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Canada Puts Up Neighborhood COVID Checkpoints to Stop People Leaving Home

The Canadian province of British Columbia is so overwhelmed by the latest wave of the pandemic, they will be setting up checkpoints to ensure nobody moves from their local areas. The provincial prime minister John Horgan made the surprise announcement of what he called a “circuit breaker” plan to come in on Friday, angering opposition leaders who had not been forewarned.

“It came as a complete surprise,” Liberal leader Shirley Bond said, according to the Vancouver Sun. “The premier has had months to deal with the issue and consider potential travel restrictions. First it was on the table, then it was off the table, there was a legal opinion, can’t do it, we’re not like other jurisdictions. Then today an announcement with zero details. People don’t know whether they can drive to work on Friday morning.”

Horgan said the measure will allow those who can prove essential travel reasons, including work, but that all claims will be thoroughly validated and checkpoints will be set up throughout the province. He said they will also contact the ferry operators to various British Columbia islands and ask them to contact anyone with a booking to ensure their travel is essential. He said he would also work with the travel industry to make sure no bookings for tourism purposes are taken until the ban is lifted.