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COVID-19 Martial Law

COVID-19 may be novel, but the Founders of the United States of America had considerable familiarity with Martial Law.

Having experienced the horrors of summary and hostile ‘justice’ under Martial Law, it is not surprising that when it came time to write the Constitution limiting the powers of the new central government there was no provision in the Constitution permitting Martial Law.

There is, in addition, a further legal principle that limits Martial Law in the United States: the universal right of Informed Consent. I have written extensively on this topic.[3] Simply put, the individual right to bodily integrity absolutely trumps any forced medical treatment.[4] Vaccine mandates under Martial Law come within the purview of the Nuremberg Code, which, as a result of World War II, the Nuremberg Trials and the Geneva Conventions, are not only international treaty law, but US law as well, limiting the military power of governments, including the US government, to mandate medical interventions against subject populations. Assert your right here: