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Quebec: Falsification of Mortality Data Pertaining to Covid-19

According to a directive from Quebec’s Ministry of Health :

“If the presumed cause of death is Covid-19 (with or without a positive test) an autopsy should be avoided [emphasis in original document] and death should be attributed to Covid-19 as the probable cause of death. In addition, deaths whose probable cause is Covid-19 are considered natural, and are not subject to a coroner’s notice. “

The directive does not allow the counting of co-morbidities. And if the family of the deceased does not accept the Covid-19 categorization (which incidentally requires no PCR test), the autopsy request procedures are complex (almost impossible, two hospitals for the whole of Quebec, see document below).

This directive dated Thursday, April 16, 2020 was conducive to an immediate sharp increase in the number of deaths attributed to Covid-19: 44.9% of total deaths in Quebec are attributed to Covid-19 (week of 11-18 April 2020).

Read carefully the text of the directive sent to the managers of the OPTILAB clusters (the clinical-administrative and medical co-directors). (Les Grappes – OPTILAB are the medical biology laboratories)