The Chinese Slave Trade in San Francisco, California | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

The Chinese Slave Trade in San Francisco, California

In 1882, the United States instituted the first of three Chinese exclusion acts as a way to control the immense influx of Chinese men. These acts prevented all but a few privileged classes of Chinese men from sending for their families in China. Single men did not have the ability to send for Chinese wives, nor did the law permit them to marry non- Chinese wives.1 The small ratio of Chinese women to men bred a rampant prostitution market. To feed the market of sex, Chinese girls and young women, mostly from Canton, were bought, kidnapped, or coerced into coming to the United States. 2According to Charles Fredrick Holder who wrote in his article Chinese Slavery in America in 1897, he claimed that a young Chinese girl who was between the ages of nine and twelve was usually priced at $150 to $500.A Chinese girl from the ages between twelve and sixteen and also attractive would be priced from $500 to $1,500.Chinese Girls over the age sixteen were marketed for up to $3,500 (289). 3