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Mandatory mRNA Vaccination and PCR Testing Potentially Illegal

Much has been written on this topic and it would be difficult to summarize it all in one short article. Policies differ from place to place and so is social dynamic. I have been following the “pandemic”, the stats, the restrictions, the related requirements, and the official policies in several countries but here I would like to focus on Canada and the province of Ontario.

In Ontario, the pandemic crisis is managed by the Liberal federal government and the Conservative provincial government. Unfortunately, there is little, if any, difference between these governments, when it comes to the “pandemic” policies. New Democrats don’t stay far behind the two. All three are chirping in the same key. I am aware of some individual MPs and MPPs, as well as some specialists in related fields, who privately are critical of the official narrative but are afraid of political and professional consequences, if they take a stand publicly.

There are, of course, exceptions – independent Ontario MPP Randy Hillier who represents the riding of Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston, constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati of Toronto, as well as a few courageous scientists and doctors who voice their own opinions in the highly censored debate on this topic. I agree with the opinion that our Prime Minister has “no substance”. I believe that he is driven by a mixture of globalist and leftist ideologies, and steered “from behind”. It seems that our Ontario Premier has also surrendered his leadership and is allowing unelected lobbies to control public policies.