China Secretly Sends Food Aid to North Korea by Rail | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

China Secretly Sends Food Aid to North Korea by Rail

A freight train loaded with Chinese corn has arrived in North Korea, the first international cargo train to cross the Sino-Korean border in more than a year amid warnings of dire shortages in the impoverished North, sources in China told RFA.

Freight has not flowed freely from China since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in January 2020. Fearing that the virus could spread into North Korea, Beijing and Pyongyang agreed to close down the 880-mile Sino-Korean border in a move that proved disastrous to an economy already pinched by sanctions imposed by the UN and U.S. over North Korea’s nuclear program.

Many in North Korea who made their living trading in goods from China were left with no way to support themselves. They have been clamoring for an end to the trade ban, but the government has prioritized emergency measures against the spread of the virus.

“An international freight train carrying aid goods for North Korea left Dandong Station early this morning and headed for North Korea,” a Chinese citizen railway worker of Korean descent told RFA’s Korean Service April 17.

“After completing customs procedures at Sinuiju Station, the Chinese freight train headed to Pyongyang’s Seopo Station, the final station,” said the source, who requested anonymity for security reasons. The train will first be disinfected in Sinuiju, which recently acquired equipment for this purpose, the source added.