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Oklahoma City Bombing 25 Years Later

On April 19, 1995 there was an explosion in front of the Alfred P Murrah building that killed 168 people including 19 children in the daycare center. The seismic record indicated two bombs and not one. It was said that there were 4 barrels of ammonium nitrate in a fertilizer bomb. That grew to 5,000 pounds and then to 7,000 pounds to explain the bomb damage. The original helicopter news coverage said the bomb results showed the building being blown from the inside. And there was bomb debris blown past the Ryder truck that Timothy McVeigh was said to have used to deliver the bomb. Later that day as federal officials took over, the local news said the videos showed the building being blown from the outside.

A documentary was made of the OKC bombing but Google’s YouTube scrubbed it. It is freely available at Bitchute. But to date only 585 people have seen it.

In 1970 as part of a Vietnam war protest a math building at the University of Wisconsin was attacked by a 2,000 pound ammonium nitrate bomb. Unlike the OKC bomb it did no damage to the structure of the building apart from the windows. The signature of an ANFO bomb is ammonia gas and nitrous oxide.The math building was opened up again the next day but people in the immediate vicinity had to be treated for exposure. Nobody at OKC was exposed to ammonia gas. Nobody wore gas masks so there was no ANFO bomb at Oklahoma City.