona" - and since then it appears rockets have fallen generally in the southerly area - but there's since been no reports of direct hits anywhere on the complex, or damage to the site.

Inbound rocket warning sirens have regularly blared in various places of Israel's Negev region since the fighting began at the start of the week.

According to Newsweek, Hamas has had some degree of success when it comes to targeting strategic and sensitive Israeli infrastructure and locations alongside Israeli cities and residential areas.

May 14 11:15

Iran threatens: Shockingly equation to be made if Israelis don't stop attacks

May 14 11:14

Israeli troops hit 150 Hamas targets in Gaza in 'biggest bombardment yet'

May 14 10:53

Israel pounds Gaza with air raids, shelling: Live news

Israel continued on Friday to bombard the Gaza Strip with air raids and artillery shells as it stepped up the deployment of troops and tanks near the besieged Palestinian enclave.

At least 122 Palestinians, including 31 children, have been killed and more than 900 wounded since hostilities flared up on Monday. Hundreds of Palestinian families have taken shelter in United Nations-run schools in northern Gaza to escape Israeli artillery fire, with residents reporting that that the Strip had experienced its “most violent” night.

May 14 07:52

In Palestine, the cruelty of apartheid is being met by the courage of resistance

Commentators in the West firmly in the pocket of the Israel lobby (in truth the apartheid lobby), would have us believe that Israel is a lone beacon of civilization and modernity in a region dominated by backwardness and regression. They would also have us believe that the generational conflict and antagonism between Israelis and Palestinians is the product of Palestinian intransigence, violence and terrorism, rooted in an unreconstructed hatred of Jewish people.

As part of this lie, onto the Palestinians is projected the sins of the Holocaust, thus allowing Israel to adopt the mantle of a state and people whose own violence is anointed with the memory of the six million Jews massacred in that horrific event.

May 14 07:51

Hamas missiles target Israel's Ramon Airport in retaliation for aggression against Palestinians

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance movement, Hamas, has targeted Israel's Ramon Airport near the Red Sea resort city of Eilat in the southern part of the Israeli occupied territories, suspending operations there.

Abu Ubaida, a spokesman for the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas' military wing, told Arabic-language al-Aqsa TV on Thursday afternoon that an indigenous Ayyash 250 missile was launched towards the airport, stressing that his group’s missiles can reach any target in the Occupied Territories, the Palestinian Arabic-language Safa news agency reported.

“In the name of God and by order of Chief of Staff of al-Qassam Brigades, Abu Khaled Muhammad al-Deif, an Ayyash missile was fired towards Ramon Airport – located about 220 kilometers (136 miles) south of the Gaza Strip – in southern [occupied] Palestine. The missile weighs 250 kilograms (550 pounds), and has a range of more than 250 kilometers as well as a high destructive force,” he said.

May 14 07:37

Updated casualty figures from Gaza, Israel; US blocks UN statement, Israel targets journalists


Early Friday, the Israeli military said air and ground troops struck Gaza in what appeared to be the heaviest attacks yet. Masses of red flames illuminated the skies as the deafening blasts from the outskirts of Gaza City jolted people awake. The strikes were so strong that people inside the city, several kilometers away, could be heard screaming in fear.

“I said we would extract a very heavy price from Hamas,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a videotaped statement. “We are doing that, and we will continue to do that with heavy force.” (Deaths now said to be 109 Gazans, many children.)

May 14 07:22

Israel is teetering on the edge of civil war, and what do celebs do? They leap in Tweet first.

Israelis and Palestinians are killing each other. Again. This time it could turn into a full-blown civil war. But never fear, the celebrities have arrived and they're going to settle this millennia-old dispute, in 280 characters.

We mustn't talk about Israel. No, no, no. It's the ultimate political quagmire. Just leave it alone. It's way too complicated and, well, the actual details are ancient and a little bit boring for a generation who define their entire existence in 280 Twitter characters and other social media posts.

A deadly and significant conflagration looks imminent between Israelis and Palestinians, though, and today real people are really dying – including children. But that hasn't stopped a whole load of celebs leaping in Tweet first, as it were.