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Polish Highlanders VETO Lockdown!

By Julian Rose

Polish ‘Gorale’ (Highlanders) are a large community stretching around 100 miles across South Poland highlands and widely respected for maintaining their way of life and defying all regulations that try to cow them. Villages are opening up their businesses again and ignoring government covid regulations.

Translated from video below:

Zakopane January 11, 2021 – mountains – South of Poland – Góralskie/highlanders/ VETO! We open businesses! No more destroying Polish entrepreneurs!

…If we do not protest at the moment, we will not come back to life in a month… there will be nothing to return to, because corporations will buy Polish businesses….

We have NO demands to the government…. the right to work is based on divine natural law… They/government/better pray to God for forgiveness because we will not forgive them anymore…

… there is no pandemic and there is nothing to vaccinate … statistics tell the truth… we have more deaths due to the collapse of the health service….

We want to liberate people from fear…

We are not afraid of the police, the checks, the mandates…police can see what’s going on. We all ride on one trolley. It is in the interest of all of us to halt this path to self-destruction.

…People think that it is role of the highlanders = górale to liberate Poland… we gave the impulse courage …

It is only the words from the TV/not law/ that tell us to limit our lives……the government breaks the law, it breaks the Constitution…

Zakopane 11.01.2021 – Góralskie VETO! OtwieraMY biznesy! Koniec niszczenia polskich przedsi?biorców!