Sep 02 05:29

Larry Elder Castigates Obama In Recall Election Ad Entitled 'Is America Racist?'

Sep 02 05:28

Texas Considering Audit Of 2020 Election

The Texas legislature is trying to get Gov. Greg Abbott (R) to approve election integrity for a special session, but they only have until Sept. 6 to get him to sign it. One America’s Christina Bobb has more on that effort.

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Sep 02 05:13

The Elites' Battle For The Future America

America's elites are fracturing along multiple tectonic fissures: while the conventional media focuses on the ginned-up bread and circuses of Red and Blue political games (i.e., The Purple Empire), the real conflicts are within the camps running the Red and Blue games, the Imperial Project of global hegemony (a.k.a. The Deep State), the New Nobility of Big Tech attempting to overthrow the Old Nobility, the Nationalists versus the Globalists and the Financial Gamesters versus The New Foundation.

These are my informal acronyms, of course, but the conflicts are real and intensifying as extreme policies reach new extremes and the risks of breakdown increase.

Sep 02 05:02

Quietly, JPMorgan Chase Has Been Battling Another Felony Charge – This Time for Tax Fraud in France. Its Defense Is Its “Human Rights” Have Been Violated.

JPMorgan Chase is the bank that gambled with the bank deposits of moms and pops across America in 2012 by trading exotic derivatives in London and losing $6.2 billion in the process. It’s also the bank that admitted to two felony counts in 2014 for its role in facilitating Bernie Madoff ripping off the life savings of thousands of more moms and pops across America. Its rap sheet of ripping off the little guy reads like that of an entrenched crime family.

But when the bank was indicted in France on April 16, 2015 for being complicit in tax fraud, it had the temerity to appeal the charges on the basis that its “human rights” had been violated, along with various codes of criminal procedure. Its argument boiled down to this: it hadn’t been advised that it had the right to remain silent during an interrogation.

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Sep 02 04:12

DHS: White Americans Support The Taliban And Are Poised to Carry Out Terror Attacks At Any Moment

Homeland Security head Alejandro Mayorkas together with his underling John Cohen and the propagandists at the Anti-Defamation League went to CNN on Wednesday to drop a new blood libel smearing White Americans as "domestic violent extremists" in line with the Taliban who are poised to start committing terrorist attacks at any moment.

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Sep 01 14:59

FDA in Rebellion Over White House's Rushed 'Booster' Plans

There's a mutiny going down at the FDA over the Biden regime's outrageous plans to shoot up extremely low-risk kids as young as 12 and give boosters for all adults.

Sep 01 14:56

CDC Admits Vaccine Effectiveness Against Hospitalizations is Falling

Vaccine effectiveness against covid infection has plummeted from 91% to 66% and effectiveness against hospitalization has fallen from an estimated 97% to as low as 75%, the CDC now reports.

Sep 01 13:18

Nancy Pelosi And Her Fellow Allies CRY About Texas Abortion Ban Going Into Effect Today And It’s Beautiful To See

What a fantastic day in the United States of America! Nancy Pelosi is furious about the Texas abortion ban, which has now become law. She and a slew of her lefty allies are crying on Twitter about how terrible this bill is, and it’s WONDERFUL:

Sep 01 12:50

7 Examples That Show How Completely And Utterly Insane Our Society Has Become

Reading the news has become like going to a freak show. You never know what you are going to see each day, but it is almost certainly going to be nutty. Some of the things that I am going to share with you in this article are weird, others are infuriating, but they all point to the same conclusion. From the very top to the very bottom, America is going crazy. And I mean that in the worst way possible. We truly have become an “idiocracy”, and it seems like those that are the most incompetent of all are often rewarded by being elevated to the top of the food chain. Meanwhile, those of us that still try to approach things rationally are increasingly being pushed to the fringes of society.

If you don’t understand the point that I am trying to make, hopefully things will become clearer by the time you complete this article.

The following are 7 examples that show how completely and utterly insane our society has become…

Sep 01 10:22

Playing the Race Card on Larry Elder

The possibility that Larry Elder may win California’s recall election against Governor Gavin Newsom is generating acute anxiety in the mainstream media and among the activist Left. Elder’s foes are responding with their favored means of destruction: by playing the race card. Never mind that the nationally syndicated talk show host is black. A series of opinion columns and editorials have accused him of being a white supremacist, or at the very least a shill for other white supremacists. Elect Elder and California will reinstate Jim Crow, state senator Sydney Kamlager, a Democrat from Los Angeles, has warned.

Sep 01 10:19

The Suppression of Invermectin: ‘There’s Good Reason Pfizer Fought to Hide the Details of These Contracts’

“If you were wondering why Ivermectin was suppressed, it is because the agreement that countries had with Pfizer does not allow them to escape their contract, which states that even if a drug will be found to treat COVID-19, the contract cannot be voided.”

Unredacted contracts for the experimental biological agent known as the “COVID-19 vaccine” between the Pfizer corporation and various governments continue to be revealed.

Information security expert Ehden Biber told America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) Frontline News that the first document to recently emerge was discovered by Albanian newspaper Gogo.al. Biber then was able to locate the digitally-signed Brazilian contract, and at least two others, one with the European Commission, and the other with the Dominican Republic.

Sep 01 10:18

Soros-Backed Lawyer Kills Virginia Parents' Recall Effort

A Virginia attorney backed by left-wing billionaire George Soros on Friday killed off an effort to recall a Democratic school board member who opposed reopening schools last year, according to a report in the Washington Free Beacon.

The Open Fair County Public Schools Coalition, a parents group, earlier this year met the signature requirements to recall Fairfax County school board member Elaine Tholen, saying she neglected her duties as an elected official by refusing to reopen schools due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

James Hingeley, a lawyer in Virginia with ties to the Soros-funded Justice and Safety PAC and to Tholen (the target of the action he was brought on to defend), dismissed the action in a court filing Friday.

Sep 01 10:15

The medical-industrial complex, like the military-industrial complex, is a threat to democracy

The public has caught on to the use of fear to shape opinion in support of costly wars that give free license for control under the guise of security. But now it’s falling for the same illusion from the medical-industrial complex.
Seeing the Taliban parading around Kabul looking like GI Joe in their newly acquired US battle fatigues, posing with the finest weaponry that American taxpayer money can buy, leaves a bitter taste in the mouth of even the most ardent supporters of foreign military intervention.

And after seeing billions more flushed down the drain in a failed attempt to overthrow other governments – like Syria’s, where massive funding was provided for CIA and Pentagon programs to back ‘rebel’ proxy fighters against the Syrian army; or Iraq’s, which hasn’t brought about the kind of blindly pro-Western puppet government that the US and its allies had hoped for – public opinion in favor of these foreign military adventures is waning.

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Sep 01 09:40

Cop Who Exposed Murder Suspended as Cops Who Covered it Up Remain on the Job

By Matt Agorist

New Orleans, LA — The family of Ronald Greene, as well as the public at large, were all told a tragic but utterly false story about this 49-year-old Louisiana man’s last moments alive. According to officials, Greene died after his car crashed into a “tree/shrub” just outside Monroe on May 10, 2019. However, we have since learned everything they were told was a lie after body camera video surfaced and painted an entirely different picture. Greene’s death was not a result of the crash and the department engaged in a coverup.

We know about this coverup thanks in part to a brave cop who found out about it and could no longer stay silent. That cop is Louisiana State Trooper Carl Cavalier — and because he blew the whistle, he is now being persecuted as the cops who engaged in the coverup remain on the job.

Sep 01 08:04

Judge reverses decision on removing child custody from mom who hasn’t taken COVID-19 jab

A judge has reversed his own order taking custody rights away from a mother who had not taken the COVID-19 jab.

Judge James Shapiro of Cook County vacated, or annulled, his August 10 decision on Monday. Shapiro had originally ordered that Rebecca Firlit could not see her 11-year-old son because she had not taken COVID-19 inoculations.

Annette Fernholz, Firlit’s attorney, confirmed to FOX32 that the order had been reversed. The reason for the judge’s second thoughts is unclear, since the document released by the court doesn’t give one.

Jeffrey Leving, the father’s attorney, told the Chicago Sun Times, that the new decision “unfortunate, ” and he is working to fight the new motion.

Firlit, speaking to the same outlet, said “I know that they’re going to say that I’m an endangerment to my son. This isn’t over for me.”

Sep 01 08:03

Isn't It Ironic? Fauci Just Accused DeSantis Of Politicizing Covid

Dr Anthony Fauci denounced a fundraising website for Florida Gov Ron DeSantis for offering T-shirts and drink coolers with messages deriding COVID-19 vaccines and the top infectious disease expert himself amid surging death rates in Florida.

During his presence on Jake Tapper's CNN show State of the Union on Sunday, the veteran director of the National Institute of Allergy and infectious Disease said there was no place for "politicization" during a public health crisis.

