Biden’s Enemies List Grows As Does His Authoritarianism | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Biden’s Enemies List Grows As Does His Authoritarianism

If our authoritarian, unhinged, woke communist President has his way, America would become a wasteland of ruin under the jackboot of private monopoly corporations inspired by their own totalitarian ambitions. Cancel culture authoritarianism and centralized control of sociocultural and socioeconomic life by those corrupt woke corporate monopolies is the true vision of Biden and his morally backwards Party.

Despite the fact we don’t assess that this rather fantastical vision emanating from the minds of men like Biden and the platform owners has any chance of success, it remains worth reporting on their designs and opposing those designs in principle.

President Biden is an authoritarian facing a moral crisis as he betrays all of his once vaunted ideals and values. His language about his political opponents is the language of tyrants: they are variously guilty of being racists, seditious, spreaders of misinformation, and even criminals. His rhetoric surrounding misinformation is blatant authoritarianism no free society should tolerate from its leaders.