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Cocaine: The drug pipeline to Europe

Alexander is in his mid-forties and works in the media industry. He lives in Berlin's central district — and he is a cocaine user. In the past, this meant he took the drug about twice a week. But since the COVID lockdown began, he has been sniffing it more often, Alexander tells DW. "Four times a week, for sure."

Almost every night several friends come over and visit him — something that is forbidden by Berlin's lockdown rules. "But people are just bored as hell," he says. "And what do people take when they're bored? Something that provides amusement."

Before the pandemic, Alexander and his friends met in bars, where they'd secretly take cocaine now and then.

"If you're a group of eight people, it's not like you're all running to the bathroom at the same time," he says. "But when you're at home, you put the stuff on the table, make eight lines and everybody gets some at the same time. It's faster this way, and everybody takes more."