Sep 01 07:20

Ben Rhodes' Book Proves Obama Officials' Lies, and His Own, About Edward Snowden and Russia

Ever since Edward Snowden received asylum from Russia in 2013, Obama officials have repeatedly maligned his motives and patriotism by citing his "choice” to take up residence there. It has long been clear that this narrative was a lie: Snowden, after meeting with journalists in Hong Kong, intended only to transit through Moscow and then Havana on his way to seek asylum in Latin America. He was purposely prevented from leaving Russia — trapped in the Moscow airport — by the very Obama officials who then cynically weaponized his presence there to imply he was a civil-liberties hypocrite for “choosing” to live in such a repressive country or, even worse, a Kremlin agent or Russian spy.

Sep 01 07:11

Dances With Bulls(hit): Warren Breaks The Law At American-Indian Wedding

Massachusetts Democrat Sen. Elizabeth Warren seemed to join real American Indians Saturday when she partied maskless in disobedience to New Mexico’s mask mandate at Interior Secretary Deb Haaland’s wedding.

Photos collected and issued by the Washington Free Beacon show Warren with the first American Indian cabinet secretary at a tribal resort in a state where Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has enforced indoor mask mandates notwithstanding the vaccination status.

Sep 01 06:33

Arizona Audit Update: Report Coming Shortly Due To COVID Delay – Doug Logan Has a Fever – Team Member Released From Hospital

The Arizona audit report is currently under completion but recent COVID-19 complications have caused a delay.

As The Gateway Pundit reported last Monday, a portion of the audit draft report was delivered to the Arizona Senate, but members of the audit team have been infected with COVID. We have now been told that one was even hospitalized!

Once everybody has fully recovered, they will thoroughly review the report for accuracy, proof of documentation, and clarity, before releasing it to the public.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The corporate media is already attacking the report ... without having actually seen it, of course!

Sep 01 06:14

Why US Negotiations Always Fail

From Cuba to Korea, from Iran to Russia and Palestine, there is a long history of failed negotiations and wasted time. The negotiations are all different, but a clear pattern establishes the reason why all of them fail.

In each case, US negotiations fail because the interlocutor nation cannot trust that the US really wants to change the foundational hostility in the relationship. In each case, the US demands that the other country makes the concessions the US demands without ever offering to make the core concessions the other country desires. So, negotiations never grow beyond minor negotiations over specific issues because the U.S. consistently breaks its promise that those incremental, trust building negotiations will lead to more substantial ones.

Sep 01 05:49

Texas passes voting bill that Democrats sought to block by fleeing the state to Washington

The second-largest US state has passed a voter integrity bill that Democrats denounced as racist and sought to block by escaping to Washington, DC. Republicans say the law will make it easier to vote and harder to cheat.

On Tuesday, Governor Greg Abbott hailed the passage of Senate Bill 1 in the emergency session of the state legislature and said it was now on its way to his desk for signature. The law will “solidify trust and confidence in the outcome of our elections,” said Abbott, thanking its sponsors and everyone involved in making sure it was adopted.

Sep 01 05:47

House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy urges phone companies NOT to accept records request from January 6 committee and warns them the GOP will 'not forget'

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy warned telecommunications companies on Tuesday not to turn over records to the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol as the Republican Party would come for them once they were back in power.

His blistering statement came after the select committee wrote to 35 companies asking them to preserve records of people suspected of being involved.

He said complying would, 'Put every American with a phone or computer in the crosshairs of a surveillance state run by Democratic politicians.'

Sep 01 05:12

THE GREAT RESET: Davos & the Plot to Cancel Trump

Sep 01 05:04

'Where Is Nancy Pelosi?': Jim Banks Calls Out Dems For Not Evacuating All Americans From Afghanistan

Sep 01 05:03

GOP Lawmaker Issues 'Dare' To Pelosi Over Afghanistan

Sep 01 04:57

Google, Facebook & Microsoft top EU lobbying spending amid clampdown on Big Tech’s powers by Brussels – study

Tech firms have allocated almost €100 million to lobby the EU over the past year in an attempt to counter new tough laws regulating their activities, with Google, Facebook and Microsoft laying out the most cash, a study has found.

The paper, published by Corporate Europe Observatory and LobbyControl campaign groups on Tuesday, revealed that the annual spending on lobbying on EU digital economy policies has reached a whopping €100 million ($114.4 million).

More than 600 companies have been involved in such activities, with at least 20% of them being US-based, the authors said after analyzing data submitted by the market players to the EU Transparency Register before mid-June 2021.

Aug 31 19:27

SD Gov. Kristi Noem Says Conservatives Mustn't Use 'Govt Mandates of Any Kind' to 'Force Behavior'

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, who last year signed a blatantly unconstitutional executive order banning Americans from boycotting the foreign state of Israel, wants GOP voters to know her party will not lift a finger to advance their interests because of "conservative" values.

