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Crushing US Sanctions To Take Effect on Syria This Week

New US sanctions on Syria are set to take effect Wednesday as the Arab nation is already struggling to rebuild from the nine-year civil war that shattered the country. US sanctions are already impeding the reconstruction effort, and some fear the new measures will only make a bad situation worse for Syrian civilians.

US and EU sanctions on Syria have already frozen the assets of the state and hundreds of companies and individuals. The sanctions also prohibit Americans from exporting anything to Syria and bar US citizens from investing in the country. The new sanctions will give the US the power to freeze the assets of any individual, regardless of nationality, for doing business in Syria.

The new sanctions will also target people dealing with Russian and Iranian entities in Syria. The looming sanctions have already caused many to pull out of investments in Syria, which is mostly to blame for the recent collapse of Syria’s currency. Lebanon, Jordan, and other regional neighbors are discouraged from joining the reconstruction effort since it can cause targeting by the US.

US lawmakers are expected to announce who the new sanctions will be targeting on Wednesday. The sanctions are permitted under the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act, which was incorporated into the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is only through the most rank and vile exercise of blazing hypocrisy, coupled with a nearly impossible level of ironic tone-deafness, that this law could have ever been titled the "Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act", when our legislators know full well, that it will have the absolutely polar opposite effect from "Protection" for Syrian civilians!!