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Biden Regime Forces Loot More Wheat from Syrian Silos

Biden regime forces continue to loot Syria of its essential grains, necessary to keep Syria’s people from the starvation over which the various factions of western savior types continue to wail rivers of crocodile tears, especially when there is a 501(c) charity involvement. The Biden American occupation forces just did another round trip from Iraq into the in al Yaarubiya area of al Hasaka — which is in Syria, which is not in the United States — with a 12-truck convoy that continued the looting of of precious Syrian grain, from the silos of Tal Alo.

Starvation via military invasion and looting is a war crime.

Though the Biden forces dismantled their illicit military base at the silos, in February, the criminal American troops have returned several times, to empty the grain, so many times that it might be convenient to create a template and just fill in the dates. Between mid- and late March, the American war criminals pillaged 112 truckloads of Syria’s wheat from this facility.