Aug 31 16:25

WATCH: Biden Uses Racist Term To Describe His Senior Black Adviser During Briefing

President Biden is under fire again for referring to top White House adviser Cedric Richmond as a “boy” during a FEMA briefing on hurricane damage in Louisiana on Monday.

“I’m here with, uh, my senior adviser and, uh, boy who knows Louisiana very, very well, man, and New Orleans, Cedric Richmond,” Biden said.

Aug 31 14:55

Instagram Disables Account of Fallen Marine's Mother After She Blamed Biden For Son's Death

Who could have predicted this?

"Facebook temporarily deleted the Instagram account of the mother of one of the Marines killed in Afghanistan by an ISIS bomb last week after she publicly blamed President Biden for his death and the deaths of the other servicemembers killed."

Aug 31 14:52

Trump Calls For Reinvading Afghanistan to Save Our 'Equipment'

Donald Trump on Monday suggested reinvading Afghanistan "with unequivocal military force" to save our abandoned Black Hawk helicopters and Humvees from the Taliban.

Aug 31 13:45

BREAK­ING: In a ma­jor blow to vac­cine ef­forts, se­nior FDA lead­ers step­ping down

Two of the FDA’s most senior vaccine leaders are exiting from their positions, raising fresh questions about the Biden administration and the way that it’s sidelined the FDA.

Marion Gruber, director of the FDA’s Office of Vaccines Research & Review and 32-year veteran of the agency, will leave at the end of October, and OVRR deputy director Phil Krause, who’s been at FDA for more than a decade, will leave in November. The news, first reported by BioCentury, is a massive blow to confidence in the agency’s ability to regulate vaccines.

The bombshell announcement comes at a particularly crucial moment, as boosters and children’s shots are being weighed by the regulator. The departures also come as the administration has recently jumped ahead of the FDA’s reviews of booster shots, announcing that they might be available by the week of Sept. 20.

Aug 31 11:09

Report: Disgraced former Governor Cuomo, allies planning revenge against new governor, others

If anyone thought disgraced former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was going to fade silently into the night, those thoughts seem to have been unfounded and very premature.

According to the Daily Caller, Cuomo is already in the process of setting traps and plotting revenge on those who contributed to his demise. That list includes the new governor of New York, Kathy Hochul.

We have already seen some of Cuomo’s handiwork, as according to Politico Playbook citing reporters and Cuomo’s political aides a former Cuomo adviser, Richard Azzopardi has been trying to provide cover to Cuomo by planting stories about Cuomo’s “enemies.”

Those stories include asking journalists to question Attorney General Letitia James’ investigation of him, as well as offering quotes which call into question Hochul’s competence.

Aug 31 06:17

‘Trumpers Aren’t Welcome Here’: Chase Bank Cancels Gen. Mike Flynn’s Credit Cards

Chase Bank is letting it known that they don’t support ‘Trumpers’.

General Mike Flynn’s Chase bank account has been canceled because he is a conservative and a Trump supporter.

On August 20, Chase notified Gen. Flynn that his account will be closed, citing a “possible reputational risk to our company.”

Aug 31 06:12

WATCH: Nancy Pelosi Caught On Hot Mic Instructing Handlers Not To Let Biden Take Questions — “No, We Don’t Want Him To Talk”

President Joe Biden has repeatedly implied that his handlers set the rules and determine when and where he’s allowed to take questions from the press, leading observers to ponder who is actually calling the shots behind the scenes.

Now it appears that we may have an answer to that question.

A newly resurfaced video seems to reveal who is actually calling the shots as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is caught on a hot mic ordering aides not to allow President Biden to take questions.

Aug 31 05:34

EXCLUSIVE: Charles for sale: Prince's charity orders a probe as it's revealed fixers offered wealthy donors dinner with him and a stay at Dumfries House for £100,000

A major ethics investigation was last night launched into an extraordinary ‘cash for access’ scheme involving Prince Charles, which has been uncovered by The Mail on Sunday.

A bombshell email reveals in excruciating detail how wealthy donors could pay £100,000 to secure a lavish dinner with the Prince of Wales and an overnight stay at Dumfries House, his country mansion in Scotland.

The payments were intended for Charles’s charity ventures, but the email details how fixers would pocket up to 25 per cent of the fees.

Aug 31 05:11

Rand Paul Blames ‘Hatred For Trump’ For FDA’s Hesitance To Study Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine

Following the Food and Drug Administration's warning advising people not to take the horse dewormer drug ivermectin, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., claimed the agency refused to study the drug as a COVID-19 treatment due to hatred for former President Donald Trump.

