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More than Just a Virus

As we are all collectively, as One Universe, experiencing the potential of a coronavirus infection, we have been assured that the outbreak originated in a fish market in Wuhan, China’s eighth largest city with a population of 11 million. That is the largely unchallenged conclusion since China is well known for its extensive network of high tech labs and since the SARS virus began in China last year.

At first glance, it seems a passing curiosity that the next two most extensively affected countries with corona infections, each disparate from China and each other, have extensive trade relations with China. In defiance of science, why would Italy be the most infected country outside of China?

Italy was the only G7 country to sign on to the Belt and Road initiative with Sister-City Agreements throughout Italy. Some of those sister cities have been the hardest hit by corona. Iran has also suffered with increased infections as government officials have been especially affected, as if they were specifically targeted. Iran has had a comprehensive strategic partnership with China since 2016 and in defiance of US sanctions, Iran has continued to import embargoed products from China while selling its oil to China.

The question arises why, out of 175 countries in the world, that those two countries, in particular, have specifically experienced the strongest coronavirus presence than any other. It can be expected that the ‘coincidence’ has not escaped the notice of the Chinese, Iranian or Italian governments.

With the complexity and uncertainty of the coronavirus. it would not be the first crisis where TPTB have misled a trusting public. It would, however, be wise to treat the virus with respect as a potent pathogen of consequence. In case you had not noticed prior to the corona, there has been a titanic struggle for global dominance underway with the US, Israel, Russia and China as its sovereign representatives. The most current manifestation of that struggle, through happenstance or not, being the coronavirus outbreak.

While there are references to the virus spreading considerably through increased exposure, getting worse before it gets better, it is another curiosity that there is no optimism as the US flu season (December – February), peaks and winds down in March. So why the panic? If the coronavirus is a ‘normal’ virus, it should already be peaking just as it is in China and South Korea. If it is not a ‘normal’ virus, if it is mutated to reappear in the future or if it is man made or a bio-weapon, then we have a different problem. All of which begs the question which Federal agency is currently testing the virus to determine its origin, when will we know the results of that test and when will the virus peak?

China’s National Health Commissioner reports that the coronavirus has ‘peaked’ in Wuhan with only single digit new cases and no new cases in the Hubei province. The World Health Organization (WHO) agrees with that assessment. While South Korea closed its borders in early February, it also believes that the Covid-19 has peaked. Russia closed its borders in January and has reported 28 cases with no fatalities.

Big Media is portraying the Covid-19 as if it is here to stay in perpetuity rather than a flu that will run its natural course. Before the virus peaks, TPTB must move quickly if it is intent on institutionalizing those initiatives to tighten control and censorship; to destabilize what remains as a ‘normal’ environment with mandatory medical martial law and mandatory vaccinations. In other words, not unlike 911, any crisis can be used to create a new collectivization of society with a centralized global control as the new reality,

The Governor of California has suggested a ban on public gatherings of 250 people with the CDC Director suggests a 50 person ban. The real possibility is that, once adopted, the ban will never be lifted. The NY Fed Bank moved quickly to approve a $1.5 Trillion in ‘short-term loan’ to the banks for ‘unusual’ disruption of services during the corona virus smells more like a backdoor bailout for Wall Street during the recent downturn.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am presenting this article for its FWIW (for what it's worth) factor; but the hype, vs/ the reality here, if in fact COVID-19 was bio-engineered as a weapon, cannot be ignored, and for precisely the same reasons Renee Parsons articulates in this article.