At a meeting Friday in Kentucky, Paul reportedly told constituents that the FDA was refusing to research drugs like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malarial drug that was touted by Trump while he was in office.

“The hatred for Trump deranged these people so much, they’re unwilling to objectively study it,” Paul said.

“So someone like me that’s in the middle on it, I can’t tell you because they will not study ivermectin. They will not study hydroxychloroquine without the taint of their hatred for Donald Trump.”

Aug 30 20:08

British Government Warns President Biden Is Mentally Unstable

Several senior government sources have warned British Prime Minister Boris Johnson that President Biden is ‘mentally unstable’ and ‘holds grudges’ which affect his ability to govern the United States.

Aug 30 19:38

New York Wages War on COVID Unvaxxed

By Neenah Payne

The Statue of Liberty has long welcomed into the New York harbor people escaping tyranny from around the world and has symbolized not only New York, but America as the “Land of the Free”.

However, she is now witnessing a growing loss of liberty and a growing exodus from the Empire State amid various forms of pushback against mandates and other restrictions...

Aug 30 18:16

Signed as Law: Ohio Takes Step Toward Treating Gold and Silver as Money

By Michael Maharrey

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Aug. 30, 2021) – Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine has signed a bill into law exempting gold and silver bullion and coins from sales tax. The new law will relieve some of the tax burdens on investors, and it will also eliminate one barrier to using gold and silver in everyday transactions, a foundational step for people to undermine the Federal Reserve’s monopoly on money.

House Bill 110 (HB110) – the 2022-2023 budget appropriations bill – was introduced back in February. Provisions in the omnibus bill repeal the sales tax on gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion and coins.

DeWine signed the appropriations bill on June 30. The provisions relating to sales tax on precious metals go into effect. Oct. 1...

Aug 30 12:54

Polls: 90% of Voters Concerned About Fraud; 32% Say Biden Won Because of Voter Fraud

An explosive poll is nothing short of bad news for Joe Biden and Democrats.

According to a survey from Rasmussen Reports, a whopping 90 percent of American voters are concerned with election cheating.

The poll also found that 74 percent of Americans support voter ID.

Aug 30 12:15

House Democrats Pass Bill To Rig Elections So Trump Will NEVER Win Again

Democrats have passed their unconstitutional “election stealing” bill that seeks to federalize the American voting process to ensure Trump never becomes President again.

Democrat leaders claim their HR 4 legislation, that passed the House down party lines with a final vote of 219-215, is about people’s “voting rights.”

Aug 30 12:13

New Report Finds 44,000 Potentially Fraudulent Absentee Ballots In Georgia County Were In Violation Of Chain-of-Custody Rules

A new report released this morning details how over 44,000 absentee ballots in Georgia’s Dekalb county were counted despite the state’s adoption of chain of custody standards last year:

43,907 of the 61,731 absentee ballots deposited in drop boxes in the November 2020 presidential election in DeKalb County, Georgia–72 percent–were counted in official tallies certified by the county and the state, despite violating chain of custody requirements set forward in Georgia Emergency Rule 183-1-14-1.8-.14 promulgated by the Georgia State Election Board at its July 1, 2020, meeting.

Aug 30 09:14


Aug 30 09:12

Fearful Democrats Flock to Vote ‘No’ on Gavin Newsom Recall

California’s Democratic voters are suddenly flocking to vote “no” on the recall of Gov. Gavin Newsom, as the incumbent and the media unleash a torrent of negative attacks on the likely replacement candidate, talk radio host Larry Elder.

Several weeks ago, Newsom was within the margin of error in many polls, and losing by double digits to the “yes” vote in one poll. But the latest poll shows the “no” vote with 57%, and the “yes” vote with only 41%. Moreover, Democrats are outperforming their voter registration numbers — already dominant within the state — by turning in 55% of the ballots.

(The ballots will continue to be counted as they arrive, as long as they are postmarked or turned in by September 14.)

Newsom’s campaign is essentially a negative one. His campaign website is called “Stop the Republican Recall,” and features images of the January 6 Capitol riot in Washington, DC, as well as of President Donald Trump.

Aug 30 08:06

Democrat Aligned Judge Tries Taking Wind From DeSantis' 2024 Sail

A Florida judge on Friday ruled against Gov. Ron DeSantis’ ban on school mask mandates, maintaining the Republican governor had exceeded his authority.

Leon County Circuit Judge John Cooper called DeSantis’ executive order unconstitutional and announced that the governor cannot force it – in a win for a group of parents who brought a lawsuit.

The governor’s executive order permitted parents to decide if they want their kids to wear masks to school rather than have local school districts make the choice.